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On my first week taking the blue pills, I put on 1/2 a pound, even though I was good, but today (2nd weigh in) I've lost 5 pounds WOO HOO :D .

I also went to the Dr today for a check up on diabete's and I dont have it WOO HOO again lol. My cholesterole is normal too. So I'm really pleased.

It has really changed my way of eating, and though I have had some oily poo's 3 (at most) its been great. I'm not even 'dieting' but just looking at the fat content and its made all the difference.

I have noticed on some of the post's where people have stopped taking the pills if on holiday, or going out to dinner or a special occasion..Now this is only my opinion, but I really can't see the point in stopping them, for me they are changing the way I eat, and hopefully by the time I have to stop taking them my way of eating will be the norm. And I wont put on all the weight I have lost.

Good luck to you all :-)

Kaz x

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    As others have indicated the reason those of us who don't take the tabs on holiday is that one never knows EXACTLY how something is cooked....EXACTLY what is in it and therefore we are being extremely careful. It doesn't take much imagination to see how you would look in a swimsuit etc if you had an oily experience around the pool or even indeed in the pool which would be really irresponsible. It would also be possible to soil your bed linen which I wouldn't like to do even though someone else would have to deal with it. Think of the scenario if you went out on an sightseeing trip in a coach without a toilet.....as I'm sure most coaches on day trips may not have in some holiday areas. Those are some of the reasons why.

    There is also as I'm sure you've read before the possibility of having an 'ordinary' tummy bug....you wouldn't be able to treat this with Immodium as Orlistat and Immodium would be fighting with each other in your bowel as each of them does their work there. I don't want to curtail my holiday with a tummy bug without being able to treat it successfully.

    When away I didn't take the tablets but I also didn't overeat and kept to the healthier options on the menu but there is always the doubt about content and cooking method.

    And then there are some of us who just feel that we deserve a week off...perhaps when you are on Orlistat as long as some on this forum you may feel that you also deserve a week off!

    In the end we are all individuals and we must all decide for ourselves what is best for us and we afford you the same freedom to continue to enjoy your new lifestyle. Long may it continue and I send you best wishes for the new slim you!

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    Well I'm sorry I touched a nerve with you, but as I said it was my opinion, people can do as they please, so no need to get mad with what I think.

    You may not know exactly how things are cooked but common sense would give you a good idea.

    I'm not here to argue, I am just putting my point across. You are right you do have the freedom to do as you like, IT WAS MY OPINION!!!

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    I think it is the way you come across that is the problem. On the internet there are no facial expressions, no tone of voice so things can sound preachy, or aggressive when the poster doesn't mean it.

    quill-drill has made some excellent points as to why people stop taking the pills on the odd occasion.

    Personally I came back from Bali (years ago- pre pills) with a very nasty bug. I was passing blood along with the poo and eventually had a colonoscopy that found my bowel was inflamed.

    Now I had taken imodium, had I not taken it I may have been even worse. The imodium allowed me to take a 12 hour flight back to the UK.

    I too think that the pills are changing the way I eat, but I am not going to live my life and never eat a chip again. There are going to be times when I have to eat fatty food, OK not have to but may cause offence if I don't.

    Have you ever been to an Indian wedding? It starts with a cup of tea and samosas. It continues after the wedding itself with curry and then back to the bride's house for more tea and samosas then on to the evening party with more curry. OK and that was only the day of the wedding - there are numerous other events leading up to the big day.

    It would be a gross insult to the bride's mother to not eat something she ws offered. I have no idea was I ate in the gurdwara, I just know it was part of a blessing and that not eating it would cause offence.

    It's not just Indian weddings - if you are invited to a wedding where it is a sit down dinner are you going to ask that salad be provided instead? Or are you going to enjoy the meal and the celebration.

    I am not saying that I am going to stuff my face with high fat food, but there are times when I do not stick to low fat.

    Also the low fat diet we are all following is not a normal way to eat - I want to lose the weight and then eat a normal health diet. Part of educating myself is having the odd normal day or the odd day when I go to the pub and have lunch.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but please remember to express it in a sensitive way.

    One of the things I like about this board is that people are so supportive. If someone falls off the wagon no one is critical, they give advice, send cyber hugs and generally support that person.

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    I apologise if I came across like that, it wasn't meant to be.

    I understand some people will not take thier pills, and I can totally understand that. but for me I won't stop taking them, as I feel if I do stop taking them I will be back to where I started.

    Maybe I will change as I get longer into taking them, and I will be the first one to say yes you guys were right....and for you, you are right.

    Again I'm sorry it came across aggressively.

    I think a lot of you guys have done brilliantly and I'm not taking that away from you. I will think more carefully in future as I don't like to upset people.

    Thank you sashh x

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    I'm off to Egypt in 7 weeks and certainly will not take the tabs!!

    Not that i m planning to go off the rails but I hope that the prospect of wearing a bather everyday will keep me on track!!

    All that lovely fresh fruit and salad should help and I hope to swim everyday too!!

    Who knows I might even get a tummy bug and come home lighter!!

    No seriously I can t depend on the tabs forever as my Dr won't give me more than 6 months so this will be a real tester for my will power :lol:

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