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  • sam21516 2

    Only lost 2lb on orlistat ☹️

    Hi been on orlistat for a week now and only lost 2lb ive been really good too I've never ate so much fruit lol . I was on orlistat b4 about 3 years ago and the results were amazing but I feel like there not working ☹️ I would like to loose 3 stone maybe 4 !

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  • ashley84787 2

    GP Weigh in to Continue Orlistat!

    I had my weigh in the other day and I was sooo surprised and chuffed that I had lost 9kg in about 6 weeks. Weighed myself this morning and felt really motivated to keep going and meal plan. Anybody else had their gp weigh in yet?

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  • pauline59966 2

    Orlistat - slowing weight loss

    Hi I have been on Orlistat for 3 months now . 1st Month I lost 11 kilos, 2nd month I lost 5 Kilos , 3rd month I lost 2 Kilos . I have increased my walking , but weight loss is slowing down . What should I do now ? 

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  • emmalou1971 2


    Hi I've been on orlistat for nearly a week now and I've had no weight loss. I have weighed myself and I've put on. Today is the 1st day I've had any side effects which aren't really that bad. I just wonder if someone could give me some advice pls. Thank you x

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  • kerry9188 2

    Meal plan / food ideas / batch cooking

    Hi all,  I've been reading the forums and wondered if anyone had a weekly meal plan they could share for ideas or possibly link me to a good blog if anyone has been doing one? Any batch cooking recipes? A lot of people have recommended slimming world / weight watchers.  I love to cook and try new meals...

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  • christine 89737 1


    Hi I've just started taking Alli. My diet is generally good and I just want a little help to lose weight. So can I take Alli after eating a small portion of chips and 1 piece of fish? Will I get the yuck side effects?

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  • rebecca1066 2


    Hi l am new to orlistat started last Tuesday. Just wondered what kind of exercise everyone is doing? Is there a particular exercise which is working best? l haven't seen any weight loss or l haven't had any side effects. Yet l have decreased my calorie intake by 1000 and cut out my addiction coke cola...

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  • jackie1949 1
  • sharon 02116 1


    Hi need some help please. I've been on orlistat 2 weeks now and starting to feel unwell with weakness, feeling sick sore throat and fever.should I stop taking the tablets or will the side affects go away first time on these thanks.

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  • atiqua 68222 1
  • jamie01648 1

    New to this site just wondering...

    I am looking to make an appointment at my doctors.l as hoping to be prescribed orlistat. I was just wondering what are the requirements to be prescribed these tablets? Thank you.

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  • jenjen95 1

    Orlistat (Xenical) Questions

    I am 22yrs old and 308lbs. I have had hypothyroidism for a while now and I have been active/sporty my whole life. My doctor prescribed me this medication because I am desperate for a change and NOTHING seems to work. Has anyone had any positive experiences with this drug? Has anyone with hypothyroidism...

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  • Leather68 1
  • Loopylass 1

    Orlistat & Venlafaxine - any success stories?

    I'm new to this site so please bare with me if I waffle... I was wondering if anyone has had any weight loss success taking Xenical whilst on Venlaflaxine? I've been on 75g a day of Venlacic XR (generic VF) for approx the last 7 years. This med was a life saver for me (I have tried to reduce as well...

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  • somia86 2


    Hey Guys, Just a quick question on whoever has lost alot of weight with orlistat and underactive thyroid, Ive lost 95lbs being underactive thyroid since birth and using Orlistat, Just got a stone to go but so worried abt gaining the weight bk not tht i feel ill change my eating bk how it was but bcuz...

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  • Lace2014 1

    I'm loosing no weight😓

    I've been on Orlistat for just over a week. The first 3days I lost 4lb which was great. Since then I've lost no weight. I eat a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner and do evening walks.. Any idea why I may not be loosing weight!?

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  • lauzzi 1

    New to orlistat weight loss tablets

    Hi Is there anyone one that's currently taking the orlistat weight loss tablets? I'm currently 88kg and I got to get my bmi down to 30 before I can be offered IVF with NHS Started taking them this morning, I'm on a low fat diet with them and following a diet plan from my dietiacn so if anyone out there...

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  • Lizzybeth 1

    Hi. Newbie considering asking GP for Orlistat

    Hi. I've been reading these boards for a while and finally I've decided to bite the bullet and ask my GP if I can have them. I'm only 5 foot but weigh just over 12 stone and it's really starting to get me down. I desperately need some help to shift this lard!!! Fingers crossed I'll get them. Here's hoping...

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  • jacquifv21 2

    Xenical - not sure if its working

    Hi Everyone, I have been using Xenical for nearly 3 weeks now, I have had the odd "slip up" but nothing to cause distress. I have started eating healthy and not snacking, my exercise routine has been stepped up too but I have not lost any weight at all. A freind of mine who is on the same has lost nearly...

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  • theNorwegian 2

    The Weigh-In-Thread

    Hi everyone! Thought we might have a weigh-in-thread, to post our weigh-ins every week. I`m always weighing fridays, but you can post whenever you`re weighing in - just to keep us all posted and motivate each other for weightloss I also find it exciting to see how much erevyone`s lost from week to...

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  • leah19077 3

    starting again

    hi everyone i hope your all well, i had to stop xenical for a few weeks to reassess my diet. i was counting calories and i wasnt losing weight despite me exercising 4 times a week and taking the pills. i suffer with an under active thyroid that i take medication for, which i was sure this was the reason....

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  • Russ1978 1


    Hi my Dr have given me Orlistat as iv to been pro active loosing weight. Till now i was on low carb, high fat, high protein.  Obvious this is very bad for this drug so I will scale down the fat to say under 15 grams.  From what I read this will control the poop issues. If I calaory control and keep...

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  • Cryingdietgirl 3

    Orlistat and Liver problems

    I am afraid this will be my last post on here everyone. I started taking Orlistat because my doctor prescribed it to me, I guess as a first ditched effort to help me lose weight, since diet and exercise wasn't working. I took Orlistat for about 7 weeks. At my first month weight in I was down 1 kg. Which...

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  • april1989 1

    Orlistat - NEWBIE HELP

    Hi All, I was pescribed this 2 weeks ago and feel I have been eating relatively healthy. Jumped on the scales today and have seen NO CHANGE! Stools (oil) have been....interesting. I cant see what I have been eating thats high in fat to be causing it - is my body flushing out, maybe? I wasnt given any...

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  • karen75577 2

    Orlistat- Newbie

    Hi, I'm from Canada and just started taking Orlistat. I'm on day three. I have had 3 days off work, that is why I started it then but am afraid what will happen when I am at work tomorrow. I have a few oily issues and have tried to really restrict any non essential fats so as I don't have an accident...

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  • tegan20398 1
  • GingerUK 1

    Orlistat...if you don't go, does it not work?

    Hi all I'm new to Orlisat. My first day. But I have a question I forgot to ask my GP. I'm eating a lower fat intake anyway to support the weight loss...but, if I don't get the \"oily stool\" does that mean it's not working? I had two slices of toast before...each were 0.7g of fat. So there...

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  • lucy1884 2

    First week, no results

    Hi, Im just after some advice as I've been taking xenical for a week and using my fitness pal to stick to a 1200 calorie diet (mostly sticking to it) and I havent lost any weight, what am I doing wrong? I don't take a tablet with breakfast because Ive just been having Allbran with almond milk and a...

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  • cara46668 1

    Starting Orlistat!!

    Start orlistat today! Spoke with nurse and they didn't give me much information. I travel a lot with work so can't afford to have little accidents looking for a bit of advice and support. I am currently 14st 6lb and I would love to loose 4 stone. I'm totally stuck for breakfast ideas and snacks....

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  • clair17 2

    Orlistat and hypothyroidism

    Hi all Wondering if anyone else has hypothyroidism low b12 or low vitamin D and takes orlistat?  I tried it before and lost half a stone but it was reducing my vitamin d levels.  I have been told to try them again while taking vitamin d 1000iu.  Does anyone else have low vit d or b12 or thyroid trouble...

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  • claire17161 2

    Starting Orlistat Today

    Hi everyone, my GP has prescribed a months supply which I have started taking today. She had advised to cut out fatty foods etc but I was wondering if anyone has had good sucess taking this plus a low fat diet? According to the BMI chart I am now 9 stone overweight!!! I need help and I am eager to start...

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  • kerry-anne33689 2

    Oily mess!!

    Help I'm on week 2 of orlistat and having really bad side affects even though I've cut out pretty much all oily/ fatty foods my intake of food has been decreased and I'm careful of what I'm eating I'm still getting this oily leakage I've looked up online and some people say increase fiber supplements...

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  • India2017 2

    First month weigh in with GP

    I had my first weigh in today and I've lost 2kg. I was a little disappointed that I didn't lose more because I'm following slimming world now but I guess it's better than not losing anything. I need to lose around 5 stones.

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  • tatters82 1

    multi vitamins to take

    hi , new to orlistat and taking for 1st itme ever. i miss reductil and phentamine  lol  what is a good not over priced vitamin to take, seen a few threds about taking them with orlistat. thanks 

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  • Dee76 2

    Started Orlistat today and confused

    Hi! I have just started Orlistat today and have been trying to find a sample plan or menu for the last couple of weeks without success. I know that I shouldn't have anything that is more than 5g fat per 100g however when it comes to exactly what to eat I don't have a clue, I normally eat Quorn, Turkey,...

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