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hi all,

sorry to come with an embarrassing question.

​I started orlistat one month ago. The results are good and I lost already three kilos.

I just have problems with the side effects and the induced uncontrolable diarrhea caused by the drugs.

​Do you use a protection like pads? what is the more comfortable to wear?

I am tired of having already ruined many pairs of underwear.

​thanks for your help.


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    I've found the tens lady liners really good. I get the long ones, there quite thin so comfy to wear.

    Glad I had ' protection' today. Went into town and nearly got caught short......!

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    Hi there, to be honest I think you are eating too much fat. You shouldn't be getting any side effects if you are eating a low fat diet.

    Maybe look again at what you are eating. Should be no more than 15g of fat per meal- that's around 5g per item on your plate. Hope this helps x

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    Hmmmm I think your eating way to much fat? What's your daily menu ? I've been on them for two weeks and lost a stone and have had no side effects are you drinking plenty of water?? 
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    You must be eating to much fat daily to have problems like that x x
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    Hi, if you follow the diet right you should have no side effects what's so ever!!! You are eating far too much fat if you are.

    Nothing can be over 5g of fat per 100g and no more than 15g in total for each main meal.

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    Hi , l would say maybe you should look into your meals, watch out for your fats intake, even your salad dressing.my Doctor told me the side effects can occur on your first 3 days of taking the pill up to a week till you adjust your meals and your fats then l will no longer have the side effects....l never had any side effects with mines ...l think if you follow the fat rule you should be fine.
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      Defo. I lost 4 stone in 5 months never had one side effect 😇😇
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    thanks all for your comments,

    most days i don't have problems and i can follow the diet. it is just difficulet when you ar forced to eat at family meals or business meals.

    ​and yes during these times to my worst embarrassment i did soil my underwear.

    ​i thank you all for your advice. glad for you you don't have the side effects.

    have a nice evening.


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    I mostly don't have side effects, but have on a few occasions. I will be the first to admit that sometimes I have eating more than the stated amount of fat, but I'm human and I endulged occasionally.

    My GP told me that the whole purpose of orlistat was a safety net for these times and if my diet which was very low in fat, then there is no point in him prescribing them!

    I feel my quality of life has improved vastly and I don't feel as if I have deprived myself or over done it by having a piece of cake on my birthday.

    I have lost nearly a stone in 3 weeks. So I guess you do what works for you.

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    The comments from others are correct - your meals are too fat heavy if you are having this side effect. But that's a flippant answer. I started on Orlistat after more than 10 years of eating keto, which stresses low carb, high fat. It takes a while to adjust to lowering the fat content and adding carbs, and as someone else mentioned, you need fat in the diet otherwise there’s no point to Orlistat.

    It’s taken me a while to adjust, and to understand what I can eat without side effects. Fortunately my bowel movements are in the morning so I’ve never had an accident while “out”, but it’s stressful worrying if I’m going to wreck the mattress! Sometimes I panic that gas might not be gas, but a globule of fat.

    I know that I can’t eat anything deep fried in quantities I may have been able to tolerate before. My biggest oil leaks were after chicken karaage and after tempura prawns. But if I eat a half serve of these plus a non fried item, I’m okay. That’s because the fat percentage of the meal has reduced. I can eat 1 egg in a wrap with cheese for breakfast, but not 2. But I can eat 2 eggs in a wrap if I omit the cheese.

    I recommend keeping a food diary and documenting the days when you have side effects so you identify the problem meals. If you’re eating at family events that cause this side effect, choose the less fatty options, or take a dish to contribute to the event that will offset the fat; salad, roast veg, baguette, rice.

    For comfort, if I’ve had a meal that might have been higher in fat, I wear a pad overnight. I wear black underwear, then black undies with a pad over the top of them. If there's an accident, soaking the underwear in boiling water then scrubbing with vinegar and soap does the trick.

    All in all, this has been a worthwhile journey; I’ve lost 10 kg in 8 weeks, and am 1 kg from my previously-impossible-to-attain goal weight.

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