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well went back to doctors today got weighed and surprise surprise weight still the same , docs says he doesn't know what else to suggest, was thinking of doing more gym work already go every morning was thinking of doing afternoons as well what do you think

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    if you do every morning thats more than most as it is, to do afternoons too would be very excessive, what do u do at the gym? cardio? weights? my instructor advised cardio only until i had lost a sufficient amount of weight then use weights to tone once some weight has shifted.

    have u tried something like swimming as an alternative?

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    Hi i do cardio , and i also swim 3 days aweek , had blood test done and doc says all is ok with meds im on for my thyroid so i really dont know what else to do
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    aahh Jan56 really doesn't seem to be fair that you are doing all this hard work and not being rewarded, have you done a food diary and had someone like the Dr or nurse look at it?

    can you tell us what you have throughout the day

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    no it doesnt , yes i have done a food diary and nurse says no problem with what i eat , today i had porridge for breakfast lunch was mushrooms on toast , dinner chunkey soup and 2 slices of wieght watchers bread followed by a banana
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    hi jan it looks like your not eating enough fat i try and have between 10 and 15 each meal debbie x
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    I agree don't think you are eating enough, I was told that any fat you take in will be worked on by the tablets, I also, like you, seem to have problems getting enough fat and food in during a day unless I'm going to have a \"proper\" meal at night so I eat apples and dried fruit, Special K cereal bars, Go Ahead Yoghurt Breaks, fresh fruit salad with a tiny squirt of cream, I have also found some very low fat hot cross buns in sainsbury's.
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    Hello all,

    well i totally sympathise with you. i have only been on orlistat for a week but am feeling a bit disheartened with it at the moment.

    i came on here and read the reviews when i first started on it and was really spurred on with peoples experiences of losing 7-8lbs in their first week.

    im not sure i have lost anything, well not according to my scales at home which i am desperatley trying to avoid!!

    i have been averaging about 400 calories for my lunch and 400 calories for my tea i have had fruit in between as well

    thought i would put my weeks diet plan on here from last week and see if any one can give me some tips.


    2 weetabix skimmed milk teaspoon of sugar, cup of coffee skimmed milk 1 sugar and a banana

    lunch Promax diet shake (like slim fast, doctor said these were fine they contain under 2g saturated fat and 219 calories), pkt of brannigans crisps 204 calories and 1.1g sat fat

    afternoon break an apple

    tea Salmon fillet in butter and tarrogan sauce 202 calories and 2 slices of dry wholemeal bread 91 cal each

    a two finger kit kat 107 calories.


    same as tuesday exactly


    same breakfast

    ham cucumber and small amount of light mayo on a small white barm.


    Same tea (fish and bread)

    100g greek yogurt with hazlenuts and a spoon full of honey


    same breakfast

    lunch was a shake crisps apple

    tea sweet and sour chicken and prawn with boiled rice and 10 chips (yes i counted them hahah)

    saturday didnt have breakfast for lunch i had a ham sandwich no butter white bread and a banana

    tea home made curry made with quorn brown rice and a small peshwari naan.



    ham sandwich for dinner and same for tea

    two chocolate buscuits through out the day

    all mik intake has been skimmed and i have averaged about 2 litres of water every day.

    i have had non of the side effects i have seen people write about and i am frequenting the toilet on average 4 times a day.

    what am i doing wrong????

    please someone tell me

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    heather 2 stone to lose.

    Are you counting all the fat you have in a meal or only the saturated fat amount?

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    I was told not to bother counting calories but just to stick to the fat content.

    Total fat content not just say fats.

    not to go over 30g's of fat for the whole day and never more than 15g's in one meal.

    I lost 6lbs over the first 2 weeks

    hope that helps

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    i have just been looking at the saturated fats really, i have a suspicion that i am just not eating enough although i am eating more than i usually do and everything seems to be low cal and low sat fats which is what the doctor told me to take note of she said anything under 3g of sat fats was ok???

    am i doing it wrong then?

    does anyone have a recommended diet plan baring in mind i am not a pasta or potatoe lover but love fish not very adventuros with veg but dont mind broccoli carrots sprouts and cabbage, love mushrooms scrambled eggs i just havent got a clue its all tooooo complicated!!

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    Hey Heather - usuals like Suza and Sparkles will know more but they have advised me and so does much of the forum to stick to no more than 15g of fat (not saturated but the top fat number) per meal and no more than 30g in a day. So not 3 x 15g etc - but 30g split over the day and no more than 15g in any one meal.

    Maybe this is why your not losing what you expected - as sat fat is much lower then the full fat value - and you may be eating something you shouldn't - mind you - you said you had not had any bad side effects so maybe not.

    Im opposite love pasta potato etc lol. But have had to cut back on the dreid pasta as fat in it.

    Example meals:

    Special K and semi skinned milk for breakie

    supernoodles chicken low fat for lunch, or batcherlors pasta n sauce - like the tomato one, macoroni etc is ok. Or homw made soup is on my usuals at the mo as husband has decided to use his new blender lol.

    Dinner can be cod (usually have salmon but can't as of fat level) which I cook in tinfoil in oven, with garlic, tomato, and waitrose lemon pepper breadcrumbs just sprinkled on top - yummmm very nice - can do with any low fat fishes!!), and then have with dried noodles and stirfry - oyster sauce I found was low in fat.

    Also for dinner spag bol - made with extra lan mince, loads of onion, mushrooms, tomatoes, courgettes etc, and herbs.

    or steak and low fat chips - used to be called me \"X Factor\" steak an chips as had on saturdays lol. I like Sirloin so cook it on skillet, and low fat chips are SW chips - cut into wedges, par boil for 2 mins if you want (I can never be bothered) and then with spray light on oven tray in mid temp oven for an hour - and sprinkle with herbs, salt pepper etc parprika -- yumm.

    hmmm - or chicken brest battered with rolling pin (find it great stress releiver) and bit of egg to coat, flour and then breadcrumbs - cook in spay light for 2 mins on each side in frying pan - then make a tomato sauce in a saucepan, fresh tom - basil, garlic seasoning etc - and put chicken fillets on baking tray, pour tom sauce on, then little bit of low fat cheese - and put in oven for 8 -10 mins - sooooo nice (gordon ramsey did it on one of his shows but with oil and proper cheese etc - but this still tastes yummy).

    Im really missing jacket potatoes with lil low fat marg and low fat cheese and sweetcorn at mo - used to have it alot for lunch and was fine on SW diet - but worried about the marg and cheese so not had. Sob Sob.

    Hope this helps abit!


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      why not jacket potatoes? Your plan doesn't seem to have much fat, do you know how much total fat you actually have?

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    sort of except like you i love salmon and had that most nights last week didnt realise that it was high in fat although as i said have had no side effects. a lot of your meals are pasta and noodle based and i am just not a carb lover at all bread is as far as i go.

    did you read my diet sheet from last week?

    what do you think i did wrong there?

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      salmon is good for you, ok 15g fat, but add lemon and herbs and have with a salad 🙂

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    Yep - I am a carbo freak!!!

    Ok looking at your sheet - sorry didn't see it before.

    Tuesday - unsure of drink promax - quick search online says per 60g serving - 3.5g of fat. Then chrisps - again just quick search says some per packet are 12g of fat - so for lunch your already over 15g.

    Dinner - salmon is fatty (good fats normally but not on this diet it seems).Like I know when I read mine could only have around half a fillet!!! So then you added buttery sauce...... so would be like 30g>?? So way over my love.

    Thursday - tea seems to be your weakness I think. Rest seems fine like honey.

    friday - was the S&S chicken ready made??? Not sure about this one. lol like the 10 chippies!

    saturday - seems OK. Did you add any oil for the sauce for the curry?

    sunday - OK but don't get bored of your ham sandwiches (although bet them are yummy) incase you grab something else quick one day and don't look at the lable.

    Hope this is some good chick!

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