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i have suffered from this condition for a very long time had endoscopy last year was told hiatus hernia causing problems we will give you omperazole this will help did it no struggled on not being able to eat hardly anything tried various diets for gerd no help really every day I have symptoms feel sick constantly went back doc August he said he we'd refere me to gastronologit didn't get a reply went back last mon and told him and hey I got apt tom see if they can help me driving me mad  guys 

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    Hi. Sorry to hear this but it's actually quite common.

    Hiatus hernia is probably the most common cause of reflux from the stomach into the oesophagus and if stomach acid refluxes it can cause permanent damage (Barrett's Oesophagus) which in a very small number of cases can progress to cancer if not checked.

    The omeprazolemay not have any effect on the reflux: it just reduces the stomach acid to make reflux less dangerous.

    And the various diets aren't really much use as many propagate myths. You need to discover your own particular trigger foods by keeping a food diary. Most common culprit is fatty food which doesn't break down easily in the stomach.

    Your gastroenterologist may want to give you an endoscopy (camera down the throat) to check no permanent damage has been done and take a closer look to see what's going on so he can construct a treatment regimen for you.

    You may find this book / website helpful: www DownWithAcid org uk

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    GERD is absolutely horrible.  Have you been tested for H.Pylori?  I think everyone with GERD should be tested for one of the most common stomach bacteries.  Especially if they are going to be placed on Acid blockers!  H.Pylori does not like acid, and once that is removed, H.Pylori will have a party in your stomach.

    I was diagnosed with GERD, and the ENT prescribed Omeprazole for me, and within 4-days I had a horrible pain in my stomach, and couldn't sneeze or take a deep breath.  I went to a homeopathic, because three trips to my doctor found absolutely nothing.  This included a Barium Swallow.  The homeopathic person diagnosed me with an upper stomach ulcer and H.Pylori.  Once I began his regime of recovery, things have been progressing in the right direction.  It has been 29 days since seeing him, and I am feeling better.  I must admit, the holistic route of healing is a very slow route, but I will continue down this path as long as it is in the right direction.  It has been a very strict diet, not only to minimize reflux, but to starve the bacteria, and kill it.  No acidic foods (choclate, alcohol, caffeine), no sugars, and no simple carbs.  I have been eating lean protein, nuts, leafy green vegetables (steamed), and only berry fruits.

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    Thanks guys for you're replies had endoscopy last year I eat healthy I'm a vegetarian so it's quite hard what to eat as a lot of foods stick in my throat 
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    Hello Janet,

    It's a hard thing to live with, I know, though fortunately my feelings of sickness aren't too common, and are usually as hunger begins and settle once I've eaten.

    Finding a diet routine that helps and doesn't worsen things took me about three years, and it is still ongoing. Trial and error caused both improvements and worsenings at various times. The most important points for me are these:

    Seven small to medium meals per day, about two hours to two hours-twenty minutes apart. To overfill the stomach will worsen the symptoms.

    An example of a typical size meal I have is a thickish slice of brown bread with a hard-boiled egg, for fat and protein in it, some garden peas, some types of beans, lentils, rice or veg, and a small or half a medium banana. With that I have a half or two thirds of a 250ml bottle of water, and some sips of my daily bottle of Fortisip nutrition drink.

    One of my two daily mixed cereal meals consists of a couple of shredded wheat, half a banana, a few porridge oats and some cornflakes, but with water, as milk and I don't get on, and I daren't risk using a milk alternative - oat, almond, etc - in case it makes the meal a bit too fatty and creamy. I might try at some point.

    I do have other foods I've experimented with, and have some more yet to try, but each person might find that some foods agree with them that don't with someone else. But generally, high fat foods, fatty meats, salty, citrus fruits and hard to digest foods give many sufferers trouble, as do or can alcohol, coffee (even decaf), tea, cocoa, chocolate ( a little white might be ok, as its caffeine-free).

    Eating calmly, chewing thorougly and good posture when eating, and afterwards, are also important. Be as upright as you can.

    Another rule with me, learned from bad experiences, is to belch swallowed air straight after a meal, but not after about ten minutes, for once digestion has begun some acid can come up with a belch and burn.

    It is hard to get enough weight on with my diet, but the Fortisip drinks are great for giving me some extra fat, calories and so on, and all the time I am trying to add new high-calorie foods that don't worsen things.

    Stress is bad too, so try to avoid that as much as possible. Best of luck with your appointment.

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      Thank you for taking the time to write that for me nobody understands that hasn't got it how bad it is for us 
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      You're welcome. Been the hardest three years of my life, additional to other issues. The mental side of illnesses like these is another part of our difficulty that has to be suffered and coped with, and that too can be so hard. The joy can go out of everything when you're in discomfort or pain, dread of the next bout of them, or set-back after making a little improvement.

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