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derekjp derekjp

2 years of throat clearing, thick mucus and post nasal drip sensation (allergy/reflux/nerve?)


Suffering for 2 years with sensation of thick mucus stuck at the back of the nose, which I'm often able to hock up out of my mouth (clear but very "snotty" and like thick glue when it's in a tissue).

Sometimes it gets in my throat and I often clear my throat all day long too. I guess this is post-nasal drip, but not watery or thin (like you apparently get from an allergy), it's very thick and feels awful like a lump or glob that won't move, until I hock it up, but within minutes it's back again...

Tried all reflux and allergy medications (double-dose PPIs, steroid sprays, allergy RAST tests, antihistamines, singulair, antihistamine sprays, nasal irrigation, gastrocopy, multiple nasal/throat endoscopes, sinus CT scans), and they can't identify the problem... All of my symptoms disappear completely, when I eat or lay down with my head to either side (which I find very odd! Equally, if I take pseudoephridrine (oral decongestant), my symptoms go too (but I know that's not a long term option).

Anyone ever dealt with anything similar or know what to suggest next?I've been thinking of self-treating with amitriptyline (10mg at night) and gabapentin (100mg 3x per day), to see if this is a hypersensitivity/nerve issue. I have absolutely no other symptoms and can't live much longer like this, it's completely ruined my life and things are just getting worse sad

Thanks for any help at all.

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  • Larches Larches derekjp

    Sounds similar in some ways to my experience. I have the same thick, sticky (but usually clear) mucus that is very hard to dislodge, and in my case it seems to get stuck inside my nose (and possibly sinuses?), and when I get a bad built-up, it does something weird to my sense of smell. I get an unpleasant smell that lingers and distorts normal smells. For me, eating can actually trigger it, and can be ruined by it, as flavour is really as much to do with smell as taste.

    In my case, lying on my side (right in particular) relieves it too - I breathe through my mouth, and after a short while I start to feel a popping sensation inside my nose as the airway presumably clears / opens up, and then the bad smell disappears (but sometimes reappears when I get up again). It's intriguing and maddening in equal measure, as no ENT specialist has been able to tell me what is going on (and I've seen at least a dozen). Nor have I had any firm explanation as to whether the mucus is normal, and if not, what's causing it. The closest I've come is being confirmed with a dust mite allergy, so perhaps that's the cause in my case. I also have a deviated septum and restricted breathing on the left side, so I wonder if it's partly down to that too. I often feel like it's not regarded as particularly important - unfortunately those who've never experienced it (and desensitised medics in particular) can't understand what an impact it can have on quality of life.

    Anyway, in terms of relief, the only things I've found to help (apart from lying on my side) are a nasal rinse with a solution of sea salt and xylitol (< which really seems to make a difference in terms of drawing out the gunk), and a nasal spray called Avamys, which seems to work miles better than any other I've tried (but still doesn't prevent the problem altogether).

    I've had nightly amitriptyline (5-10mg) incidentally, and it hasn't made any difference to the nasal issue.

    Hope some of that helps, and good luck.

    • derekjp derekjp Larches

      Hi Larches - many thanks for your detailed inputs. I'm sorry to hear you are suffering with somewhat very similar debilitating symptoms. I agree that docs don't really sympathise with the issues because it's not "serious", or "won't kill you", etc.they certainly don't understand the mental drain such symptoms can have on a person after such a long period of suffering with them...

      Have you ever had your throat or gut explored at all? Do you experience the chronic "fullness" or throat clearing? Just curious to know if you've ever been treated for non-acid reflux because I'm told the thick/sticky mucus is not very common for anything triggered in the nasal area or with allergies (it's usually thin, watery and excessive). Unfortunately I tried an aggressive reflux treatment of a 2 week restricted diet followed by 6 weeks of protonix 2x per day at 40mg (so 80mg per day in total). It didn't do anything for me, but I know that plenty of others have been successfully treated of nasal congestion and post-nasal drip (with thick mucus), with this type of regimen for a couple of months...

      Several of the ENTs I worked with were convinced it was reflux because my sinuses are completely clear with minor- swelling on one side (swelling which apparently would be seen in 90 of 100 normal sinuses on the street). I understand the sinuses are the only other thing that can cause chronic thick mucus regardless of the environment you're in.

      Interestingly, I tried about 6 different nasal steroid sprays over the course of 18 months, and I had some success only with Omnaris. I tried Avamys and that didn't do anything. Unfortunately though, I had to stop with the steroid sprays because they were giving me perioral dermatitis around my nose and eye, which kept spreading and looked gross!! I had to be treated with 3 months of antibiotics to clear that. I even retried the spray again after when it had cleared and low and behold the dermatitis returned in 2 weeks!

      The xylitol option sounds like an interesting addition to the nasal rinse. I'll certainly try that. I'm also still going to self-pursue the option of Amitriptyline in addition to gabapentin (just from all the research I've done, and if I don't try it I'll never know!).

      Another thing to explore is a vitamin deficiency which can be done through a basic blood test. I've read a lot that this can cause immense system responses. Not highly optimistic but what else is there to do!!

      Lastly, I do find it odd that Pseudoephedrine is the only thing that works for me. This is because it apparently dries up my already very thick mucus? I know it also expands the tubes to clear the congestion, but not all of the time my nose is actually blocked, rather it's the sensation of the thick plugged feeling at the back of it somewhere. I too have a deviated septum (just mild), and every doc has said it wouldn't make any difference if I had surgery to it.



    • Larches Larches derekjp

      Hi derekjp,

      Sorry it's taken a while to reply. I'm pretty sure I did have my throat checked out a long time ago and nothing of interest was found, but at one point I was prescribed Omeprazole for acid reflux, which I took for quite a while but it didn't seem to make a great deal of difference to the nasal symptoms. I stopped taking that after getting recurrent water infections - the doctor was adamant it would be nothing to do with the Omeprazole, but I just found it strange that it seemed to coincide with me taking it and I've not had another infection since I stopped taking it.

      I've never tried Omnaris, but I think I'll persist with my low maintenance dose of Avamys as long as it doesn't cause me any other problems (I was a bit concerned at first when using a higher dose as it gave me a peculiar sensation (a bit like pressure), I think around my eye, but that seems to have eased off now).

      I too was told that a septoplasty may well make no difference to my symptoms... although it could ease breathing on the affected side, and I often wonder if that (and obstructed drainage) is part of the problem. However, surgery is never something to be embarked upon lightly, and I've more or less been told several times that it's not a worthwhile gamble (and in fact there's a real, if not huge, risk of worsening things).

      I'm pretty sure I've been checked on the vitamin front. I've had at least a couple of separate multi-purpose blood tests and they were all fine except for the mild dust allergy (so I was advised to wash my bedding more frequently at at 60 degrees which I'm now doing).

      Anyway, you seem to be doing the right thing in doing your own research and trying options systematically, so best of luck with that.

  • Alison352 Alison352 derekjp

    Derekjp, I googled post nasal drip and mucus and found your post. After reading it, I registered just to tell you I could've written your post. I read it out loud to my husband & he said " could've written that yourself!". I too have tried absolutely everything. And like Larches, I also have a deviated septum (right side), and a severe dust mite allergy (received allergy shots for years...can't imagine how worse off I would be if I hadn't.), among other seasonal (as in every season) allergies. I walk around day and night clearing my throat and doing a cough that people always think is a sneeze. I have asthma that only flares up a couple times a year as long as I take my singulair and symbicort. And from what my Dr. tells me that cough is common for asthmatics. I sleep propped up (but always wake up laying down on my left side).

    Also for me the only thing that gives me any kind of relief is pseudoephedrine but I also add guaifenesin (pills, not syrup) to help thin the mucus and when I remember, drink lots of water. I also try to stay away from ice cream.

    I don't know if you have trouble with your sinuses or not but I've been known to say "tell me again why we need these damn sinuses?" My sinuses can become inflamed out of the blue. And the thing is, unlike when I have a cold, they're not congested, and my nose doesn't drip. They are just inflamed & it causes a burning pain &/or sinus pressure headaches. Humidifiers and keeping my sinuses moist does help. But for them to never become inflamed I'd have to have a netipot, or saline spray up my nose 24/7. And I'm sorry but that's just not a good look for me... smile There are also nasal gels that can keep your sinuses moist, but they only work for short periods.

    Anyway, you're not alone. If I find the magic cure I'll let you know, as long as you do the same!


    • kevin54609 kevin54609 Alison352


      This might be applicable to the others in the thread as well. I have similar symptoms and a deviated septum. According to my regular doctor my septum was deviated only slightly, but the symptoms were annoying enough I went to an ENT. He thought my septum was deviated enough that surgery was recommended. On top of the deviated septum my Nasal Valves are collapsed, exacerbating the problems. I have not had the surgery yet, since I am hoping things clear up with a new nasal spray prescription but it is looking more and more like I will go under the knife. 

      The point of the post I guess is to see an ENT, if possible, because what your GP thinks is slight might actually be more deviated than thought.

  • chan47543 chan47543 derekjp

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  • bee90503 bee90503 derekjp

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  • adrian222 adrian222 derekjp

    Hello there,

    I read your post and it is exactly my case. I could have written it myself.

    Tried everything, even Gabapentin and Amitriptyline and I am very depressed and unable to work due to this illness.

    Had every test known to man (PH with impedance, barium, manometry, laryngeal EMG... and loads more) and everything seems fine except that I hace a high concentration of pepsin on my throat and a mild deviated septum.

    Gastros don't think my problem is reflux, but I seem to be slightly better (but not enough to live with a decent standard) taking Gaviscon.

    My last chance is operating my septum, which I will be doing in some time if nothing more (trying diets again) works.

    Please tell me if anything has worked or works for you. 


    • neb01519 neb01519 adrian222

      Hi Adrian,

      I am going through the same thing as you. Mine started with a total blockage of my nasal airpipe with mucus. I couldn’t sleep for more than a week. My anxiety picked like crazy, that was when my doctor gave me amitriptilin along with bromazepam. I’m currently not taking the medicine but still get the airway blockage which triggers my anxiety/ depression. I am desperately looking for help as well. Please let me know if u came across with any solution.

  • sam01206 sam01206 derekjp

    Hi, I just found your post on google!

    I feel your misery! I`m in a similar or even maybe worse situation as you!

    I would love to know if you have figured out a solution to your problem!?

  • nancy85885 nancy85885 derekjp

    I have the same thing.  Have done Reflex meds, medrol dose pack, antibiotics, now on Mucinex.  I am desperate to clear this up.  Any solution on your part yet??

  • Eccentric Eccentric derekjp

    I have had sinusitis, strep throat and a deviated septum since I was a kid.  Have since been told I had bronchitis, small ear tubes that required a myringotomy.. terrible  all from getting colds/allergy's etc...  I can tell you it gets worse as you age.  I was in late 40's before I saw an ENT out of desperation. (myringotomy.. was then performed)  The ENT prescibed flonase of which I took infrequently... It didnt seem to help..  I was told you have to take it daily... PERIOD...  Before I was able to get fully started taking  that daily.. I was getting sick so much.  I had moved from the sea to being in town.....  I felt like this was my problem.  I took vacation .. which actually in my mind is called a workcation!   I had to work around house and clean, clean , clean...  Long story shortof..  I cleaned out some pretty dusty areas that were neglected due to work and other things.  One was by my desk next to my bed.......  My entire workcation was then almost ruined because all I did was cough, cough and cough trying to clear this phelgm from throat.  It had never been this bad...  In fact it even made me vomit it was so severe....... I was desperate...    Cleaning downstairs one day on my workcation... I stumbled on old pseudophedrine tablets.   I took one....  Soon I noticed a difference...   I have not taken any more but between that, mucomyst, a few nasaline saline rinses, allegra, flonase things are calming down a little..       I think a large part was the dust  (mites idk) I stirred up cleaning next to my bed.  I started realizing it was worse when I was on pc near desk/bed... that was finally clean....   The coughing has almost stopped.. I still clear my throat some...  but now a new problem or reaction has started.  I now have the thick clear sticky drainage.. but I somehow am able to pull it with a sucking motion with tongue and upper palate..... and spit it into tissue....  I know this sounds gross but not coughing constantly , keeping people awake including myself, irritating my             co - workers,and hurting my ribs is a blessing.    I am trying to take meds as prescribed (flonase), saline rinse here and there... ( I wont do a neti pot.. just use simple bottle saline rinses)   I am now trying apple cider vinegar and some other natural remedies like accupuuncture/ pressure and so forth...  just Bing it and you can find some ideas to try.  It's a process of trial and error for sure..  I can say atleast.. I was able to return to work and no one has any idea what my last 2 week nightmare entailed!    cool

    • Eccentric Eccentric

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  • manisha79340 manisha79340 derekjp

    I am suffering from this from.. 4 years .. Doctors cant get rid of it.. Any medicine or tablet doesnt work at all.. I cant sleep at night because of the musk in the throat by even split it comes back again after in 5 minutes.. M doint college and tutions and cant concentrate on the class because or this stuff in throat.. I just cant go out of the class of every 5 min. Cant breathe clear at all its like living life like a hell. If any use of medicine n spray cant last for long time.. I also cant eat chocolates n sweets. Because of sweet it gets thicker more.. So i suggest stop to eat sugary n sweet things like chocolates n all.. Keep ur head up n try to avoid the pillow it will help to breathe..n gargle with salt water.. Plz suggest if there is a permenent treatment on this.. Thnk u

    • sunil 48194 sunil 48194 manisha79340

      I think you should do meditation because it heals the body and the soul both. 

      Also do nasal breathing exercise. Give it a time because it will definitely helps you in miraculous way. 

      1/2 hours in morning and evening too. 

      In scientific terms it helps to remove toxins in your body and hormonal balance will be good. 

      Thank you..!! 

  • tofutiger tofutiger derekjp

    Hey, I just wanted to check in with you guys, I also have a same/similar problem. I also have some science/medical background, just wanted to know if any of you guys have ever smoked or been exposed to second hand smoke. If not, have you been exposed to any pollutants?

    • rebekah24660 rebekah24660 tofutiger

      I have the same exact problem first noticed it when I was working for an itt company about five six years ago. I do think breathing chemicals and leaded solder smoke has something to do with it. They used me as a test subject for working/breathing insolve can you believe it?! Lol strapped me up with this hose and told me to go down to the insolve room and just stand around down in that non ventilated room! Course I did I was stupid it was my first job and stuff. Came back and told me to go stay longer that I wasn't down there long enough and to put my face close to the insolve liquid lol I wasn't that stupid though. Next day the company banned workers from using insolve to clean electronic boards... though the previous day they told me it was perfectly safe and that I had nothing to worry about... So I'm definitely thinking pollutants is what caused this as I've never smoked in my life nor breathed second hand smoke other than the occasional inhale of some nearby smoker oh and of course all that solder smoke for 2 years sad God that company was and still is horrid. Pyott Boone Electronics yes I'm talking about you!!!!

  • sam01206 sam01206 derekjp

    Could you guys decribe your problems more clearly! Having mucus in throat is to general, where as most people suffering from mucus in throat are living quite normal lives ! 

    My question is if you have othere complaints, both bodily and emotional/mental! Do you have any pain, stinging? How is your sleep and breathing while sleeping?  The sensation or stufiness in nose, do you have it all day long, on both sides, when you sleep or don´t sleep? The smell and taste in mouth and mucus? coughing or hawking?

    I try to figure out some commen ground here!

    • rebekah24660 rebekah24660 sam01206

      My symptoms are as such, definitely hacking and coughing but very little mucus actually comes up I feel like it wants to but god it's just so damn thick. Sometimes I cough so hard I almost vomit it's that stubborn and refuses to go down my throat it just sits there 24/7 happily irritating me lol

      To be fair i don't drink enough liquids always been a problem of mine. I've heard adding fresh lemon juice to water and drinking this throughout the day can help. I tried it but guess I didn't do it long enough cause I saw no difference. Sleep problems? Ehh I've always been a bit of an insomniac. I sleep at all hours I have no schedule and I know it's not healthy and I should change it.

      I have no sinus pressure or runny nose or stuffyness at all just really thick mucus at the back of my throat that refuses to go down like it's supposed to. No matter how much I swallow or drink water it's still there. Whenever I eat though I don't notice it lol guess the chunks of food going down gets rid of it but it doesn't take long before I notice it again

      I've also heard gargling salt water is supposed to help though I've never gargled much it's definitely an art! Lol I will say that this along with depression is not a good combo lol you're already miserable mentally then dealing with mucus from hell it gets to you! I try to ignore it as there doesn't seem to be a cure of any kind. I'm still trying to live with it but notice whenever I laugh it seems to finally bust up enough that I can cough out a but more than usual. I actually look forward to head/chest colds ya know the nasty ones that give you some awesome green mucus lol only then can I have up a freaking ton I'm talking a mouthful of mucus. Sad that only when I'm miserable will I be free of this peaky thick mucus it just won't let me win no matter what lol it's extremely evil I tell you

    • Nikki7775654 Nikki7775654 sam01206

      Hey are you a physician?

      I have the same issues as the original poster. Been having it for 11 month now. I'm also in the process of trying to figure out if my symptoms are also due to exercise induced asthma. Weezing is also s symptom of post nasal drip but I think I have both issues and hsve to wait 10 months to get in for a stress/cardio test to figure out if it is exercise induced asthma. Right now for post nasal drip I'm taking a bunch of Oregano oil, seems to help a bit. Just go into a herbal store they are more helpful than doctors. Also in the process of seeing an EMT. I'm open for suggestions! Also rules out allergies and asthma

    • Gypsy52 Gypsy52 rebekah24660

      Hi, I too have these symptoms. I do sleep well at night but oh man after coffee in the morning I cough and cough and spit that stuff up. I've noticed it seems worse after having processed sugars. Like in the cookies at night. But then I don't have just 1 or 2😕. And sugar in my coffee. I set up a humidifier and an air purifier for night time. It is better, but still have the symptoms. I'm gonna try not to eat sugar, and start drinking herbal teas, immunity tea, Echinacea, Detox, Stress relief, all teas you can buy. I'm trying to grow my own tea garden here in Rocky Ford.

    • Nikki7775654 Nikki7775654 darren01530

      I dont eat a lot of sugar. Carbs, yes. After my last post months ago. My symptoms have subsided a bit. I dont have wheezing anymore and can actually go to gym and finish an hour work out without wheezing, so that is great progress. I went for a cardio test, said its exercised induced and gave me Symbicort. I still deep down inside think its post nasal drip, so i use a saline rinse a couple times a day and seems to help as well. 

  • sam01206 sam01206 derekjp

    Anyone experience extreme degree of hair loss at the same time?

    • Eccentric Eccentric sam01206

      Constant coughing, clearing throat & even at times gagging is no way living normal. sleep constant interrupted

      breathing no problem

      bodily when get a cold on top of this then ear tubes clogged and from coughing and sneezing bust eat drum. has happened twice now and is very painful

      nose again stuffiness only when cold developes on top of this and yes bilateral and all day long ! and night

      dont notice a taste or smell

      hairloss not extreme but yes hair is thin now where used to be thick

      emotional/ mental go together i presume

      tired no sleep, tired of people asking if i am ok........ im coughing i cant even answer them.... i worry about losing my job if this doesnt stop

      Allergies are the issue.... I have had this crap since January and just now its

      july 5 th it has gotten 90 percent better!! I assume it will start again in the fall... we will see 💦😂

      I have only lightly coughed twice today!!!!


  • lisalisa67 lisalisa67 derekjp

    There is an auto immune disorder called sjogrens. Sicca would be similiar but not the same. It is dryness but because the bisy isnt functioning properly and diagnosable. A rhematoid dr would diagnose. Theres no cure. They would tell you to use saline rinses a lot. Its alters Ones life. most  of the time dry eyes is present as well. Thers no sinus surgery to fix and too many ents ignore auto immune disorders for some unknown reason to me. All you are using would further dry you out and make it all worse so id say go see a rhematoid dr. They will draw blood and test you and can check your salivary glands as well. It surely sounds like sicca syndrome.

  • alan12223 alan12223 derekjp

    Hello everyone,

    I too have many of the symtoms you all described. Mucus constantly in the back of my throat. Used to develop into secondary infections, laryngitis, sinus infections, etc. I learned to hack the mucus out of my throat and swallow it that helped remove it before it gave me an infection.

    I had a deviated septum and breathed through my mouth. This caused dry throat and mouth and my nasal passages had no air going through them so the moist tissue just stagnated there. I had my deviated septum fixed. It was not fun, took a week to recover, but one of the best things I did. I was amazed how well I can now breath through my nose. My mucous membranes in the nasal passages now do what they are supposed to do, clean and moisten the air that goes into my lungs. It also allows air to flow through my nose and help keep it aerated and clear. At night though, my body did not unlearn to breath through my mouth, so my doctor prescribed the following that works great. He said to use 1 inch gentle paper tape and put one small strip to tape my lips shut at night. It works like a charm. Don't worry, it does not suffocate you. You can still breath through your mouth if you have to, but it does keep my mouth closed and I breath through my nose every night. Although, my wife thinks I look pretty silly with my mouth taped shut at night.

    I am also allergic to dust mites and ragweed. Make sure that your bedroom is kept very clean and dust free as you spend a third of your life in that room. I even got a whole house air cleaner on my furnace that also helps a lot to keep the air clean and minimize my symptoms.

    Also, dry air is also an irritant. I had a humidifier too until I moved to Florida where the air is now usually humid that helps.

    I still have mucus in the back of my throat, but I am able to live with it now.

    Best of luck to you all.

    • Dhaa Dhaa alan12223

      Hi all I also have the same symptoms mucus at the back of my nose..dripping down or even staying there when it gets thick . It is really uncomfotable . Every morning I have to try and coughing it all out and it is can feel it ..but very difficult to pull it out ..I have been suffering for the past 15 years at times it gets worse , sticky are running and all this is at the back of my nose nothing at all comes through my nose just at the back.... ...sometimes it disappears for a short time but always comes back again..I have noticed when the air condition is on or sleeping with an open window, oxygeon mask makes it worse ...I used to try and treat it but no luck I just live and suffer with it is really uncomfotable sometimes when I wake up ..I immediately feel it ..and when I go to the mirror and open my mouth I try and cough it out and it comes out in a string form ..that tells me that It was dripping at the back of my nose over night and the string mucus thicken in size and is long ....if any one can help for a cure please tell me....thank you

  • derekjp derekjp

    Hi All -- it's been 10 months since I posted the original message, and for the same reasons as described in that original message, I was googling various terms associated with my problem looking for help, and my post came up in the search!

    Anyway, here is my update in case anyone is interested/to help others and be helped myself in any way possible....

    I was thrown a light bulb last December (8 months) ago, when a very thorough ENT noticed consistently swollen adenoids over the past 4x he saw me throughout a 4 months period. He said he wasn't sure if it was causing the mucosa inflammation/thick mucus/nose blocking/throat mucus, but it was his last resort. So with that being said, I got a 2nd opinion and he said the same thing.

    That same week I went for adenoidectomy (had the adenoids removed). This was after various culture/lab tests to ensure it wasn't caused by something like a tumor. Surgery went well and after about 2 weeks everything had healed. However, the same problems/sensations/feeling continued, so basically, it did absolutely nothing. What a massive waste of time, effort and money that was...

    I was obviously very upset and had no where to go next, and so upon revieiwing my medical history, decided to rack up the meds that made me experience any degree of improvement (excluding decongestants/pseudoephedrine!). I started taking Singulair, Levocetirizine, Mucinex and doing nasal saline rinses 2x per day. It seemed to help a lot but that was only because after taking nothing for a month, I was completely blocked, sneezing all the time and ridiculously mucousy in the nose and throat -- it was really difficult to deal with. So in summary, it helped things a bit.

    Continued self-medicating for the next 3 months, and I'll be honest, the day-to-day was still very difficult and what ever the meds were doing were not enough to allow me to get on with normal life.

    I decided to come off everything, and started taking this natural decongestant called GeloMyrtol. It's made of Eucalyptus essential oils and it somewhat helped with thinning the thick mucus that in my throat and nose all day every day. However, again, it was just wasn't enough.

    2 months ago I went back to one of the ENTs I previously saw, had another scope and they said they saw some discharge but it wasn't enough to explain how badly I was feeling. I demanded they rule out reflux, of which he said the pH imedence test is only necessary to confirm LPR, if the flexible endoscopy he performed clearly showed some inflammation in my throat. Obviously my throat looked absolutely fine and so any form of reflux was entirely ruled out.

    Right now, I'm still struggling every day and I'm extremely withdrawn from the situations/activities I used to get involved with 3 years ago. I'm not making this into an emotional/psychological topic, but put simply, this is the impact this piece of s**t has had on my life.

    Further to that, drugs-wise I'm spraying Azelastine (nasal antihistamine) up my nose, 2x2 puffs a day, which absolutely helps in keeping my nose clear (i.e. I can breathe absolutely fine through my nose), but I still get that horrible feeling of something stuck at the back of the nose, and the thick mucus sitting in the throat. I'm on Singulair again to help with that but unfortunately it's not actually helping with anything.

    I've always said this is nothing to do with allergies, because I tried leaving the country I'm in for 2 months and nothing changed, as well as the fact I've been on 3-4 weeks business trips including one to a very remote/non-industrial place, but absolutely nothing changed with my symptoms. Although, interestingly, when I take zero medication, my thick mucus seems to turn more thin around the nose area, yet I start sneezing and get bunged up a lot... I guess the antihistamines have a drying effect which makes me less runny/sneezy. Problem is though that nothing is seeming to prevent the severity of the mucus formation itself (which is being caused by inflammation for what ever reason).

    Anyway (again and finally), life goes on for now, and the very worst of days, I take a heavy dose of pseudoephedrine to give a big f-u to this problem, because it's still the only thing that seems to make everything disappear (including the throat mucus!).

    Thanks for reading and please continue to share your own experiences/opinions.

    • b11308 b11308 derekjp

      Derek: chewing gum alleviated a lot of the symptoms for me. Been chewing 8 months it helps produce saliva. I even fall asleep with gum in my mouth. Its the only thing i found helpful I can even eat in public now. Still annoying but it was a life saver compared to beforehand.

      Would be lost without my gum on hand at at all times. I registered just to post this. I atlllso have a mildly deviated septum

    • ooops64 ooops64 b11308

      Yes I found some months ago, chewing gum helped with a gastric problem I had, my rhinitis wasn't as bad then. My gastric problem is not as bad, I watch what I eat, although not overweight, I decided to keep to around 8st.

      I have all the symptoms of excess mucous, I think I have a deviated septum, I can breath in through my right nostril, but never out. So cannot blow my nose to clear that side. I have to do the gross thing, of strongly breath in through that nostril and get rid, either spit into tissue. If out and it comes into my mouth, on its own I have to swallow. Some days there is gallons, so I think it relates to food, so have to leave some things out of my diet. I have had the camera into my Oesophagus but not camera in my nose. I take Montelukast for my Asthma and Ryhinitis, also antihestamin Fexofenidine, preventor for Asthma Flutiform and Salbutamol the restorer. I have tried all the nasalsprays, none been any good. I thank goodness, I started my allergies after retiring, I feel so sorry for you younger ones still working. I mouth breath as cannot get breath through nose, I have lost my sence of smell, I think my taste buds have lost something too. I recently read on internet that warmed drops of caster oil in the nose, can shrink any polyps you might have, so given that a go. Will try anything. I have a battery operated nose wash, sprays salt water high up the nostrills. Helps for the one day. Wish there was a real cure. 


    • berniel berniel derekjp

      hope you got some relief.....ive had this also over a year...ive come to the conclusion it has to do with anxiety....I wonder how many people that have had this for long time and are nervous people? I had an opiod addiction for years finally quit 16 months ago...that's when all this started...I think if I conquer the anxiety this would help this sick of it...sigh..

  • ryan99052 ryan99052 derekjp

    I'm having almost the same symptoms. I will feel completely fine then all of a sudden the coughing starts. Could be sleeping, or middle of the day. It does seem to happen more often at bedtime. The cough is productive, heavy phlegm from the chest. Had a taste. Almost a metallic taste. I usually have a quiet wheeze sound with it. Sometimes my back itches really deep.

    The only thing I have found that stops the cough is an asthma inhaler. I will cough for 30 minutes + without it. Usually 2 puffs and cough stops within 5 minutes. Sometimes afterwards I am left with some thick post nasal drainage. Throat clearing and almost choking on the thick crap. Over the summer months it has gotten less frequent but times of rain, or colder weather it comes back. (Can't wait for fall - sarcasm).

    I have a deviated septum. Been diag. with acid reflux. Never smoked but ex wife of 15 years smoked. Been done for 2.5 years. Also worked in a shop for 5 years with LOTS of aresols and welding. Had similar problems then. Got out and they went away. That was 10 years ago.

    I have tried omepazole. Made me itch. Now taking Zantac. Also taking a nasal spray. Tried going to ENT but they didnt even listen to me. Have had numerous bloodwork all came back fine. As I said through summer it has been better but still comes. Im put of ideas. I have pretty much settled on allergies or acid reflux.

    My sister had bad allergies and used some herbal treatment and said that cut her asthma down from an inhaler a week to one every 6 months. I may try that.

    I haven't slept a full night in over 9 months. Hence why I'm posting this at 6 am on a Saturday. Starting to lose my mind.

  • gnam811 gnam811 derekjp

    Hi i am in the same position i wish there was something to help i have it for ten years now i cant go on any more. I struggle i have to leave work at times cause it bad.

    Thought i was the only one.

    • helevald helevald gnam811

      You’re not the only one. I finally am seeing an ENT specialist on Jan 31st. It’s affecting me at work as I have to often get up in meetings and go spit. So annoying. I can’t stand my life right now bc of this. I hope to get some answers soon. 

  • geha geha derekjp

    Hello derekjp.  I have just found this site and read your report above.  I have had the exact same condition for going on 7 to 8 years now.... just as you describe... but it seems mine has reach a chronic condition.  It has been so debilitating I struggle to get through each day.  I too have had five cameras put down my throat by ENT specialists, had a bronchioscopy, tried salt water flushes, sprays, xylocane inhalant which numbs the throat but doesn't actually change anything, and three endoscopies.  I have tried treating is with diet, naturopathy, homeopathy and finally had to resort to faith healing.  During the process of the last few years, and when they did the first endoscopy (which required an anaesthetic with a camera put down into the stomach as you probably know), they happened to take skin biopsies of the stomach lining and the oesophagus, which came back with the report of atrophic gastritis plus Barrett's Oesophagus (GORD).  But the specialist and doctors don't think the two are related.  I also have anxiety issues and have done heaps of therapy and trauma counselling, and I it has become apparent that the body/mind holds trauma in the body and I have found out that my nervous system has been operating on either 'freeze' or high alert, hence and anxiety/worry habits.  However, I still feel that there may be a bug or bacterial infection that no-one has put a finger on as yet.  The doctor's have given up, and I stopped searching for answers, but it is so bad at the moment that I came online and did a search and found your report.  It is not a good thing I know, but at least someone on this planet is having exactly the same symptoms and maybe I will now go through and read the thirty something replies you received and see what I can make out.  Please keep in touch and let me know if there is any new information we can share with each other.  Best wishes, Sincerely, Geha


    • sam01206 sam01206 geha

      Hi geha, 

      How do your complaints interfere with your  sleeping and general functioning through out the day?

      I've been recommended osteopathic threatment that can cause relief! I'll go there next week and will let you know! According to last ent I visited, the problem can be connected to the lymph nodes!

    • c37137 c37137 geha

      This is exactly what they told my husband after having surgery for deviated septum so he had another surgery for the Barrett’s and guess what still the same problem he was on allergy shots for 10 years that didn’t help so 12years later he is still living this nightmare we have moved 5 times bought all new allergy barrier stuff thousands of dollars and still no relieve 

    • tom78394 tom78394 c37137

      Long time problem for me, also. One doctor said that I should move (from Phoenix) after he saw that "stuff" in my throat. Another advised surgery for deviated septum. I didn't think they would help, so I did neither one. Now I don't have to wonder if they would have helped. 

      I am on allergy shots and my allergy doc seems baffled why I still have so much post nasal drainage and nasal congestion. "Frustrating" was his answer, which meant he didn't know.

      In the Phoenix area, year round particulate pollution is a problem. I am going to follow the Air Quality Index and monitor my symptoms and see if there is some kind of relationship. I was told by another doctor that pollution can trigger allergic symptoms. 

    • EO18 EO18 sam01206

      I have being feeling it for over two years. With me, it happens at night, or if I get nervous, or even have a cold drink. And I also have huge bumps on the back of my tongue. I think it has to do with acid reflux with is pretty sad when you are 40 and looks like 29. I don't have a deviated septum and I'm not sick all the time. sad

    • roderick08435 roderick08435 geha

      I think you nailed it. I have 2 conditions that could only be bacteria, and can't be cured with antibiotics. I had my first uncurable staph infection 6 years ago, which ended in surgical removal. It wasn't over. I drive a truck on long hauls, and get nasty hair follicle infections. These infections are related to staph. Staph lives in the nose. Now i have had a post nasal drip of thick slime. (Can't cut it with teeth) No doctor had any success in treating me, and I've seen 4 or 5. They don't even know what it is that's causing the post nasal. I've taken all four common antibiotics.

      The way i cleared my skin was to keep hands washed and away from my nose at all costs.

      As for the thick nasal drip, i use a neti pot regularly when I'm at home. It clears me up for a day and a half. I mix saline, water, and 1/20 part peroxide, or rubbing alcohol. You will know if you use too much as it will burn, but it doesn't take much. This helps. The mucus thins to regular levels, and i don't have to constantly spit all day every day. I literal spit every 15 mins at my worst. I think I'm killing the most of what causes the drip, but since the cavities are so much deeper than the water solution can reach, the problem returns eventually. I wish i could spray out the entire cavity like this. When i get time, ill try and convince a doctor to help me do that with my solution. Hard to get a docto do things your way, as you may know.

      Also there is a machine that is sold OTC that functions like a neti pot. I forget the name, but I'm about to try that with my combination of solutions. I do believe this thing is bacterial. We have overused antibiotics and now we are paying. Hell, i hear gonorrhea is uncurable now. Be safe! Learn about super bugs, and avoid them. Scientists are working diligently, but haven't found cures that don't mutate these demons into resistant strains.

  • David89347 David89347 derekjp

    Commonalities... if you travel a lot around the US you get exposed to many different areas and conditions, I drive everywhere and love to have the window open. The mucus runs down the back of my throat. If I don't clear my throat it starts into my lungs and can send me to the ER for drugs to open and clear my lungs. I take Flonase now and it seems to slow it down, but I'm dependent on taking it. Without it I fill bags with tissue every day. 

    On traveling I've noticed one thing- there is a type of haze or smog that has developed and has gotten worse through the years, if you are driving over the grapevine to LA then you will see it's very thick- even if there doesn't seem to be anything that is normally associated with my particular allergies, this haze starts it right up anywhere I run into it. I've seen it in cities and in rural areas. 

    I've not taken any medication that has been able to stop it completely.

    Now, I can't swallow pills, they can get stuck, so I have to crush them.

    I'm tired all day during strong allergy attacks, not just due to the benedryl, which btw caused me and others I know to be extremely irritable and I don't recommend to the married people. 

    It's true, most people don't understand the hell of enduring the allergies, where someone that is less than social or intelligent can't get that you cannot stop clearing your throat so they throw a fit about it. You feel like you should sit in the back of a restaurant, but even then you can run into someone more like the Hound from GOT's, who isn't smart enough to figure out that's why you are sitting in the back. 

    I used to go into grocery stores and could hear if someone was like me, coughing and clearing their throat. 

    It's not enough to completely devastate your life, it's just bad enough to make you miserable and those around you miserable because at times whatever is in the air makes it to where you can't even think. 

    Cancer can kill you, but this isn't cancer- it isn't merciful, and ruins marriages and peoples lives. It is also socially unacceptable, isolating it's victims. I take supplements and haven't found anything that comes close to being powerful enough to stop this. 

    No sandbaggers please- if you don't have this problem don't make things worse for the person that has it, believe me they already know how it effects others- empathize and try to understand they may not be able to get rid of it. 


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