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Nasal Problems

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    Nasal Polyps

    I have nasal polyps and what a life-ruining condition. I can't breathe. I can't sleep. I have trouble eating & breathing, drinking & breathing. Sometimes it's difficult to speak clearly. Kissing & humming are difficult. I go through oodles of kleenex. I take antihistamines, use Nasonex spray,...

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  • Pandacake 3

    Burning nose: Does anybody know what this problem could be?

    Hey, So for the past week and a bit i've had a sensation in my nose coming and going that feels sometimes like someone has punched me and sometimes like a burning. My nose feels dry, sometimes crusty, but the mucus is always clear or green.  It hasn't bled once in these near 2 weeks but about a month...

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  • cbrandon0524 2

    Deviated Septum and other symptoms

    Hello I was wondering if I could get some information from someone with similar symptoms or knowledge on the subject of deviated septums and sleep apnea. I was recently diagnosed with a deviated septum by an ENT during a consultation about another issue (throat pain from acid reflux). Both sides of my...

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  • callan68138 2

    Sinus infection or something has been causing problem. Please help

    This started on Sunday. My sinuses started filling up with this thick mucus and they won't stop. Eventually the mucus ends up getting swallowed into my throat then jammed up in there. Now my throat feels like it might be swollen and I have trouble swallowing (weak swallowing) and the food kinda gets...

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  • Redwolf887 3

    Nasal irrigation question

    Hi, I think post nasal drip is back, I'm going to try nasal irrigation again as my nose keeps blocking up and uncomfortable sore feeling in my soft palate. So some questions. Is it ok to still reuse the nasal irrigation bottle after 3 months despite it saying to replace it? I do wash it throughly before...

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  • derekjp 1
  • brit01 2

    Nose Bleed Side Effect

    I accidentally jabbed myself inside my nose with my finger while washing my face a couple weeks ago and a lot of blood came pouring out. I tilt my head back and stuck a tissue in the nose to stop the bleeding. It still feels like air is going through and feels like I have sinus in the nose, what should...

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  • m1988 3

    Has anyone had sensory nerve damage in nose?

    I inhaled toxic smoke and lost some smell and sensory nerve endings for moisture. Has anyone had this? Similar in a way to ENS as hard to feel breath in nose. Without sensing moisture nose feels unbearably dry. Would appreciate anyone's thoughts who have experienced this or similar. Has been about 4...

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  • mjutton 1

    Swollen adenoids??

    My son is 7months old and since he was a few weeks old has had awful (normally dry congestion) We tries drops, nasal sucker and our paediatrician suggested piriton. Piriton helped initially but not anymore. I was breastfeeding until last month but he has struggled with weight gain as he had to keep coming...

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  • Pandacake 3

    Constant Nosebleeds. Advice??

    Hello, On Saturday night I got a nosebleed. It seemed normal enough, and I was able to stop it. Sunday had my nose full of brown mucus that i thought was dried blood. But on Monday suddenly it started bleeding out of nowhere again. I had 3/4 nosebleeds between 5 and 12, ending with my coughing up blood...

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  • jomary 3
  • ben46693 2

    Surgery on Monday

    Hi! I have cyst near my left eye in sinus cavity. It was discovered 6 months ago and now i'm gonna have surgery. But i was sick just week ago with runny nose and even some blood. Blood test shows now that everything is normal and i can have a surgery. The cyst is quite large and they're going to do surgery...

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  • brit01 2

    Nose Bleed

    I usually wash my face pretty vigorously. I accidentally jabbed myself inside my nose with my finger while doing so and a lot of blood came pouring out. I tilt my head back and stuck a tissue in the nose to stop the bleeding. Do I need to get this checked out and are there risks of any complications...

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  • meganbubaloo 1

    6 operations for nasal polyps - desperate

    I have suffered from nasal polyps/ear infections for 22 years now and had 6 ops for nasal polyp removal and they have now grown back again! This is ruining my life - I have lost every job I have had from sickness I struggle on day to day with either constant sneezing or unbearable pain. Now got depression...

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  • sajjad3 2

    maxilliary sinus polys

    Hello.i have diagnosed bilateral maxillary polyps in ct scan on ENT specialist advice.he further advice for surgery.but my main problem is that I feel very intense pressure on my scalp top of my some one is pressing it .i gone for orthopaedic and nerve specialist he said I have no disease even...

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  • tallulah01898 2

    Maxillary Sinus Problem

    I have had a problem with this sinus for most of my life.  My cheek on the left side of my face is congested.  I have been trying to clear it for the last month using oil and applying pressure in "bands"after massaging the sinuses in my nose and above my eyes and then moving to the top of the cheeks,...

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  • Magi777 2


    So today I went in to hospital to get my Eua of my nasal space and biopsy if needed, well god must been on my side I was taken to threatre and one hour later was told the best news ever nothing sinister found so no biopsy needed tonight I'm thankful for all the support I got on this forum it's been...

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  • Redwolf887 3

    Head and nose pressure

    Hi, I'm looking for advice. After a few weeks of acid reflux and nausea I developed something that didn't feel like the kind of feelings I get when a cold starts, it started with a headache and hotness in the eyes for two weeks, the headache has gone now, just a mild sqeezing pain and pressure on the...

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  • lisa43476 2

    Dry sensation in nose

    Hi - i have been getting an almost constant dry, sometimes burning sensation in my nose for about 3 weeks now. I did have a bit of a cold in the middle of this but it seemed to start for no reason. I a female, 30 years old. Otherwise generally pretty well. Had 2nd baby in Sept and had been suffering...

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  • joanneb46 2

    Chronic Sinus Problems

    Hi Guys I am new here and want to share my experience and see if anyone can offer any help? I am 46 and have had bad sinus trouble since primary school I always had a runny nose which was regularly green and thick 🤢 I remember being prescribed loads of bottles of medicine/tablets/sprays none of which...

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  • kelly4473 1

    Thick mucous post op rhinoplasty

    I'm 9 months post op rhinoplasty and I work in a facility that has allot of dust. I wear a mask but I'm having EXTREMELY thick, very white, putty-like mucous build up. So thick that I can't blow it out. I use qtips. Any suggestions in breaking it up?

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  • Evamore 3

    Constant runny nose

    For the past 2 months, I've had a runny nose. At first I thought it was a cold, but then I didn't get any symptoms other than that. From what I have noticed more recently (now that I'm not considering it as a cold), it tends to be worse when I'm at work (I work as a cleaner) and I only started this job...

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  • aman41127 1
  • treno 2

    I have a painless lump inside my nose, should I be worried?

    I first noticed it a few weeks ago, since then it might've grown a little bit I think, but I'm not certain. It's inside my right nostril, and I can't see it in the mirror, but I can certainly feel the raised area when I put my finger in my nose. the lump is towards the back of my inner nose septum (I...

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  • eb1148 3

    Mystery nose problems

    Hi guys,I was wondering if anyone has any idea what could be up with my nose: I get nosebleeds quite a lot, usually in just one nostril and it happens in either one. My nose is always very sore and tender, and since last night I've had that constant sensation you get just before you have a nosebleed,...

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  • aiz 2

    Tinnitus, Blocked Nose, Neck Pain(Occasionally - Towards Right)

    Hello, For the past one year, I've developed Tinnitus, although, it has been pretty stable, it has been bothering me for a while now. I've been to my GP in the month of April, and she told me it's very common and nothing to be worried about.  Also, I've been having this blocked nose, almost since the...

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  • danny76668 2

    Turbinoplasty recovery - week 3

    I was given 2 weeks off work by the surgeon. By the end of the 2nd week I was still bleeding with blood in my nose and also going down the back of my throat when I sleep and also during the day. Leading onto sickness feeling, especially when I eat, headaches (hugr ones because I also have neck vertabrae...

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  • Magi777 2
  • danny76668 2

    1 week post bi-lateral Terbinate surgery

    I am having a lot of mucus dripping from the nose, mostly accompanied with some blood. It took 4 days for me to stop bleeding and had to stay in hospital 18 hours over the scheduled time, so the recovery team suggested I have a clotting problem. I have a continuous headache, paracetamol does nothing,...

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  • Clarkee2503 2

    Post nasal drip

    I was told by the doctor i have post nasal drip i have slight nose mucus and phlem in the morning and cough up phlem and constently clearing throat or coughing throughout the day its been 6 weeks now should it of cleared now or how long does it last

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  • chris77584 2

    1 Week Post Septoplasty - Teeth Pain and nostril blocked

    A week today I had my Septoplasty to correct a deviated septum (70% deviated in my left nostril and 30% in my right). When I came around from the procedure I was told the operation was a success and I was one of the few that had minimum bleeding, I did not require any packing or splints. The first...

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  • chris77584 2

    Septoplasty - 4th day post op...

    On Monday evening around 7-8pm, I had a septoplasty performed on my nose due my deviated septum. The consultant described my setum as S shaped - 70% blocked in my left nostril and 30% blocked in my right nostril. The operation was a success for what I was told and due to the limited bleeding, I was...

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  • nick93728 1

    Deviated Septum Post Septoplasty Help!

    I developed problems with post nasal drip around 2 years ago and after consultations with a specialist i was diagnosed with a deviated septum. at the start of this year i had a septoplasty at west Middlesex and post op the spacialist said it had gone well. Not a perfectly straight septum but much better....

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  • garymac 1

    Lose of sense of smell

    Was in a bad accident over 5 years ago, explosion, head trauma. Suffered complete lose of sense of smell. Anyone else have a similar experience? Suggested therapy?

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  • Magi777 2


    Following a MRI on my neck due to thumping in my left ear with was clear they accidentally saw something in my nasal symmetry had a camera put up my nostril on weds and have to get a biopsy done in 2 weeks .. very worried incase it's cancer

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