20 and very worried i might have colon cancer???

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hello everyone i am a 20 year old kid who's been worrying about having colon cancer. for many weeks now my abdomen has been acting very weird, it always rumbles and i always feel bloated. my appetite is also on and off. it does not hurt all the time but there are times the upper part of my abdomen hurts but they don't last long? and it's not everyday. but my bowel movements have been weird as well, they're always loose and watery. it was dark a few weeks ago but i suspect it was just because of something i ate. im very anxious and worried, can anyone idk talk to me 😦

edit: i totally forgot about the frequent belching/hurtburn

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    there's many non serious things that can cause those symptoms.. you need to see a GI Doctor... get your blood work checked and probably have a Endoscopy done..

    You could have for example


    or you might have Celiac Disease...

    Do you notice that you get problems after eating Gluten?

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      hi! I'm still about to call my doctor for an appointment. what tests should be done for celiac disease?

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    All the symptoms you mentioned are similar to mine (except the watery stools)

    I've been having upper abdominal discomfort since the last two months. It doesn't cause any pain but it's very uncomfortable.

    I experience a rumbling stomach too.

    Also, I've been belching like crazy. Everything that I eat/drink ends up with me belching.

    There's heartburn, occasional headaches and nausea as well.

    My GP diagnosed me with acid reflux since all of these are symptoms of GERD. My bloodwork came out normal but I'm planning to visit a GI specialist soon since I've been taking PPI's for many weeks now and it isn't getting much better.

    But GERD can last for months and years if not handled properly! Have a proper diet (no acidic, spicy and greasy foods)

    I'm still struggling with this but it gets better with time.

    I'd say you get your bloodwork done just to be sure and visit your doc.

    Most importantly, don't worry too much (Ik that can be very hard) because stress only makes the symptoms worse!

    Good luck 😃

    Also, share your progress here if you want!

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      hello! I'm so glad to know that I'm not the only who's experiencing this 😭 thank you so much for sharing. I'm still about to call my doctor for an appointment i hope this is really not serious and would go away soon. Can you also share what your GI specialist will tell you? thank you so much!

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      Yeah sure!

      It can be hard ik. when this started, i used to cry a lot due to all the symptoms (even now sometimes). it does feel like something crazy is happening with you. i went crazy with online research on symptoms but that just stressed me out! just know that you're not alone 😃

      hopefully it'll get better soon for both of us!

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      It was a complete blood count (CBC) and I also got some urine tests done.

      How are you doing now?

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      thanks for responding! went to my doctor earlier and she also said it's because of my acid reflux (which i already complained to her last year also) and said my watery stool might be because of lactose intolerance. she gave me the same PPI she gave a year ago, so hoping everything will finally settle with this med, since she also said the stomach rumbling could also be due to the acid🥺

      how about you, tzumi, how are you doing? 😃

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      hi!! it's great to hear that you visited your doc!

      I don't have regular heartburn now so that's better but my upper abdominal pain is still persistent. so that gets frustrating at times. I'm on omeprazole currently and I'm hoping it'll get better with this.

      good luck to you!! and feel free to ask me regarding any concerns 😃

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      yeah i do get them occasionally and i tend to get bloated quickly as well.

      this needs a lot of patience which i don't have lol. just want to get better soon 🥺

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      oh same. I'm just so mentally exhausted to feel all of these 🥺 i wish us the best and recovery. please do update me if you have already visited a GI specialist,. maybe I'll get some insights also 🥺 thank u so much 😕

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      hey i visited the GI doc and apparently, it is acid reflux but more severe(?) form of it. also, do you have regular bowel movements? he said that i need to get my slight constipation sorted out 😳

      and asked me to make major lifestyle changes. apparently lifestyle habits are more important here rather than medications. for now im having PPI's twice a day and laxatives at night. and lots of exercise i guess.

      oh btw im gonna have an ultrasound done in two weeks (recommended by the doc). so i'll make sure to update you on that! i know it's hard but stay strong!! 😃

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      I'm having watery stool everyday and that's mainly my concern. I only have occasional stomach rumbling and aches now and my belching also subsided for a bit, i think. I'm thinking this could be IBS but still not sure until i get tests done. Problem is, I don't have the money to undergo tests (as I'm still a student without work) lol. will just hope this clears up. I hope you have a positive ultrasound results!

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      thank you so much!!

      have you discussed about the diarrhoea with your doc? it can be some bacterial/parasitic infection or it could be ibs. my acid reflux doesn't cause any diarrhoea but it does give me stomach cramps. if you can't undergo tests then at least try discussing it with your doc and take some medications for it.

      wishing you good luck!!

      also, if you have any doubts, feel free to ask me!!

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      also, try to not look up too many articles online (as in self-diagnosing). that will only add to your anxiety because that's what happened with me. i went crazy with searching similar symptoms online and ended up getting major anxiety problems. it was so bad that i couldn't sleep properly for some nights.

      thankfully that's better now but i still have some anxiety though.

      just don't read too many of them because really serious stuff comes up sometimes and that can get you unnecessarily worried.

      good luck!!

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