20 days post-surgery, just fainted/passed out, should I be concerned?

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Hi all,

Just went ahead and made a new thread. I'm sure most of you have been following my, but just to summerize: I had a 26cm x 13.5cm x 29cm fluid-filled benign cyst removed via lapartomy (small incision on my bikini line, only 3inches big) on August 30th.

The first week I was in decent pain, the second week it was more like a dull ache, with occasional sharp pain, and this past week I've had little to no pain at all. I'm only taking 1 percocet a day and that's usually just in the morning when I wake up from being a little sore due to the way I sleep. I've felt great, and due to my spouse recently having some health issues of her own, I've been doing a little more around the house. 

Well, about 30 minutes ago I was getting all the plates ready to feed my cats, when I started to feel kind of dizzy. I brushed it off as sometimes the percocets make me kind of dizzy, which I know doesn't make sense because I had the one over 5 hours ago, but that's what I was thinking at the time. Still feeling dizzy, I rushed to get their food ready and feed them so I could go ahead and sit down. As I walked towards where I usually feed them, I became increasingly dizzy and disoriented, like the room was spinning. I also got the cold sweats really bad. I stopped, sat on the kitchen chair, put the food down on the kitchen table, and kind of rested my head on the table/my arms in front of me. Next thing I know, I wake up and I'm lying on the ground - my dog licking my face. The chair I was sitting in as well as the one beside it are both knocked to the ground. I think I was only out for maybe a few minutes, if that. I got up, hesitantly, and made my way to the couch. After about a minute, the dizzy-ness went away and I was able to complete my taks without issue. I feel totally fine now, like it never happened. I'm not in pain, my head isn't sore from potentionally hitting it on anything. I've only ever fainted once in my life before and that was when I started my job at a veterinary hospital and had to deal with something super gross my first day, which was over 7 years ago. I've never just randomly fainted.

Should I be worried? I can't really afford to go to my GP. I'm already in so much debt from my surgery and now medical bills for my spouse as well. She's going for an echocardiogram on Friday at my GP's office and I could perhaps ask him then while I'm there since we have the same doctor, but I have my post-surgery appointment with my surgeon next Monday as well. I feel like my recovery has been going great and I was planning to return to work two weeks from today.

Just some background: I am vegan, used to be extremely anemic when I was younger, but I take b12 and iron supplements daily. I'm also taking 10mg of Lexapro once daily. I hadn't eaten today before that happened but I usually don't eat much if anything until dinner time anyways so I'm sure it's nothing to do with that. 

I'm not really worried about it, more confused. My spouse isn't home for another hour so I didn't really know who else to ask about it than you guys, even though it could be totally unrelated to my surgery.



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    Sorry to hear sad

    I was dizzy and borderline for fainting for weeks after my surgery. But it didn't come on suddenly, I had been dizzy and fainting often since the surgery. I have very low blood pressure. I know it's expensive but I would see the GP. I ended up having complications and went into septic shock a few days after the surgery. It's worth getting checked out.

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      I honestly don't have the money. I have to pay at least $150 dollars just to be seen, and with only one income coming in, and money missing from those paychecks being that my spouse has been ill and missed a few days of work herself, I just don't think there is any way. 

      The only thing that has made me feel dizzy at all through this whole process has been the painkillers, but as I've been taking them less and less, I've been feeling better and better each day. I don't really know what my GP could do, I'd rather see my surgeon but can't until Monday.

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      Alright young lady, you lost plenty of blood during surgery, you're vegan and you're taking pain killers on an empty stomach! Oh and you're probably dehydrated.

      My surgeon gave me iron AND told me to eat steak. Obviously that's not happening. I went from super high iron blood count before surgery to anemic immediately after.

      One meal a day is not healthy anyway let alone when your body is healing. Are you eating iron rich foods? Taking a Vitamin B complex? VitB 50 2X daily or VitB 100 once daily. Helps tissues rebuild and heal, aids in red blood cell production. Are you drinking 6-8 glasses of water? Helps keep you hydrated and your blood pressure up.

      You're doing more and resting less cause you feel better but you're still recovering from major surgery. Plus you're under added stress. You probably need more protein. What is your usual protein source? You must eat more frequently to balance your blood sugar.

      You're back to taking care of everyone but yourself. Does that about cover it?

      The GP can check your blood pressure, check your iron count. I assume your temp is fine. That's what the GP does. So go to the GP with her. He'll ask how you're doing and you can tell him. Tell him politely you are in serious financial straights. They likely will give you a break. Fainting is not good, especially if you're alone. It is likely something easily adjusted but you're pushing yourself and it's only been 3 weeks. You need to get back to work so don't give yourself a setback by not taking care of you.

      Sorry for the lecture but that's the mom in me........


      Take care of you.

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      You need to see a doc and probably have blood work done, Fainting is not normal. Something is wrong and one meal a day isnt enough while your healing. I hope you get it checked out.
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      No I appreciate the response, sometimes I need to be lectured.

      I usually eat a small snack during the day but one big meal. I've never been much of a morning eater, I have no appetite usually so it's hard for me to force myself to eat. I will try though. We also don't have a lot of groceries because we're struggling financially, just trying to eat through our cupboards. My main protein source is usually beans and lentils, and I eat a lot fresh fruits, vegetables and some carbs. I am drinking a lot of water though, I keep a big bottle next to me on the couch.

      I'm not taking any Vitmain B supplements but I will get my spouse to get me some after work.

      On top of me feeling better, I've kind of had to start helping around the house more because of my spouse's health. This just occured in the last week. She is completely dumb on the right side of her body, had to get blood tests done and check her heart. On top of that, she has terrible and painful eczema on her hands and arms that make even the most mundane tasks difficult for her. I feel like, to some degree, we're both suffering so we have to do a 50/50 deal as I can't expect her to take 100% care of me right now. While I feel perfectly capable, and that I haven't over-done it, maybe I have pushed myself too hard. I guess I do take care of everyone else, but what can you do?

      I will talk to my GP while we're in the room and just mention it, see if I should get bloodwork or something. I can't afford to go in by myself and pay $150 though, so it'll have to wait until Friday.

      Thank you for your concern.

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      I know. I've always had bad eating habits, it's hard to break away from that. sad

      I will talk to my GP while I'm with my spouse on Friday. He asked me about my surgery last time I went with her so I'm sure he won't mind me asking a question. That's really the only option, I know I can't afford the office visit and I would have no one to drive me because my spouse can't miss any more work and I don't know anyone here since I'm from Canada. I already had to drive two days ago down the road to Kroger as my spouse was is so much pain and needed medication.

      Thank you for your concern.

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      When did they say you could drive they told me I had to be off pain pills first  but I  was off them after the first couple of weeks. Im sure they have food pantrys in your area if your having trouble buying food. 
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      They just said don't drive after taking any, I believe - they didn't give me a specific time frame. I hadn't taken any that day or the day before and it was a straight shot about a mile or two down the road. It was all fine, but I normally would have held off driving until returning back to work - but she was crying in pain, so I had to do what I had to do.

      We enough groceries to sustain us but because we are both strict vegan, we can't necessarily find vegan-friendly food items everywhere besides vegetables, fruits, pasta etc - staple items. We just decided to not do a normal monthly grocery shop this month so we have money for bills and our pets, so we're just stretching everything out, making it last.

      Everything is just so stressful but I'm trying to remain positive.

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    Had my post-op appointment today. Everything went well. My incision is almost healed, I will have a measily 3inch scar. Part of the knot from the dissolving stitches is poking out slightly but she said it will dissolve on it's own. She ok'd me to return to work next week.

    As for the fainting, she thinks it was likely blood sugar. But if it happens again, to see my local GP for bloodwork and call her as well.

    She told me that by the time I had surgery, my cyst was actually 30cm, so it grew 4cm in 12 days from diagnosis. Insane! She also said it was likely attatched to my fallopian tube, not my right ovary as originally thought, but was no longer attached by the time they opened me up.

    So far I have lost 16 pounds and this is the lightest I've ever been in my adult/teenage life. I feel so motivated to keep losing weight now that I actually have energy to work out again. Yay!

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