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Ovarian Cyst

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  • shweta1986 1

    Complex Ovarian Cyst during Pregnancy

    I am 30 yrs old woman, currently 13th week pregnant with first baby who discovered cyst on both ovaries during 6th week pregnant. My physician suggested for Ultrasound scan which revealed Complex Cyst on both ovaries. Cyst Size measured during 6th Week. Right Ovary : Complex septated Cyst with

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  • Sunnysideup1 1

    Oconology referral for ovary cyst

    Hi, I had a ultrasound last week to locate my mirena (I'm due for a new one). I was in hospital today to have the new mirena (I had to have anethesia). During my pre-surgical consult my Gyno tells me the ultrasound found an ovary cyst. He said not to worry it's fluid filled (at this stage he didn't

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  • pamela99835 2

    Ovary removal

    Hello Ladies, I've been booked in for surgery to remove both ovaries after two years of cysts being present, I'm 53 and they don't bother me other than being constantly on my mind between scans! I am under a gynaecologist/oncologist my choice - she looked at my ultrasound report and said seeing as I'

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  • peachykeen 1

    ovarian cyst removal? hysterectomy?

    am in a bit of a bind. 50 yrs old, feeling increasingly crappy, have 8 & 5" + fluid filled cysts on right ovary as well as a hyperplastic uterus (thickness 18), recently had numerous small fibroids removed, biopsy cancer free. gyn installed mirena coil to deal with periods fun and thin lining out,

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  • maryvee 3

    Advice/support/experiences please-ovarian cysts?

    I have cysts on  both sides. left hand side about 11cm, right hand side 10cm.  I am being sent for an "urgent" MRI in 7 days. Rather worried how I will stay still for a whole hour all by myself in the MRI? Any tips please? Then I go back to the consultant the week after to see if they are cysts

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  • rolypo 2

    Ovarian Dermoid Cyst - Very Painful!!

    I started having pain in my lower left side in October of last year, it wasnt too bad so I didnt go to the doctors until january as I thought it may go away. I suspected I may have a Cyst and told the doctor and he refered me for a scan. I had a scan in mid Feb and I was diagnosed with a Dermoid

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  • grace34257 2

    should i remove both ovaries?

    I am going to have surgery on May 04, still so hesitent if i should remove both ovaries. i have a 10x14 ovarian complex cyst with thick septations, CA125 is 17. The oncologist​ said the chance of malinancy is 15-20%. She suggests to remove both ovaries because i am not going to bear any more

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  • lucyinoz 2

    Severe pain after transvaginal ultrasound (cysts)

    Hi. I had a transvaginal ultrasound on Monday and since then I've been in more and more pain. The radiologist was doing a 3rd and final scan to see if my complex ovarian cyst had changed. It's changed in dimension and my left overy is 4 times bigger than my right now.  My CA125 was raised as was

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  • juju11 1

    Is this the same cyst or a new one, what should I do?

    I was on the BCP for 2 years when I decided to get Mirena due to being in college with a crazy schedule and always having to remember to take and have my pill with me. I got Mirena back in March 17. By April, about 3 weeks later, I had horrible sharp stabbing pains that made me double over in pain

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  • nan1990 2

    Period pain but no ovary!

    Hi everyone, I have a problem that my doctors haven't been able to help with and would love any insignt or suggestions you might have.  About a year ago, I went to A&E with intense pain on my right lower adbomen. I was diagnosed with a 7cm borderline ovarian cyst and ovarian torsion and got the

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  • Rebecca1901 2

    Twisted ovarian cyst?

    I'm currently waiting on surgery to remove a 10cm ovarian cyst, my ovary and fallopian tube. In the last week, the pain has become unbearable at times and I have recently been prescribed codeine. But, I am a teacher and the codeine make me really drowsy and I can't take them when I go to work. But,

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  • rhonda26759 2

    15cm Ovarian Cyst - Yikes!

    I am 43 years old and recently diagnosed with a 15cm ovarian cyst.  My CA125 is normal.  No pain, was discovered through a catscan.  Doctor's said there might be a small solid area within the cyst/neoplasm.  They also said the chance of malignancy is 20%.  Anyone else have a situation like this?  I

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  • cheryl1980 4

    Surgery date 😃

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to say my surgery date has arrived (12th june). I just wanted to say "thank you" to everyone on here that has gave me support & advice. I dont know what i would have done without this forum. Best wishes ladies.x

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  • Miss usa 2

    Weight gain after laparoscopy ovarian surgery

    I had 2 dermoid one was 4.6 cm in my large ovary and one was in left ovary 2.6cm it's has been removed on April 14th and today is may 22nd after 2 week surgery i have left lower back pain and i gain too much it normal to gain weight or no should I will lose weight after some

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  • meganlouise97 2

    Complex Ovarian Cyst 6cm- laparoscopy or laparotomy?

    Ive had an complex ovarian cyst full of fluid on my right ovary for 9 years and had recently grown over 2cm since my MRI scan last Nov, I had another ultrasound last week aswell as bloods doing- CA-125 and LDH and got called in to my consultant a few days later to say they are doing surgery but

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  • sheree56 2

    Complex cysts

    My 41 yr old daughter has a 8.8cm cyst on right ovary that contains 2 other cysts with walls and thinkness. Left ovary has 5.5 cyst and the fallopian tube is dilated. Not sure if cyst is coming from ovary into fallopian tube or vise versa. Said there could be separate mass in tube or blockage. Can

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  • hazel14263 5
  • lucyinoz 2

    Is an oophorectomy really necessary? :(

    Hi.. I've not posted on here before.   I'm booked in for an oophorectomy in the next month and am wondering if it's REALLY neccessary for me?  I went to my gp after getting heaps of pain around my ovaries and awful symptoms including swelling, nausea, cramps, back pain blah blah, and had scans and

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  • sri63708 2

    Complex cyst appeared after cystectomy

    Hi All, I used to have abdominal pain on left side in 2013 and found that chocolate cyst and in 2015 my cyst grew up to 5cms and went through cystectomy through laparoscopy and biopsy results were normal. Thank God not CANCER. I felt I m out of danger but within 10months after surgery cyst

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  • pamela99835 2

    Two possible simple cysts found

    Hello Ladies I had, what I was told was a Simple Cyst on my right ovary which was picked up purely by chance, no symptoms at all.  Nothing was mentioned about keeping an eye on it, so after a year I asked my doctor for another ultra-sound, the cyst was still there with a follicle on my left ovary.  

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  • myla02166 2

    Complex Cysts

    Hello! Glad I found this board  I have 2 complex ovarian cysts that I have had ultrasounds for every 3 months for the past 9 months - no change.  I just had my last one Monday and again, no change so my doctor said to schedule an appt. I am confused that they would let 2 complex cysts just stay

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  • nancy08184 2
  • claire36483 2
  • uk89076 2

    Left ovary thick walled cyst with septa

    please suggest me about risk and cure of the attached ultra sound report of my wife as mentioned below. Anteverted uterus normal in size. No mass fibroid Right ovary clear Left ovary contained thick walled cyst with septa 71x52mm No fluid in cul-de-sac impression; left ovary thick walled cyst

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  • carol45885 2

    Ovarian cyst tube and ovary removal

    8 days ago I had my left ovary fallopian tube and 13cm cyst removed laparoscopically. All went well. Cyst was benign. I cam home 4 hours after surgery and took it easy resting for the first few days. I have 3 small incisions. 2 on my abdomen under my breasts and one In the navel area. Everything

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  • cheryl1980 4

    Pre-op assessment... what to expect.

    Hi again everyone. Im due to have a pre op assessment soon & im just wondering what to excpect. Im a bit worried that i will be on my period when im ment to have my assessment (does it matter?). I dont want to not be able to go just because of that. Also what do they do?.& how long is surgery

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  • gemmajane1979 2

    Tips following surgery of Dermoid Ovarian Cyst

    Hello I have Laparoscopic surgery this coming Tuesday for a dermoid cyst on my left ovary which on my last scan in February was 8.5cm. What I am after is any tips and advice on the day of the surgery and afterwards whilst recovering. Thanks

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  • cxl6963 1

    collapsing crenating cyst

    Hi am looking for some insight. I am 28 years old and have PCOS, so I am used to multiple peripheral follicles in my ovaries that sometimes cause some discomfort, however, I have recently had more then discomfort on my left lower abdomen/pelvic area and had a vaginal ultrasound. I have

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  • lily50514 1


    Dear doctors I had done the sonography of abdomen and pelvis and report are follows A. Uterus is slightly retroflexed, appears normal in size shape and echo texture. Endometrium -5 mm. No focal uterine lesion seen. B. Right ovary appears bulky-27 cc. Shows a 23 mm irregular cyst with internal

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  • Rebecca1901 2

    Pre-Assessment to surgery waiting time?

    Hello, I'm after some advice please! I have been told my 10cm ovarian cyst needs surgically removing, so I am waiting on a surgery date. Today, I got through my Pre-Assessment appointment which is scheduled for 5th June. Does anyone know how quickly I'm likely to have the operation following this? Also,...

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  • rosanne 19331 2


    Hi ladies, I'm due to have a cyst removed from my left ovary on Wednesday. My moods have been all over the place as are my periods , anger being a big one for me and also really bad anxiety 😣 I'm so nervous at the thought of waking up and the doctor saying we had to remove the tube aswell. If

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  • nina1980 2

    Post laparoscopy bladder issues.

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone had any bladder issues after their laparoscopy overian removal of cyst/tumour. If so could you share your experience. Im several week in to my recovery after a overian cystectomy.. also had a hysteroscopy. Since the 2nd day of the operation i have experienced

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  • drkensdeb 2

    Recovery post ovarian cyst and ovary removal

    Hello all,  I'm 42, fit (a personal trainer) and have 4x5cm simple fluid filled cyst on my left ovary, been there for 10 years but only now symptomatic and has grown. I'm scheduled for surgery in the next few weeks. My surgeon says she won't know until she goes in through keyhole to make sure the

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  • karen24984 2

    I'm so scared

    I have been for a scan and have a 10 cm cyst on my left ovary got a appoin tment wednesday with a gynaecologist not sure what to expect can anyone help. Also been through menopause, the doc says cyst is just filled with fluid . Karen

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  • Fortuna19 2

    Huge Ovarian Cyst, pelvic laparotomy

    I'm 23 years old and was diagnosed with a huge ovarian cyst measuring 30cm. My doctor had me tested for a tumor marker CA 125, thank God it turned out normal. At first i thought i was only getting fat, so i tried to lose a little bit of weight and then my stomach stayed round making me look like i'

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