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Ovarian Cyst

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  • Fairywren 3

    Iodine and cysts?

    So my last ultrasound showed 5 functional cysts ,one on the right ovary...and four on the left I haven't been very good taking supplements recently and have been around some serious smokers.I go in today to find out the results.     I read that lack of iodine can cause ovarian cysts, so I'm looking...

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  • pamela99835 2

    Consultation tomorrow re ovary removal, pros and cons!?

    Hello ladies, I'm 53 and have cysts on my ovaries, although hard to say if they are the same or different ones.  Consultant says although they appear harmless  she can't confirm this without having a proper look.  I get no symptoms at all, so should the ovaries be removed and not just the cysts?I am...

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  • trisha79135 1

    hi there

    Hi there im havin a op for keyhole surgery to have my ovary removrd as i have a cyst on on my ovary which is 9cm big so they have to remove the ovary how long does it take for recovery an is there any pain once the ovary has been removed an. An can i still have any more children with one ovary at the...

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  • Cole94 1
  • karen24984 2

    Very anxious

    Hi I've got a date to have a 10cm fluid filled cyst on left side removed along with ovaries . I'm very nervous about the thought of a operation, can anyone ease my nerves.

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  • CSparks 2

    Can anyone give me some information on Endometrial ovarian cysts?

    Hi all,  Just looking for some information really and anything that might help   Quick summary: I'm 24, I have had problems with endometriosis on and off  since I was 16. I had one laporoscopy when i was 19. Ive had a lot of the same problems recently and went to see my Gynae, she did a scan and...

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  • terri38209 1

    Due to see gynacologist next month

    i had a emergency scan recently, due to no periods for 4months and negative pregnancy tests, took me a few gp appointments to be taken seriously, well my scan came back as multifolucor cysts and unicolocur, my left ovary is the size of a golf ball, my bloods suggest menapause too, but i have been heavily...

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  • kayal20 2

    Hi.I had my surgery on Tue and yesterday I was sent home.

    I was in the hospital for the extra half a day because I vomited once..and for the past 2 days I am having severe head ache..its like unmanageable head ache..they said I'm getting it because of the spinal anaesthesia and it will go automatically ..but I can't just tolerate it because I can't even sit...

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  • rolypo 2

    Ovarian Dermoid Cyst - Very Painful!!

    I started having pain in my lower left side in October of last year, it wasnt too bad so I didnt go to the doctors until january as I thought it may go away. I suspected I may have a Cyst and told the doctor and he refered me for a scan. I had a scan in mid Feb and I was diagnosed with a Dermoid Ovarian...

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  • simi85019 2

    Is it ok to have a ovarian cyst over a year now?

    Hey ladies, last year in august 2016 I've been told during my ultrasound that I have a cyst on my ovary a small one though and aperantly it seems like it's a simple harmless cyst that will go away in few weeks on its own, well almost a year has passed by and I had another ultrasound this month and the...

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  • sam02553 2

    Ovarian cyst or something more serious.

    Since the beginning of the year I have had problems with my periods. They're on off, late, missed completely! Then I had a Pap smear that came back high grade lesion, biopsy came back negative. I have pain in my sides of my pelvis and cramps. Nausea is most of the time and I've lost my appetite. Some...

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  • holliewest 2


    In March I had a ultrasound where they found a small blood filled cyst I got told to make a appointment in 6-8 weeks I did that and when I went on the second time I was on my period and got told the Cyst was gone however now I still feel achy pains around my pelvis and constantly feel like need a wee/pressure...

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  • hazel14263 5

    Cyst grown, getting worried now ...

    8 months after small ovarian cyst diagnosed had another scan and internal vaginal one . Radiologist said it had grown to 2.5 cm from1.8 . Said womb thickened now 8mm . Saw gynae doctor yesterday who wasn't exactly encouraging . First he said it was small and just a cyst ... then mentioned the word tumour.....

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  • crystalnl 2

    Is this Normal or cause for concern - 2 weeks post op

    I had laproscopic removal of right ovary & tube 2 weeks ago. Healing seems to be going well (stitches from the inside) however yesterday I noticed to the left of my largest incision (I had 3 tiny incisions on the left and one slightly larger on the right), I can feel a grape sized (approximate) bump...

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  • megan0512 2

    2 dermoid cysts on one ovary. Has anyone else experienced this

    Hi Just wondering if anyone else has been in the same situation as me, I have 2 dermoid cysts on my right ovary. One measuring 10cm, one measuring 4cm. When I was scanned in Feb I only had one, which was 8cm so they seem to be growing/ multiplying pretty quick in my opinion. I'm finally seeing the...

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  • mason79 3

    Who's on the waiting list??

    Hello to everyone, may of spoken during other conversations but thought i'd ask to see if there are many like me, waiting for the post everyday to see if finally a pre-op date will arrive? I did ring the waiting list dept this week and i'm 8th on the list. Anyone else??

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  • trae05917 1

    Pulling Sensation @Pelvic

    I have a very large cyst on my Uterus. I've been experiencing A pulling sensation at the lower part of my pelvis! It is very painful and scary dont know what it is. #Help

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  • Miss usa 2
  • kayal20 2
  • sheila43812 1

    Does anyone have a functional cyst causing symptoms?

    I have had this issue for several months now that has been getting worse, I had an ultrasound that showed a cyst, but they are saying it isn't cause for concern because it's a functional cyst. I think there is, when at times it feels like I'm being stabbed with a knife, otherwise it's a constant ache,...

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  • susydan 1
  • kerry05445 1

    Ovarian Cyst? Or bowel problems?

    Hi, I'm wondering whether anyone has any advice for me. I am currently experiencing right sided abdominal pain, located around the belly button and below. I can take the edge of it with OTC pain relief but it does not take it away completely. I have had a cyst on my right ovary twice in the past,...

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  • jimmy208 2

    Ovarian Cyst 23 cm ( 9.5 inch )

    An ultrasound scan has detected a big 23cm ( 9.5 inch ) ovarian cyst. I am 62 years old have no pain but a very large swollen stomach, Has anyone had such a large cyst or had a cyst at my age? If yes please let me know how the surgery went. My surgeon is treating my case as urgent and tomorrow I go for...

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  • Denise from UK 2

    Feeling confused!!

    Had appointment with Gynae in April for MRI results and to discuss what to do next. Was told I have a 10cm partially twisted dermoid ovarian cyst on my left ovary and a 5cm cystadenofibroma cyst on my right ovary. Gynae had me down to bring me in for surgery but as I didn't have pain told me to come...

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  • lisa15739 2

    Tugging pain in pelvis

    Hi all has anybody had a pulling/tugging pain in pelvis and right side? Every time I turn over in bed my stomach feels like it's pulled a muscle, I've had this for a few weeks now. I have some discomfort in my right upper side too. Do you think this could be a cyst? Would really appreciate any feedback....

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  • amy63951 1
  • vicki31097 2

    Doubts on removal of other ovary & uterus????

    Hi I had surgery to remove a multioculated cyst on my right ovary 4 weeks ago (Im feeling a little freedom because I can drive today) My surgery went well except it had to be done by laparotomy instead of keyhole due to the cyst had grown from 8.3cm to 15.1cm. After the visit to my gynecologist for my...

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  • katiehl1985 2

    4th Cyst found

    I have not long had a follow-up ultrasound after I had my 3rd cusyt removal operation back in Nov 2015 (2016 was a hectic year, moved house, GP's family issues etc...........) so I was finally sent for a follow up and they again found a cyst on my again right ovary, this one is 6cm large at. I have another...

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  • michelled85 2

    5cm ovarian cyst help

    Hi everyone I have been having irregular periods for almost a year and the last 6 months it has got worse and I put weight on. I have periods all the time. I went to see a doc and she recommended having an ultrasound as the last month or 2 I'm constantly bloated, constipation which I've never had till...

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  • mamnoon47742974 1

    Ovarian mass/cyst 20 cm

    I have had some bloating couple of weeks ago and after sonogram, turned out to be 18 cm mass on my left ovary. I feel in past three weeks my belly got even larger and I look pregnant. My blood work cane normal. Gyno said it could be borderline and sent me to Oncologist. I am due for surgery next week...

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  • grace34257 2

    should i remove both ovaries?

    I am going to have surgery on May 04, still so hesitent if i should remove both ovaries. i have a 10x14 ovarian complex cyst with thick septations, CA125 is 17. The oncologist​ said the chance of malinancy is 15-20%. She suggests to remove both ovaries because i am not going to bear any more children...

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  • sarah38062 3

    Large cyst and ovaries removed

    hi, I had large cyst and both ovaries removed 5 days ago and have still not past a bowel movement anyone know how long it could take? Also does your tummy get smaller after cyst removed mine was a big one big as football surgeon said I look bigger now that before cyst was removed also my tummy so hard!...

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  • Sunnysideup1 1

    Oconology referral for ovary cyst

    Hi, I had a ultrasound last week to locate my mirena (I'm due for a new one). I was in hospital today to have the new mirena (I had to have anethesia). During my pre-surgical consult my Gyno tells me the ultrasound found an ovary cyst. He said not to worry it's fluid filled (at this stage he didn't tell...

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  • lucyinoz 2

    Severe pain after transvaginal ultrasound (cysts)

    Hi. I had a transvaginal ultrasound on Monday and since then I've been in more and more pain. The radiologist was doing a 3rd and final scan to see if my complex ovarian cyst had changed. It's changed in dimension and my left overy is 4 times bigger than my right now.  My CA125 was raised as was the...

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  • crystalnl 2

    Swelling after laparoscopic surgery?

    I had laproscopic surgery on Thursday to remove right ovary and tube (15cm cyst).  I'm recovering at home now but having so much swelling and "puffiness" in my stomach and am worried/wondering if this is normal and how long it typically persists? 

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