Enlarged Ovary w/ 2 cysts, depression, anxiety, etc

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Ladies, I do NOT know where to turn to. At what I first thought to be something going on with my brain, I've had many tests and finally a scan showed an enlarged ovary with 2 cysts. Before this was found, I had noticed my cycles were getting longer, from my usual 24 days to 31 days. My last period was normal, then a week after my period ended, I had breakthrough type bleeding for 4 days...and in all the times I've had my period, this has never happened to me, even during stressed moments of my life.

Then, it took 40 days, since my last period, for my period to start again, and boy is it painful. Never had abdominal cramps like this. I've also been bleeding heavy with some blood clots. I was changing my tampon ever few hours...My periods have always been light.

That's not the only thing though. A few days before my breakthrough bleeding, I started having panic attacks out of the blue, severe depression a.d anxiety, to the point that I would lay in bed, crying for hours.THIS IS NOT ME! I've never been this emotionally unstable. It got to a point that I became suicidal, and that's when I told my husband and he took me to the hospital. They said it was just anxiety and prescribed me xanax. I mean, we were on vacation in Spain and I was lying on the beach crying!! Crying at the beach, for Christ's sake!!! That's when I told my husband about my suicidal thoughts and we left Spain earlier than intended. I told my husband I wanted to be committed for Pysch evaluation, but he knew this wasn't me. He knew it had to be something else.

I don't have a history of mental disorders, and I've mostly been emotionally strong. Then I had this sonogram and viola...there it was, an enlarged left ovary and 2 cysts.

Has ANYONE ever had this happen with cysts and an enlarged ovary? I'm more worried about my mental state than my ovary but I'm wondering if there is a link, I'm having some kind of hormonal imbalance?

I feel war m all the time, crying one minute, being a bitch the next minute, chills up my body but mostly down my left leg, pain in lower back, and I feel crazy, too. The symptoms go on. I have an appointment to see a gynecologist but that's not for another few weeks. Can anyone relate?

I'm 28, I don't take contraceptives and only ever did once for only 8 months, I'm not pregnant, my blood work all looks good, scans of other organs look great...what gives. I'm at the end of my rope, here. I'm scared.

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    Also the strange thing is that I felt emotionally stable on the first day of my period but that is slowly going now...it's like have reverse pms...

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      First, you're not crazy. You're hormones are out of balance. I started having panic attacks before I had my surgery, none since. Between the stress, periods, and your cysts your body is out of sync. Did they check hormone levels?

      Did they have an idea what type/size of cysts?

      Hopefully they will refer you to surgery immediately. Make sure to stress you want to preserve your ovary when you see the gyno.

      I know you feel out of control right now but it will get better. I didn't realize it was related to my cysts because they were diagnosed after the panic attacks started. Thought I was having a heart attack. I found warm epsom baths and aroma (lavender) therapy helped. I also was anemic and had severe endometriosis.

      Your symptoms are worth discussion with your GP. Hopefully the xanax is helping. Focus on soothing and happy activities. This is temporary. This will resolve once the cysts are removed. Stay strong and post when you need support.


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      Thank you for your reply. Makes me feel much better. They said they weren't sure about why kind of cysts they are but they're not huge. Both cysts are 3 cm big and my ovary has enlarged to 6 cm. I know women have enlarged ovaries that are way bigger than that...but I think this must be some kind of shock to my body...I've never had ovary problems, though I've been having weird pain in the ovary area since last year...My right ovary looks great though.

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      I know it has been awhile BUT THIS IS MY EXACT ISSUE! I feel CRAZY and i have a cyst on BOTH ovaries. My anxiety and depression has been wayyy up and i suffer from PMDD but AFTER MY PERIOD! It hits me the third day on my cycle and it doesn't let up for like 5-6 days. It is pms reverse and way worse. What did you end up doing? How are are you doing now? I, too, was on a beach relaxing and started crying from the pain and from the bad thoughts. 

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    I am totally hearing you enfrance i am also very emotional my hormones are also all over the place feeling very hot and cold the next body aches also..periods are all over the place its a nightmare dont think i can wait 6 mths for the surgery..
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    I am also having the same trouble, i have a history of suffering OCD, recently I have felt so out of sync, feels like im going mad, i have severe panic attacks and i feel completely miserable. I had a scan done and they discovered a 2cm ovarian cyst. There has Definatly got to be a link between that and our mental state!
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      Hey hun, how have you been? I, too suffer from OCD (intrusive thoughts and obsessive thinking side) and it has been way worse lately. Found a cyst on each ovary, HAS TO BE A LINK! IT HAS TO BE!
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    I have had these EXACT symptoms! Have you found any relief? I work as a primary care provider, I am in no shape to be my own patient. I actually had to leave work this past week because I couldn't stop crying. Day 1 of my period is like a miracle but then I start getting sad/depressed/anxious/fearful later that day and it's on and off with little relief. It gets worse 1-2 weeks prior to my period with the worst being 3 days before. My cycles are 28-38 days. I haven't taken birth control since I was 18, I'm 32 now. Married, no kids, stable job, little stress. I have thought several times about committing myself to a psychiatric ward. Ive seen psychiatrists, cardiologist, my primary care, I've been to the ER twice, I see a therapist, acupuncture, massage, spa, the works. Most recently I've undergone a series of hormone level labs with my GYN. I get those results Monday. I can't stand not being myself. I'd like to hear how things have turned out for you.

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    Hello, I’m 38 years old. I’ve never been pregnant, always have had consistent periods until about a year ago. I started to get random change ups in my period, which I had checked by my dr, but was sent home with clear bill of health. My period would return to normal and then about six mo th later I would skip my period one month, followed by two heavy ones back to back. I assumed it was from stress.

    Last month I came home with cramps. Nothing out of the ordinary, I usually get cramps on the first day of my period, so I took some ibuprofen and decided o rest around 1PM. Gradually they got worse until I was on my hands and knees, sweating buckets and moaning at the top of my lungs. I had a pain consuming the lower half of my torso, shooting down my legs, seasoned with a sharp knife stab every few seconds. It was bad. I was dizzy from the pain and kept blacking out. Fearful that I habe burst my pancreas, I dialed 911.

    Ambulance came around 8PM and by then, I was unable to walk and had to crawl up my stairs on my hands and knees to flag down the ambulance who could not find my apartment for some reason (the delivery guy never has a problem). 

    On a scale from 1 to 10....10!!! Yes, 10!!!

    They quickly started running tests and when they felt comfortable started in with the morphine. 

    Two hours and 44 units of morphine later, i’m Still complaining about the pain, but I can at least relay my information to the multiple ER drs who for the life of them, could not figure out what was happening to me. The dr told me that all of my tests were fine. Next was for the sonogram, which I was told I’d have to empty my bladder for, but I had just done that and my bladder was empty. I found myself arguing with the technician, until he gave up and returned me to my hospital bed. 

    My sweetheart of a boyfriend had come straight from the airport to the hospital to help me through my episode and when I turned to look at him, I felt a burst like a water balloon had just ruptured in my pelvis and a gush of warm clear liquid flowed from between my legs, followed by some blood. A bit confused from the morphine, I told my boyfriend he better get the Doc because my water just broke.

    Obviously, I was wrong with my diagnosis, but I could have cared less. The pain was gone and I was able to pass out. 

    When I woke up, my Dr. was holding my discharge papers and some information on ovarian cysts. He had a grin on his face like “EUREKA!” I was discharged at 3AM in a bloody nightgown and barefoot. The poor uber driver. Don’t ever go to  St. Mary’s ER in San Francisco. 

    The next morning when I went to the bathroom, I was shocked to find the sack from the cyst in the toilet. It had been the size of a softball. 

    I went to my follow up appointment and I was told I’m in good shape, but to be honest, I have been depressed and anxious like crazy. I cut my days short and spend all weekend in bad. I stopped running and feel like I want to cry all the time. I know my hormones are messed up from the whole ordeal, but can’t find too much info on others who have had their cyst rip free, burst and then fall out. 

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    Thanks for this post!! I honestly thought I was actually loosing my mind! My entire personality changed. My husband and I first thought it was just stress due to the fact that I was in Nursing School, had 2 kids, and was still working. however, it started getting worse, I would absolutly snap and go off at the slightest little things, I was always on edge and would just cry all the time. My husband was so patient with me and i would appoligize and we both would chalk it up to my stressfull schedule. Then, I began getting plain out crazy! I was doing things I had never done before in my life! I was accusing my husband of cheating when he was out with friends I would constantly text and call him the entire time he was gone and if he didnt amswer right away I would loose my mind. And of course there was always a gigantic arguement that would follow, with me crying frantically and screaming. Keep in mind, this is NOT ME AT ALL. I have been married for 12 years and have never done this to my husband, never was the type to be suspicious or tell him where or who he could hang out with. It got to the point that my poor husband was honestly scared. My husband is a very "mans mans" kind of guy, very though and burly, there are very few occasions I've seen him cry, but he was in tears telling me that he didn't know what to do anymore and did not even know who i was anymore. So i went to the doc thinking early menopause, but after the ultrasound they found my left ovary was covered in small cysts and my right had a massive 6cm complex cyst. sorrry about the long post but it is so good to know that i am not the only one who has been through this.

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    wow. its like reading about myself reading this. about 13-14 months after having my daughter i can only describe as having a nervous brakedown.

    all the symptoms you have said the thoughts not wanting to get out of bed etc. and i love my life and my family. i saw a a therapist who helped me cope and went on medication.

    unrelated or what i thought before reading this post

    i got diagnosed with a cyst last year but when i went for my scan i was told this had burst.

    they said they would send me for another scan but i never went back as they already said it burst and iv heard women can get these and they just go.

    i too am thinking this is all related. has anyone had it confirmed that it is?

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