20 year old-GASTRITIS?

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Okay, first, I just want to start off by saying that I've never thrown up ever–ever in my entire life. I am 20 years old, a broke college student, and a healthy person. I have been playing sports since I was 6 and never had any problems; well, not until New Years Eve. Maybe it wasn't the best choice, but I was rushing to make it to my friends house (30 mins away), so I ate maybe 5 large raviolis for dinner–that's it. By the time I got there, everyone was already drinking so I swung out my handy dandy white claws (spiked seltzers) and NO i did not mix drinks. I had only 3.5 spiked seltzers in 3 hours. By 1am the show was over, and everyone went come. We stayed up for at least 3 more hours and made scrambled eggs, drank orange juice (i know highly acidic), and an English muffin. All in which I had the honor of throwing up an hour later. Which, was my first time puking. Guess there's a first time for everything? Anyways, I felt a little bit better, drank tons of water and tried my best to go to bed to sleep it off. Luckily for me, I opened up the gates of hell.

Next day (1/1): extremely nauseous entire day; forced myself to eat breakfast-bacon, eggs, fruit, and pancakes; later in the day, couldn't stand any smell of food, let alone drink water; watery diarrhea (sorry for graphics)

(1/2): extremely nauseous entire day; just had water and small portions of food; watery diarrhea

(1/3): nauseous; felt okay enough to hang with friends, so went out to eat, got a hamburger, threw up at restaurant; watery diarrhea

(1/4): extremely nauseous in morning; went to the doctors; barely made it there in one piece; almost threw up in office; blood work (normal); diagnosed me with "gastritis" --> gave me medicine: 1) zofran (for nausea) & 2) omeprazole (Proton-Pump inhibitor also known as Prilosec) dull stomach pain in lower right and left abdomen; regular diarrhea

(1/5) extremely nauseous entire day; drank lots of fluids and started bland or BRAT diet; dull stomach pain in lower right and left abdomen; pooping like rabbit still (side effect from medicine)

(1/6-1/10) still extremely nauseous; began to eat more and more food; was feeling better; sleeping elevated to help with G.E.R.D (acid reflux); still had dull stomach pain in lower right and left abdomen, sometimes in the middle of my upper chest; chest felt heavy; pooping like rabbitstill

(1/11) went to different doctor; low fever 100.5;

got a ton of different tests done:

blood work (came back normal)

influenza A (negative)

influenza B (negative)

liver (normal)

mono spot (negative)

pregnancy (negative)

felt better; later that night, woke up shivering and extremely nauseous; almost threw up; stomach pain continued; chest felt heavy;

(1/12) woke up extremely nauseous; took zofran to ease the nausea @ 12 pm; was eating cheerios; felt extremely nauseous again, had diarrhea then threw up for my 3rd time; went to ER, got color CT scan (came back normal) more blood work (normal), diagnosed me with "viral gastritis"; hooked me up to an IV and felt better; had a fever again 100.4; stomach pain continued; chest felt heavy

side note: which doesn't even make sense to me because wouldn't my entire family be sick as well as my boyfriend and all my friends?

(1/13) barely a fever 99.5; a little bit nauseous; had lots of fluids; started easing back into eating again; stomach pain on and off

(1/14-1/16) started feeling better than ever, better sleep, and stopped taking nausea medicine; pooping constipated but not like a rabbit anymore

(1/15) went to different doctor, said i had "gastritis"

TODAY (1/17) felt the best i've felt in a while, but suddenly around 12 am, stomach pain came back in lower left and right abdomen, had diarrhea twice and felt extremely nauseous until 3am

So, that's my story. But really, I'm in a pickle here. And if you took the time to read all of this, may God truly bless you because I am in so much pain, I can barley take it anymore 😦 I have been on omeprazole for 12 days now, so why am i still on and off nauseous? Is this normal for people diagnosed with gastritis? Or does anyone think I may have something else? Why did this happen just because of one night of drinking? I'm not a heavy drinker and even during college, i only go out on Friday and Saturday, whereas for big state schools i know people go out almost every night! I start my Spring semester in 5 days, which makes me nervous knowing that i am not 100% better. I understand it takes time, but damn.....it's been 17 days. Keep in mind that during these 17 days, I have not gone out and basically been a couch potato, which is very unlike me. I'm the type of person who goes out and sees friends everyday, barely watches movies (unless it's a rainy day), and knows what really good food is. I miss eating hamburgers and french fries. During these 2 weeks, I lost around 6 pounds which scares me. I am a 5'10 female (NOT MALE, yes females can be tall too) was 152 pounds. But now I am 146....I'm afraid of loosing more weight...

In all, please let me know. I need all the help.

Thank you everyone out there, I really appreciate it.

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    You have attempted to cure yourself and have failed. You need to spend a little time in a rehab facility where they can plan your meals and give you the proper treatment.

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      attempted? i have my parents at home helping me and my dad is a doctor! I start college in 5 days

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      Hey! i didn't mean to come off the wrong way! my father is a dentist not a primary doctor. The reason to why i posted this was to see if maybe someone else was suffering from the same symptoms and was diagnosed with something else! i understand this isn't a doctorate database. Also, it's not like i want to keep going to all these doctors, it just happened that my primary doctor had surgery so i went to whatever doctor was on available that day. It is good I received 3 different opinions, I'm not sure why you said that! I understand getting better involves patience but its been almost 3 weeks and for someone who exercises every day, it is painful. I have never been this sick in my life or for this long! I have been following all my doctors orders, as I do not want to be sick anymore. I hope in the future you can better understand people's problems instead of being hostile. Have a nice rest of the day



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      keep a bland diet for a while, chicken soup, rice, bananas, toast, steamed veggies, nothing acidic or spicy,alcohol coffee, ibuprofen, only eat foods easy on the stomach, some people do low foodmap diet, it sounds like gastritis, you can try some medicine as well to help the healing, zantac, pepcin, prilose, nexium, these are over the counter, but diet makes a big difference and not to stress to much, hope you feel better,

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      Hello again Blair,

      If you felt as those I was being hostile forgive me for I meant not. However, I can understand that at your age(20) that you haven't been sick before for any length of time. So until now you've been very healthy and don't have a ref for pain or how long is long . Back when I was your age, I too was very healthy, didn't take as much as an Aspirin. I was into sports and exercise but that's good.

      Unfortunately, a lot of people on this site are much older than you and have had pains,problems, and or symptoms at least 3-4wks to 25years (so I've read). So, for that reason is why I thought to mention that you have some patience but not that I'm suggesting you prepare yourself for that type of time span. But it would help you in reducing stress which will help your body to heal.

      However until you get a full on diagnosis, a lot of us has had or have gastritis. It would help to eat bland foods to allow for healing. And if it wasn't that then no harm as it was food not meds . Hope that makes sense.

      Blair, it's going to be alright just hang in there. Again forgive me and keep me posted on your progress.

      P.S. Because this was all about your situation I didn't mention that I have chronic invisible illnesses that give me the pleasure of living with PAIN, LOL. So I have a bit of experience with PAIN.

      Take care~

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    listen to me, i have life long problems, i know my s**t.

    you might not know what it is yet, but trying these things will help. you have an imbalance in your gut bacteria.

    for two years, to fix what was a living hell for me, i went on the low FODMAP diet. anything that makes you feel off or tired, sick or bloated, anything but great, stop eating it. figure out what balance you need to get back on track. once you do, i'm sure that you will just be able to reintroduce all foods again. you just got out of balance. but it's fixable, even though it will be hard and stressful.

    one of the top gi doctors in my country gave me it instead of medication. (do it for two weeks strait) take a light dose (under 1 billion culture) lactobacillis in yougurt every few days. during this time.

    you want to eat things that are anti fungal, real cinnamon ("sweet" tasting cinnamon is actually cassia with a fake label and will make you sicker) coconut oil will go a long way, and try "oil pulling" to reset you mouth flora (outside bacterium grow and are swallowed) and brush you teeth at least 3 times a day.

    mint is also great for upset stomach, bloating and gas. keep dairy low. no sugar. bacteria and yeast feed on it, and milk has more sugar than people think. avoid carbs, quinoa is the best for carb cravings and wont mess you up. fresh veggies with high fibre, and limit friuts. cucumber and tomato are risky. never watermelon, avoid mushrooms too.. make sure you foods dont have alcohol, vinegars or yeast or soy. they will ferment in your guts and just make it all worse. try to avoid fruit for a few days, and no juices.

    if you can find "slippery elm" it naurally absorbs water and coats you system, and is anti-viral/fungal

    once you fell better try one food to "test" after that. just one meal with test food, wait 24 hrs, if you feel sick. dont eat it again.

    do no take any meds. no asprin, no ibu profene. no coffee, or green tea or chocolate.

    basically, eat romaine and carrots, and curry chicken. that's my best meal advice

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      thank you so much i really appreciate it !

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    Just giving a quick update for anyone who read/ is still following this post!

    i had an endoscopy done and it turns out i had a severe **FUNGAL INFECTION in my esophagus, which is also known as Esophageal Candidiasis. it was so deep in my esophagus, it was causing gastritis.

    so, if anyone out there is feeling the same way i was feeling, u may have this! i am on fluconazole right now for 9 days and am feeling better

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