20 Years old, intense nerve pains in head/neck when anxious. help!

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I'm 20 years old and for the past year i've been suffering from really bad nerve pains( i think) in the back of my head/neck when anxious or angry.

Basically, it all started on Holiday, I'd been hungover and i was in the all you can eat buffet which was a room packed full of people, anyway as i picked my drink up and braught it towards my eye (i was anxious) somthing in the back of my head/neck just went!! (i dont know if it was a nerve contraction). Anyway the pain was so intense, i felt like the back of my head was going into a stroke.

When i got back off holiday, the doctors couldnt tell me what it was, months later they sent me for MRI Scans and my brain was fine.

Tonight for example, i've dropped a work collegue off at home, and when i started driving (i was slightly anxious as i didn't know the person properly), i started expierencing this intense stabbing pain at the back left of my head. (the pain also spreads to my eyes) It is also made worse when i move my head or eyes.

I've also noticed if i was to have an argument and get angry at something, this sharp pain comes again at the back of my head.

Its also made worse, the day after i've been drinking.

This pain stops me doing normal activites in life, as i cant be anxious because i go into angony at the back of my head. The doctors think its anxiety, but i KNOW its not. They keep giving me anti depressents for it, and i've had enough. its ruining my life. sad

Does anybody think its nerve damage? Please somebody help me, or put me in the right direction.

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    Sounds like you have occipital neuralgia headaches I have similar ones and they hurt like a bitch!!! I found the best thing for me is Tylenol Migraine tablets which is basically a combination tablet of paracetmol, aspirin and caffeine.
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    I agree that you are probably suffering from occipital neuralgia. I have TN (facial pain) and my nerve pain is always much worse when I am tense/anxious. There are very good therapies available for your disorder (if that is indeed what you are suffering from) Neuralgia pain is a result of nerve inflammation and or damage. You should probably see a neurologist.Good luck, hope you are feeling better soon!
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    Hi Jimbo

    Join my world. Id have to write an essay if i was to tell you start to finish what I've been through over the last 6mths but in short it all happend 2 weeks before I was going travelling, I was having rows with my BF over our plans, I was freaking out about the 24hr flight! I had an infected tooth that needed root canal which needed to be done in stages but as there was no time I stressed the dentist to do it in one hit! Big mistake for anyone considering to do it that way as runs higher risks to the nerves which I hadnt realised. In between all of this I managed to go party hard for 48hrs after my root canal, totally dumb, I felt this intense headache come on at the party, started getting really stressed over it by the next day I took myself to A&E, it was sharp throbbing pain left side of head & behind my eyes, Id never had migrane in my life so didnt know what to expect.

    Headaches went on for 10 days, 2 more visits to emergency, dosed up on codine & really stressed I went into a private hospital to have scans, blood tests & lumbar puncture(spinal tab) which was horrendous! Through stress of everything I ended up having a full blown panic attack, didn't know it was a panic attack.. i just believed 101% with all my heart i was dying, sounds dramatic but i freaked out with only a couple of days before my flight they gave me lots 'diazapam' which totally relaxed me.

    I woke up the next day almost back to normal! got on that plane, spent 5 weeks away with mostly no issues & had another panic attack flying home! clearly a real phobia but the stress of it triggered the headaches from that point things went from bad to worse.

    I have chronic tittinus (rining in my left ear). I have TMD (jaw muscle problems) Ive been on medication antidepressants for chronic pain & to keep me relaxed. I checked every posssible trigger, even went back to the best dental hospital to check my root canal wasnt infected.. every test, every scan etc came back perfect. 

    I was told that any kind of procedure effecting the nerve can trigger other nerve related issues but aniexty & stress is a big trigger to aggrevate the nerve, once its been effected its very hard to go back, it can take months, years or be permanent. 

    Unfortunaltry there is little that can be done except take trylic antidepressants to control the pain if its interefring with your life on a daily basis but my advice is to avoid as much medication as possible, its a slippery slope once you start, vitamins are very helpful, espcially Vitamin B & Magnesium. 

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    Hi! I had exactly the SAME symptoms you have even the extend of pain to my eyes you and I am also 20 years old I don't know what to do ?? but massage my neck reduce pain

    What I can do??😢

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    i think i know what's wrong with you, mri for the NECK quick, im 23 i get the same pain and its so severe, i got a herniated neck disc between c5 and c6 good luck keep us updated please..

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    Hi all has anyone gone better , its been two weeks now after getting a hair implant they have irritated a nerve near my neck , occtibal nuriliga i think its called very simmiler symptoms as you guys are having its pain near my tempel and ear , sensation behind my neck , haveing higth anxiety and panic attacks makes everything worse feeling dizzy and no energy , some days its like its not there and some days it gets worse , has anyone healed from this bad nerve damage ?

    Hope we all get better


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