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Neuropathic Pain

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  • moimystique 2

    Severe tingling, burning + pain in both legs

    ​​ H​i everyone, I've been having severe tingling and pain in both my legs (toes, feet, calves and knees) for about seven months now. On running a few tests, I found six months ago that I was deficient in vitamins B12 and D, which was set right. The neurologist said my symptoms were due to the deficiency,...

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  • jeffrey64566 2

    Looking for advice on PN symptoms

    Hi, I've been to several docs to try to find out why I've had progressively worsening PN symptoms. It started 5 years ago, when I had virus like symptoms where I felt incredibly cold for several days. After that, my feet remained cold and numb, initially just the bottom of the toes and now the entire...

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  • justme67 3

    Sore achy legs

    Hi I've suffered numbness and tingly pins/needles in my legs for past few years, had MRI 3 years ago, looked fine. But now if I'm going short walks i.e. Around the house etc I'm fine , but once I start walking i.e. To work or the shops etc I get a pain in my calf and leg/knee and it's so painful I...

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  • sarah22500 3

    Sharp intermittent stabbing pain top of foot keeping me awake

    I have small fibre peripheral neuopathy in lower legs There is no pain. I just feels like I have very tight knee-high socks on. I am not diabetic or overweight. i get really bad night cramps in my feet and side muscles of my shins which wake me up and have to stretch legs. The last few nights I've been...

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  • angie42624 1
  • goal80 2

    facial pain when I touch another spot

    Hi I have a pain in the face as follows: Once I touch my lipps (below my right nose hole), I feel very painful chock above my right ear. The pain becomes more painful in the winter I have this problem from 2 years. I did x-ray and MRI last year on my head and everything was OK. Finally the doctor asked...

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  • Lodge 2

    Idiopathic peripheral neuropathy

    Still searching for something to try and help with the neuropathy in my feet and legs.   Have been taking fish oil capsules for some time, but now thinking about trying Krill oil capsules instead.  Has anyone tried these and are they better than conventional fish oil?  I also take B12 supplement, but...

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  • rach789 1

    Sympathetic nerve pain

    Hi. I had a toupet fundoplication about a year ago and had a nerve trapped in my scar tissue. This has lead to me having chronic upper pain pain and neck pain on the left side and whenever i eat i instantly get pain between my shoulder and my neck. I have had various nerve blocks and now they believe...

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  • deborah91099 2

    I have had pain in my arm and hand for over 6 months.

    I am a diabetic so when it first started thought maybe it was related but now I paid to see a private physiotherapist as I have no benefits and she did an assessment while I wait for a long time to get into a hospital physiotherapist. I am in a lot of pain and live alone. I am a mother and a grandmother...

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  • geraldine16251 2

    Nerve pain

    Since middle 2016 I've had severe pain top left buttock which goes away when lying down and sitting which made me think it was nerve pain.  Went to neurosurgeon and after many x-rays  during which radiologist told me my left hip needed replacing and  that I had severe scoliosis, surgeon performed L4-5/L5-S1...

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  • Doll73 2

    Skin Sensory numbness

    4 weeks ago I first noticed my stomach skin feeling numb to the touch. Over a day, this sensation (all sensory skin) continued into my pelvic area, vaginal area, inner part, top and outer part of my thighs all the way to my ankles. My feet are not affected. Once into my thighs, the lack on sensation...

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  • Why me 2

    Right side sever head pain

    I've been having this terrible pain on the right side of my head and neck it's usually felt in the back of the head or the top part and it's not a headache or migraine. And I also feel weakness a little on my right side in my arms Has any one else felt this or have an ideal what this could be?

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  • jw454 3

    Peroneal nerve decompression at the fibula head (No foot drop)

    I just can't believe it! Iam 2 weeks post op from peroneal nerve decompression at the fibula head. And my nerve pain has come back! I go for my follow up at the end of this week. My nerve pain runs right beside my shin into my foot and down into my 3rd & 4th toe!  Currently on neurotin 1200mgs, elavil...

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  • june68495 2

    Neuropathy after tkr

    Has anyone had neuropathy of the feet after Tkr? I am looking for a natural way, not a pill to help me with this pain, that is depriving me of sleep! I am 4 months out, my doctor said it will take up to 2 years to go away! There are perceptions to help, but I just got off all my pain meds, and I don't...

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  • katrina14654 2

    Chronic nerve damage in lumbar. Would like to hear from others.

    Hi! I've been told I have chronic nerve damage in my L3/L4 L5/S1, mild on left and moderate on right. The pain most the time on my left is bad but tolerable and at times excruciating! I was told it will probably progress in time. Two neurosurgeons have said they can't fix what's basically already dying....

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  • Lifeisnotfair 1

    Can neuropathy result from a broken leg?

    A little over a year ago I suffered a bad leg/knee break, now I am fighting peripheral neuropathy.  Doctors don't think it's related.  Seems like an odd coincidence.  My pain is bilateral, but 70% of the pain is in the leg I broke.

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  • Lifeisnotfair 1

    B-12 injections?

    Has anyone struggling with pain from peripheral neuropathy experienced improvement with B-12 injections?

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  • kevin19333 1

    Urinary incontinence from Gabapentin

    I joined this forum on behalf of my wife as she is not able to understand after stroke. I would like to knowif any female patient has experienced incontinence from using this medication. She has been on 1500 mg a day for approx one month and suddenly is having OCCASIONALY incontinence. If so I would...

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  • jimb0o 1

    20 Years old, intense nerve pains in head/neck when anxious. help!

    I'm 20 years old and for the past year i've been suffering from really bad nerve pains( i think) in the back of my head/neck when anxious or angry. Basically, it all started on Holiday, I'd been hungover and i was in the all you can eat buffet which was a room packed full of people, anyway as i picked...

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  • eleni73409 2

    Small fiber neuropathy sudden progression

    Hi I'm 49 years old and had I think fibro my whole life but was able to live with it and not needing treatment. Then I had a.neuroma in my left foot and the posdiatrist botched my foot and and took out bone from a toe (said that was be cause) immediately after I had shooting electrical pains - it took...

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  • florence 2
  • joe7755 2


    Since December I began to have tingling in my feet,  now it's horrible, burning, painful tingling,  feeling that my feet at wrapped around. Something, I mean it's horrific,  can barely drive,  I can manage with my left foot,  but the right foot the sensations are making me very anxious.  Emg was good,...

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  • rukshana89667 1

    My 18 year old son.

    My son was diagnosed with nerve damage 4 months after an appendectomy operation. The intense, stabbing pain is on the tiny scar on one of the incisions they made for laparoscopy. He is been suffering for 2 years. He is on Pregabalin and a load of medication along with the many procedures he has had....

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  • sally62433 3

    Neuropathy symptoms flared in sun

    Hi last year in may 16 i started getting symptoms of neuropathy.. burning.. tingling. Buzzing sensations etc.from head to toe. Things kind of settled around dec 16. Then in feb i took flu and antibiotics and it flared slightly again. It took weeks to settle. Now 2 days ago i sat out in the sun and my...

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  • Woozydoll 2

    Idiopathic Neuropathy

    Hi everyone new to this forum. I am a 62 yr old male who is not diabetic. I have been battling neuropath y for the past 10 years in both feet but more intense in my left. I have been to 3 neurologist the Vanderbilt Neuropathy Clinic with no relief. Was told by all that there was nothing they could short...

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  • derek76 6

    Numbness in feet

    From time to time over 40 years (I'm 80) I occasionally had a slight numbness in my left foot and ankle for short periods of time when walking. Actually it often coincided with times when I had indigestion or acid reflux and I used to make a joking connection to them. Doctors when I mentioned it did...

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  • Snider9727 2
  • june68495 2

    Peripheral neurpheral

    I have been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy I have tried a tens machine and all the natural creams and vitamins, nothing has helped! Going to my doctors, has anyone had any prescriptions that have helped? Thank you

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  • Guest M

    The use of cannabis in Pain Management

    I have severe neuropathic pain due to Cervical vertebrae abnormalities. I self treat with cannabis which is extremely effective, it doesn't completely remove the pain, it just seems to take the agony out of it and makes it more bearable. I have discussed its use with my pain management consultant,...

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  • katie159 2

    Severe tingling, burning pain in both legs and feet.

    About 10 years ago I started treatment for lower back pain and Arthrodesis of a hip following injuries I recieved in an accident 50 years ago. Now so as to cut a long story short, after a year of being treated for the back pain with all the pain drugs normally used and drugs used in the treatment of...

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  • joe7755 2


    I have developed feet neuropathy since December.  Tested positive for herpes.  Neurologist and infectious disease Dr don't think is herpes related.  They have done spinal MRI blood test and so on.  My infectious disease Dr said, take acyclovir for a week, gave me prescription.  He does not think it will...

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  • jane75220 6

    Vitamin D injections

    Hi everyone I am just wondering if anyone has ever had Vitamin D3 injections and if so whatwere/are their experiences on this. ​I may be prescribed them due to a malabsorption condition. Thanks in advance. ​

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  • jane75220 6
  • Robo57 2

    Why is the pain so much worse at night?!!

    I have been a Type II Diabetic for over ten years.  Three years ago I started getting sharp pains in my toes...  And then the condition has steadily worsened.  Both nerves for both feet are affected so I have pain on the soles of my feet and, much worsely - burning, shooting pain on my toes and tops...

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  • john23620 2

    List of options to treat nerve pain (scalp dysesthesia)

    Ive been diagnosed with scalp dysesthesia. Its bascially nerve pain in an isolated area of my scalp that may also involed tissue/muscle. The pain is getting really bad and has been getting worse for months. Im looking for a list of all the potential protocols that could help me. Injections, medications,...

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