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Neuropathic Pain

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  • june68495 2

    Peripheral neurpheral

    I have been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy I have tried a tens machine and all the natural creams and vitamins, nothing has helped! Going to my doctors, has anyone had any prescriptions that have helped? Thank you

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  • moimystique 2

    Severe tingling, burning + pain in both legs

    ​​ H​i everyone, I've been having severe tingling and pain in both my legs (toes, feet, calves and knees) for about seven months now. On running a few tests, I found six months ago that I was deficient in vitamins B12 and D, which was set right. The neurologist said my symptoms were due to the deficiency,...

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  • june68495 2

    Neuropathy after tkr

    Has anyone had neuropathy of the feet after Tkr? I am looking for a natural way, not a pill to help me with this pain, that is depriving me of sleep! I am 4 months out, my doctor said it will take up to 2 years to go away! There are perceptions to help, but I just got off all my pain meds, and I don'

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  • jane75220 6

    Vitamin D injections

    Hi everyone I am just wondering if anyone has ever had Vitamin D3 injections and if so whatwere/are their experiences on this. ​I may be prescribed them due to a malabsorption condition. Thanks in advance. ​

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  • jane75220 6
  • Woozydoll 2

    Idiopathic Neuropathy

    Hi everyone new to this forum. I am a 62 yr old male who is not diabetic. I have been battling neuropath y for the past 10 years in both feet but more intense in my left. I have been to 3 neurologist the Vanderbilt Neuropathy Clinic with no relief. Was told by all that there was nothing they could

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  • jimb0o 1

    20 Years old, intense nerve pains in head/neck when anxious. help!

    I'm 20 years old and for the past year i've been suffering from really bad nerve pains( i think) in the back of my head/neck when anxious or angry. Basically, it all started on Holiday, I'd been hungover and i was in the all you can eat buffet which was a room packed full of people, anyway as i

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  • Robo57 2

    Why is the pain so much worse at night?!!

    I have been a Type II Diabetic for over ten years.  Three years ago I started getting sharp pains in my  And then the condition has steadily worsened.  Both nerves for both feet are affected so I have pain on the soles of my feet and, much worsely - burning, shooting pain on my toes and

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  • john23620 2

    List of options to treat nerve pain (scalp dysesthesia)

    Ive been diagnosed with scalp dysesthesia. Its bascially nerve pain in an isolated area of my scalp that may also involed tissue/muscle. The pain is getting really bad and has been getting worse for months. Im looking for a list of all the potential protocols that could help me. Injections, medications,...

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  • Route1R2R 1
  • MarieAzzi84 3

    burning feet and legs

    I've found so nice cosy comfort that eases the pain and burning and it's pure wool socks fantastic for bed can be no other than 100% pure wool and amazing for me and I suffered every night now it's very minimal quick a stocking filler coming up haha

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  • joe7755 2


    Since December I began to have tingling in my feet,  now it's horrible, burning, painful tingling,  feeling that my feet at wrapped around. Something, I mean it's horrific,  can barely drive,  I can manage with my left foot,  but the right foot the sensations are making me very anxious.  Emg was good,...

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  • sharon90860 1

    headaches, tingling, hot skin, stabbing pain - help

    hi everyone, never been on a forum before, but like most of the posts on here im at the end of my tether.  (quick background is that i was diagnosed with fibromyalgia after 20 plus years of weird pains, fever and flu like symptoms which could be gone in 24 hours, work didnt used to believe me and a

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  • stephen58018 1

    Just complaining about Peripheral Neuropathy

    I've had it since 2009.  I just went out to a bar with a friend to watch a fight and left early because the chair was hurting my legs.  I'm approximately ok so long as I stay in bed.  But that's a pretty limiting condition.    

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  • nikkirn 2

    Nerve pain for 8 months, now brain fog.. what should I do?

    I dont have any medical conditions other than ADHD (diagnosed 2011)  I'm 24, female, caucasian and only take the following meds daily:  Vyvanse 70mg  Amphetamine Salts 20mg  Fish Oil  B Complex  Claritin  Zinc  The sciatica has been steadily worsening over the last 8-9 months and it's to the point

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  • rubeena76414 2
  • john43160 1

    Neck pain getting worse. Dr's stumped

    Over a year now, been having pain on left side of upper neck. It shoots pain up to base of skull that causes bad headaches, dizziness. No doctor can explain why. Have had mri and CT scan. Nothing G has showed up. It's now going good down left shoulder, down arm, fingers. And lately in left leg.

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  • jane14277 3

    For really bad pain I've been prescribed Targin

    I nearly had a heart attack when I read the box and it said oxycodone. Does anyone know if this drug makes you feel 'high' I don't want that feeling. I'm a bit scared about taking it because of that. It's just a tempory measure until I get a cortisone injection  

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  • dawn68509 2

    Acute onset of tingling in both legs and hands lasting months

    Hi all its my first time posting on here on Dec 11th I woke up with tingling in both feet this spread quickly up both legs up to knees then into both hands to wrist I had not been ill prior to this this tingling is constant and I haven't had a minute without ,I've had numerous bloods on clear neck

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  • james12452 2

    New to Neuropathy

    I am not diabetic. I got neuropathy shortly after being in the hospital. I passed out for no aparent reason, was rushed to the hospital for a few days where they had me connected to IV. They said I had acute urine retention which I don't believe because I never had any problems in this area. When I

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  • Psd123 1

    Left arm feels numb for over a month now - Please Help

    To start off this has never happeneed before in my life. I am 24 and never have had problems like this before I was scrubbing my floor by hand and when I woke up my left arm felt numb. I thought it was from scrubbing the floor but I also might think it's from my office job and the uncomfortable

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  • sissycoti 1

    Face-left side-numb-no pain. Right hand-numb-very painful-burning

        2002 - after a fast weight gain I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism.  I have gained 52kg in 3 months (from 65 to 117kg). I was hospitalized for 2 months and took Euthyrox 50mg for 2 months, then out of the hospital they gave me Euthyrox 25mg for 1 year. The weight gain stopped but I was not

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  • Vic1979 2

    Nerve pain after microdiscectomy

    Hi guys, Exactly 1 week ago I had a microdiscectomy on l4/l5 to remove s herniated disc crushing my spinal cord. My sciatic nerve was crushed and I have been unable to walk and have been in constant agonizing pain for six months. I am still having burning pins and needles in my ankle and lower

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  • jw454 3

    Peroneal nerve decompression at the fibula head (No foot drop)

    I just can't believe it! Iam 2 weeks post op from peroneal nerve decompression at the fibula head. And my nerve pain has come back! I go for my follow up at the end of this week. My nerve pain runs right beside my shin into my foot and down into my 3rd & 4th toe!  Currently on neurotin 1200mgs,

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  • cabonick 2

    Buring feet/over sensitive to heat and feel like giving up

    Gradually building for the past 10 yrs is the feeling of hot feet when they are exposed to any heat even just wearing shoes an socks. When its really bad I get thst neefle feeling. If i dont wear shoes or socks im at my best. Can't wear shoes or sock for more than a few minutes. Best i can

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  • kindalikefloyd 1
  • kerri77889 3

    Peripheral Neuropathy

    I have a very bad limp, but I don't limp from pain. My left leg is numb, pins and needles, the sole of my foot burns something shocking. I have no stability, leg is very weak and fatigues very quickly. I have trouble walking and drag my foot. It's bad at night too when I get into bed and I have to

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  • kelly89056 1

    Qutenza 8%

    Hi has anyone tried the qutenza 8% patch? I am due to have it Monday and quite scared. I'd really appreciate anyone's experience and advice? Thanks everyone. Kelly

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  • Apav05 2

    Non-Stop Twitching in Legs for 3 months

    Hi everyone, Was wondering if anyone had any experience with muscle twitches. I was suffering from some back pain towards the end of last year and then really injured it right after thanksgiving. The pain subsided the day after the injury and the pain I was having prior to that hasn't come back. But,...

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  • mia31663 2

    Diet for small fiber and gastroparesis

    Hey! so im only 20 and my symptoms are steadily getting worse and im very sad about it. its getting harder to wear shoes because of the tightness around my feet. i feet very left out in college. on top of it, i'm having digestion issues. can anyone recommend a good diet for gastro and small fiber.

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  • Eggotchi 1

    Sudden onset numbness in both legs. Help!

    Heya, wondering whether anyone else has had the same symptoms at all? I went to bed with a headache 3 weeks ago and woke in the night with numb thighs. The numbness has been spreading daily ever since and i am not regaining sensation at all. The progression went: tops of thighs, inside knees,

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  • Gennymac 2
  • anand01822 1

    Nervs pain

    I am having back head and whole nervous system pain in my to this I also facing psychological problems.10 years back due to tallergy issue I went to doctor and doctor had injected an injection, I don't know the content of the injection, reaction  this i am facing this nerve

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  • cathy1962 1

    full body neuropathic Pain

    What to do?  Gabapention is not working and the pain is no longer just in my arms and legs. on my back and belly it almost feels like sunburn.  Any ideas? 

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  • Hatterlee 2

    Help regarding medication

    Hi everyone, I am looking for advice on medication for nerve injuries. I sustained a nerve injury two weeks ago after my dentist injected straight into a nerve. This has caused pain from the top of my head down to my jaw. All the right side is sore. My ear is inflamed and I feel stinging on the

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