Nerve pain for 8 months, now brain fog.. what should I do?

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I dont have any medical conditions other than ADHD (diagnosed 2011) 

I'm 24, female, caucasian and only take the following meds daily: 

Vyvanse 70mg 

Amphetamine Salts 20mg 

Fish Oil 

B Complex 



The sciatica has been steadily worsening over the last 8-9 months and it's to the point where I have been sitting on ice packs whenever I'm at home. 

The pain is ONLY when I sit down or lie down on my back. 

If the chair is really hard or really soft it seems to make it worse. 

The sciatica is bearable, but a new symptom- the "brain fog" is REALLY worrying me. It has been pretty persistent since about January, and this is the best way I can describe it. 

It feels like an allergy haze, I feel like I'm out of it most of the day and unable to focus on small print like on my computer or cell phone and conversations. 

I get really sensitive to bright light and even the sun throughout the day. 

I also have about thirty percent of the energy I used to have and my ADHD symptoms seem to be getting worse.

I've also had headaches off and on for about a week, and the symptoms seem to worsen right after I eat (sometimes) or are just bad for the entire day.

I have been seeing a chiropractor, but want to know if anyone else has experienced anything like this? Should I see a regular doctor? 

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    Sorry to hear about your symptoms.  I can only advise you to see your GP asap.  You might even have symptoms relating to separate issues?   Sounds like you need a referral to have a CT scan at least to start.  Good luck.
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      I agree you need a scan or mri then maybe physio for siatica don't know if chiro is the right one for that, for the brain fog CoQ10 perhaps and probably a neurologist too, don't let it go on, Good luck

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      My chiropractor thinks the sciatica is from a herniated disc (L4-L5) and advised me to undergo decompression therapy as well as adjustments 3x a week. He also thinks that the brain fog is from low quality sleep (due to leg pain).. I'm just wondering, like is it really that simple? I've been to three GPs so far and I think they usually believe (because of my age) that I'm seeking a script for pain pills... which I can assure y'all I am NOT. How do I get them to believe that I am actually in pain?!

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      I've just had an operation on my spine two weeks ago, due to a prolapsed disc L4 and L5!  My pain was like acute sciatica and my GP just kept giving me various painkillers which didn't work!  I eventually, after many, many requests to be referred by my GP, got a referral to an Orthopaedic Specialist at hospital.  That's when I was told that I had a prolapsed disc which was pressing on my nerve roots.  Hence the terrible pain which also meant that I had to resort to a wheelchair.  The Consultant asked me why I had left it so long before being referred as it possibly meant that I wouldn't have a 100% Recovery.  I obviously told him that my GP had been asked many, many times to refer me but had refused and had told me to also get out and do some  gardening to strengthen my muscles!  All true!  The Consultant just shook his head in amazement!

      i was put on his urgent list but it still took another 5 months before I was finally admitted 2 weeks ago for the operation on my spine. It was called a Disectomy I believe.  I have still got some pain in my leg but it has been explained to me that the nerves had been trapped for so long it will take time to relocate to their correct place.  I think that was the gist of it!

      So, you definitely need to get your GP to refer you to an Orthopaedic Specialist asap.

      I am now having physio and have exercises to do at home.  I was offered Hydro therapy but as I don't possess, at my age of 75, a swimming costume, I declined!  Lol.

      My back is sore but I know it will get better and at least now I don't use my wheelchair only a walking stick in case I stumble.  I go back in six weeks and by that time I shouldn't require my walking stick, hopefully!

      Now I'm actually looking forward to a holiday later in the year without pain.

      Good luck and INSIST on a referral.  

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      I'm so glad your back surgery went well! I'm only 24, I'm not sure if they would even consider surgery for me. Also, my GP only referred me to a chiropractor, and never offered any medication except for lyrica which made me violently ill. (I'm also not diabetic). I've been seeing the chiro for almost 3 weeks now and haven't noticed any difference. Starting to get pretty down.

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      My goodness me, you are the same age as my granddaughter!  Lol.  

      I know somebody who paid privately to see a chiropractor and it didn't help her symptoms.  I still believe you should be referred to an Orthopaedic Consultant who will have a CT scan to ascertain exactly what the problem is.  That's what he did for me.

      i have never been given lyrica.  I was given gabapentine which didn't touch the pain.  I was given Oramorph by the hospital which is a liquid morphine.  That was the best medication I was ever given.  Luckily I got it again on a repeat prescription from my GP and take it very occasionally when my leg pain gets me down.  Although the Consultant has told me it will take a while for the pain to subside.  I'm doing the exercises and also plenty of walking so I expect some discomfort.

      All I can advise you to do is go to see your GP again and take maybe a parent or somebody who could ask WHY the GP refuses to refer you for a scan or to see an Orthopaedic Specialist.

      i always have my husband with me at GP or hospital visits.  Sometimes it's very hard to remember all the information given out!  Two heads are better than one!  I also do the same for my husband's visits.

      Is there even a different GP you could see in the practice?

      Good luck and I will look forward to hearing you have had a result with your referral request.

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      I obviously don't have a medical degree but I don't agree with your chiro. You need a ct scan or mri to find out what is really happening with you lumbar region.I've had problems with my feet pretty well always. I've been seeing the same podiatrist for 15 years she did x rays basically treating me for a bunion. I told the GP i wanted to see a rheumatoidologist and she did an Mri and the podiatrist was amazed to see what was actually going on with my foot. They both agreed a majority of the damage was caused by statins, it wasn't just simply a bunion there is so much other damage . I was lucky I just happened to see a Gp who was previously a Physio and he is the only dr that has helped me. It was my physio that first alerted me to the side effects of statins. I also don't think brain fog is caused by poor sleep. At your age I would avoid surgery at all costs until every other avenue has been exhausted. On face book there is a group called Side effects of lipitor and other statin drugs. you should join that. There are people from UK US NZ Australia and other countries on it they might be helpful to you. I don't know where you live but at least in Australia we can demand to see specialists and if you pay you don't have to go on waiting lists. You are way to  young to be living like this.Regarding finding a GP that will listen to you and not think you're just after drugs, that will be harder. They don't seem to look at things holistically and believe what the big drug companies tell them which is statins are good and don't really cause all these problems sad but they are wrong. My advice join that fb group you'll get a lot of support there.There's over 4000 people on it, someone might be able to help.Keep me updated

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    I agree with big momma. There are so many conditions that it could be. Get to your Dr. and find out what is going on! Fight for your well being honey, so you can have the best health possible and enjoy your life! Sending my best wishes and a hug too. ??🌸🌺🌼🌻

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    One of the lower back issues I have, is sciatica. I undergo a minor procedure for it every eight months or so, and that timeframe probably is different (more or less) for each individual.  It's a radio-frequency epidural. Basically, they numb my lower back with a local anesthetic, and use an X-ray to guide a canula, (probe) to several points, ( I think around the sacral vertabrae), and radiate them for a few minutes. The procedure is not completely painless, but the result is well worth the minor discomfort. It takes about 45 minutes, and about week before it fully kicks in. It might be something you'd want to discuss with your doctor or pain management specialist.

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    Have they checked your B12 levels? Not a standard test for someone your age but can certainly cause these symptoms.

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