20cm cyst and helpless

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Hi. Hoping for some advice as not usually a forum user!

I've been having pain in my left side for a while but I kept going until July when I thought I'd better get it checked. GP referred me for a scan which I had on 06 September and identified a 20cm cyst on my left ovary who advised I get referred to gyno for resolution. I had to go back to GP to get referred.

The appointment for NHS seem to take forever to come through (the online system used never had anything available) and because of my concern I decided to see a private gyno who also practises NHS. He confirmed my worse fears that id need an operation and that I'd loose my left ovary. He advised me to go back to GP for blood test and go back to NHS referral.

So here I am 2 months down the line and still don't seem to have got any further. I am on the waiting list for an NHS app for a gyno who will basically tell me the same thing that I need an operation. The pain and discomfort has become increasing worse and I now have pain in my right side so am very concerned about my right ovary. I went to the GP today as it's becoming unbearable and all I was given was pain relief and told that they don't know why I am seeing another gynaecologist when I need an operation. There is nothing they can do and unless I am unable to pass urine and have a no well movement I just have to wait it out.

I am very concerned. I am 29 without kids. I can live with the discomfort I guess I appreciate you can't jump the queue and there's people out there with far more serious issues. But I am very scared to loose both ovaries and can't believe this is how they deal

With patients. I have never had any health issues before and hate feeling for helpless sad

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    That's NHS waiting lists for you but it depends where you live how long it is. All I can suggest is that if pain becomes unbearable or symptoms get worse, go to A&E pronto! Or you can phone the Gynae Dept at the hospital and see if they have any cancelled appointments you can take. We don't aways lose the ovary with cysts. A good surgeon can often separate and just remove the cyst. They will do their best in view of your age and no children yet. I know waiting is hard and you will be thinking all the worst scenario's but they probably won't happen. I'm sure others will come on and answer you so take heart and be brave. x Pollyanna rolleyes 

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      Sorry to hear of your struggles sad I'm 23 also from Sheffield although had my surgery in London. I went to a and e at 8am and was having lap surgery at 2pm!! For a 7cm cyst so I can only imagine the pain you must feel! Mine was classed as an emergency due to my age and ovarian torsion but my advice would be a and e. I know it's a pain, but it's the only way they consider you to be serious unfortunately.

      Wishing you well

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      I'm in Derby and seems much the same here. I think the strikes earlier this year have put things back list wise as some op's were postponed. I just read Ruby's post and I seem to remember reading that now days we can book at any NHS hospital in the country if they do the surgery you need. You could ask your GP surgery or call the PALS in your hospital to try and get more info. confused


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    I am a 25 year old, with no kids or a history of health issues. I started having pains on my right ovary over a year ago, but the pain went away and all of my well-women's exams and blood panels indicated that my health was in perfect condition even up until they found my cyst. I went in to see my primary care physician to refill my allergy prescription and she noticed that my stomach felt very hard (August 18th). She referred me to have multiple ultrasounds (August 22nd). They found a 22 cm cyst on my right ovary and refferred me to the gynocology department at a nearby hospital. Naturally, I was panicked. I expected to hear from them in a couple days, but I never heard from them. After a week passed by, I started to call the hospital nearly every day to check on my referral. Not until the secretary could hear me crying on the phone, did they find an appointment to squeeze me in. I finally met with the doctor on September 9th and had surgery on September 21st.

    I did lose my right ovary and tube, but I still have my left. They also found emdometriosis on my left ovary during surgery, so that may make it difficult for me to get pregnant, but that was completely unrelated to my large cyst. I'm just extra lucky. 

    Before my surgery my doctor assured me that if my left ovary was healthy, there isn't any reason that I wouldn't be able to get pregnant. I assume the same goes for you. With the tests they ran, it sounds like there isn't any idication that they will need to remove your right ovary. 

    I learned that you have to be your own advocate when it comes to your health. The secretaries told me they had a huge stack of referrals and that it would take them time to get through it. They got frustrated with my constant phonecalls, but I wouldn't have gotten my appointment without being a pest. 

    I hope everything works out for you. Let me know if you have any other questions. I live in the U.S., so things may be a bit different on my end. 

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      Hi Kirsten, it was found during my surgery that I had endometriosis. It was burnt off both of my ovaries and my ueterosacreal ligament. I was just wondering as we are similar age, no kids, what advice have they given re endo? The aftercare is crap sad I'm 5 weeks post op and only realised they wanted me to take the pill continuously after reading my discharge letter !!

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      Hi Ruby,

      Haha autocorrect! I have my final post-op appointment tomorrow, so I will get all that info tomorrow hopefully. My doctor said that I had a small cyst from endo, but that was it. She removed it and mentioned that she would like to put me on a continuous B.C. to give my ovary a "break". Other than that she asked me when I am planning to have kids and mentioned that when I do she wants me to go to an infertility doctor, so I don't waste 6 months trying. That's all the info I have gotten so far. She said she was going to talk with an infertility specialist and give me some "free info" tomorrow during my appointment. 

      I'm not sure what my course will look like after tomorrow. I have never had any symptoms of endo. My periods are very normal, minimal cramping, and no pelvic pain, so that may make a difference to what she suggests for future follow-up.

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    Hello River-

    Did the scan say what type of cyst it may be ?

    I had a complex cyst , that actually resolved it self unexpected - I am left with more going on but I understand where you are coming from ......not a nice feeling sad

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    I am so sorry to hear about the trouble you ladies have all had. I myself have had ovarian cysts before that did resolve, but this was mainly due to the use of Chinese medicine (only reputable doctors practicing within good clincs are ones I would recommend) my doctor consults at a university clinic, so you can be sure of good service. I would recommend this for anyone who does not wish to lose an ovary.

    Regarding the lady who lost her ovary, who had endometriosis, I had this at 21 years old and gave birth to a beautiful strong baby a year ago and I'm now 41. We were only trying for 3 weeks, so don't worry.

    I have to say though I do thank Chinese herbs for this, as endometriosis is a symptom of blood stagnation, so it gets stuck and reattaches where it shouldn't, hence the endometriosis. This is easily resolved naturally.

    There is hope ladies, it's just a shame we have all become so dependant on a system which leaves us hanging or treats the end result of imbalance rather than the root cause giving out bodies a chance to heal.

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