20y/o Low Testosterone, High Prolactin

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Hello guys,

I have had numerous blood tests and still have the same symptoms and at some times I am really struggling to maintain a normal life so in some cases I feel like it is getting worse. I was recently referred to an endo, below shows the blood results that allowed me to be referred.

Age: 20 (2nd April)

Height: 6ft 1

Weight: 160lb (Seems to be fluctuating a lot, goes up a lot then returns to normal)

Body and facial hair - I get facial hair but not a lot. This is only recent in my life, I’d say about a year but very little amounts.Have a small amount of chest hair.

Fat - I carry most of my fat around my waist, its always been around this area.

Medical history / Symptoms - In my family we have a history of thyroid problems. My dad has Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto disease. His parents also have hypothyroidism. I have been a tired reasonably low libido person for easily 2 years but never really thought much of it as I thought it was just me growing up. I have had blood tests over the years and they always came back as ‘fine’

Recently over the past 3-4 months, my symptoms have got progressively worse to the stage where at times I have thought I have been going insane, but then at other times, I don’t feel as bad just lethargic. Symptoms include:

- Concentration lacking massively / brain fog. (almost feel like I am not here a lot of the  time, kind of like I’m in a dream/imagination)

- Low libido - No interest at all - Get erections but seems to be getting less.

- Legs ache a lot and fingers seems to ache?

- Very tired most of the time, falling asleep in places I shouldn’t be

-  Anxiety and depression has increased a lot

-  Feel like I am just passing time at the moment with not much point and direction in -  life

- Weight goes up a lot then back down

- Headaches

- Vision feels like it has got worse over the last 6 months

- Mood swings

- Forgetful

- Disengage from social activity

- Brauxism - night teeth clenching and grinding

 - Seem to get very hot at times but only for a short period of time maybe 10 minutes

The list goes on…

Drugs - Have smoked weed in the past but not frequently, no more than 2 times in one month. Also finished some medication of terbinafine for 6 weeks about 1.5 - 2 months ago. The last time I drank alcohol was about 4 months ago due to not wanting to go out anymore

Diet + Fitness - I was going the gym regularly from the new year for about 2 months (with a good diet counting macros etc around 3000cals) I have been to the gym on and off for 2 years made very small improvements, even though I eat well and train well. My diet when going to the gym is always high cals. The reason I cannot maintain going to the gym consistently without having to stop is because after a couple of months I am completely drained and I just have all of these symptoms. My training is a Push,Pull,Legs 2x a week and I used to run a bro split beforehand (5-6 days for both)

Supplements - Been taking vitamin D as my levels were low now well within the range. Dont take any others. Dont use iodized salt.

Damage - Never had any head damage

Dehydration - I have had issues in the past with dehydration from a young age which I have been to the hospital with (was a lot younger) I seem to get dehydrated easily - feel like I have to worry about drinking enough fluids more than others. - have to drink more recently


I tried to get as many values as possible but these were the only ones that i was able to get.

!! Serum prolactin: 571mU/L (86-324)

Serum testosterone :12.2 (9-29) - On my other post I had the test done at 12:30, this was done at 8:15, which is why it is slightly higher

Serum FSH: 1.6iu/L (1.0-12) - Low?

Serum LH: 4.6iu/L (1 - 10 )

Serum alkaline phostphate: 77IU/L (30-300)

!! Serum albumin: 50g/L (35-48)

Serum calcium: 2.36nmol/L (2.2 - 2.6)

Serum C reactive protein level <1mg/L (0-9)

Serum folate: 7.7 (2.1 - 26.8)

!! Serum B12: 738NG/l (190 - 660)

Erythrocyte sedimentation rate: 2mm (0-7)

Vitamin D: 108.9 (>50) - Was 35 1 month ago, before supp

Haemoglobin: 145g/L (130-170)

White cell count: 4 109/L (4-11)

Platlet count: 275 109/L (150-400)

RBC count: 4.87 1012/L (4.5-6.5)

Haematocrit: 0.448 (0.400-0.540)

MCV: 92.1 fL (78-99)

MCH: 29.9 (27-32)

MCHC: 324 g/L (310-360)

!! Neutrophil count: 1.8 109/L (2-7.5)

Lymphocyte count: 1.6 109/L (1.5-3.5)

Monocyte count: 0.4 109/L (0.2-1.4)

Eosinphil count: 0.1 109/L (0-0.4)

Basophil count: 0.1 109/L (0-0.1)

Nucleated RBC 0

Before i saw the endo, he wanted some more new results:

Total test :12.2nmol/L (9-29)

SHBG: 26nmol/L (17-56)

Free androgen Index: 62.7

FSH: 1.7 iu/L (1-12)

LH: 7 iu/L (1-10)

Prolactin: 442 mU/L (86-324)

He said that my testosterone was not low as the FAI, was a healthy amount meaning that i had a good amount of free test.

Also prolactin was lower.

FSH/LH/SHBG was said to be good levels

He stated that my urea level was 6.8 (2.5-6.7), meaning that i was dehydrated and he thinks this could play a part??

Do people agree that these levels are ok, and put my symptoms down to other illnesses like depression, or do you think that i should continue with the endo route?

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    Get tested for TPO ab and Tg antibodies....you can hv these before all the other thyroid tests get wacky. DEMAND these tests esp w ur family hx. Also, your serum FOLATE is.WAY TOO LOW. Read up on it ...causes many health issues. You need an MMA test to see if your B12 is normal or deficient. A person can hv B12 over 900 and still be deficient. Do not use folic acid use methylfolate...talk to your "doc" he doesn't seem to be up on things. If you hv thyroid family hx you want serum folate at or above the highest value. You want to lower prolactin to increase testosterone there's.drug that can be RXd ask your doctor. Pituitary problems can raise prolactin too.

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    Ps You have a low neutrophil count and should be checked for why you have this. Your WBC and lymphocytes are low too. Maybe you should see a hematologist....why isnt your doctor investigating more? Your infection fighting ability is lowered when neutrophils and lymphocytes are low. You should be supplementing with a lot more vitamins and other nutrients than just Vit D. Excess Vit D can also be problematic. Zinc can increase immune function and raise testosterone. Vit C powder few grams a day. If you take Vit D you have to take Vit K2 with it so calcium doesnt get absorbed where you wouldnt want it and cause calcifications.
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      Sorry for the late reply, I could not remember my login details. I requested for what I could get, including some of the ones you suggested.

      I have some more results since my last post. (Taken 9am fasting)

      !!! Thyroid Peroxidase IgG AB: 75 IU/ml (0 - 24.90)

      Cortisol: 313 nmol/L (133 - 537)

      T4: 18 pmol/L (10 - 22)

      TSH: 1.7 mu/L (0.3 - 5.5)

      !!! Iron: 26 umol/L (11-25)

      TIBC: 59 umol/L (45 - 72)

      Transferrin saturation index: 44% (15 - 45)

      Oestradiol: 44 pmol/L (41 - 159)

      SHBG: 25 nmol/L (17 - 56)

      FAI (Free Androgen Index): 70.78

      Testosterone: 17.7 nmol/L (9 - 29)

      Although my TFT was “normal”, I asked to be checked for thyroid antibodies as my dad has Hashimoto’s. Turns out they are elevated…

      My testosterone had increased from my last blood tests, Why is it fluctuating? - Could be to do with a varicocele that has been found in left testicle?

      Iron slightly higher

      Anyone able to analyse these results? Does this point towards Hashimotos, or is it not elevated enough, as i know that the range for this test can vary a lot?

      Symptoms still the same, with increasing weakness in legs and general fatigue (gets worse through the day), increased thirst etc

      Any recommendations on next steps?


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