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  • chiffon40 3

    Hypothyroidism sufferer

    As some of you may know from reading some of my past postings I have been suffering from hypothyroidism for the last 2 1/2 years now let me tell you it's been a nightmare I have been in and out of the hospital for the past two years suffering from heart palpitations chest pain high blood pressure numbness...

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  • sai1995 1

    Suffering from Hypothyroidsm

    Hi, My name is Ratnakar, my age is 22. I am suffering from Hypothyroid from past 6 months. My TSH value is 12.24 and dotor suggested me to take medicine of 25 mcg. In between I am suffering from depression, stress, foggy brain, weight gain, face bulging and joint pains. I don't know why this affected...

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  • krisjb 3


    Hi all Just needed some advice if possible Started in march with a forearm twitch that went after 3 or 4days. Had other twitches but seemed to stop. Went through the whole als anxiety and then read an article about symptoms and it seemed to calm me down. Went to the doctor who said I had slightly...

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  • jackie89423 1

    hypo to hyper

    Hello everyone im new to this sight and just looking for a little advice, i was diagnosed as hypoth around 8 years ago i have been on synthroid and levo all this time, i believe my doç has had me over medicated for the last year went hyper, now the levo has thrown me into a bad situation doc lowered...

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  • Sunnyday0 2

    UPDATE: I need a referral!!

    UPDATE: My gp finally got back to me regarding a referral to an endocrinologist. She said she wants me to make an appt to go see her so we can "talk about my exhaustion and anxiety." WHAT?! I live about 45 minutes away from her ... I refuse to take anti depressants because I want to get to the root...

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  • jean65600 2

    Over active thyroid

    Hello ppl had radiation treatment few months back and for over active thyroid now , when into hypo thyroid am walking death on my feet , mental brain fog can not get words out very low mood very bad monthly periods any one else going through this I feel as I am going mental I mean no harm to mental illness...

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  • rose12774 2

    Anyone Just Feel Disgusting/Hungover?

    I have Hashi's and am hypo, with a high TSH but normal everything else.   I've read the symptom list for hypothyroidism and I must say I don't have half of the symptoms that are on it.  I do, however, feel what I would call "disgusting" periodically throughout the day.   I will wake up feeling a bit...

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  • shirley80587 2
  • Aim2009 2

    What does "better" feel like?

    For those of you on levothyroxine or any thyroid medication really, what are the improvements that you noticed that told you the meds were working? I've been tired and achy and cold for so long I can't imagine being in a different body. What improvements did you notice? Conversely, if meds weren't working,...

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  • Tashima1981 1

    Life after having Thyroid completely removed

    I had my thyroid completely removed 2 years ago and still feel the same as when I had it, except my hair is falling out even more, my monthlies are getting heavier and more painful... My doc just had my levels checked​ and they all came back fine...Anyone have any advice??

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  • alli2ells 2

    Dose of thyroxine lowered

    I have been on thyroxine for 20 yrs and my recent blood test showed I was on too much , I was on 150 so I have been lowered to 125 . I'm feeling exhausted and not sleeping very well , would it affect me that much ? 

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  • olive8 2


    I have been suffering from really heavy legs and aching joints. I was taking a supplement that upset my thyroid. Doctor said any active ingredient will upset thyroid. I am not sure what that means..I am taking normal medication and doctor said my thyroid levels were 'spot on' I can't believe that..I...

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  • khaci10780 1

    Lose weight with hypothyroidism, possible?

    Hi, First, sorry for my english, I am French I am on a diet since 1st august 2016. I lost 33 pounds (2 pound a week). In november my weight loss just stopped. I tried WW and other stuff, I didn't lost anything. People told me my body was on a break because I have lost a lot of pound, my body needed...

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  • dave64969 4

    Turmeric for Hashimoto's?

    Has anyone tried turmeric for Hashimoto's Thyroiditis? I've read that it reduces inflammation, heals the gut and has other benefits. Any success? Bad side effects? Thanks!

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  • mandy55435 1

    Mood swings

    Hi I've recently been diagnosed with under active thyroid, I'm finding the mood swings very hard to deal with has anybody else had trouble coping ? And how can you deal with them x

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  • lucy91054 3

    Bloating - Levothyroxine

    Hi I currently take 75mg daily but experience terrible upper abdomen bloating. Does anyone else have this problem. I take first thing on a morning and drink coffee with milk within 30 mins. I have been reading this may not be the correct thing to do?  Is there any altenative to Levothyroxine? Thank you

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  • Aim2009 2

    New and confused

    A week ago my doctor told my my thyroid was low. I've known this for almost 20 years, I have virtually every symptom of hypothyroidism, but the labs never showed it until now. I feel relieved and vindicated and completely paralyzed. I have a prescription for Levothyroxine but I haven't started it yet....

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  • Sunnyday0 2

    Frustrated with dr. Not sure how to proceed.

    I'm very frustrated. I heard back from my dr today and she said I very well could have hypothyroidism but she is not going to check my antibodies. (I had a post earlier saying that my TSH Levels went from 1.9 to 3.255 in less than two years). She said she would just check my thyroid every 6-12 months...

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  • April1304 2

    Hello I was diagnosed with Fibromylgia 10 years ago

    Since been diagnosed with Fibro I seem to have developed other illnesses not Supposed to be related,e.g. Under active Thyroid,Depression with Anxiety,High Cholesterol and also I've developed stomach ulcers due to taking anti inflammatory meds. I'm wondering if anyone else is complaining of similar problems,I'm...

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  • mybodyissilly 1

    Very low Ferritin levels, Hypothyroid symptoms, Normal TSH/T4

    Hi Everyone! I went to the doctors recently after experiencing increasing fatigue, to the point where I was in bed by 8:30 each night and often needed an afternoon nap. Thinking about it, I had been feeling generally tired for a long time, if not years before this decline. I am a 22 y/o female, 5"2,...

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  • Sunnyday0 2

    TSH levels. New here. Help!

    Hi! New here. I accidentally posted in the hyperthyroid thread as well. My TSH levels have risen in less than two years. Is this normal? I do have symptoms that are driving me crazy and making life hard. Interfering with even my daily life. I've got major anxiety and confusion and just feel weird almost...

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  • charlie.11 2

    Hypothyroid dark circles and eyebags

    I have hypothyroidism for a over a year now. I was on Levothyroxine but it was making me feel more exhausted and unwell so after discussing with my doctor i stopped taking them. I now take a lot of vitmamins, i dont eat any gluten products or meat and i eat very organic now and my energy levels are much...

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  • sayhitocaz 4

    Conception and pregnancy

    Hi Me and my husband are contemplating trying for a baby later this year or next year. I just wondered, are you meant to increase thyroid meds BEFORE you start trying or once you have found out you are pregnant? And by how much? My Gp knows nothing about thyroid and ndt so I'm doing my own research...

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  • patty818 5

    TSH keeps going up

    I'v been hypo since 1999 and never had problems like this.  Ive been under a huge amount of stress and not sure if this would cause this to happen.  Had TSH done at ER about 2 months ago and it 15.0, so the endo upped my levoxyl only .25mcg to be split and taken in two different days, I've been having...

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  • jacobsamuelaj 1

    Thyroid Hairloss

    hello,iam 23 year old male i was losing hair for the past  4 years and  diagnosed with hypothyroid am taking 100mg thyronorm as prescribed,at that time my TSH was 13, after a month i started noticing my hairfall stops and no joint pains which i used to have previously and when checking my TSH again it...

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  • lucy47350 2

    Any ideas on speeding up metabolism

    Please help I'm so down with my weight I have literally tried everything. Was diagnosed with coeliac disease and under active thyroid last year and cannot lose weight. I'm constantly tired and yawn all day long I'm quite depressed too. I do at least 3 gym classes a week and do daily excercise too. Levothyroxine...

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  • Canader 2

    Thyroid Removed, TSH 0.4 and keep losing weight

    So, I used to be taking 175mcg until the hormones in the blood went skyroof and TSH 0.4 For one month I am taking 150mcg and the TSH still is 0.4. I keep losing weight like crazy. My doctor told me that my body is full of T4 and now I take 125mcg. On the other hand he told me that 0.4 is ideal but...

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  • scriv 2

    Adjusting to new dose of levothyroxine

    I have also just had my thyroxine dose increased from 100 to 125 mcg following a TSH test result of 31. I have been on thyroxine for 16 years and on 100mcg for several years and always felt balanced until recently. I always knew that it took a while before the new dose had a good effect, but I am quite...

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  • olive8 2

    Thyroxine level too high

    Had really sore muscles or joints felt really tired all day my voice is all croaky now have heart palpitations am getting blood test sometime today but didn't take thyroxine today and palpitations not nearly so bad. Can I stop thyroxine for one day pending the result of blood test

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  • lisa77055 2

    Recently diagnosed, feeling terrible!

    I've been having blood test for about 10 years to monitor thyroid but always came back normal, this last test I had a couple of months ago came back as underactive. I was reluctant to go straight into medication and instead decided to have another test in 3 months. Since that test I have been put up...

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  • brun35406 2

    Levi lowered. Now shallow breathing and depressed.

    I have been on 300mcg Levothyroxine for years with terrible fatigue continuing. My new ND swears it's because of too much Levo. (TSH undetectable, T3,T4 slightly over normal). He put me on 65 mg Nature throid, reduced the Levo to 150 mcg and things were ok. JUST ok. Not as good as 300 Levo. But he...

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  • Cleveland 2

    Something other than Synthroid?

    My TSH was 5.62.  I was put on 25 mg Synthroid. At 6 weeks my TSH was down to 3.99 (Normal range is .36-3.74)  I felt no improvement.  The doctor never asked how I felt but upped my dosage to 50 mg which I started May 16.  I still don't feel any better.  I switched to an Endocronologist who said if I...

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  • Seton 2

    New to levothyroxin and could do with some advice?

    I've been recently diagnosed with underactive thyroid.  I'm not sure of my levels and will certainly ask for my results.....However I've been put on 100mgs and due my follow up bloods in August.  I was due a shoulder operation but this has been postponed whilst my bloods level out..... My only symptom...

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  • saffron19x 2

    I don't feel myself but my thyroid is fine!

    I was diagnosed with a underactive thyriod last year, I take levothyroxine 25 one day and 50 the next. I've been feeling so so tired recently but I cant sleep on a night, I have muscle aches in my body and recently some aches in my hand sometimes and I just generally don't feel myself , I had my bloods...

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  • stacy67568 2
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