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  • schmoopee98 2

    Can hypothyroidism cause dizziness?

    For the past 6 weeks I've had headaches (which have stopped this week), eye trouble, exhaustion, and brain fog.  I had a normal MRI in the ER.  My newest symptom is disequilibrium, like my eyes don't know where to look and riding in vehicles makes it worse.  My PT has mentioned Vestibular Neuritis,

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  • jane75220 6

    T3 for hypothyroidism

    Hi I am doing some research into thyroid disorders and someone askedme if there was any recent research findings within the lst two ears abtT3 whuch is prescribed for hypothyroidim. ​This follows the TV programme the ONE SHOW where Lyn Mynott CEO of Thyroid UK appeared  discussing the  shortage of

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  • jane75220 6


    was I am re sending due to previous posting being sent before editing. Thanks. THE ONE SHOW AND THYROID DISEASE. Hi I am doing some research into thyroid disorders . I have been diagnosed with a sub clinical hyperthyroidism , thyroid nodules, non cancerous, and advised to have Radioactive

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  • james99499 1

    Thermometer Question

    Hi, Just a quick one regarding temperature taking.  Worrying about my thyroid, I've been keeping an eye on mine using a couple of digital thermometers for some time, with both makes offering similar results.  My temperatures first thing in the morning are very low, typically 35.3C (95.54F),...

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  • hkl 1

    Levothyroxine & irregular periods/fertility

    Hi there, I'm new to this and completely at my wits' end. All advice gratefully received. Here's my I'm a 29 year old female, relatively healthy, no other medical conditions. 5 months ago I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid; TSH at 18. I was put on levothyroxine 50mg to start

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  • rachel76418 1

    Thyroid Ectomy

    I have had my thyroid removed 6 years ago, can I still go overactive, I've noticed I've lost a stone in weight and cold all the time I'm on 100mg Levi I'm also trying for another baby and nothing is happening. Had a bloood test and waiting for the results

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  • Cleveland 2

    What dosage do most people start at?

    I was recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism. (TSH level 5.62) I've been taking 25 mcg of synthroid for 3 weeks and have not noticed ANY changes. I'm 49 and otherwise very healthy. Based upon my weight, the research I did showed I should have started at 87.5-100 mcg.  Then again, the internet has

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  • stacy67568 1

    Under active thyroid and weight loss

    Hi all,i was diagnosed about 8 weeks ago and take 50mg levothyroxine.I do feel much better in only issue are the constant constipation (sorry 😕) and the the weight i gained when i was religiously to a slimming world diet and not even a shed a pound. As anyone else had

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  • michelled85 1

    Tsh levels help

    I have had a blood test and my results show a normal free t4 and tsh of 4.51. It says the normal range of the tsh should be 0.35-5. Last year when I was tested it was 2.72 and 3 years before it was 2.0. My mum has had an overactive thyroid and has now had radioiodine treatment and my older

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  • nancy21986 1

    I have been on NatureThroid for over a year ...

    1.5 grains.  I am much better than before hypothyroid diagnosis but not great. Still tired many afternoons. Can't get anything done  concentration comes and goes.  Visited Dr this week for recent lab results and even though TSH is .43 she wants to increase NatureThroid to 2.0 Grains because of Free

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  • dave64969 4

    Experience With Hydrocortisone

    I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. For close to 30 years I was fine on Synthroid but then began to suffer from all-day tiredness. My levels are normal. I have read that adrenal insufficiency can cause this, and is often associated with Hashimoto's. Has anyone been disgnosed with this combination of conditions?...

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  • patti74037 2

    Goiter making me nuts

    yrs ago I had a MRI on my neck and a small nodule was found on my was told to get a sonogram many times, but seems something is always wrong with this 57 year old body and it wasn't bothering me. I I ignored the pcp. Then the throat started getting some restriction

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  • Hannah1994 1

    Hypothyroidism and premature grey hair - any advice?

    I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism when I was about 14 years old and was put on levothyroxine. Since then all my other symptoms have significantly improved, however I have noticed in the last couples of years that I am already starting to get grey hairs, with quite a few more coming through

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  • Rockydog 1

    Waiting to see endocrinologist

    Been feeling ill for at least 6 months, blood tests show both TSH and free T4 are low. Referred to endicrinologist, gp querying pituritary involvement, appt isn't until 15th May - how do I keep going until then? Feel dreadful

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  • jessie72086 2
  • libralady13 5

    Finger nail splitting and hypothyroidism

    Hello,  I have been hypothyroid for over 20 years.  Years ago I started to notice a problem with my left thumb which would keep splitting vertically. Over the years it has spread to about 5 of my fingers at different times.  I have to keep nails shorter than I would like like but they still split.  

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  • julie31284 1

    Thyroid & Vitamin D Deficiency

    I have had an Underactive thyroid for 7 years and always taken 100 mg of thyroxine. I have gone through phases of feeling good and feeling really bad although blood tests have always come back with being within the correct level. I have recently had to go to GP with fatigue and joint pain. The GP

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  • Guest M

    Hair loss

    I have recently been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and have suffered with noticeable hair loss and hair thinning, my doctor said all the hair I have lost should grow back. I have only been on the medication for a week but am still noticing hair loss and am very distressed. How long will it be

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  • barbara98940 6

    Hypothyroid mother & child with autistism/aspergers

    Researchers have recently identified a link between low thyroid hormone levels in pregnancy and the child's inability to do mental maths & reduced height. (See daily mail article by searching 'daily mail pregnancy mental maths'). I think it goes further than this, I think there's a link with low

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  • janice47029 2

    headaches Levothyroxine

    Hi all I'm new with Levothyroxine and am on the lowest dose possible for a week. About 3 days into the medicaiton I started to get a headache at night and now it's progressed to all day and it's pretty severe for someone like me who never gets them. I do also have some stomach trouble and a sore

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  • Guest M

    Muscle/Tendon Pain with Hypothyroidisn

    I have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism for 4 years now and am still struggling with my endocrinologist to get my dose right. The last few months I have been suffering with severe pain in my shoulder - which a physio says could be related to my thyroid problem. I thought others might like to be

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  • valrae16152 2

    Hypothyroid and diabetes

    Need help. I have hypothyrodism and diabetes type 2. I have had diabetes longer than hypo. I am on Glipizide 10mg twice daily. Then diagnosed with hypo almost 2 yrs ago and taking 50 mcg. Tsh has gone down to 2.67. My Blood Sugar though has gone sky high. I'm famished all the time, have put on weight,...

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  • dave64969 4

    Adrenal Insufficiency?

    Like many on this forum I am on meds for hypothyroidism, show normal TSH and other measures but still tired, foggy head etc. I read somewhere that adrenal insufficiency can cause this, but didn't take it seriously, as there is a lot of conflicting advice out there! Then yesterday I got a huge

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  • kim08822 3

    Loss of appetite

    Ive had lots of aches and pains. My occupational therapist sent me for blood tests and i was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Im taking levothyroxine and i have loss of appetite and no interest of even making myself something to eat. Ive been shopping and got myself my favourite foods but either end

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  • selina59300 2

    Help! How long does it take for symptoms of over medication last?

    I posted on here the other day, trying to find some answers! I recently found out I was over medicated! I went on a higher dose and my tsh went from 52 to .14 in 3 weeks! I was on that dose which was 137 for 3 weeks! I've been completely off of levothyroxine for 1 week! Some symptoms are better,

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  • sayhitocaz 4

    Gluten problems

    I've recently been increasing my gluten intake in preparation for celiac testing. Since doing this I am beyond exhausted, depressed and feeling really faint. I feel I've had a real set back. It's been two weeks now since the tests and ive been avoiding gluten again during this time. I still

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  • ChrisA15 3
  • designergirl12 3
  • selina59300 2

    Over medicated on Levothyroxine

    Hi, hoping someone can help me! I've been going to the dr.s and I have a app with an endocrinologist next week! My labs came back that my tsh was high so they upped my levothyrocine from 125 to 137! Honestly I think the 125 might be too high to, but I was slacking on taking the medication that's

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  • david33963 1

    fluoxetine help

    hi i was perscribed fluoxetine about 4 years ago for deppresion and gad i didnt really notice the side effects as such then because i was very low i do remember going backto the docs after two weeks felling worse and was reassured it would work and it did i wish id keept a diary because i cant

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  • mybodyissilly 1

    Very low Ferritin levels, Hypothyroid symptoms, Normal TSH/T4

    Hi Everyone! I went to the doctors recently after experiencing increasing fatigue, to the point where I was in bed by 8:30 each night and often needed an afternoon nap. Thinking about it, I had been feeling generally tired for a long time, if not years before this decline. I am a 22 y/o female, 5"2,...

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  • amanda14139 2

    TSH levels "normal", but convinced they're wrong.

    Hey everyone, I need help. I have been to about seven doctors now, and finally the latest one sent me to have some blood tests done. He only sent me for a few specifics (TSH being one) and found that I am severely anemic. He said my TSH levels were "normal". I've been doing so much research and

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  • danny37 3

    second opinion

    My doctor has put me on 50mg levothyroxine daily after my blood test came back showing my T4 at 9.2 he said the low end of the range is 11, and my T3 was in range but also at the low end of the range. Today was my first dose and I have felt different, a bit wired hope this settles down, before I

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  • dizzydoll 4

    anyone been overmedicated?

    I Was wondering if anyone had experienced being ivovermedicated and what were your symptoms? I've been going through hell the last month with extreme anxiety and tiredness feeling dizzy/lightheaded random pains in head and eyes, and now I've  had it confirmed I've been taking 25mcg to much, anyone

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  • janice47029 2

    high TSH no symptoms

    This is not something I've read about - maybe you guys can help? Over the last 10 years or so my TSH levels have been increasing slightly and T3 and T4 diminishing slightly, but still well within range. Last week my TSH was 16 (!) and the 3 and 4 were .1 below the lowest range number.  Obviously, I

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