21 female.. Been having strange stomach issues for about 2 months on and off. (maybe tmi)

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It started one night just with a little bit of nausea, I figured I'd ignore it and it would go away. I think it was acid reflux, but I'm not 100% sure. I had problems all night and didn't sleep until it was bright out.. Then at some point I fell asleep, woke up, and was super super nauseous again. After about 3 hours it went away.

Then Christmas weekend, it happened again. Nighttime, I got super nauseous, fell asleep, woke up felt the same. Progressively got worse, and then sometime that night I was gagging, but nothing would come up. I hadn't had food, but I had drank water and some diet soda and Pepto.

Ate Christmas dinner, and almost immediately even though I barely ate, my stomach felt too full and then back to gaging but nothing ever coming up. It stopped after about 5-7 days and I was back to normal.

But, a couple nights ago it happened again. Stomach hurt a little, and I also had just blood and no stool. (Bright red and that's all it was) figured if it didn't go away, I'd go to the doctor. Next day, stomach still wasn't good.. Couldn't eat. Then what was blood, was now.. Almost like jello mucas? It was clear and very strange. That eventually stopped, but now I'm back to having nausea tonight and can't sleep.

I do know I have acid reflux, and I'm constipated I think, because I really haven't been going to the bathroom and if I do.. It's barely anything.

So I'm curious. Could it be from eating and then not going to the bathroom? Like maybe it's getting backed up? Can that cause severe acid reflux, or can acid reflux cause bad constipation? I'm really not sure what's going on.. I need helpppp sad

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    I forgot to add, out of all these weird episodes of this, I've not had a fever once. So I don't think it's a virus?

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    Hi Sarah

    Are you bloated?

    I think you need to go and see your doctor and go over this, so he/she can have a feel of your tummy. This would be the first step to make.


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      I don't seem to be bloated, at least looking at my stomach. I only seem to sometimes feel uncomfortablely full even if I've barely eaten.

      I wish I could, but I don't even have a doctor. I've been using Google as my doctor sad lol

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      well google is certainly good for some things but you do need to be assessed by a doctor/hospital? Are you in the UK?
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      I'm in the US. I figured if I have more blood in my stool, I'd go to the ER, but thank God that seems to of gone away.

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      OK I would still get it checked out. This is up to you.

      Its never good to diagnose yourself.

      Take Care and good luck.


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    Blood in your stool can be the result of fissures or haemorrhoids if you are constipated. However, bleeding must be investigated by a doctor as well as your other symptoms. Go to ER since you are not registered with a doctor.
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    Hello, I'm 20 and had exactly the same symptoms as you apart from I did not have blood. It started months ago with feeling sick but like you I would go to the toilet and nothing would come up. I would feel like I was starving but then be full after a few mouth fulls. I was extremely tired and seemed to just sleep at the weekends. One night my symptoms got worse, I was getting pains under my left rib and down both sides. I was that bloated I looked pregnant. Uncontrollable shivering and high temperature, I also started with water infection symptoms (life long reacurring infection and the doctors can't figure out why I'm getting them so often)And then I started actually vominiting in the end I ended up in A&E. I did have a water infection which had spread to my kidneys because I had left it so long and was given anti biotics but I was also severely constipated, the doctors said this was down to IBS. When IBS flares up it can cause all sorts of symptoms and make you very unwell. It's also the reason why I suffer from water infections, something to do with the pressure the bowel puts on the bladder when it's swollen. Anyway they prescribed with with some movicol sachets that I had to take 3 times a day to get my bowel movements back to normal. It has helped and I have good days and bad days but it's all about trying to figure out what makes my IBS flare up.

    Don't just leave your symptoms to get worse like I did. You really need to get checked out and get to the bottom of why you are feeling like this.

    Hope this helps and hope you get your answer soon x .

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