23 Year Old Male With Atrial Fibrillation & PVC's/Ectopics Every Day

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Hi everyone,

Have basically come here because I really need someone too talk to with how depressed and down i'm getting.

Basically to give you an understanding of what im going through, i've had palpitations/ heart racing/ skipped beats etc since the age of about 16 until I woke up last September with a tightness/pressure in my chest that can only be described as what I thought was a heart attack. Pulse was unreadable with how fast/erratic it was going, so I phoned the ambulance. Was taken into hospital straight to the resuscitation unit where they were going to perform a cardioversion because I had been in fast atrial fibrillation for nearly two hours, when all of a sudden my heart went back into sinus rhythm. Two weeks later, with no episodes in between I was referred to a Cardiologist who diagnosed me with Paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation and prescribed me with Bisoprolol 2.5mg to take daily and Flecainide too take if I go into Afib. Fortunately since then I have not gone into fast Afib, or so I think, but litereally every day & night since, I get lots of PVC's/PAC'S/Ectopic beats whatever you want too call them, And they are the most scary horrific feeling in my chest almost too hard to explain, could call it a skipped beat feeling but times that by 100 and I feel each and every one of them and just dont know what too do. I just want my old life back. Never thought this would happen too me so young, Its also getting my parents down because they dont understand how they feel and i'm always irritable because I feel its impossible to live with them.

Any comments would be really helpful guys as am just feeling so down and would love to talk to anyone about it.



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    Hi Dan, so sorry to hear about your diagnosis, being so young.  You will get a lot of help and ideas from this group.  It seems to me that your betablockers needs dose changing, with the correct drugs you should begin to feel better and have less ir hardly any of these extra beats.  The problem is that the anxiety you feel doesn't help, I know from my experience and from other members on here, that somehow we need to get our anxiety levels down to help the situation.  Try to find some chilling mechanisms to help you.  You will very soon gets lots of replies on here, but please do try not to let it get you down, there is a life to be lived out there, many people on here continue with their fitness stuff and don't let this blip get them down.  Don't let it beat you Dan, there are many options to help.  Maybe try and research this 'thing' then you'll find things that maybe aggravate the condition, like certain foods, alcohol, caffeine etc.  All the very best to you young man.  Stay strong there is light at the end of the tunnel. xx 

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      Thanks so much Pauline, this had made me feel a whole lot better. Do you think I should book another appointment with the cardiologist to suggest dose change in my bisoprolol, trying too not let it beat me rolleyes just hard sometimes

      Look forward to your reply,

      Dan x

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      Hi Dan, so pleased you're getting a lot of support on here.  My GP altered my dosage of bisoprolol so I guess that's your first port of call.  I get what you mean with constantly hearing your heart beat, but you do get used to it, and when less anxious it's not so noticeable.  I am planning to try acupuncture as a means of relaxation, a bit worrying as m on anti coag, advice of cardiologist, but I had a mini session and was fine with the needles.  All the best and deep breaths to calm Dan!   You can beat this X 

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      Thanks Pauline, It really has made me feel happier knowing i'm not the only one. I didn't know if it was something the GP could do as thought it had too go through my cardiologist first. And good luck with the Acu, hope it helps with your relaxation. Lets hope so smile x

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    Hi Dan, these forums are brilliant and I am sure within a short while you will be getting responses from people who are going through the same thing. I suffer from palpitations every few days and this has led me to have panic attacks and more recently panic disorder, so i do understand the fear that strikes. I was told i had afib then told its not but my doc said she cudnt explain it, which led to more anxiety! Im on betablockers and antidepressants for anxiety, but still i get palps. Sometimes flutters, missed beats, extra beats, a big bang or rarely several which makes me catch my breath. I suffer from ibs and am more likely to have palps when full of wind (there is a link apparently, vagus nerve), also when anxious. Im having CBT/ hypnotherapy to try to manage the fear and anxiety and it is helping along with the meds. I would really recommend a talk therapy to help you through this. Do you feel like theres been an improvement since you started your meds? There are other afib forums on here...i went on when my doc said i had it, loads of AFib sufferers to offer advice and empathy. And lots of people in their old age saying theyve been afib for decades and led full and happy lives. So if noone pops up on here soon, look in forums, type in Atrial fibrillation and you will soon find a chat to join where you will get lots of support. I joined one for anxiety attacks and have made two great friends who i now chat to daily on facebook messenger offering support to each other on not so good days and having a laugh on better days. Its been a godsend because only people that have had it can truly understand and support.There are lots of treatments for afib so stay strong and positive, they will sort you out and you'll have your life back.

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      Julie this had made me feel soooo much better you have no Idea. Its weird because literally everything you and quite a few others say is 'EXACTLY' how I feel lol, so thank you so much! makes me feel a lot better that I'm the only 1, and hope i've just got a few years in me yet smile x

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      Hi Dan, you are welcome...ive found this site so helpful for support with palpitations and resulting anxiety. Youre in a bad way when you join, people come flocking with support and then you find yourself offering support to others. And when you get to that stage you know you're making progress! And its an amazing thing that perfect strangers can read a person's strife and want to help. You haven't got a little life left in you yet...you've got your whole life ahead of you. There are lots of different treatments for AFib and you will get sorted and get back to enjoying life. How have you been since on the meds? Have you stayed in sinus rhythm? And have the palpitations calmed down yet? Im so pleased that you are getting lots of helpful replies to your post :-)

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      Hi Julie, Its made me feel so much better just talking to people that have had similar things happen to them, when obviously everyone around me doesn't. Too be honest, I haven't had any side effects atall really since i started taken Bisoprolol in September. Im pretty sure ive near enough stayed in sinus rhythm but do get odd things like it speeds up for 5 or 6 beats then goes back to normal so im not sure what thats classed as? slept last night without an extra beat all night so that was amazing, you learn to appreciate every second your not having a extra beat or flutter lol.

      look forward to hearing from you again,

      ?and honestly thank you smilesmile x

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      You're welcome Dan, you will get this sorted! I noticed your new post about a new irregular rhythm. Normally with me its one big bang or a quick flutter but on one occasion ive had multiple runs of crazy beats and i agree its very scary...i didnt know whether to call an ambulance or get my friend to drop me at A&E or wait n see! I ended up going home so as not to bother my friend lol. Have doctors recorded any of your episodes yet? Obviously youre being treated for AFib and it sounds like your meds have settled that, but have you worn a holter monitor yet to pick up on the palpitations you are getting? I wore one for 3 days but no palps to record, typical! Mine seem to happen every few days. Have you noticed any triggers like anxiety, nicotine (cigarettes or vaping/patches/gum etc) alcohol, caffeine, digestive problems? It can be a vicious circle when anxietys involved...i'd swear that my anxiety came from having the palpitations...but now i think maybe i was already anxious when i first got the palps which created more palps, more anxiety...my last ECG was normal a couple of weeks ago which reassured me...until the next time I got palps and thought 'well I still don't know what's causing it cos theyve not been recorded', perpetuating the cycle of anxiety! We must reassure ourselves by knowing that both AFib and palpitations are very common and rarely dangerous, even though they feel so unnerving at the time. Also, if they ever scare you witless, no one is going to hold it against you for getting to A&E and getting wired up in the hope of catching them in action. Then it'd be either theyre benign and we'd learn to accept them without panicking or theyre caused by such and such and we'll do this to treat them...I'm trying to learn to live with mine without having the excessive anxiety reaction but if I get a bad run again or something changes I will go and get checked out. I hope you will get some responses to your new post. These forums are brilliant - like you say, family see it as something trivial, but the impact psychologically can be huge. Thats why Im having CBT and its really helping me to get back to doing things Ive been avoiding like work, socialising, exercise, making future plans. There will be some talk therapy offered on the NHS but I tried this and found I needed a more heavy duty approach and have gone private for CBT/ hypnotherapy. It wont stop the palps but it'll help me deal with them better and reduce my anxiety (potentially reducing the palps too?). I wish you well Dan and you'll find there are always people on hand for support any time you need it x

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      Hi again Julie,

      Lol about not calling your friend,

      No the doctor hasn't recorded anything except from the fast A-fib when I was still in it in September, the cardiologist just said what I was describing was Atrial Ectopics. Spoke to his secretary yesterday as he said these 'ectopics' would of calmed down by now. But as they havent she is getting me an appointment for me with him over the next week or 2, too arrange a monitor for a couple of days so they can see what is going on with these 'extra' beats. 

      Im thankful that I havent gone back into a-fib since last September so the Bisoprolol im taking seems to be keeping that at bay. Its just the feeling of having these extra beats was what originally caused me too go into A-fib so its jsut so scary at the numerous time of the day that it happens sad

      Im the same when you talk about the anxiety, I was loving life before any of this happened, now all of a sudden im anxious 'because' of what is happening.. wouldnt be the slightest bit anxious otherwise lol. Im glad your getting back into things, I jsut feel hopeless at the moment and wonder if theyll ever go away or its something i'm gonna have to dea with for the rest of my life every day. I hope not.x

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      Hi Dan, i reckon they have got a cure for pretty much everything to do with the heart or at least a way of controlling it, whether its meds or ablation etc. i haven't had any palpitations for a few days so planned to meet mum in town, then i woke up with palps for a few minutes and the anxiety back. I waited for it to pass and decided to go in town anyway, im sick of it dictating what i do! So i had an hour and a half in town then called at a supermarket then parents for a cuppa, no palps and not much anxiety, so im pleased i forced myself to do it. I keep telling myself that thousands if not millions of people have palpitations without anything bad happening, but of course it would be nice if a doctor could say theyre benign and not to worry! But thats not gonna happen unless they get caught on a monitor so i suppose i'll have to see how it goes and ask to use a monitor again if they keep happening. My doctor is aware that i still have them every few days and doesnt seem overly concerned. I had bad indigestion last night and heartburn and woke up with it along with the palps...ive read its common because the gas build up stimulates the vagus nerve which can affect heart rhythm. Its only what ive read online, who knows lol. I understand why you are demoralised by this especially with you being so young, at least ive had 48 yrs without it, but go and get all the tests on offer and hopefully they will get everything managed. Are you athletic by a y chance? I read that very fit people are susceptible to AFib. And smokers! But others have dietry triggers. Your meds seem promising for the Afib, just need to sort the palps now. Keep us posted on how youre doing and how any tests go. X

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    Hi Dan I understand how you feel. I went through a very similar experience a couple of times also. I found that I can't tolerate the type of drug class that bisoprolo or whatever it's called lol cause it was doing the same kind of to me too. So now I just take flecanide only in a small doses of 50mg 2 times a day. And I am also on the FODMAP DIET which has worked amazing. So between the two I feel really good. There is hope my dear A Fib friend. See your doctor again if you aren't feeling better. Take care and stay in touch with us.

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      Thanks Sandiishealthy, I never knew you could take flecanide daily as i was only given it as a pill in the pocket approach, for if I went into afib, really thanks for your comment though. Helps me a lot too talk to people that have experienced the same or similar things smile

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    I'm now 71,have permanent a fib. I was diagnosed 6 years ago,given Meds to help the anxious feeling and lower the pulse rate. You may see some of my former posts. 

    Belive me,I've gone to hell and back with worry,side effects and little explanation of my condition. 

       Reading your post...I know your hell,the worry etc. No one can fully understand your  trouble,only those who have it to.

    looking back...I'd had panic attacks fairly frequently when I was young. My job was extremely stressful and always full on. I was never diagnosed with a fib then but I suspect now that I'd had a fib.

     Panic attacks, bad experiences stay in your memory / sub consciousness and they surface when we least expect. I'm no doctor but I'm sure that had there been a heart problem other than this a fib then the cardio doc would have told you and given you more invasive treatment than bisoprolol. 

      The bisoprolol however caused me all sorts of side effects,including being more anxious...loads of things...I stopped the beta blockers 1 year ago..eventually with my new docs approval. Withdrawal was difficult,but I'm so much better now. I still have heart rate that goes up to 130b p min.  But rarely. 

      You need to read the research dr john m....and Dr Prash Saunders. It's helped me. 

    Im sure people will help you on here. You're young ,plenty of life in you...I'm sure you'll do at least 71 years. Chin up ,I'm on your side.

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      Thank you very much for replying Elizabeth, fortunately ive built up quite a good tolerance to the Bisoprolol, glad to feel your feeling a lot better now, and lets hope I can. I think just the worry of being so young gets to me as I really enjoy my life on a daily basis, and would love to get too that sort of age but feel its been cut short sort of thing.


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