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Atrial Fibrillation And Flutter

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  • Allen012 2

    How did your cardiac ablation go?

    I have a cardiac ablation scheduled next week.  A bit nervous over possible complications that I understand are rather rare such as clots/stroke, esophageal damage due to TEE scope, heart damage etc.  I'm a 40 year old healthy male and have had random afib (a few times per year) for several years,

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  • terence68672 3

    When you say ''Ive gone years without Af'', do you mean...

    Do you mean yrs of tiptoeing around carefully, taking lifts instead of stairs, not running for the bus, careful when you make love, not drinking alcohol,or smoke, avoiding MSG and caffiene, panicking each time your heart trips up for a few Or do you mean living as normal a life as ever,

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  • t 07655 2

    Coumdin/ warfarin side effects

    Hi, My doctor wants to start me on Coumadin as a blood thinner . I just got out of the hospital after having a bad afib attack . They tried to electric shock my heart back into rythim but it didn't work . Has anyone had any bad experiences on Coumadin? What do you all think would be the best and

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  • ian69039 2

    Finding triggers

    I'm a nurse, 58 years old, slim, fit and active.  I've started to have short (a few hours) episodes of atrial fibrillation that stops me working.  they started at the end of last year and have occurred every 6 or 7 weeks.  I get the odd 'flutter' most days too.  I'm not a heavy drinker and I don't

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  • XoMonkey 2

    Second opinion?!

    Saw cardiologist yesterday, first time in about 5 months. Only got a letter saying my echo results but was in sinus tachycardia which isn't unusual. I told him my symptoms etc and said from the results of my 48 holter (came up AFib again) I experienced symptoms when I wasn't in AFib, so he

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  • betteann 2

    Atrial fibrillation 149 bpm followed by low BP and 42bpm

    Hi,I have had af for 16 years now I take cardicor flecainide apaxiban and pravastatin.I had an ablation 9 months ago,all was good until about three weeks ago and my af started up again. This time with a difference as even when the af has gone I still have a pulse of 150 to 110 approx .then my

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  • linda51222 3

    change of meds

    Hi everyone, I was changed last week from warfarin to rivaroxaban not feeling to good has anyone else had side effects when changing over if so will they subside the longer I take them L x

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  • djlovell 2
  • XoMonkey 2

    Frequent urination

    Hello, I have a cardiology appointment on Friday, and instead of looking like an idiot I'd rather ask you as a community. I get sudden onset of frequent urination and go approx 5 times an hour. At night, it's at least 8 times. It's mainly after an Afib episode however it can go some days and come

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  • sarah88339 2
  • teenymac 2

    Changing from solotol to flecainide

    I have been on atenolol and sotalol for my af but lately episodes have been increasing in duration last one lasted 4 days. Saw a different cardiologist and he's taken me off the sotalol and put me on flecainide. I start tomorrow after two days of not taking the sotalol will be interesting to see if

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  • betty47298 3



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  • XoMonkey 2

    AF triggers

    Hi guys, I'm just trying to find out some of my AF triggers. At the moment I've found it's exercise and stress when it's at its worse. I used to be an active footballer (soccer player) for 7 years.  What is everyone elses triggers, out of curiousity? 

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  • pauline31919 3

    A.Fib and travel insurance

    have any of you managed to get travel insurance to cover our condition.  I need 60 day cover.  My usual insurer won't cover me for anything related to  I dont know whether the moderators will allow names on here, but I'm giving it a go.  Fingers X.  All the best to my fellow

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  • XoMonkey 2

    Bradycardia symptoms

    Hi, my BPM fluctuate between high and low, i'm 17 and on bisoprolol. Last few hours hearts been at 50 or below with breathlessness and almost fainting, it just feels weird? Any suggestions or is it something to get seen by a doctor

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  • pauline31919 3

    Changed from Sotalol to metoprolol

    My GP has changed my betablocke to metoprolol after several night time attacks.  He had told me to take extra Sotalol during an attack, but when I asked the pharmacist if I shouid do the same with these, she said No!  I also had to sign for them and give my phone no.  She said she would ring me to

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  • terence68672 3

    What's the safest air sickness remedy if you suffer from P.A.F

    I get paroxysomal Atrial fibrillation,() its unpredictable, and frightening. I also get travel sickness. I have never been on a plane before, but plan to go to Italy soon, I'm worried about air sickness, as WELL as the possible side effects of anti sickness medication, such as   Does anyone

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  • ss12 1

    Atrial Flutter getting worse?

    I went to bed last night in flutter (which is usual) and normally it will wake me durning the night with my body vibrating. I wake up and it calms itself then I return to sleep. Last night, it wasn't vibrating, it was full on shaking and I couldn't wake up to stop it. I could feel my whole body

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  • t 07655 2

    Afib and headaches

    Hi everyone, I was wondering does anyone else get a headache when they're in afib? That's the only way I know I am in afib is that it starts out with a headache on the left side with a feeling of dizziness . I just wanted to know if anyone else experience these symptoms .

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  • deirdre2016 3
  • linda51222 3

    loss of appetite and weight loss

    Hi Everyone, I have been on warfarin now for nearly 2 years,in the past couple of months I have been experiencing Loss of appetite and weight loss someone told me long term warfarin can cause it has anyone else experienced this. L.

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  • davet1 2

    AF During Blanking Period Following My 2nd Ablation

    Hello friends.  I just discovered this forum so wanted to post this question.  2 weeks ago I had my 2nd ablation.  My first was 4 years ago.  During this Ablation, the doctor felt very confident they had found a major source of the problem, and indicated as he burned the area, he saw my arrythmia

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  • betty47298 3
  • XoMonkey 2
  • gillian222 1

    Home Monitors for Atrial Fibrillation

    Hi  all, I am one of the lucky ones, hopefully, and had an internal Cardioversion in February which was successful first attempt.  When I saw the consultant for a follow up a few days ago he suggested I get a monitor to use at home as the fibrillation could come back any time. Can anyone recommend

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  • XoMonkey 2

    Can Afib cause raised inflammatory levels/markers?

    Hello all. I was just wondering as to whether raised inflammatory levels can be caused by Atrial Fibrillation?  So I am under quite a few departments; ENT, rheumatology and cardiology. The rheumatologist gave me two blood tests to determain any arthritis which came back negative and so I got

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  • terence68672 3

    Fast SVT converted to AF...

    I suddenly presented with a fast, regular STV of 180-200BPM. pale, breathless. My fingers went white too, strange.  It 'felt' like AF though, that 'fight' in the chest. Ambulance time, blue lights etc. After many hours they tried to cardiovert me with Adenosine. Its not nice, took a lof of guts to

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  • edward1943 2

    Atrial Fibrillation (AFib) and associated digestive problems?

    I have been diagnosed recently with Paroxysmal A/F. Episodes are usually infrequent- around 1 every 4-6 weeks. Onset is invariably at night and when lying down to sleep or actually asleep. The time spent out of rhythm varies from 30 minutes to as much as 8 hours, usually going back into normal

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  • suzanne48640 3

    Off Amiodorone!!

    After being on amiodorone for 6 months, I have been weaned off it completely as it appears my second ablation in December has worked!  Now I am praying that I can continue to be off it and that my a-fib stays in remission.  Just wanted share this with all you a-fibbers out there to let you know

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  • brenwag68 3

    Heart palpitations, leg pain, fainting, etc

     Hi, I have been diagnosed as having a hole between the two chambers of the heart. My doctor put me on metoprolol xl to slow down the palpitations. I am wondering if anyone has this problem & suffers any of the following symptoms; severe chest pain, nausea, dizziness with fainting, leg pain,

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  • tony81255 2

    A bit concerned

    I had an ablation back in December, which wasn't successful. Within a couple of days my heart hate was up to 130BPM. Cut a long story short, I was given bisoprolol which made no difference. Following an ECG and echo cardiogram, I was prescribed Amiodarone alongside bisoprolol. This made me feel

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  • bluenoodles1 1

    Change from bisoprolol to diltiazem

    Hello has anyone had to change from bisoprolol (2.5mg) to diltiazem (60mg) I suffer occasional afib but also anaphalaxis so need to change to diltiazem .i am ok with bisoprolol generally. Any advice appreciated Thanks

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  • XoMonkey 2

    Coming off bisoprolol

    Hi, I've written A thread before about my afib. I've waited 8 weeks for my results (a week after my 48 holter i had a days wait for an echocardiogram) when I last saw my cardiologist he said its nothing even though he didnt read my previous ecgs which were abnormal. He said i can come off the

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  • vitonyc 1

    Afib ablation but still have some symtopms?

    Hi guys just a question about the ablation because I had mine done 3 years ago. I get symtopms like my heart wants to go into a fib like it slows down my heart beat and my heart stops then it goes back and forth then I'm back to normal? And I still have skip beats that feel like afib but they don't

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  • youngatheart1 5

    Recently diagnosed and trying to work out triggers

    Hi, recently posted about being newly diagnosed.  Cardio said that my GERD will affect it as will food etc.  Last 2 really big flutters have been when I have had wind am I imagining it or does wind make it worse, felt like a firework was going in my chest, stabbings, fluttering, lurcking sort of

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