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Atrial Fibrillation And Flutter

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  • april83406 2

    1year on and still struggling with A FIB

    Hello fellow afibers, am still struggling with this nasty little thing and have days when am not coping at all. Its not just  the phsical side but also the mental problems . I have always suffered wit anxiety and this has mad it all so much worse.In the begining i lost a lot of weight as had a bad reaction...

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  • grisell28150 2


    I am a 33 year old female.  I was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy at age 15.  A little over a year ago I started experiencing episodes of afib.  I've had 3 cardioversions in the past 3 months. I had my first cardioversion a year prior which seemed to have lasted a good amount of time. The cardiology team...

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  • terence68672 3
  • bijar6 2

    atiral fibrillation after stent use

    i am 66 years old male, i had inserted single stent after I had first episode of AF which after ECHO showed stenosis of coronary artery. So i was fine till 3 months but after that i developed AF which has been documented and it is occuring on every almost 4 or 5 th day. but pulse in within 100. AF isnot...

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  • Maxine50 3
  • t 07655 2


    Does anyone take only aspirins for their afib instead of a blood thinner ? I am really scared to start taking blood thinners . I'd rather just take a aspirin a day . Would it be safe to take just aspirin ?

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  • t 07655 2


    Does anyone take Sotalol? If so do you have any side effects ? The doctor wants to start me on this but I am afraid to start it .

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  • eddie16 1

    NO AFIB FOR 4 YEARS and still taking medicine.

    I never had any heart problems until in preperation fo a colonoscopy emptied my body of electrolytes and it was discovered that I had AFIB. I was cardioverted and back into sinus four years ago. Since then Doctors have kept me on MULTAQ for three of those years and metoprolol for this year. My question...

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  • dean0612 2

    general symptoms of AF

    Hi, For 6mths i have been informing my gp of constant aching allover especially my arms & legs,plus getting very hot flashes in my hands & feet. Im still getting all this to the point i had to leave my workplace very early on two occassions last week because of the severe aching. I believe it to be circulation...

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  • XoMonkey 3

    Beta-blockers not working anymore :(

    Hello guys. I was on bisoprolol 1.25mg for tachycardia and PAF and then it started to not work. I got changed onto nadolol 40mg (i think its 40mg) and the cardiologist was happy for me to be on it beign 17 when it's normally for adults. I started taking it a few weeks ago after I told them my symptoms...

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  • sandiishealthy 3

    Terrible PVC's after eating.

    Hi everyone I'm a regular on here and up until recently I've been pretty stable on flecainide at a low dose. But lately I am getting terrible strong PVC's after I eat. At first it was almost exactly 2 hours after lunch so I started eating only half of my lunch and the rest later in the afternoon....

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  • Tennessee 3

    Microbacterium Avium in the lungs

    My husband has this desease in his lung. He does not have HIV.  He does have severe emphysema. He has been on the meds for the bacteria for 4 months and still has intense breathing problems. He is on oxygen. His breathing is problems are with walking mostly. Does any one know anything about this disease?...

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  • marny 1

    Getting third ablation

    I am over 70 female. Had afib for 14 years . Had a pacemaker in for 4 yrs. had left side ablation for afib 3 yrs ago. Had right side ablation for flutter 1 yr ago .stil a big problem with afib and rapid heart beat. My cardio is recommending a third ablation in 2 months. However he says that it is actually...

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  • jaylee1215 2
  • LuckyPenny1 3


    Has anybody found that certain foods trigger off attacks of AFib?

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  • theresa46142 2

    5 ablations and now possible Pace and Ab. Have you had one?

    I have had PAF for 17 years.  At first I needed a fleconaide infusion to cardiovert, but after my first cryo ablation I continued to have attacks every few months, but they reverted spontaneously after about an hour.  Since then I have taken Sotalol and Wafarin.  I have had four more ablations, the last...

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  • XoMonkey 3

    How many palpitations in a row is too many?

    This is just a curious thread really. I'm on nadolol at the moment for PAF and it's been two weeks. Yesterday, I had 4 palpitations in a row and I almost threw up after. The after effects lasted for another hour and my heart rate remained high but it then went. I was sitting and doing work. I've had...

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  • dean0612 2


    Hi, i started having anxiety attacks about 6mths ago, for the first 3 months happening every day & quite horrible attacks to which a few times had to go to A&E. Since then been diagnosed with AF so the propanolol (could take upto 3 times per day)i was on has been changed to Bisoprolol 20mg once a day....

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  • carolyn87906 2

    Atrial Fibrillation and Cardioversion

    My husband is 52. He is fit and healthy (other than asthma). He was recently diagnosed with Afib. He has had all the tests etc. and his heart is fine, except for the afib. He scores a zero on the stroke risk test. He doesn't have high bp or anything but this irregular heartbeat. The cardiologist wants...

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  • dean0612 2


    Hi could anyone help me please? Ive been on rivaroxaban 20mg for 12 days so far as part of my medicaton for my AF  but since being on it ive noticed a definate muscle fatique & weakness. I have been informed of bruising easier but nothing was mentioned of how weak i could feel. I carried some shopping...

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  • diannec 3

    Flecainide-possible affects scare me

    I was found to have PAF when undergoing a pre op test for a hernia repair in January 2013, i have no symptoms so am unaware when this is happening (not sure if this is good or bad), i have had high blood pressure for many years but this is very well controlled, I am on rivaroxoban (blood thinner) and...

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  • peter49548 2

    Waiting period for cardioversion?

    Hi - have been in persistent AF now for  the first time ever- previously paroxysmal - for over 8 weeks - when in hospital  initially I was told would need to be on anticoagulant for 4 weeks prior to cardioversion- was put on warfarin then but due to problems with getting and staying in INR required levels...

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  • betty47298 3


    I really wonder why drs. do not pay attention when you tell them your stomach is larger and issues with bloat..indigestion...anything related to stomach issues..if so many people expeience this with afib there has to be some correlaton..tired of hearing I should lose weight as no good for the heart....

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  • dean0612 2

    Confused or denial?

    Hi, 6wks ago ive been diagnosed with AF. Im 42 dont drink, dont smoke considered myself quite healthy & fit, so all this has come as bit of a shock to me. Ive suffered with acid reflux for 12yrs, so over time ive experienced chest pains  but majority of the time medication has kept this under control....

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  • Allen012 2

    How did your cardiac ablation go?

    I have a cardiac ablation scheduled next week.  A bit nervous over possible complications that I understand are rather rare such as clots/stroke, esophageal damage due to TEE scope, heart damage etc.  I'm a 40 year old healthy male and have had random afib (a few times per year) for several years, but...

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  • XoMonkey 3

    Frequent urination

    Hello, I have a cardiology appointment on Friday, and instead of looking like an idiot I'd rather ask you as a community. I get sudden onset of frequent urination and go approx 5 times an hour. At night, it's at least 8 times. It's mainly after an Afib episode however it can go some days and come other...

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  • betteann 2

    Atrial fibrillation 149 bpm followed by low BP and 42bpm

    Hi,I have had af for 16 years now I take cardicor flecainide apaxiban and pravastatin.I had an ablation 9 months ago,all was good until about three weeks ago and my af started up again. This time with a difference as even when the af has gone I still have a pulse of 150 to 110 approx .then my pulse...

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  • betty47298 3
  • terence68672 3

    When you say ''Ive gone years without Af'', do you mean...

    Do you mean yrs of tiptoeing around carefully, taking lifts instead of stairs, not running for the bus, careful when you make love, not drinking alcohol,or smoke, avoiding MSG and caffiene, panicking each time your heart trips up for a few seconds... Or do you mean living as normal a life as ever, and...

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  • diana95576 2


    i have a do you all keep yourself from freaking out when your heart is in afib or just throwing PVC's or pauses or skipping beats..i need some calming pointers.thank you so much

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  • deirdre2016 3

    Tikosyn side effects

    Have been on Tikosyn for 9 months with success except for last 3 I have been experiencing sinus like symptoms , ringing in ears , tooth sensitivity and pain in back of head plus a fuzzy head feeling ! Anyone else experience this ? Have had symptoms checked out with various specialists who find nothing...

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  • t 07655 2

    Heart rate

    Hi' I was in the hospital the other day with afib and had the electric shock done, which didn't help . I think I'm back in sinus rhythm but for some reason when I get up to walk around, my heart rate jumps up in 130's then back down to normal . I'm not sure what's causing this to happen . Has anyone...

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  • linda51222 4

    in Afib with normal BP and pulse rate

    Hi All, I have been experiencing bouts of Afib but my blood pressure and pulse appear normal 117/75  pulse Afib monitor is showing Afib. The only thing I can put it down to is the fact that I was changed from warfarin to rivaroxaban 10 day ago I was doing ok apart from a few side effects the first...

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  • laurie1015 2

    Afib question

    I had afib only once almost a year ago when I was pregnant. They said it was because I was pregnant and my potassium was low. I'm scared everyday it will come back. My question is has anyone had a stomach bug and taken zolfran for nausea? I'm worried because the side effects say it could cause a fatal...

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  • linda51222 4

    change of meds

    Hi everyone, I was changed last week from warfarin to rivaroxaban not feeling to good has anyone else had side effects when changing over if so will they subside the longer I take them L x

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