Atrial Fibrilation = Glucosamine

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Hi everyone, I am an extremely fit and healthy 60 year old and was diagnosed with af four months ago. Have taken Glucosamin/Chondroitin supplement for the last 5 or so years but have just found out that this can cause an irregular heartbeat.  Stopped taking all herbal supplements on the advice of my doctor when I was diagnosed but as I have been slowly improving, decided to re-introduce them one at a time.   All was fine until I started taking the Glucosamine just over a week ago - suddenly the af started to become more frequent and I feel I have gone backwards four months.  I wonder if anyone out there has also taken this supplement and had the same issues - any feedback would be very welcome.

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    Glucosamin also increases INR reading of those on Warfarin for AF.
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    This is very interesting.  Thanks for sharing. 
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    Following the removal of my right knee cartilidge in 2000 I was put on Glucosiamine as you describe. I was diagnosed with paroxysmal AF in Jan 2010. At this point I was put on Warfarin and was told to discontinue Glucosiamine as it will work against Warfarin. I did as I was told and have had no trouble with Warfarin. Shedloads of problems with right knee and right sacriliac joint though !!! 😇


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    At my first proper AF episode in november, I told the resus team that I take glucosamine each day, and they said that was ok?! So a little confused now! Also I had just finished a course of 14 days Naproxin, and nowt was said, yet later discover that that too can cause irregular heart beats?
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      My doctor didn't tell me Glucosamine may cause the irregular heartbeat - I did some investigating once the af epsidoes started to increase, as the only supplement I had started taking again over the last week was the Glucosamine. Details of the article from "Livestrong .com" are below:-

      Glucosamine may temporarily increase blood pressure and heart rate. Increased blood pressure and heart rate may lead to heart palpitations, cardiac arrhythmia, heart attack or stroke. Those who already have known heart problems should only take glucosamine supplements under doctor supervision with close monitoring. Even if your doctor has granted permission to take glucosamine, let him know if you begin to experience a rapid or irregular heartbeat as this can be an early warning sign of potential risks associated with glucosamine.

      I have an appointment with my doctor next week so will raise this issue with her and post any comments.


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      Thank you. My appt isn't for 3 weeks 😊
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    Thank you for this I was considering glucosamine supplements but this has made e think twice
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      Had docs appt today and asked her about the Glucosamine. She advised that as it isn't a presciption drug, she has no knowledge of whether it will have any adverse effects on my condition and if it has affected me in this way, then to stop taking it. So no more Glucosamine for me and all I can say is if you are taking/thinking of taking it, it may be a good idea to discuss with your GP
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    I was taking glucosamine supplements, advice from a friend, to help with joint pain.  I was taking for about 3 months, only about 3 pills a week.  about 2 months after starting it, I began noticing heart fluttering and irregular heartbeats.  I saw a cardiologist and my EKG came out with abnormal, "incomplete right bundle branch block". ECHO scan was normal. Dr. told me to limit caffeine and alcohol.  I am no longer taking glucosamine and hoping that my heartbeats will go back to normal soon.
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    Hi. I get af from preservatives (sulphites) . I realised that glucosamine sulphate may be contributing to the af so swopped to glucosamine hydrochloride. Still get af but my arthritis is too hard to bear without the glucosamine.
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    You mention alcohol, caffeine, etc.   My on-line research indicates you must take a hard line approach to preventing AFIB:     no alcohol, no caffeine,  no salt.   Take steps to insure that  your mg, Potassium, calcium levels are good. get tested for C-reactive protein,  To lose weight,  or just to have a healthy immune system, eliminate white flour, corn,  any  high salt prepared foods.

    I recently had a cardioversion which worked, but it only lasted 10 days.  After research,  found that odds of staying in sinus rhythym  are much better if your baseline health is good:  normal BP,  good weight , good diet good MG, K, Ca levels,  Currently working on this-must lose about 20 lbs. before trying CV again.

    godd luck.

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    I'm now in my 70s and my Paroxysmal AF episodes that started in 2002 occuring on average every seven days and lasting two days may have stopped now I've stopped taking Glucosamine Sulphate and Chondroitin tablets. I've been taking the above supplement since 1995 successfully to treat knee joint problems. Time will tell and I'll report back in no longer than ten days time.

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    I am just in the middle of a week free of supplements to try and find the cause of my irregular heart beat. GP thinks I may have early heart failure, and some tests show that my heart is struggling a bit. I have had many ectopic heart beats for some years, but have had AF I have taken Glucosamine for over 20 years with good result. I have never had reason to associate the problem with that, and think it may be Vitamin D3 ,of which I had been taking quite a high dose because of my Osteoporosis. Having read your comments I shall start with Glucosamine when the week is up. Will let you know if anything happens.

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    Stopping taking Glucosamine and Chondroitin made no difference to my afib.

    My afib got so bad even on the prescribed medication of Flecainide Acette that some 2 years ago I had a cryogentic pulmonary vein ablation procedure.

    at Southampton hospital.

    The stopped my afib episodes and I now have no heart problems except the occasional ectopic beat which is no cause for concern.

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      hi GreyMike,

      what made you elect for an Ablation.....i had one because CV only lasted 10 days and my AF could not be properly controlled with medication !

      my day case Ablation resulted in open heart surgery after they pierced my pulmonary heart stopped but after a long resus they managed to repair vein, wired my sternum and saved me ! though i now have no life at all and feel hung out to dry as no one really knows what to do with me !

      i have been housebound ever since being so breathless and am now developing anxiety bouts and medication gives me such nausea !

      Have you or anyone got any clues as to what may be causing all this two years on ?

      much appreciated.....x

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      I'm very sorry that you are so unwell but please have a look at the post I submitted today for why I had not 1 but as of Friday 2 more ablations.

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