24/7 stomach aches, pains, stick to my stomach

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For the past couple of years I’ve had really bad stomach pain 24/7. I had always put it down to a bad diet and irregular sleeping routine. I used eat a lot of fast food and had at least 3 cokes a day so I was ingesting a lot of fat and sugar daily. But recently I completely changed my diet and have lost weight. I’m now at around 100kg compared to 123.7kg before. Still have a lot to lose and even though I’ve made these changes I still feel very sick and tired all the time. Even with a full nights sleep, drinking water and eating healthily.

My doctor said it could be excess stomach acid and prescribed me omeprarolze 2 years ago but this does nothing. Neither does amitriptyline. Blood tests are normal. Doctor is sending me to hospital for more tests. Very worried they won’t find anything and I’ll be back to square one.

I’ve been vomiting a lot recently. In August I was vomiting for 2 weeks and was bringing up whole bits of food that hadn’t digested. Had to go to hospital and get an injection to stop throwing up.


  • Excess saliva and constant need to swallow saliva at least 10-15 times a day. Feeling of a lump in my throat 24/7. Throat feels tight.
  • When swallowing food I feel pressure in my chest as its going down.
  • Frequent shortness of breath. Constant need to take deep breathes.
  • Frequent heartburn all the way to my back.
  • Frequent indigestion.
  • Always feel sick to my stomach. A sick kind of feeling all the way from my stomach up my digestive tract to my mouth. A pre-vomit type of feeling.
  • Heart feels very heavy in my chest.
  • 24/7 stomach ache.
  • 24/7 shooting aches and sharp pains all over body, including bladder, back and private parts.
  • Constant pressure and aching in my stomach, bladder and lower back.
  • Tingling and aching in lower back.
  • 24/7 sinking feeling/aches in stomach and private parts.
  • Frequently feel faint, dizzy, groggy. No energy.
  • Frequent groggy headaches.
  • Some of these my be down to anxiety and my Aspergers syndrome. I also have a lot of sensory issues. But I’ve never experienced this much pain before. I’m in agony 24/7. It never stops.

Does anyone else have these symptoms? Any idea what this might be?

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    Do any of your coming tests include an endoscopy/colonoscopy? Do not worry if nothing shows up; that would be good news for you My tests showed nothing and I hoped like you for something to show and felt more disappointed when it didn't. However, I also felt relief that nothing serious cropped up and it was only treatable IBS. which doesn't show on scans.I have Aspergers too and the anxiety that goes with it led to my IBS and acid reflux. Some of your symptoms could be down to anxiety and being autistic . Quite a few autistic people I know have IBS. Anxiety can cause gut problems. Wait to see what your tests show.

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      Hi pippa, the reason I don't think it's IBS is because with IBS the pain is usually relieved after going to the toilet which is not the case in my situation. I haven't had an endoscopy/colonoscopy and I'm not sure if that's what my GP is referring me to the hospital for. Did you have to request endoscopy/colonoscopy or did your GP suggest it?

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      My doctor didn't suggest these tests and I didn't request them to diagnose my abdominal pain and bowel habit change. I had an ultrasound, stool tests and a celiac test. I requested the celiac test though and my doctor was very surprised that no one had tested me for it. All the tests were negative which confused my doctors all the more and they wanted to repeat the tests to see if anything had been missed which was my greatest fear. My final doctor said none of this was necessary since my symptoms were no worse and I had no new symptoms. He asked me about recent stress which I had not thought was relevant to mention and when I told him I had had non stop stress for six months, he diagnosed IBS.

      Some of your symptoms could be IBS but the other ones could be many things. Everyone has different symptoms with IBS and I doubted I had it because my symptoms were constant at first rather than come and go and I had no food intolerances. I thought it was too simple a diagnosis and was confused at first as to why no test explained my pain and other symptoms. I was astonished that it was IBS because I was expecting very bad news.

      However, you best bet is to wait and see if the tests show anything and perhaps see different doctors to get other opinions if necessary.

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    You need to be hospitalized for a few days so they can sort it all out and make some suggestions.

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    By pain do you mean cramps? If yes then it seems like you have a stomach bug. If your scans and other tests are normal then ask your doc for a Comprehensive Stool Analysis.

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    Hi Stephen,

    I could have wrote the exact same synopsis as yourself for my abdominal issues. It's been about 6 years now that I have suffered with very similar symptoms. However 6 years ago it was mainly brought on by alcohol or spicy food the night before ...but for at least the last 2 years it is constant and everyday I feel varying levels of abdominal pain, mainly around my stomach area spreading to the kidney area on both sides of my back. In this time period I have seen numerous specialists and doctors in different countries and I still have no answers. I have had 2 colonoscopy and 3 endoscopy examinations, many blood & stool tests , specific organ tests and all the other obvious male tests but without any satisfying results. I have been prescribed many different medications and assessed and treated for Gerd and IBS and acid reflux... no one has any answers for my situation. I still have daily pain. I recently was admitted to hospital because the pain was so bad. They thought it was acute pancreatitis, I underwent CT scans and another ultrasound examination. Nothing showed up again and I was sent home only to continue with this sometimes debilitating sickness. As for my past lifestyle, I am 57 years old. I have smoked all my life. I used to drink a bit too much up until my mid 40s but I am almost tea total now. I dont drink coffee or caffeine drinks anymore. I suffer from anxiety and have been taking different forms of benzos for over 10 years. So I can only put down my situation to possibly these life style facts. But I appreciate your frustration and know how you feel. I'm now taking Tramadol daily, it seems to be the only thing that allows me to live some form of life. Hope you find an answer to your symptoms and a cure or some form of relief.

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