25, convinced my self I have pancreatic cancer! Terrified.

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Right so, I'm 25 with a beautiful little boy, I've suffered from chest pain for about 4 years now and I've had, a million blood tests, a CT, and recently a ultrasound, and not one doctor can tell me what it is, so the frustration has led me to looking online for an answer which is where we get to pancreatic cancer.

I don't smoke very rarely drink and I'm 5ft 10 and weigh 13.2 stone

For about 10 days now I have had constant nausea especially first thing in the morning and staying there all day, I've had abdominal pain along with it, I had one episode where it was severe for about 45 minutes then it calmed right down, now it's just there all day I would say more discomfort rather than pain, worse when I lay on my back to I never have sickness or stomach pain may I add, I also have upper back pain, somwtimes i feel like there is sonething stuck in my thoeat too and the past couple of days I have been itchy not itchy enough to stop me falling asleep but still very annoying and literally all over my body! I also find myself burping a lot not sure if that means anything

Since no one can diagnose my chest everytime something is wrong with me I do worry a lot and stress myself out massively that it starts to become a hindrance where I'm no longer smiling and laughing with my boy, hope someone can help!??! Thanks

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    I cannnot help you other than to say  that if there was pancreatic cancer the blood tests would have likely shown and indicator.     I know from my own experience that you can have a lot ot things 'seriously' affecting you that do not have a serious  (by which they mean terminal) consequence.    That doesn't help your symtoms or give you answers but if you jump from not knowing to think you have pancreatic cancer then you will make yourself ill on top of what you are already. experiencing.   I do wonder from all the symptoms you describe if you have seen a gastroenterologist as it sounds to me a bit like you have a lot of inflamation in your system maybe stomach giving you the throat feeling etc.   The remedy might be straight forward if you can get the right advise.   Easier said than done I know. 

    No answers for you other than to say you can because I do experience horrendous pain for no clear reason and that is frustrating.   Good Luck and enjoy that beautiful boy. 

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    Hi jake 22268

    The pain, nausea and burping leads me to think of HPylori the stomach bacteria which are the cause of these symptoms. Do you get heartburn and how are your bowels do you get loose stools. Regarding the chest pain after 4 years I think if there was something serious going on there it would have manifested itself by now.

    I get chest pain when I panic and stress.

    The itching can be that you are allergic to something you are eating have you started to eat something you haven't eaten before.

    Have you tried keeping a food diary to see if a particular food or drink is causing your symptoms. Record each day with the date/day, food and drink consumed and any symptoms..see what emerges.

    Your symptoms regarding something stuck in throat and the chest pain may be the symptoms of hiatus hernia..a friend of mine with HH and had those symptoms. You are relatively young to have HH but its worth investigating.

    Go back to your doc and asked to be tested for HPylori this can be done via stool test, breath test or endoscopy. As for the Hhernia this is done via endoscopy and other tests......

    In the meantime stop stressing....you are young and have a beautiful baby son enjoy him and smile again...keep pushing your doc...the NHS need a boot up the bottom these days because most of the time we have to diagnose ourselves..i hope this has helped a little and you get a speedy diagnosis.....heaps if best wishes....big hug for you and your baby boy...

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    Hi Jake

    I was thinking along the same lines as Lillian.  You seem to have the symptoms of gastritis and possible H. pylori.   Ask for an endoscopy.  Unfortunately worrying about these things causes anxiety which makes it all worse.   Hope you feel better soon.

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    Hi, jake22268,

    Although I am currently extremely busy, busy, (recovering from similar illness to yours, also marriage hitting the rocks, "Seriously." an doing so many other things which cannot be put on the back burner)

    I feel i must try to help you if I can.

    Ok, here goes, "first of all "Stop Panicking." (6 weeks ago, i was Screaming with excruciating pains, slapping my stomach like you beat a drum, (god is my wittness to this) called 999, Aumbulance arrived (seemed like 4eva an a day) I nearly ended up in a fight with the one of the Paramedics, he was strolling up drive as if he was going on a fishing trip, while i was in agony.

     anyway, coming to your illness,-  stop taking what ever medicine you might be taking, (very likely its tons of cheap prazomole,anmozale, apromozale, "hell whatever the names, they are a common medicine the doctors precribe to the "common Folks.)

    Go to an health shop (otherwise an Asian supermarket) and purchase the following- 250 grams, Fennel seed, 250 gram Turmeric root, 250 gram Liqourice sticks. (if you cant grind them yourselve, then buy the powdered form. (if you buy from an Asian Supermarket, make sure you buy East End product, because there is an health scare on another brand's Spices.

    Mix all three ingredients in equal quantity, and take one teaspoon with lukewarm mineral water,  3 or 4 times a day. (avoid tap water, since it contains too many impurities.)

    Food-wise, eat boiled Lentils (Kidney Beans, Black eye beans, Moong Daal with boiled rice. add a bit of ground black pepper, salt and Cumin Powder ("East End"brand only, to be on the safe side)

    Otherwise, Brown Bread with a glass of milk. (Avoid Meat and heavy foodstuff for a few days.)

    your Chest pains could be due to Gastritis or too much cholestrol in the system. 

    for that, mix 2/3 Table spoons of Barley Flour in 2 cups of Mineral water, put on the cooker and gently simmer for 10-15 minutes, keep stirring, allow to cool, add  a bit of honey and drink this. wonderful remedy to clear the cholestrol .

    hope you get well soon. best wishes. from John5114


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    Oh boy. I felt the same way, first I thought it was pancreatic then colon . Had almost the same symptoms including consitpation. Sweats, itchiness, chest pain, nausea, burping, back pain, you name it. After blood tests revealed nothing besides elevated GGT it led me to believe it was my gallbladder. Ultrasound showed gallstones and HIDA scan showed a poorly performing gallbladder which i then assumed had to haven been the culprit. I ended up taking it out as per my Gastro recommendation and my surgeon said it was full of gallstones, inflamed, and causing itchiness, sweats, lack of bile flow and pain obviously. Ever since the surgery I have little to no issues with digestive but it takes some time getting used to or adjusting to a new diet. I am not saying that's what you have and I am not a doctor but I would look into it. By now you may have developed gastritis as well as I probably did. Hope it helps and best of luck
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    Thanks for everyone's reply, I must admit I'm a bit calmer already

    I never used to worry about anything like this until I had my boy now I'm awful!

    I had a ultrasound 2 weeks ago and was all clear no sign of gallstones

    5 weeks ago I was in a and e with chest pain where they run all sorts of blood tests so I'm assuming with the ultrasound and blood tests if anything was wrong small maker would have appeared.

    Also my stomach pain seems to be very mild now more like a constant stitch I'm guessing if it was anything serious I would be in a lot more pain where it would stop be doing things.

    I think my worry started when I seemed to start itching as well but as so many say the mind is a funny thing that can play cruel tricks!

    I'm going to try and remain positive and not worry so much as I'm sure that's only making me worse, thanks for the replies you'll be surprised how much it has calmed me down already!

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      Also forgot to add not sure if this has anything to do with some of the things people have suggested, I'm getting full really quickly from food I normally have a really healthy appetite but lately I have totally lost it and when I do it I'm eating very small amounts
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      Hi jake22268

      So pleased you are feeling much calmer ...old saying ' a problem shared is a problem halved' ....so true...your reduced appetite is probably due to your stress.....but if you feel this is not the case mention it to your doc.....if you get to have an endoscopy please let us know how you get on.....tons of best wishes to you and your baby boy.....😊👍x

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      Hi Lillian, went to the doctors last week and they said they were going to refer me for a endoscopy, yeah little bit calmer now I know I'm probably reading way to much into it all!
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