29 Female with really Achy legs, calves, hips and pelvis So worried (advice greatly needed)

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Im 29 years old and since having my 1st child 4 years ago, i have suffered from severve excruciating night time calf cramp in my right leg that leaves me hobblng the next day and reduced to tears. It has got better recently but throbs constantly and tingles and just generally feels odd and i can not stretch my leg out as i know it will cramp really bad. The throbbing has got worse in the day and night time and now my whole leg the right one is affected its really aching and sore, my knee hurts when lay down its like it is a dead weight also my left leg aches too but not as bad. I can not sleep its keeping me awake its worse at night and my hips and pelvis are feeling sore now too, i can not get comfy, its either they feel like dead weights and have pins and needles or my calf is twitching and feels like my veins are throbbing and i can physically she bulging under my skin, my hips are feeling very tender and i really want to know if anyone has had something similar. im at my doctors tomorrow for the 2nd time, the 1st time they told me to drink more Quinine but im so worried now that i have something really bad. Im not overweight or unhealthy although i do like my Red wine. Any advise is greatly appreciated. I have posted in Restless leg syndrome but i have no idea if this is it, im just hoping to get some advice.

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    you poor thing,. i have the restless legs issue but from y esterday i found a health shop with a capsule tablet and it has worked for me, your symptoms are a bit differnt, but i have read somewhere that epsom salts help your case alot especially soaking in them in a bath but if you cant do that have a foot spa soak , like half a cup of epsom salts as they absorb into the blood stream, this is excellent for leg cramps and for people not getting enough magnesium this is an awsome way of getting into y ou. I reckon this would be best for you to start with, hope it helps, give it a week and i reckon you will show signs of improvement smile
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    Hi Georgina,

    Having a baby really take a toll on your body! Has your pain been getting worse overtime or has it been pretty much the same for the last 4 years.

    I think you should get a referral to a physiotherapist. I had severe aches and pain in both my hips and knees, following the birth of my daughter. I had been working with a physio to increase my back and core muscles and stabilise my hips. We had to work slowly just to get me to fully stretch out my legs!

    In my case, exercise and being more aware of my overall body posture whilst performing everyday activities has really helped elevate my pain. Especially having to constantly pick up and put down a small child and lifting awkward shaped items i.e. buggy up and down stairs.

    After working with my physio and continuing with the exercises given to strengthen my core and stablise my hips. The pain is pretty much gone.

    Hope this helps.

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    Hi, I feel for you..

    Must somehow keep it to keywords today, some of my issues you may recognize, compare to yours and check up.

    Will be happy to be of more assistance later..

    -Leg/foot cramps during pregnancy(age 32), especially at night.. quickly my partner bended my toes down again for immediate relief.

    -Years follows, with troubles wearing high legged boots, or other.. must off after 2-3 hours wherever I am, bus, street etc. High heels(moderate) are still only for parties.

    -Previous history of wrist and knee joints pains, starting in my mid to late twenties.

    -Self diagnosed by reading; Reason due to a lifetime of eating cheese, blood type O.

    I quit cheese altogether, and took Glucosamine(at that time infused with chondroitin) CURED!

    I'm enjoying some cheese today, on occasions, but experience following pains, which increases with amount cheese eaten. Will always better with the following use of glucosamine.

    -Diagnosed with hereditary, but rare, Charcot Marie Tooth at age 43, a nerve illness (by an electric test, measuring nerve responses). Three family members' condition (uncle, cousins of both genders) led me straight to the point.

    I am affected by diffuse pains down my legs from hip to toe, and my hands are somehow weaker. The condition clearly shot off by pregnancy.. and getting worse by a period of insomnia and stress, which led to the check up, and diagnosis.

    -For the record, I am now 48 years old.

    The previous mention of magnesium and exercise, in this thread, is well worth attention!

    I wish you all the best in your recovery!

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    i have been on my magnesium complex tablets radiance being the brand, taking two a day and wow, i am sleeping way better, particularly the last two nights, i even slept six hours which is a miricle for me with restless legs, woke up with slightly restless legs but had sleep so all good, only woke up once with fidgets tho. very happy in deed, i will stay on them

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    its incredible what people live with a. Yes i feel pregnancy can set off a whole lot of ailments, with hormones etc, i got major fidgety restless legs and could not sleep or sit allllllllllllllllll night every nite for third trimester, sleeping in day , no prob lol, Came right immediately after birth though, was worried i would not,. Now iam 44 and restless legs r back, only had it on occasions over the last five yrs but for a yr it hs been shocking, Good luck to everyone with their ailments, hang in there smile
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    Hi Georgina51422,

    Try knocking off the amount of sugar you consume. Definitely around 3-4 hours before bedtime also someone mentioned a tip, worth trying, my mum tried it but it did not help her restless legs but it is more for night-time cramps. You will need a juicer, juice some onions and then pour the juice in to an ice cube tray, everynight before bed boil some milk and place 2 of the frozen onion juice cubes in to the milk and drink. It does not taste as bad as it sounds, according to my mum, but its suppose to really help with night-time cramping. Its worth a go and shouldn't break the bank. Give it a few weeks to notice the difference, I hope it works for you.

    Kind Regards


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    Reading it again, this is clearly something I need too.. but it may prove expensive due to the dosage ;(

    Think I'll try a lower dose to begin with, or rather after a while.

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    Here is an old remedy at no cost!:

    I just spoke to my mother, and her nightly terrible leg-cramps has been non existent lately. She restarted an older practice of tying a red woolen thread of yarn around her ancle. It sounds silly, but should really help. Please try it, you have nothing to lose! Oda.

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