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Restless Legs Syndrome

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  • lajzur 1

    Is it RLS or something else?

    History: Got chlamydia 3 years ago. This led to an epiditymitis (inflammation of epididymis). I got antibiotics and the infection was gone within 2 weeks. But the pain in the testicle persisted for a long time and I had trouble sitting etc. Pain was moving from inner thigh to pubic bone etc. Must

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  • graham9772 4

    Things I have tried and how they went.

    I suggest a discussion where we limit ourselves to as brief as possible statement of "I did this and the result "   the reader can then look up other discussions a sort of brief index or summary.   It might be good if the forum administrator can pin it to the top of the lists. I will start

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  • StrivingOn 2

    Low calcium and magnesium levels in RLS

    Can anyone help with info on having low calcium and/or magnesium levels? I've just had the results of a private hair analysis and my results are Calcium 136 (normal band 200-2800) and Magnesium 25 (normal band 60-160). Googling shows low levels of both to be involved with RLS. The earliest routine

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  • lajzur 1

    Is it RLS or something else?

    History: Got chlamydia 3 years ago. This led to an epiditymitis (inflammation of epididymis). I got antibiotics and the infection was gone within 2 weeks. But the pain in the testicle persisted for a long time and I had trouble sitting etc. Pain was moving from inner thigh to pubic bone etc. Must

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  • lesley89206 2

    RLS info

    I'm 80 years old and have had RLS for over 40 years.   .not only having sleep interrupted, during the day spending alot of time walking about.  I take ropinerole, ,have tried iron tablets, at the moment taking magnesium, so far not making any difference.   I will also now try the FODMAP diet and

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  • thomas24929 2

    Coping with RLS

    I've suffered RLS for 30 years and it appears to be deteriorating. I'm 66. I've been assessed by a Consultant Neurologist who has confirmed RLS and nothing more sinister. I take pramapexole x4 each day. Nothing else seems to help. I'm now suffering quite severe sleep deprivation. I've had to alter

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  • Andy51 1

    Is Milk the answer

    There was RLS in the family father never knew what to call it in those days there wasn't a name he just used to say his legs were keeping him awake. Mine started in the early 70's and now i'm 65 and have tried just about anything anyone could recommend. I'm not a good sleeper and after 10 - 15

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  • ratfancy 2

    Tired of well-meaning suggestions

    Don't you all get tired of well-meaning friends saying things like, "Just drink chamomile tea before bed"  "take magnesium for the cramps"  "meditate" and all things that we couldn't possibly have thought of, or tried!  This is a complex syndrome.  If it were easily addressed with a few herbs or tea,...

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  • amanda95449 2

    Restoring Iron may be the answer

    Hi everyone, Just an update on my mum's RLS. She saw a sleep specialist and did a nerve conduction test and both specialist said if she gets her iron levels up (Ferritin) the restless legs will greatly reduce or even disappear as it's not a neurological cause in her case. She's now taking iron

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  • Alwaysalone   4

    Any information??

    Hi. I suffer from severe restless leg syndrome and have tried magnesium, madopar (which helps a little then stops working, then helps a little again), stalevo (which caused stomach cramps and general illness while taking them and aftet i stopped, sifrol (which gave me mouth ulcers) and was told to

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  • sue322 2

    RLS, medication or hormones?

    I have pretty severe RLS but ropinerole is working well and so I sleep fairly well. However, I am suffering low level anxiety - which peaks to a bleakness in the early evening so that I go to bed at 6.30 most nights. Not helped by nauseous feeling from ropinerole. I also have bouts of fairly

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  • valda23668 2

    rls help

    I have been suffeering RLS for 18 months since I had a hip replacement.   It is also in my family but I had never suffered.   Has anybody had any sleepwalking incidents whilst suffering RLS or taking medication for it.   I take 250 mg Sifrol each night    I think I may be sleepwalking, windows are

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  • Guest M

    I am 55 and have had RLS for at least 20 years. As is p...

    I am 55 and have had RLS for at least 20 years. As is predicted, it has got worse with age to the extent that I am now awake till about Then typically the symptoms wear off and I can usually sleep till about I may then go back to bed later now I am not at work. I've tried various

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  • sharon07214 4

    Adartrel (Ropinirole) and side effects

    Hi, after years of suffering with restless years a few months ago I was prescribed the above medication which helps. Some of the side effects mentioned include: "Treatment with medicines like ropinirole can sometimes cause problems with impulsive types of behaviour. If you notice any changes in

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  • Tid42775 1

    Very young with RLS. HELP!!

    I've been battling this for two years now, and I've been on medication for a little over a year. I started taking only Mirapex at first, but found that raising the dosage made me extremely sick. My doctor now has me on a small dose of Mirapex as well as Klonopin at night. Being so young, I'm

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  • jayne12345 1
  • Cleopatra 222 2

    Found my cure

    By accident I found my 100% cure. The rls was horrendous, could not sleep felt ill, then it started on the rest of my body,I would cause pain to me legs😓. Any way I fell and broke my back so the doctor prescribed morphine, and even on the lowest dose 5mg twice a day my tls has gone, well it's not

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  • debbie 58863 2

    Restless Leg Syndrome

    Hi I am a suffering from Restless Leg Syndrome for years used to be just nights now it is also happening during the day.  I am looking for anything, but medication by doctors to control it.  Can anyone help me?

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  • copystuff 2

    Nearly had enough of this RLS

    Hi all I have been suffering night and day with RLS and have tried allsorts so i can try and get a night sleep and now i have turned to drink just to give myself some sleep instead of staying a awake all night. I recently seen my gp who is trying to help me but now i have 2 problems instead of one

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  • CBaz44 2

    Could I have Restless Leg Syndrome?

    Hi, so I'll start by saying that both my mother and grandmother have Restless Legs Syndrome, and both got it around 40 or before. Im a 31 year old male who had charley horses all the time as a kid. I've had anxiety for ages. Whenever I stand I rock back and forth because I cant stay still. I get

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  • julie78785 2

    Restless legs!

    Have suffered on and off for many years, it has got really bad siince taking Omeprazole. Has anyone else experienced this?

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  • gordon58342 1

    Restless Leg ?- severe pain in leg when waking

    Hi all. I get the occassional 'jerk', 'twist' and other movements in the legs at night, albeit quite rare,I think.  So last night at some point, I recall waking up and thinking about my legs and was possibly in pain, but was half asleep and dont really remember very well. But when I awoke in the morning,...

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  • dona06223 1

    Recently prescribed Sinimet for RLS, wears off in 4hrs

    Had been taking DA, which wasn't helping enough. Was trying to end the misery with lots of Magnesium, which helped the RLS but caused everything I ate to go right through me. Recently started taking Sinimet 100/25, but it wears off by 3am. I was told I could take a second tab if does

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  • lisa 21709 2

    Worried over my restless legs

    So sorry I developed restless legs around 4 years ago from having antidepressants as I suffered a divorce then domestic violence from a ex partner I still have them even from not taking antidepressants when I worried and my aniaxty kicks in they get worse I have tried everything I am so worried it'

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  • cassioneandonly 2


    Hi guys I have a few questions regarding augmentation. I have avoided medication for my RLS for years, I am only 30 and didn't want to start taking such a serious medication with all sorts of side effects, then to have augmentation set in and possibly be left in a worse situation than prior to

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  • dianne92682 2

    Restless legs right ham strings and back pain

    Having suffered restless leg syndrome for nearly thirty years and reading all the posts on this forum I'm wondering if anyone else with the condition also suffers back pain radiating down over buttocks and thighs. The other thing I have is tight hamstrings and am supposed to do exercises for these.

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  • Retired Captain 2

    RLS for 20 years, running our of options

    As stated, I've been diagnosed with RLS for the past 20 years. When it started, I fought and waited about 8 months before seeing a dr. (Was it was all in my head). I was so misserable and sleep deprived the dr. put me on a narcotic as recommended as treatment for RLS. After I

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  • Sasssey 2

    Restless legs

    I have had so many problems with my leg ( restless legs ) at night that I can't stay in bed.  I have tried everything and no help.  This is so miserable .. it doesns't exactly cause pain.. just irratation and loss of sleep.  Sometimes I feel that I am in pain.. don't know what to do. Please help if

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  • Bit1150 1

    It's driving me crazy

    Hello, I was diagnosed with RLS when I was 10. It wasn't anything serious only 1 or 2 times a month. Since last week after I recovered from a fever it started. It was there when I went to bed and it was there when I woke up. Now a week later it's still here 24/7 it's driving me crazy. I can't do stuff,...

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  • john63911 1

    Ankles/Feet/Night Shakes?

    My wife is a "put her feet up" kind of gal, and that's all good and fine. We have our own couches, and for about six hours a night when we do our "watch our TV shows" moments, it's constant SQUIRMY-ness from her feet. I'm not petty or fussy, but her feet are perpetual motion. Is this derivative of RLS?...

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  • amanda95449 2

    Has anyone tried Relaxis?

    Has anyone tried the RLS medical device Relaxis? I have been thinking of getting it for my mum who suffers with restless legs but they are quite expensive. Was hoping to hear some feedback from people who have tried using it or know of others who have before commiting to buy. Thanks

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  • pam34048 4

    I had restless leg syndrome four 4 years

    i was on sleeping pills leaping, seraquil also known as quetapine well any way I got the worst restless leg syndrome both legs up to my spine non stop.  I told the dr and he said it was a side effect from an old drug.  Well bull after going off all the med it stopped right away.  He tried to

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  • diane777 1

    first post seeking advice

    When I lay down my legs just ache.   I want to stretch them to make the pain stop.  When I do finally fall asleep I spend hours kicking.  It doesn't wake me up, but my other half spends many nights on the sofa.  I've tried Riprinole, but it didn't do much.  Cataphlam (for arthritis) actually helped

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  • Blewbird 1

    RLS driving me mad

    I've had RLS as long as I remember but I can't cope with it any more. Any time I sit down it comes on bad and no hope of falling asleep. I have been trying to sleep for 3 hours now but I cannot keep still and the jerking and stretching doesn't stop for a second. Desperate for relief..

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  • tlc789 2

    Vein Surgery for RLS?

    I've had restless legs syndrome for several years now. I've always been hesitant to try prescription drugs because I'm worried about dependency, side effects and augmentation. But natural methods aren't cutting it. I recently heard about a vein surgery that they claim helps 90% of RLS patients.

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