Antacid exacerbates RLS

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I'd like to share my personal experiences with antacid, PPIs, or histamine 2 blockers.  Everytime I take either Omeprazole, or Zantac, or Pepcid, my RLS acts up like crazy even after only 2 to 3 days of taking them.  I have consulted with a RLS specialist about the effects of antacid on RLS who adamantly denied the effects on RLS.  Therefore I have searched on line and tried to find out if there is any association between them.  According to a prestigious and cridible article, there is no robust direct evidence to support any association of PPIS and RLS. it says there is an indirect evidence, because PPIs would alter the PH in the duodenum and may interfere with

iron absortion in certain patients.  According to my personal experiences I don't agree with this theory.  The reason being 1, I am being fed via a J-tube, it means all my nutrition would bypass the stomach and go directly to my small interstine. 2.  SInce my nutrition go to my small interstine, I would not experience iron deficiency associated with taking food the normal way, by mouth and go to my stomach. So, I'd like to know if anyone has similar experiences with antacid or I am just a very weird, unique person.  Thanks.


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    Hi Zu, those antacids totally make my legs/body go crazy.  It just shows how one little pill can alter the course of RLS.  The same is probably true for things the other way.  A change in diet, some iron, or magnesium and we can reduce RLS symptoms.

    As you know those types of antacids work via the histamine pathway.  And their effect starts with the first pill so I don't necessarily think it is because of iron malabsorption.  But I do think that the histamine pathway is part of the cascade of events/chemicals in the brain and thus I believe those antacids directly effect the release of dopamine.

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      Hi, Udon,

      Thanks.  I have been puzzled until now.  Now I am giving up trying again.  

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      I've had the same experience with PPI's and H2 receptors, within and hour of taking them I get RLS symptoms.

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    I take Tums at night for slight hearburn.  will try not taking it to see it that helps.
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      No tums should not hurt you.  It's the H2 blockers like Zantac that are the problem.  Try taking iron bisglycinate (25mg) before bed on an empty stomach away from all other supplements and medications.

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      Hi Dusty,

      I was just wondering if you ever determined a correlation between the Tums and RLS.  I rarely experience RLS, but last night I had a really bad episode.  When I was searching for clues for anything I had done differently, I remembered taking 4 Ultra strength Tums during the day.  I never take these so it kind of stood out to me.

      Thanks in advance for  info about your experience.


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      Tums usually have food dye and I have found food dye is a trigger for my RLS symptoms.

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    I found this thread via google search for any correlation between tums and restless legs. I know this is from a year ago but I would like to share my experience. I’m currently 32 weeks pregnant and started having some restless leg sensations here and there. But I noticed that when I take tums for occasional heartburn, I get restless legs within an hour or two after. Come to think of it, I’ve noticed the same thing in previous pregnancy as well. Out of curiosity, I googled to see if anyone else had experienced the same thing or whether tums/ antacids cause or have a reaction that produces restless legs. Side note: I only have restless legs and heartburn when I’m pregnant. 

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    Omeprazole is a no-no for me. I have heartburn and indigestion often but can no longer use Omeprazole as it is an RLS trigger for me. I find when I have heartburn it often coincides with worsened RLS but it may be due to a heavy meal, eating late, spicy food etc or perhaps taking antacids? Need to pay more attention!
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    Hi i take zantac regulary if i take it in the morning its not too bad i just get like a restless feeling but if i take it late afternoon i can guarentee I'm vawake all night with RL S I'm up at present writing this as can't sleep with it my mum used to get it too and took zantac

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    no question omeprazole can cause leg cramps.

    i awake with painful leg cramps only on the days i take this drug. this does NOT require chronic use of the drug. this is not a common side effect and is not even listed as a side effect in the app "epocrates". i get the cramping anytime i take the drug and as a result, i will not use this medication.

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    yes I've noticed with taking any antacid other than Tum's calcium carbonate it drives my RLS crazy I can take PPI's as early as I want in the morning and it still drives them crazy at night. I take iron I think that helps, I'm not sure but I take gabapentin for it, along with clonazepam, clonidine, and trazodone those are the only things that I can take with it and for it these meds are sedating and I'm left with daytime fatigue. I think the ibuprofen I take for pain for osteoarthritis is aggravating them too I know it does my stomach lining which hurts and then that aggravates them pain aggravates them just about everything. I'm not getting sleep and I'm going nuts. I absolutely hate that feeling you get with them too it's one of the worst sensations like a toxic green electric creeping shock. I sure hope this doesn't last forever. I sure hope you guys find relief love to you all.

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