29 Years Old - Hormonal Imbalance for Years?

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I've posted on other forums before as I'm trying to navigate my symptoms to determine what is going on with me. I will try to keep this as short as possible. I have been having many, many symptoms since I was about 22 / 23 years old (29 years old currently). My symptoms include:

- weight gain / intense food cravings (went from 130lbs to 180 lbs)

- both insomnia some nights then restless sleep other nights

- mood swings

- problems focusing / foggy thinking

- irritability / fatigue

- hot flashes and facial flushing

- heart palpitations 

- night sweats

- depression and anxiety

- heavier and prolonged periods with break through bleeding during the month

- stiff and achy joints that crack constantly

- arms and legs bruise easily

- breast pain during the month, not related to periods

- hair loss

- extreme bloating 

- dry skin and dry eyes

- lower back pain which radiates into my right hip/bum and down my right leg

- high blood pressure (typically about 149/105)

- anal leakage (so sorry, too much info.)

- acid reflux which makes me sick

- total loss of motivation to do things I used to love 

I have had blood work that tested for all hormonal levels (except progesterone), blood tests looking at thyroid, iron, etc. etc. and an ultrasound both internal and external. I went to the doctor for follow up appointments and she said everything came back fine. I am convinced I have a hormonal imbalance but now I am more confused than ever since my tests came back okay. 

I am feeling lost as I feel like I am being slowly tortured by these symptoms and nothing is coming up in my tests, so no answers are being found. 

Has anyone ever heard of someone experiencing these symptoms or experienced these themselves? I am getting down on myself and feeling so frustrated. Maybe I'm not being clear enough with my doctor but I feel alone in trying to figure out what is going on with me.

Thanks in advance.

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    Firstly poor you I understand the frustration I myself am having problems getting the doctors to agree I have a problem and refer me , some of the things you have listed are similar to myself but I don't have all of them , 

    Have they checked you for pcos as a lot of your simptoms are the simptons of pcos , 

    He pain in the bum n lower back could be siatica I wouldn't think with those simptons could all be one problem I think you might be like me and have a collection of smaller problems , as for the hair loss and weight gain they can all be related to the stress of worrying what's wrong I hope I've helped take care 

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      Thanks for your reply. They did test me for PCOS but my tests came back clear. I was actually convinced I had it because of my symptoms. 
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      Thanks for your reply. I was tested for PCOS and I was convinced I had it because of all my symptoms. But all of my tests came back clear...
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    Hi love I'm so sorry to hear of your horrid symptoms how awful u must be so down on yourself I know I would ..so young as well...I think I would firstly ask.to see a specialist who soecializes in this hormonal imbalance in sure a menopause doctor could help as your symptoms seem menopause..good luck if they won't refer you and you can afford to ask to go private even just to put you at top.of the list then go through the n h s ...good luck ..really feel for you...xx

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    Pituitary gland hormones, Iron Studies (not just iron, includes ferritin iron & TS%), fatty liver scan, liver function test, adrenal glands, food intolerances?  Sure sounds like PCOS - I don't know why they did not test progesterone!  Being overweight causes a lot of extra problems that you might not have had otherwise.  Try eliminating all sugars and starches from diet and having protein with each meal and snack, and include healthy oils, e.g. olive oil, etc.

    Try following what is recommended to do about PCOS (diet, lifestyle, etc) that you can do even if you have to do it without medication.

    I recently discovered I cannot eat raw salads, and raw nuts.  Well, I had the problems but did not understand why.  So now I microwave my salad for 30 seconds and it is much more digestible for me.  Looks like I will have to cook any nuts as well.  Some people cannot eat fruit.  So even 'healthy' foods can be a minefield.  Starches, like potatoes, any vegetables that grow under the ground, anything made from grains blow me up too and add inches of fat to my waist and belly.  Any sugar foods give the same results, in fact they make me feel like collapsing and the fatigue after eating them is incredible.  I need to lie down - the floor will do.  But I do cheat, as I have a spoon or two of my husbands cheesecake when we have coffee while shopping.  I have to have a taste!

    I feel for celiacs - they have to be very strong and strict with themselves.

    There are plenty of other tests that can delve deeper.  If the regular everyday tests come back normal, then pressure needs to be put on the dr to think harder and reach outside of the "general" tests.  It is not good enough for her to just say "everything" is coming back fine.  She must agree that you do not look fine and your symptoms are not fine.  Perhaps a referral to an endocrinologist too.

    Good luck with it.

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      Hi Sheryl, thanks a lot for your reply and suggestions. I had a lot of the tests you mention above done, but not all of them. I was tested for food intolerance through a Naturopath and a lot of food came up for me not to eat.... that I still eat. This was a finger prick test and apparently they are not 100% reliable so I took it with a grain of salt. Can food really cause some of my symptoms? 
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      In my experience and from what I have read, it is very much possible.  I would not know who to go to to have a believable test on this.  Maybe your dr might know.  And when part of your body is sick, others get affected, till you build up a whole lot of bad issues.

      I would not call myself full of allergies either but I have certainly experienced problems from certain foods. Asked if I have any allergies, I say none known.  Maybe there is a difference between allergies (usually associated with rashes, runny noses, and worse with nut allergies) and intolerances.  And we are often addicted to the foods that cause us problems.

      I grew to love mussels.  Ate them everywhere in France, and southern parts of Australia.  However, back home whenever I ate them (and I think we are served NZ mussels in the north), I became terribly ill, projectile vomiting till I could barely breath, and thinking I might need to be taken to emergency.  I had 3 episodes till I pinned it down to exactly what was causing the problem.  I don't know what is in NZ mussels which cause me this problem.  My body totally rejected them rather than absorbing them and then have bad health sneaking up on me.

      Ate them again in France this year, no problem.  Different type of mussel.

      Also, try a Helibacter Pylori tests.  The existence of this bacteria, apart from causing ulcers, can cause a lot of intolerances.  I have been diagnosed with this 3 times and despite treatment (lots of antibiotics) it keeps returning, because I have haemochromatosis and Hp thrives on iron.

      Everything is worth checking out for you.


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    I recognize a lot of symptoms you are having. Did you already figured out what the cause is? I had a premature menopause age 36 with so many symptoms and chronic migraines. I am 40 now, my periods have stopped and I am using HRT but symptoms still come and go. It is a hormonal problem, hormonal imbalance or thyroid problems. I had the same symptoms and many more. Nobody understand this and the only thing they can do is prescribing hrt. These symptoms developed years before the diagnose. Hormones can cause so many problems dr. aren't unaware off.

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    This is a hormonal problem. I no it for sure!! Let me know how you are doing. You can get problems 10 years before actual menopause. Most dr. are unaware of this and there is little understanding and scientific research done in this area, unfortunately.
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    You can contact me if you want. I have had all the symptoms and most come and go. I still fight to find the right treatment and to find the right gyneacologist. I also had digestive issues.... It is a long story and I have thee problems for 5 years now. Periods stopped.
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