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HRT - Hormone Replacement Therapy

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  • groovygranny 2

    Forced off HRT at 60?

    I've been on HRT, very happily, since my menopause at 45 (I'm now 67).  My doctor is really pressing me now to come off it.  Personally, I believe in 'if it ain't broke, why fix it?'.   I am (as far as I know!) in very good health:  I walk for over an hour a day, work out, eat extremely well, don't smoke,...

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  • youngatheart1 5

    Does HRT cause high iron levels

    Hi, started taking HRT January 2016, elleste duet.  In December developed at DVT in leg and was told stop taking them.  Following a bit of rectal bleeding which I think was related to constipation GP took some bloods.  Results today show my iron as going down quite a lot.  What is weird is that in

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  • pat11500 4

    Just reaching out ..

    I am weaning off HRT as the full patch of Evorel Conti was too much for me.. (I'm 66 and have been using HRT since I was 53) I am spotting every few weeks and have just trimmed another small slither off my patch (so down to half a patch now) Any other Ladies done/doing this? Are you spotting? I do

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  • sha54 2

    Premique high dose alternative?

    I've been on Premique 0.625/5mg for a couple of years & it really worked for me, however now that it's been discontinued my GP suggested taking the low dose x 2, however as that is 0.3/1.5mg it is not doing the trick.  I get terrible eczema & Burning Mouth Syndrome as a result of my menopause & the

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  • Annaflare 3

    Sandrena help

    Basically I've found myself in a position where I was recently changed from oral oestradiol valerate over to Sandrena .1% gel. So far, I'm pretty sure my body hates this stuff. I've been getting headaches, hot flushes, night sweats and nausea. Right now, typing this I'm starting to feel hot, I put

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  • beverley c69016 3

    Hrt stopped working

    Hi ladies I wonder if anyone has advice.i was put on hrt about 1 year ago and over the past few weeks I feel my symptoms is coming back one by one the hrt stopped my flashes and tummy pain .But my depression is still there a little I am on citropram for 6 months but feel my mood slipping again

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  • alisonp2805 1

    Coming off HRT

    Hi all, I'm new to the group and wondered if anyone had any advice on coming off HRT please? I've been on Elesette 1mg duo for just over a year, although it's working for me I am so uncomfortable with the weight I have put on. I feel terrible in myself, really low and losing my confidence. However

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  • ruth29347 1

    Removal of ovaries or not

    I am a very healthy 44 year old, I have an underactive thyroid and am a bit overweight. I recently had a partial hysterectormy were they left my overies in.  I was advised by my Gynie that they had detected cancer in my womb and suggested that I go to a specialist to discuss further treatment

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  • debsimpa 2
  • daisylady 3

    How long does hormone from patch stay in body if it falls off?

    Hi everyone! Finally plucked up the courage to start HRT, Fem 7 Conti.  I am in week 8 and my last patch just fell off in the bath!  My question is is there enough hormones in the body to last until I can see my GP, hopefully tomorrow?  Also does anyone know how long it is until the full effects

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  • jen05889 1

    Advice please on Evorel Conti

    Hello everyone, pleased to be here.  I am 55, post meno 4yrs and started trialing hrt last November.  I dealt with a meno specialist and she recommended Evorel Conti for me and I started on half a patch and should have worked my way up to a whole patch by now but have been on 3/4 for a couple of months. ...

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  • jeanette75991 2
  • Zibbyl 2

    Premique low dose - pharmacies which CAN supply it

    Premique (both strengths) was out of production for up to a year, and then Pfizer (the manufacturer) announced they were no longer producing the higher strength.  The Low Dose (LD) came back into production in February 2017 but in another forum here it has become very apparent that both GPs and

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  • Shelly0069 5

    Estraderm MX 25mcg

    As it says above, been on this HRT patch since November last year. im 47, sooooooo since been on this patch 2 week, having periods well up until January this year, so since then had no periods, no bleeding to indicate a period! so my question being Why?  

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  • Rosielee 2

    Back on HRT after hysterectomy

    I was on Livial for 12 years , no problems then got Endometrial  cancer 3 years ago. Had quite a few proceedures and everything went well. Last year the cancer came back and 2  weeks ago had a Hysterectomy and lynph nodes removed. Had to come off HRT prior to surgury, during a recent consultation

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  • hayleydogg 1

    2 months on HRT patches and already dress size bigger!

    Hi I am new to this, but went to Drs this morning as I have been on Evorel Conti patches for only 2 months and I have already gone up a dress size! I started the menopause at 47 and I am 51 now and still have the mirena coil in place.  My moods have levelled out and dryness below has gone now, but

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  • supemack39 3
  • pearl90091 2


    Just rang doc about my hrt as she took them off me and i felt better on them she sed no it not a good to go back on them so i do not know wot to do now

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  • Mirri 2
  • jayne47834 2

    Inability to reach a sexual climax...

    I have been prescribed both Estriol Cream and Daktacort cream. The Estriol Cream has been prescribed by a Gynaecology for vaginally dryness and discomfort. The Daktacort Cream for vaginal itching and soreness. However, my sexual interest and Inability to reach an orgasm is also a problem. Can

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  • marilyn43728 2
  • elena50400 2

    Evorel patches

    This morning I had to take off my patch because my "period"pains got unbearable, like stabbing pain in my lower abdomen. Don't know what to do now. I can't contact my doctor because I'm at 'm not sure about HRT

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  • evey110 2

    hrt for women over 60

    is anybody having trouble getting hrt from their gp, i was on hrt till i was 55 then it was stopped. i felt great on it but have put up with horrendous menopause symptoms. i am at the end of my tether  i am a 62 year old healthy woman, i don't drink, have never smoked, am not over weight and i am

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  • elena50400 2
  • supemack39 3
  • Caroline2510 2

    Elleste Duet 1mg V 2mg

    Hi there - I'm 49 and only just started having hot flushes although I guess I've been peri-menopausal for some time now. I've previously managed with herbal remedies. My Dr has prescribed me Elleste Duet 2mg as opposed to 1mg but I didn't think to ask why? Surely at this 'early ' stage I should'

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  • HopeAgain 3

    Optimal Free Testosterone

    So I have been going through hormone nighmares for 2 years since menopause. I am currently on 1 spray Evamist and local estrace cream. I am thin and keep losing weight. My skin is dry as a bone as well as my vagina. I have tried everything. I have been to 3 endocronologists and they each say

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  • pearl90091 2
  • lyn82834 2

    Hysterectomy - ? removing ovaries

    Hello I've been on HRT for 17 years.  I had an endometrial biopsy recently which shows hyperplasia and metaplasia.  My gynaecologist has recommended laparoscopic hysterectomy.  He has discussed pros and cons of removing ovaries.  I had no idea that they provided some protection against heart

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  • supemack39 3
  • maureen8231 1

    weaning off premarin many years after hysterctomy

    I had a hysterectomy and ovaries removed 30 years ago. I've been on premarin most of that time. Now, my insurance won't cover it and I can't afford It. I've tried lower doses, I've been on estradiol, I tried effector, natural supplements and I've had nothing bit misery with any of these. Any ideas?

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  • angela65121 2


    Hi all Ive been on Evorel 50 for a year, couple of months ago i began having mood swings, low mood and crying a lot. My dr tried me with Fem 7 mood lifted the next day but began to go downhill again. After a week dr took me off that and doubled my dose of evorel by me wearing 2 patches. Agan mood

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  • lynn 100358 1

    Alternative trreatment for HRT

    My doctor has asked me to look at something to deal with my hot flushes but I cant take normal HRT tablets as been on them too long already. I was diagnosed with IBD many years ago and on steriods for a year, when I came off them my periods did not kick in so they put me on HRT as not only were

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  • Ailine 2
  • Ailine 2


      has anyone tried femoston after coming off premique which is discontinued, does any one know if premique low dose will come back??? 

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