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HRT - Hormone Replacement Therapy

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  • Mars777 3

    Feeling back to myself now back on HRT

    Hi Ladies, i first posted on here six or seven weeks back. I was feelng very anxious & having really bad sweats also very little appetite. I have been back on Hrt now for six weeks. I know it's a big decision as to take them as not always had good press? But in my view i would rather feel as i do now...

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  • d81326 2


    I am 47 and had my last period over 4 years ago. I managed the hot flushes well with herbal supplements and was fine until this past month. Suddenly I am having panic attacks, especially when trying to sleep, lower face painful cysts, huge weight gain and awful vaginal dryness and headaches. I was referred...

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  • kay76754 1


    Hi  I'm new to this forum.   I, like many other women, decided a while ago that I would avoid HRT like the plague.  But I am now considering it due to feeling so bad.  I can't take much more of living like this.   I take black cohosh, sage, flaxeed oil and magnesium.  I am flushing more now than ever....

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  • debsimpa 2
  • jill99205 2
  • marci49670 2

    Side effects from minivelle patch

    I've been taking minivelle for menepause symptoms since January, it works great even though I've had tons of side effects, just starting to get constant back pain for the last 2 weeks, I don't know if this is from patch, anyone else get back pain from patch after 5 months? It is a constant dull ache...

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  • Farmergal 2

    Oestradiol level surgery

    Having been on Everol patches for a long time I was found to have really low levels and seemingly allergic to the adhesive.. so new Consultant prescribed Estrogel pump  pack gel back in April.  Level were rising well and he was pleased...this week they appear to have surged for no reason and are way...

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  • groovygranny 2

    Forced off HRT at 60?

    I've been on HRT, very happily, since my menopause at 45 (I'm now 67).  My doctor is really pressing me now to come off it.  Personally, I believe in 'if it ain't broke, why fix it?'.   I am (as far as I know!) in very good health:  I walk for over an hour a day, work out, eat extremely well, don't smoke,...

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  • caroline35096 2
  • maryann35553 2

    HRT gels.

    I have been taking hormone gels compounded by a pharmacy in Pennsylvania for 14 months. 6 weeks ago I developed a vaginal yeast infection that will not go away. I took 3 rounds of diflucan which did not help. I read where HRT therapy can cause yeast infections. Has anyone had this problem? Thanks

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  • karen43902 2

    Menopause hot flushes Evorel

    I started taking Evorel 50 on Wednesday and felt amazing until today when all of my symptoms have come back. Hot flushes all night last night and feeling dizzy. Is my patch not strong enough or do I need to change it more frequently?

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  • Gigicc 1

    40 just began Estridol and progesterone I'm so fatigued!

    Hi all! I'm 40 years old and have been placed on Estridol patch 0.025mg and progesterone 100mg. I have been suffering with hot flashes, fatigue, insomnia, and moodiness for the past 3 years. My gyn strongly recommended hrt due to my age and these not so lovely early symptoms of premenopause plus heavy...

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  • Lilliepop 3

    68 still fighting my GP

    I'm still fighting to stay on HRT got another palaver next week trying to get me off HRT, sick of it. I'm well I'm not over weight, I walk every day, I eat health and never smoked, only take 1mg of eastrogen a day what is her problem. I agree with someone else on here that said if it not broken don't...

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  • kismet583 1
  • maisie05 6

    Bio identical HRT

    Is anyone in the UK using bioidentical hrt? How and where do you get it from? My GP says it isn't something they can prescribe. 

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  • julie93094 2

    Started elleste duet will it help muscle and joint pain

    Hi.. I am 49 and I've been perimenopausal for about two years, trying every 'natural' remedy there is spending hrs studying google, I have had bloods done and other than the normal 'low vit D' that I have addressed, I seem healthy. Thyroid and iron levels and immflamation markers all normal. I have resorted...

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  • B3ttyBoop 2

    Bioidentical Hormones Help!

    I had a Full Hysterectomy at the age of (32) I'm 37 now and STILL having issues. Ever since the hysterectomy my health issues have been bad. This isn't living! High anxiety, skin inflammation, Hot flashes, depression, sadness, headaches, insomnia, hair loss, weight loss, gut issues, angry, frustration,...

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  • angela65121 3

    Please Help! Struggling with anxiety, crying and depression.

    Hi i had happily been on Evorel Conti patches for 11 months when in january 17 i was hit with terrible anxiety and crying, mood swings, low mood, night sweats, hot flushes back. My doctor did try me on a couple of different hrt's but they didnt make any difference (have since been told i didnt stay on...

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  • Annaflare 3

    Sandrena, what happened

    Alrighty, i was started on sandrena 1mg daily to replace progynova. I felt absolutely terrible for the first week or so. That settled down and now one month later my blood results came back showing my estrogen at basically 900 pmol/l. Didnt even realise transdermal could get so high now Im realising...

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  • tracy8595 1


    I've been on HRT 3 weeks and am sad, angry, crying a lot

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  • frances26922 1


    Hi ladies, nine months ago I weaned myself off h.r.t after eleven years, since coming off them I just cannot sleep. I have had sleeping pills off doctor and after a few weeks got side effects of depression, crying dizzy, irritable. So went to see him after I stopped tablets. He gave me anti depressants,...

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  • angela65121 3
  • marlie63 2

    Symptoms of being off HRT

    I had been on it for 23 years. I weaned  OF HRT I took about 6 weeks or maybe a little more I have been completely off for a couple weeks.  This past week I have constant hot flashes mood swings nausea constipation extreme low energy exhausted.  Anybody else been down this road could use some advice 

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  • andrea51225 1
  • SYD312R 2

    Hysterectomy 10 years ago convinced Hormone Inbalance

    I am 60 years of age. 25 years ago I had removal of the Thyroid due to cancer. I have regular blood tests for my Thyroid levels, prescibed Sandocal calcium tablets. Approx 10 years ago I had a Hysterectomy. I have kept a diary to monitor my symptoms for years and every 24 days I have what I call my dying...

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  • Mars777 3

    Hrt Postmenopausal

    Hi Ladies,  anyone taking HRT postmenopaual. Getting hot sweats then feeling cold? I have been on them going into my third week now, Was on them before but seems to be taking a while to kick in as i have a little anxiety aswel x

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  • ittiandro 2

    Low testosterone and HRT

    I am expanding  on another thread  about osteoporosis and HRT, this time on a slightly different direction. My question is now about the side effects of HRT in  general and the risk of cancer  and   prostate cancer in  particular. Of course the specialist will have the last word, but I'd like to hear...

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  • silver.duchess 2

    premique 0.625mg

    I have just rung Pfizer customer services and premique 0.625mg has been discontinued and will not be coming back !! they still do the 0.3mg which is a lower dose but they have had problems with supplying it. Also Prempak C 0.625 which Pfizer also make is discontinued. I am seeing my GP today to discuss...

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  • pat11500 4

    HRT review

    I was called into my GP's surgery today as I had requested my Evorel Conti on repeat and the Doc they would not prescribe it until I had been in for my yearly check up (fair enough) I didn't see my usual GP as I would have had to wait over a month!! so the GP I did see gave me the 'talk'  telling me...

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  • helen16008 1

    HRT ?

    i've been having horrendous hot sweats lately I've tried all the herbal remedies finally went to see the nurse she suggested HRT I'm very sceptical. Can anyone here give me some advice

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  • h59196 2

    Menopause at 44- is HRT a must

    hi, I started the menopause over a year ago. until recently I felt awful, exhaustion, hot flushes, insomnia etc. most of the symptoms have calmed down expect starting to feel completely drained again, and looking like I aged 15 years in the past year and I am slightly stiff. i decided not to take H R...

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  • Mars777 3
  • sarah38062 3

    Removal of both ovaries

    Hello! I'm new to this site, I am going into hospital on the 25th May to have both ovaries removed as I have an 11cm simple cyst on my left ovary that twisted it has been monitored for the past year and has not caused me any further problems since last September when it twisted, my gyno recommends to...

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  • claire36483 2

    Advice after both Ovaries and Fallopian tubes removed

    Hi. I just turned 38 years old. 9 days ago I had an operation to remove both my ovaries and fallopian tubes. This was due to cysts that caused damage to both Ovaries. Unfortunately I have not had children and now won't be able to. Its been 9 days now since the operation. I am felling alot better and...

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  • pearl90091 2
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