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smartie65 smartie65

HRT life is good again.....

Hi ladies I just wanted to share some

Positive feedback. I know HRT is not a

Solution for everyone but it seems to be

Working for me after 4 years of misery

Wasted years now that I look back.

I have lots of energy, I could barely make it out of bed before, the depression has gone and the terrible aggressive grumpiness too

Thank god. I am taking a patch its been 6

Weeks now and my gyneocologist takes the same one. I am 50 and my periods stopped at 46 and I was unhappy for 4 years. I have a 9 year old son, and I wanted to enjoy him.

I know there are risks but for me I want to

Enjoy now and not waste the years I have.

My gyneocologist is very supportive around the same age as me and is pro HRT. I know not all doctors are. I hope you all find a way to get through this awful stage of life for me it had to be full on chemical warfare ! ! Lol 😁

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  • tracy12090 smartie65

    Glad you've found something that works for you and your enjoying life again. I agree life was an uphill struggle before hormones for me too, each to their own. Who knows what illnesses we have stored up for the future regardless of Hrt. My mums been on Hrt for 28 years and fit as a fiddle in fact in better health than me :-)

  • sheryl37154 smartie65

    You will most likely end up more healthier and long lived than those who do not use hrt and are suffering greatly.  That suffering is because damage to health is happening.  Our body thrives on oestrogen.  You just have to make sure you are using the right one.


  • price6209 smartie65

    That's wonderful news! I've taken hormones since my hysterectomy in my late 40's and always felt great.  A new OBGYN told me to cut way down (,05 mg Estradiol), I did as he said, did it myself by gradually tappering down, by the 6th month I started having terrible anxiety/panic/depression attacks. The fatigue was so great I could barely get out of bed and take to take daily naps (I never/ever have needed naps). I switched doctors immediately and after 8 months trying to get "re-adjusted" to my original hormone, let me tell you ..... I will NEVER go off hormones again. If they cause this or that then so be it. It's the quality of life. I'd rather live a shorter "wonderful" life instead of a miserable longer one. Plus, since I've gone back on my original dose (2 mg estradiol) my skin looks 100% better, our love life is better and the list goes on.

    • smartie65 price6209

      Hi Judy,

      That's great am very happy to hear

      You are back to normal and feeling

      Good thank god there is HRT !

      Enjoy every moment it all goes so fast

      Its time for me to get up and start a

      New day, I can't wait...........😁

    • denise89209 price6209

      Hi judylady. problem is that I'm so scared of taking my patches..I'm on evorel conti 50 mg eastradiol and noristerthrone.

      What's frightened me is that I was on conjuncted estrogen ( pregnant mares urine.,) Prempack my periods just stopped all of a sudden with no warning....and this made me feel extremely tired and uncontrolled crying jags with depression. ..I'm scared of taking the evorel , thinking it would be the same..I'm sat here on my own crying for messed up this is ??!!!..also I've had no period since Dec last year gone and today I've a bleed. ...I'm 49 and my test showed my estradiol is very low...I want my vivacious sex life back but most of all I want me back.the confident me the energetic me the glass is half full me...!!!!.I feel lost and frightened. .Please put my mind at rest...I just want know if HRT works. ... my symptoms are low mood, crying, anxiety.. and dizziness. . had the flashes last year but still lurking...sorry for my ramble..I'm frightened about what's happening with me..:-(

    • price6209 denise89209

      Hi Denise, I'm so sorry you're going through this. Everything you described is exactly what I went through. First, I love Estradiol pills and will never change, but I've had  little set back myself last week. I now think the 2 mg Estradiol may be a little too much. I started out taking this dosage when I was 49 for 5 years with absolutely no problems (I'm now 68) but due to my last OBGYN telling to stop taking the 2 mg and go down to .05 mg - I did as he said, but it didn't work, had bladder infections each month for 4 months, he then put me back up to 2 mg. By that time I could tell it was too much, so I regulated myself (by cutting the pills in half and some in quarter) to give me 8-1/2 mg a week. Worked great for 9 years until he decided to cut me to .05 mg again (stupid me for listening to him). Didn't work had terrible panic attacks, found a new OBGYN, had the bloodwork done and, like you, I was extremely low. After 1 year 8 months switching dosages 6 times he put me back up to 2 mg. and it took 8 months to feel good again (I'm entering my 9th month) but week before last what I thought was a yeast infection may be too much estrogen as the yeast infection medication didn't work. I'm very wet down there (alot) with some white stuff. I'm going in tomorrow to see if it's yeast infection or too much estrogen (my guess it's too much estrogen). Bottom line: Yes, everything you've experienced I went through as well. A lady going through the same as me (only two months more) told me to grit my teeth and hang on. By the end of your 6th month you'll begin to feel like you'll make it (by only a fraction), by the end of the 8th month you'll feel like you're about there. It takes a good year to really be back. Everything she said is exactly what happened to me. I'm sure you feel like you're losing your mind, feel like you may need anti-depressants, forget sex - ain't going to happen. You're trembling inside, your heart is fluttering, you feel a tightness across your chest and back/shoulders, crying, feel like a dark cloud is over you and the anxiety - "My Lord" the anxiety is unbearable. The way I endured it was I told my doctor I needed a prescription for Xanax (yes, I know you can get addicted - but if you take it only when you have really bad episodes you'll be okay, don't take it everyday and 1 Tyenol PM at night). One night I told my husband I should go to the ER as I was having a mental breakdown. He said take two Xanax (0.25 each) and 1 Aleve PM. It settled me right down and I could sleep. Hon, hang in there, this is just awful for we women. I never could even relate to all the women with hormone promblems until that OBGYN decided he should change my meds. I curse him everyday.

    • denise89209 price6209

      Thank you judylady. .I'm just so scared of taking it. ..The patch is evorel conti of estradiol. .I'm also progestin intolerant...I hope this patch hasn't got this in it...but it does have norethisterone.

      Oh how I hate these feelings !!

    • florette1 price6209

      Hello Judylady smile

      Was wondering you mentioned that you're skin is good with the estradiol is this a bio identical hormone or artificial hormone prescribed by your doctor. Because they say on the net that only bio identical hormones improve the skin and my collagen has changed dramatically in just a few months......

      Me too I have been prescribed evorel sequi and all I do is looking at the scared of the side effect......i ran out of the organic red clover which was helping with my moods and h.flushes but since the company said product is out of stock I took nothing from several week and all I do is crying . I have back problem and this why I considered taking hormones.

      Anyone or yourselves know if it will help with bones that much as I am scared as well to start......

      Δ°f it helps for skin and bones I would give it a try I. Stead or red clover am undecisive sad

      So hard........

    • price6209 florette1

      Hi Florette, I take Estradiol which I'm told is a plant derived hormone. Yes, my skin is much better in that it's no longer extremely dry and itchy. One other thing I may have failed to mention is that hormones are also better for the bones. My doctor also told me that hormones can help reduce colon cancer (which my mother had). Now whether this is true or not, I don't know, but I do know my life is soooo much better taking them. When you take them though, be sure you're not taking too much of a dosage (your body will let you know.) I tried going back to the 2 mg Estradiol, like I took back 1998 and now I know it's too strong for me so I'm very slowly tappering down a milligram every couple months until I feel like it's what I need. Listen to your body.


    • florette1 price6209

      Thank you for your reply smile it's the first time i talked to someone about it........all my friends are younger....although up to know i looked the younger one ......suddenly my like has become hell sad......

      all is many herbs  etc available on the many different opinions and people in england are not very much for hormone on the mum who if from france tells me all the times to

      take hormones and you confirmed it's good for bones.....may  be i should...

      i've looked on the box it's a 3.3 mg estradiol that i have been given.

      do you think this is high? i didn't know about different dosage etc...


    • price6209 florette1

      I live in Texas. I'm not sure where you live, but here we have .05 mg., 1 mg. and 2 mg. Estradiol. Presently I'm on 2 mg. "again" but even though the 2 mg. is the dosage I started with in 1998 (for 5 years until a doctor tried to get me down to almost zero mg), I can tell that now it's too much for me right now. With all the doseage changes (6 times last year, it's no wonder). Trust me, if it's too much your body will tell you. You can google the systems of too much hormone estrogen.  Bottom line: I felt like I was having a nervous break down without it and with it I have so much energy and love life. Some women can get along just fine without homones, but if they have had a full hysterectomy I don't see how they even function in life.

    • price6209 caroline 19506

      I have two close friends on 1 mg. Estradiol and are doing great. My last doctor put me on 1 mg. last year, but I started having too much anxiety and crying spells, so my new doctor ran blood work and the results showed I was too low in estrogen. He then upped my doseage to 2 mg. Estradiol. By the end of the 3rd month I could tell it was too strong (facial flushing, bloating and after my annual mammogram a couple weeks ago I have a very tiny estrogen cyst. (which will dissolve on it's own, but this is also another side effect of too much estrogen). So I need somewhere between 1 and 2 mg estradiol. Last week I went to my OBGYN and told him I was going to back off very slowly every couple months until I can tell I'm at the right dosage. I did this back in 2003 and never had a problem with estradiol until my first OBGYN decided to start changing my doseages and really messed me up. Now I'm trying to get back to where I was. WHY do doctors think they should mess with our hormones. I love Estradiol and never plan to change dosages again, once I get regulated. At least my new OBGYN said the same thing. He also said he has patients in their 80's on estrogen and are doing just fine, and he doesn't intend changing them. Note: I never had any dizziness with Estradiol, but since I jumped so many times  in dosages - going up and down (6 times in 20 months) I got so messed up that it's taken me a full 8 months now to feel normal again. I don't care what any doctor tells you - NO, most of the time it doesn't take 2 weeks to 3 months - if you're really messed up (hormone wise) it takes at least 6 months to just begin thinking you might make it and by the end of the 8th you'll feel you're almost at the end of the dark long tunnel. A friend going through it 2 months more than me said on days you feel you're about to lose it - "grit your teeth and hang on" those words got me through this awful mess.

    • florette1 price6209

      Amazing ! I live in England and it's a GP local doctor who prescribed it to me. He actually had to look in his book first.........

      Δ° wished I had a female doctor or a proper gynecologist ! Here you have to pay lots of money to see one.

      The reason I wanted to try hormones is for my back as I am in pain always and my low mood.

      Thank you for your help

    • Emeralda price6209

      'You're trembling inside, your heart is fluttering, you feel a tightness across your chest and back/shoulders, crying, feel like a dark cloud is over you and the anxiety - "My Lord" the anxiety is unbearable.;  Thank you Denise8209 for such an accurate description! i think if more women heard this they wouldn't feel so alone or that something disastrous is happening to them!  It is in a way, but those symptoms feel like emergency go to ER immediately symptoms.  And yet, they're hormonal fluctuations that we're all getting.  I can't believe what women go through!!!!



    • Emeralda caroline 19506

      In one way you're lucky!  As not having a womb means you don't have to take combined HRT, i.e. oestrogen with progesterone.  Progesterone is often the hormone women have problems with with re: to side effects.  Transdermal is usually the better/safer option to take hormones.  Personally I struggle with creams & gels though as don't seem to absorb well.  Think it's because I don't have much fat.  I prefer patches.  Which HRT have you tried?

    • vicky77852 Emeralda

      I feel exactly the same! I'm 42 and on hrt. I was feeling my life was over. Hrt gave me my life back. My gyn told me that I can have hrt for only 5 years! I just don't want to think that day. I ll take it until I die I think....


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