Menopause: bad dreams while taking HRT?

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Has anyone noticed a pattern of having bad dreams while taking HRT ? When I switched from tablets to patches I noticed I've been having many bad dreams and I can't see any other reason why this should happen. I'm wondering if I am sensitive to something in the adhesive, which often causes a red itchy rash after 4/5 days?

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    Hello I'm on patches and have bad dreams I'm on Evorel Conti

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      Hi Sarah I was interested in your post as I have recently started the Evorel Conti patches and am having very vivid detailed dreams! Otherwise I sleep much better than prior to the patches. Are you still having the dreams? Regards Debbie

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    Hiya, never had bad dreams while on them ,but when my idiot doctors said I had to come off them ... then I had bad ones as well as the hot sweats in a abundance . The itching only last a few weeks until your skin gets use to them . Lyn

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    For me since menopause hit my dreams have been always weird.

    Not nightmarish..sometimes, but unsettling, never easy, something always going wrong, basically anxiety type dreams..unresolved issues. I think that a whole LOT of what our brains have yet to process is going on..lacking of chemicals, overproduction. .I think it's becoming known more now but we in our lifetime probably won't have the answers..only guesses.


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      I had another one last night...maybe it is just an anxious time for me, but coincidence that I'm on patches. I think you are right about our brains having to process so much. I wish we new for certain how long all this menopause stuff lasts...then again I wouldn't want to know it was for ever, so hopefully adjustments happen and we"ll just get used to it.

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      Most early mornings are very dark, and unsettling. I feel it in my gut and my mood right away so I know that the brain is doing weird things! The whole body actually..

      Trying to repair, compensate etc.

      Ive had a few mornings where I felt normal upon awakening. What a beautiful thing that took for granted prior to meno.

      This morning back to doom and gloom so yes it's going to be a very long process getting through it.

      Wish you strength, I'm glad we arehere for support.


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      Mauiblue, I too, have had the morning doom and gloom feeling. It's been happening most days, and it feels like I'm having an adrenaline rush immediately upon awakening. It's an awful feeling like I'm about to launch into a panic attack. I'm so glad you posted because I haven't been able to figure out if it's another menopausal symptom, or if I've just become a more anxious person. I tend to think it's the former after reading your post, plus I never experienced that feeling before menopause. Well, I wanted to let you know that I just started adding Estrace cream 2x/week to my weekly Climara patch, and the last few days I haven't experienced it. Hallelujah! The last few months I was having vaginal soreness issues (atrophy) again. The patch had been enough on its own for the last six years to address that problem. But, my gynecologist said the patch wasn't enough to affect "all the way down there" now, so she prescribed the Estrace cream. I've got intense dreams now, but I guess it's better than the doom and gloom feeling every morning. Has that lessened for you? Have you considered going on HRT or if you're on it adjusting the dose?

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    Hi Retsina,

    I too have had some pretty weird dreams, i would say nightmares. I have recently been taking Estrogel gel & Utrogestan Progesterone tablets. I have stopped taking the Progesterone and i have noticed i sleep better and have not been having bad dreams, also i feel better in myself. I am continueing with the Eastrogen gel as i believe it keeps the hot flushes at bay.

    I am going to go back on Femseven Conti Patches, as these actually worked the best for me, i only stopped using them due to the fact they would not stay on, but in another thread it appears you can get some good strong sticking plasters that will keep them on. (Tagederm i think they are called).

    My doctor has given me a perscription for Femseven, but Pharmacies are saying out of stock until Dec 31st 2019. I do believe this is because they are trying to address their adhering to the skin problems.

    Here`s hoping anyway.

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    Hi. I'm I'm 52 and on HRT sequine patches. been on them 6 years and the last yr I have horrible dreams while on the 2 hormone patch... example....... things going wrong and happening to my I dosed of for an hr and woke terrified. I'd dreamt one of my pet chickens 🐓 jumped in the deep fat fryer...🍳 and started cooking her legs... scary... dont know where the dreams come from and no I'm not crazy lol. even tho menopause can make you feel that way some time 😁 I do have anxiety and sometimes wonder if the patches aggravate it.. doctor said blood results say I'm post menopause. but those results arnt 100%..or are they... to scares to stop the patch all together though xx

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    I have been on the Climara patch for 6 years and haven't had the intense vivid unsettling dreams, but I recently added Estrace for genitourinary syndrome of menopause (GSM) and am having vivid weird, sometimes nightmarish dreams. I'm thinking it must be all due to hormone changes. I thought my hormones were settled down with the patch but apparently there are more changes (what fun, not!) happening now as I'm feeling soreness in my lady bits and nightly bathroom visits.

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