2nd time round and nothing :(

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hi there

ive been on Orlistat a couple of times the first time i was a size 18 and got down to a size 10/12...i thought it was great :D but i found out i was pregnant and gained the weight back on sad after my son was born i asked the doctor to go back on them to lose the weight, this time round i dont know whats happening.im a size 16 and really want to go back to a healthy size maybe 12/14 but nothing is happening.i tried to eat some fatty foods to see if the Orlistat was working and nothing, normaly if i ate cheese i would be running for the loo but this time nothing its like im no even taking the Orlistat (if that makes sense :? )

i just dont know whats wrong this time and the doctor is saying if i dont lose anything in a month he has to take me off the Orlistat. im staying the same everytime i weigh myself what am i doing wrong.

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    sorry to hear things aren't going as you hoped.

    can you give a list of the things you are eating during the day as well as what you are drinking and let's see if us girls/boys can't help out a bit.

    When did you restart the tablet's and what exercising are you doing?

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    well i have breakfast between 8-9 which is nomaly ceral any thing below 2% fat with long life milk.then for dinner between 12-1 if i have dinner it probley be salad (lettece,tomato,cucumber,onion) with a pitta bread,for tea between 6-7 it might be another bowl of ceral or i might have rice and veg or handfull of pasta with a tomato sauce.

    for snacks ill have rice cakes probley 1 or 2....im hardly eating as im trying to keep to 3% fat with every meal like the doctor said.

    drink wise i dont really drink maybe the odd cup of tea (no sugar) i know i should drink water but ive never liked it i dont drink juice either.

    i dont really eat meat i only eat chicken or turkey.

    i dont have alot of time to be motive as ive got 3 kids but i do work out dvds twice a week (whole dvd),i walk school in back mon-fri (10mins day),running round after a 10 month old, and i play the wii alot (dance,bowling,wii fit) i walk into town maybe once week (15-20mins)

    what i dont understand is the doctor told me to keep to 3% fat with every meal but on here people are saying they have alot more.

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    I think your doctor has got it wrong. Sounds to me that you are not eating enough. You have to eat enough to keep the metabolism going.
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    i think you need more fat, besides anything else your body still needs some to function correctly and orlistat takes away 1/3 of what you eat.

    try eating up to 30g a day with no more than 15g in a meal, ideally keeping to foods which are 5%fat per 100g.

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    think the Dr or you have misunderstood how these tablets work, they take out a 3rd of fat on your intake.

    You need to be aiming to take on board 30g's of fat per day, split over three meals and snacks.

    You must not take more than 15g's of fat per meal.

    I split my allowance as follows:

    No more than 5g's of fat for breakfast

    then no more than 10g's for lunch

    then no more than 15g's for tea

    as I usually don't have anywhere near the 5g's for breakfast and the 10g's for lunch I have room to play with for snacks.

    Green tea is meant to help break down the fat as well as a small apple after your main meals.

    You should be aiming to have your tea a bit early, say no later than 6.30 as the body needs some time before it rests (sleep) to break down the fats for that meal.

    Sound like you are doing ok on the exercise side seems you just need to increase your food intake and try and drink more.

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    Thought I would share what I am having today.

    Breakfast was a bowl of mixed cereals, special K, shreddies and fruit & fibre with a sprinkling of cranberries. A small amount of skimmed milk as I like my cereal dryish.

    Lunch was bagel with marmite followed by hot cross bun toasted with guava jam on top.

    Tea is going to be fish, chips and veg followed by WW dessert, probably caramel crunch or a chocolate one.

    Snacks are dried fruit (prunes,apricots or mango) Go ahead cereal bars or snack a jacks if and when I want them

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    wow so im basically starving myself then sad no wonder im always dizzy and ill :cry: the doctor 100% said that every meal (3meals day) no more then 3g fat.

    i think im gonna go see my doctor again.....what i dont understand is,if im only having 3g fat and less per meal and being motive why am i staying the same weight.

    thank you for the replys

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    try a week or so with a better diet, read the leaflet that came in the packet of pills then go back to the GP and tell him he was giving you the wrong info, if he has done it to you he probably told other people as well.

    Try and see if you can get a regular appt with the practice nurse, initially I was seeing my nurse fortnightly but have now go three weekly and see the GP every other month to get some more tablets.

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    Firstly...really hope this works for you this time as you did a fantastic job before. I agree that you really need to eat more in your diet, you matabolism will slow right down.

    I am not sure if this is a long shot but maybe your bady has changed since having children and that is why you finding it more difficult this time round. I could be talking a load of rubbish as I dont have kids myself but I do know that a womens body can change drastically after being pregnant, I am not just talking about putting on weight, but all your hormones etc. Just an idea and was going to advise to talk to your Doc but he sounds no good trying to STARVE you :shock:

    I also see a nurse every 2 weeks and it is a great help and to be honest they sometime know more than the Docs :?

    Keep at it though and will have your fingers crossed. Eat more fat..not too much... :lol: and snack more during the day.

    Will try have more of a think. Let us know what you managing to eat during the day and we can help. Would love this to work for you again, being a size 12 must of been fantastic!!! I am a size 18 at the moment and desperatly want to be a 12/14, will be over the moon :D :D

    Good luck!

    Chat soon

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    Try drinking green tea after meals, i found this really helped, its takes a bit of getting used to, but after a while its not to bad.

    Stick at it, we are all in the same boat xx

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    If you are eating so little, your body will be clinging to the calories and fat it has in order to prevent what it sees as starvation and you won't lose weight, especially as you are exercising also. It can be difficult initially to work out what to eat and portion sizes but if you plan in advance, once you're used to it you'll know what you can eat and how much. Fingers crossed you will start to see results shortly.
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