3 months post op..what should I be able to do?

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I have a akin & bunionectomy on my right foot on2nd April. The immediate post op was better than I expected but now I am finding that my foot aches and is swollen more than it was at 2 months post op. What should I be able to do in terms of walking etc . I ask as I walked about 2 miles on Saturday in 3 installments and my foot is now more aching and swollen than a month ago. Am I expecting too much? Also what are you wearing on your feet, I have a pair of those Velcro closing sandles to keep foot cooler but a bit supported. 

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    hi probably to much to soon. It's  hard to try & figure out walking time and exercise. I usually stop and turn around when I feel any achey issues with my feet. It takes many many months to build up tendons and muscles in the feet after surgery. 

    Take care not to reinjure feet. Soak in Epsom salts removes swelling then Ice , take anti inflams and rest rest rest until swelling subsides..remember swelling is UR bodies way to tell u to rest and stay off the feet.

     OPPS don't forget a muscle relaxer if a glass of wine or margarita helps ...or meds!




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    I agree- two miles is a long way at the stage you're at.....but well done you for trying!! Be guided by your feet and they will tell you when you've done too much- it's trial and error for everyone as we're all different in our recoveries and what surgery we've had. On top of Hope's advice I would suggest gentle foot stretching as well..are you getting any physio? I'm at almost twenty weeks and still get caught out by random aches and swellings - it's a long haul I'm afraid but those who have gone before us say it's worth it!!

    Take care.


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      I'm not having any physio and this wasn't offered / suggested by my surgeon. All I was told was to stretch the toe forward and back which I have been doing religiously and find or helps. Do you have any others to suggest that you have found helpful? I think at the weekend I did overdo it but just wanted to get back to normal.. obviously not just yet though. What shoes / footwear are you wearing? 
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      Hi there- I'm pretty much wearing one pair of shoes all the time at the moment. They're a pair of Clarks type trainers in black- bought them the day I was allowed to walk properly at 6 weeks and they've been great but they are getting a little large now! That shows how swollen my feet were. I find that any of my old shoes are too tight and too short (!?!)- I think that now my toes are straight I'm half a shoe size longer than I was. Can still get into the walking shoes and boots though and also flip flops though they exercise my feet more than I want sometimes.

      My exercise routine consists mainly of a set of pilates moves that strengthen your feet. They include bending and stretching the toes; geting each toe to move separately in a sort of 'mexican wave'; trying to lift a pilates band with the big toes; scrunching your toes so that the pilates band is gathered up; balancing on one foot (difficult that one but very good for you!) and finally lying on my back with leg in the air and a pilates band around my toes- point and flex your foot. End up with an icing session and a foot massage. Try googling pilates foot exercieses.

      I always start and finish my day with a good foot massage to straighten all those little bones out.....I love it!! May never give that up- my husband does reckon that I spend an inordinate amount of time 'fiddling' with my feet though!

      Happy healing


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      Hi Eileen,

      thank you you for your help and suggestions on exercises to strengthen my foot. I did google and found the 'crunchy coach' who suggested the initial toe stretches but maybe something a little different is what is needed.  

      I have to say I like the idea of a foot massage, might even try to persuade my husband he might want to do it!   I will also google foot Pilates as I didn't know there were such exercises!

      I now realise there was a lack of after care guidance give to me after surgery so this forum has been a real help.

      Many thanks


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      I'm guessing that you may be a NHS patient? I was signed off after 6 weeks by my consultant with an instruction to 'wiggle your big toes' every day and that was it. I think that they maybe don't want to auto suggest that there may be pain when you start walking properly and faster.....if I walk slowly then my feet don't hurt nearly as much!

      When I got my plaster off at two weeks the nurse who took the plaster off suggested the massage- 'Get used to touching your feet' was what she said and I think that's been a great help. I do tend to be quite vigorous when massaging my toes but it gets the circulation going and feels great.biggrin

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    Hello phyl.

    What you describe is text book stuff.

    After periods of apparent continued progress I went through periods of feeling I was regressing rather than progressing.

    This does seem to be the way it goes. I guess when we feel we are making good progress we tend to forget that we have had major trauma to the foot/feet and overdo things. The result is then exactly as you describe. Acing and swelling. You will soon learn that the recovery from thissurgery is going to take a very long time and you'll begin to understand that you must not expect too much from your foot/feet.

    Of course you'll want to get back to noral as soon as possible. I know I did. But, lie you kept getting very sharp reminders that I needed to be knder to my foot.

    The walking will get better. I enjoy walking and it has taken me a long time for my fot to feel happy in my Brasher walking boots. The thing is, my bots are quite old and like all footwear they get used to accommodating your feet and their shape. Once you've had the operation the foot takes on a different shape and what once felt comfortable n certain shoes or walking boots will maybe not feel quite so now.

    I am delaying replacing my worn out boots until I've had my other foot done. I have however, bought a pair of Waldlaufer walking shoes which look a bit like trainers but are in act very much stronger and give more support than trainers. They come in shoe and boot style. I opted for the shoe style and believe me they have been a very worthwhile investment and are so comfortable and supportive. I will take my Brashers with mewhen I go on holiday to Scotland as I may want to walk in terrain where they will be more suited footwear than the Waldlaufers.

    As for sandals, mine were in need of replacing and I recently bought a new pair. Again from the Waldlaufer range. These have 2 velcro top fasteners across the top of the foot and a further buckle strap which goes around the ankle area. They cost £59.99 are are very lightweight and also very supportive. So, I can really recommend these also.

    As for the footwear in general, I am a bit of a shoe-holic and ave many pairs. All are flats as I don't feel happy in heels and are of the ballet pump or loafer style. I can confirm that I can comfortably wear all my shoes but it does take a lot of time and patience getting used to easing the feet into the shoes following this surgery. Whatever you do, do not force the shoes onto your eet if the feet won't bend. You will only cause unwanted damage and prolong the recover. I was wearing just 3 pairs of shoes for many weeks and thought I'd end up giving all my other pairs to charity. But, I am happy to report this is not now necessary.

    Patience is the key to all of this.

    Doing a 2 mile walk in 3 instalments sounds exactly like me back in February ( which was 3 months after my surgery). You may find that you experience some discomfort along the top of your foot/feet extending from the base of the tes towards the ankle. This is due to the ligaments and tendons settling into your foot walking in a different way to how it was prior to surgery. Also, as the bandages come off the foot is re-learning how to bedn and this can take a very long time as you will have a lot of stiffness.

    I am trying to be very thorough in explaining what you can expect as there's a lot going on in our feet which we are not aware of until we have this surgery. Lots of little bones and tendons etc.

    Do try to take care. Don't overdo things. Makes sure you continue to give the foot'feet plenty of rest and elevation. Do take painkillers if you get discomfort and/or pain. You will get there all in the fullnes of time.

    Good Luck.



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      Hi Gillian, the discription you give for the discomfort from the toes up towards my ankle is exactly what I am experiencing on the top of my foot today. It is really comforting to know that this is not unexpected as I was worried I had caused injury to my foot with the walking at the weekend :-( Think I may need to look at wearing a more supportive shoe again for a few days as wearing Fitflops is probably exercising my foot when it least needs it, so trainers here we come.

      many thanks for your help



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    You have been overdoing it by walking too far. Also best not wearing heels for the time being. Take care of your feet because they need to carry you everywhere.
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