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Hallux Valgus (Bunions)

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  • carrbar 2

    Sharing experience of double bunion and hammer toe operation

    Day 3 post double bunion and hammer toe operation. Why not join a forum? Lying in bed, feet up, drugs doing their job, feeling relaxed. I first agreed to have bunion surgery in 1994 but injured my back prior to the operation and had to endure spinal surgery Managed to put it off due to family and work...

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  • edie23950 2
  • stephanie78787 1

    Fell on my foot 4 weeks po after having bunionectomy

    I am 4 weeks po today and just fell off my crutches onto my foot! Im mortified! I was instructed to wear my boot 24/7 and have been taking it off more and more because its bothering me. I came out of my bathroom and was trying to shut my closet door and somehow lost balance and i completely fell down....

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  • sally54711 2

    After effects of fusion?

    Hi I've just seen a Surgeon who said the only option for my bunions is fusion.  However, this would mean that I had to wear absolutely flat shoes.  I wore shoes with about 1 inch heels to the consultation and was told that these would not be suitable - ever!  Is this really true?  One of the reasons...

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  • nicole52408 1

    Bunion surgery

    hello I had bunion surgery on my left big toe and my second toe got a screw put in to correct my hammer toe... I had the surgery on Thursday today is only Tuesday I finished all my pain pills this morning. I miss  still having a burning feeling and throbbing on the top of my foot the pills help do they...

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  • lynda82476 2

    Fusion surgery

    Was at the surgeon's today and he recommend doing Fusion surgery   I questioned him and he said other than I won't be able to run it's the best choice.  He said I had a lot of arthritis in my feet.   He did say I could have the regular surgery if I wanted it was up to me but with the regular the bunion...

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  • jennifer70624 3

    anyone ever get nerve damage

    I have posted this problem before I with concern of this new burning feeling in my foot. This is my 4week,( no weightberring total of 8 wks) and I am still having this burning fire feeling in my foot. It's not just a little burning. Which I do have sometimes, but at most times it's really bad. It's become...

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  • ali38464 2

    Huge pressure in foot after bunion surgery

    Hi everyone I really need some advice. Had bunion surgery 12 days ago on my left foot.... Not a huge amount of pain as I have the foot elevated most of the time. I finished anti inflammatories a week ago and have just finished my course of solpadol.  I have tried to walk around but the amount of pressure...

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  • simbacat 3

    walking after minimally invasive bunion surgery

    I had a scarf osteotomy with minimally invasive surgery on Wednesday 17th and have been sent home with crutches and told to elevate the foot for 50 mins out of every hour for 2 weeks. Its day 4 and I have found myself sometimes walking a few steps without them, just without any weight on the toe - when...

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  • arlene83746 2

    bad recovery

    Hi Everyone! I haven't posted in a long time partly because my story is so discouraging. I had surgery on January 24th and basically everything went wrong. my bones were too soft to hold the screws so he used pins. It was taking forever to heal. I got as far as weightbearing with a boot but when he...

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  • Terri66 3

    Removal of plate and screws

    Has anyone had their plate and screws removed from the big toe? After two and a half years and four ops I'm having them removed as they are too painful and making my foot swell, has anyone had problems after the removal of plate and screws? Thanks

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  • kathleen09956 2

    Time to do second foot bunion surgery

    So tomorrow I am having my other foot done to remove a bunion. A little back ground. I had bunion surgery on my right foot 4 weeks ago tomorrow. At the same time they also repaired a hammer toe. I was wondering who else had theirs done close together and also how it went.

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  • dcs 2

    Bunion Surgery questions

    Hi guys, I am looking for advice relating to bunion surgery. I have bunions on both feet that have been deemed somewhere between moderate and large/severe. In the left foot I have significant pain under the foot (between 1st and 2nd toes,  that I really need to get fixed. The right foot - although the...

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  • MaryGladys 2

    Bunion surgery - much more painful than I ever imagined

    Had Scarf osteotomy to remove bunion on right foot on Friday 2 March. Foot numb for almost 24 hours so not much pain until Saturday morning - then sheer agony! Ibuprofen & codeine alternated with paracetamol & codeine the most effective painkillers but you can only take so many in a day. Have stayed...

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  • olivia02916 2

    Debating whether to have surgery...

    Hi all, i really hope someone can help me on what seems like a really hard decision!! I am 22 years old, I have had bunions for about 6 years and it has progressed in the last 3. My left one is definitely the worse but both bunions have shifted my big toe underneath the toe next to it... I went to...

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  • chazaim922 2
  • sharon39182 2

    Bunion Surgery is it really worth it???

    I am now awaiting a appt with my specialist re my bunion, but reading all of the FORUMS I am beginning to change my mind as everyone seems to be in pain and it doesnt look good, so is it best to put up with the pain now or is it really worth it ??????

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  • carolr145 2

    8 Weeks Double Bunion Op

    Hi everyone,  I had both feet done the beginning of April '17. I done everything I was told (and more). Around 2 weeks in, I went to use the toilet (very short distance) and felt something "move" in my left foot. It was a very weird feeling and only caused a small bit of pain. I went straight back to...

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  • mrs chatty 1

    Post bunion surgery

    Im 3 months post bunion surgery with a permanent pin and staple. Im quite swollen and sore still causing a slight limp when I walk.anyone else had this post op? Not sure if to contact the consultant or not. I go back to see him in 3 weeks

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  • lizmw 2

    Bunion surgery -having both feet done at the same time.

    I would welcome hearing from anyone who has both feet operated on at the same time. I am really eager for this to happen to get it all over with in one go. Also I am 64 --very fit and active --(hike and cycle up hills etc) and  am worried about losing my fitness so am thinking that one period of recovery...

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  • Barbharbor 2

    Bunion Surgery Post Op Day One

    6-1-17 Surgery to release 3 hours. Don't know what type of surgery was done but will find out in 4 days as I missed the surgeon post op visit. I do know they did a nerve block and now 10 hours later I still can't feel a thing. But I am staying on the narcotics every six hours because I know the block...

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  • alicia58581 1

    Question on bunion on right foot

    I had bunion surgery two weeks ago, and today I almost tripped over my sister's cat and lost my balance, so I stepped on my whole foot and now I have been on a scale 9/10 like all day and nothing is helping... Has anyone had this problem? And yes I have been icing it from time to time and taking pain...

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  • jazzym05353 3

    Toe separators after surgery???

    Hi guys, Hope you're all well. I just wanted to know if anyone of you are wearing toe separators after surgery. If you are I just wanted to know how long after surgery did you start wearing them. I'm a little concerned about my big toes straying towards the others. I also still have small bumps where...

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  • sally54711 2

    Wearing heels after fusion bunion operation?

    Hi Call me vain, but I am very concerned that I apparently won't be able to wear heels EVER if I have a fusion bunion operation.  I'm not talking huge here, but the surgeon said anything over half an inch would not be possible.  Is this really the case?  At present I usually wear shoes with heels of...

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  • marie19880 2

    Hammertoe Surgery - my experience and some helpful tips

    Hello I had Hammertoe surgery 4 weeks ago on both feet, 6 toes in total and I thought I would share my experience as I had so many questions and needed more information and "googled" obsessively to find out more - so here is my experience. Surgery Day I arrived at the hospital and was quickly shown...

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  • teresa37878 1

    Bunion operation soon - need advice

    Hi this is Teresa of Hong Kong. I'm going to have a non-bone breaking surgery called "Syndesmosis" by De Daniel Wu on June 12. It is not mainstream procedure but sounds less traumatic since it focuses on fixing soft tissues. Just wonder if anyone has had such procedure before and is the experience. I...

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  • chazaim922 2

    Big toe fusion surgery

    Hello I had my big toe fusion last Friday. The day I got back from the hospital I was able to bear weight on my heel and walk for a bit. Ever since that day I'm no longer able to walk on my heel and have had My operated leg up with crutches. Is anyone else expereinxing this,

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  • sue95277 1

    After Bunion surgery

    I've had a bunion surgery a year ago and recently I get horrible nerve pain in foot by my third toe. My foot is swollen and I can not walk with out shoes because it feels like something poking the bottom of foot. Any suggestions?

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  • meghan23 2

    3 days post op chevron bunionectomy

    I had surgery Friday morning with general anesthesia and a nerve block, I had no pain up until Saturday at around 5 am when the nerve block began to wear off. Now I can't even walk to the barroom without feeling like my foot is going to explode. EXCRUCIATING PAIN!!!!!! when does this start to feel normal?!

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  • jen63480 1

    3 weeks after bilateral bunion surgery

    I had my ops done, 2 weeks apart.  Pain has been minimal, but I have had significant numbness in my toes which is quite unpleasant.  Im surprised though by how big an effort everything appears to be, I feel pretty exhausted after small things......dressing, walking dosn stairs etc etc.  I hear aboout...

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  • maggie66897 2
  • whooooo 1
  • Scottycat 1

    Any decent bunion splints/toe separators?

    I don't plan to have surgery anytime soon, but I do have a moderate to severe bunion on my right foot and my big toe is starting to cross over.� Does anyone have recommendations on how to prevent this from worsening?� I know a splint will not correct my bunion, but I'd love to find something to wear...

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  • joyce16553 3

    Walking after 6 weeks bunionectomy

    Hi Friends, For those of you who had only one foot done, I am wondering how you are feeling at 6 weeks. I have been walking for about 10 days in the aircast, as I had the surgery 6 weeks ago yesterday, but my foot is still sore and hurts, and I have severe sciatica in my good leg from sitting around...

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  • 20151810072 2

    Both feet - Bunion Surgery

    Hello everyone! I hope i can get some help. I am 27 years old and currently at university. I will break up for summer at the end of May untill September. The surgery is booked for the end of this month (may). What should i expect in turns of going to the toilet myself or showering? How long will...

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