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Hallux Valgus (Bunions)

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  • helen69280 2

    Severe bunion but mild pain

    I have a severe bunion on my left foot and a moderate one on my right. I saw an orthopaedic surgeon yesterday who would operate and remove one or both bunions for me but he stressed I do surgery for the right reason - reducing pain. The problem is that I don't really have much pain in them and can

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  • marie19880 2

    Hammertoe Surgery - my experience and some helpful tips

    Hello I had Hammertoe surgery 4 weeks ago on both feet, 6 toes in total and I thought I would share my experience as I had so many questions and needed more information and "googled" obsessively to find out more - so here is my experience. Surgery Day I arrived at the hospital and was quickly

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  • stacey9876 2

    Scheduled for bunionplasty

    Hello!  I am scheduled to have a bunionplasty procedure done on my first foot next week.  Two weeks after, I will have the second foot done.  I'm super nervous!  I have a mild bunion on both feet.  I have no idea what to expect.  Does anyone have any experience with this procedure?  Thank you!

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  • christinah 1

    Bunion and hammertoe surgery

    I had hammertoe and bunion surgery 3 weeks ago. Pins removed from my toes at 2 weeks. My 2nd toe is still numb completely. My toes are swollen though my foot is fine. I'm hoping my toe regains feeling. Has anyone went through this?

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  • dcs 2

    Bunion Surgery questions

    Hi guys, I am looking for advice relating to bunion surgery. I have bunions on both feet that have been deemed somewhere between moderate and large/severe. In the left foot I have significant pain under the foot (between 1st and 2nd toes,  that I really need to get fixed. The right foot - although

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  • Pandoraparker 2

    Bunion-Foot swelling after surgery

    I had bunion surgery 2 months ago and just got my cast off last week. I am experiencing a lot swelling just from a little walking around and standing for awhile. Is this common? How long will this last?

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  • tammy81550 1

    I am new here & need advice on bunion surgery

    Hello I am new on this site. I am suppose to have surgery end of July 2017 on my bunion & guess hammer toe. My Dr is telling me I will need plates & screws to keep bone in place. Before last year he said I was only going have pins. I am scared after reading so many stories. I am 48 & I do not do

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  • Scottycat 1

    Any decent bunion splints/toe separators?

    I don't plan to have surgery anytime soon, but I do have a moderate to severe bunion on my right foot and my big toe is starting to cross over.� Does anyone have recommendations on how to prevent this from worsening?� I know a splint will not correct my bunion, but I'd love to find something to

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  • jennifer70624 3

    anyone ever get nerve damage

    I have posted this problem before I with concern of this new burning feeling in my foot. This is my 4week,( no weightberring total of 8 wks) and I am still having this burning fire feeling in my foot. It's not just a little burning. Which I do have sometimes, but at most times it's really bad. It's

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  • jacqueline54795 2

    6 months post op and still struggling

    I had my surgery in October with 2 screws/wires inserted. Prior to my op I was fairly fit, being an active gym member, running and playing netball. 6 months later I can do very little apart from using an exercise bike. Although I can deal with that in the long term, I just want to be able to walk

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  • vanessa37529 2

    Post op pain behind the knee

    Hello All, I am 6 days post op from having a Lapidus and gastroc recession. I am not sure if the pain I am feeling behind my knee is from the gastroc recession, nerve block administered or using a knee scooter to get around or a combination of all three. Has anyone else experienced this after surgery?...

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  • whooooo 1
  • Vivetkah- 1

    Calf pain in the last couple of days of week three

    Hello, I had foot surgery almost three weeks ago and it was for two bunions and a neuroma( nerve tumor). I have been having pain on my calf since two days ago. Has anyone had this? Tomorrow I get to see the Dr. I'm still using the pain medication as needed. I find changing positions quite

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  • toni80697 2

    Bunionectomy really not worth it!

    Hi I had a bunionectomy done on December 19th 2016. I was sent home with Percocet. Told to take it every 4 hours. The prescription said to take every 6 hours. As you I can imagine I ran out  before the prescription was due. Told my doctor and he said there was nothing he could do for me. He said

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  • Claireme100 3


    Does anyone no why I have developed water like blisters on my toes and bottom of my foot after bunionectomy surgery?? I am 3wks post-op & everything was going well until 4days ago I noticed a few blisters spear!?? Am very worried, they don't hurt me but am scared to put my cast back incase the

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  • theresa 22006 2

    Shoes after dressings off

    Hi everyone, Amazingly I am in trainers after the three weeks even though they hurt to take off but not put on! Question is, and I know I should have asked him, do you keep them on all day or only when you are walking around. He is only allowing me 10 minutes walking every hour with the rest of

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  • lillibelle 1

    bunion recovery

    had stitches removed on wednesday 12/04/17 and now dressing free.  Can I use surgical spirit to remove dressing residue?

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  • Itsme0512 2

    Recovery question bunion surgery

    I had bunion surgery on both my feet March 22,2017 they used wires rather than pins to realign my big toes my question is did you wear the boots(wedge shoe ) all the time or just when you were walking to washroom  

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  • Mon00 2

    Shocked at swelling!

    Hi I'm 4 weeks post op (right foot & the lesser op of of no fusion) and had cast & bandaging removed yesterday.  Was looking forward to getting it all off as at 1 week post op my surgeon took it all off to check & it looked amazing. No swelling or bruising to see and totally straight big toe but

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  • robdog 2

    3 weeks post bunion op

    I had my cast/bandages removed last week and had a small dressing put on. I should take that dressing off myself today and then I can get my foot wet. I'm a bit scared to be honest. Guess I still won't be able to shower as no weight can be put on the front of my foot for another 5 weeks I was told.

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  • Claireme100 3

    Blisters after bunionectomy

    Hi everyone! I had bunionectomy surgery 3wks ago & ive just started to notice small like water blisters on my toes & the bottom of the ball of my foot!?? Has anyone else ever had this problem! I am waiting to get an appointment at my surgery! Thanks!!! Any advice/tips would be very greatful

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  • MaryGladys 2

    Bunion surgery - much more painful than I ever imagined

    Had Scarf osteotomy to remove bunion on right foot on Friday 2 March. Foot numb for almost 24 hours so not much pain until Saturday morning - then sheer agony! Ibuprofen & codeine alternated with paracetamol & codeine the most effective painkillers but you can only take so many in a day. Have

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  • Mrspiggy 2

    Wound infection

    I first visited GP 3 weeks ago about my scar being infected. 2 courses of penicillin and numerous visits I found out last Friday that IV antibiotics only would work (though GP receptionist said I was sensitive to iv antibiotics and couldn'the have them and no further action was required!). Saw

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  • toni80697 2

    Bunionectomy gone wrong

    Hi I had a bunionectomy done on December 19th 2017. The doctor that did mine said that I was complaining so much that none of his other patients had much pain as I did. I was in three different cast and he took me out of my last cast on February 7th and put in a walking boot. I was in that walking

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  • Korey 1
  • tracey2703 2

    Hallux Valgus & Hammer Toe Surgery Gone Wrong

    I may be in the minority as I have searched various sites and yet to find anyone with the problems I have On 28th August 2013 I had both feet operated on. The left foot bunion removed and big toe straightened (this foot wasn't causing problems but surgeon did it as a precaution) Right foot

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  • Itsme0512 2

    Sleeping issues

    i can't get a goods night sleep at all,just can't get comfortable and have never been a back sleeper. Tired of elevating my feet at bedtime anyine side sleep,or gave any tips. I am on day 10 of having both feet done bunions removed and big toes realigned with wire 

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  • Claireme100 3

    2wks post op Bunionectomy

    Hi! Just updating from my surgery! I had a plate, 2screws & 1 pin placed in my foot from my severe bunion !! I had my stitches trimmed today 2wks after surgery,I was scared of looking st my foot for the 1st time after a big trauma but the scar is not as bad as I thought, it looks neat, but sore but

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  • theresa 22006 2

    First trainers after surgery

    Can anyone suggest any trainers suitable after scarf/akin and hammer toe surgery as I have never bought any trainers before. I will be at week 3 so I want to make sure I buy the right ones. The surgeon will be taking my stitches out at the same time so I really need help to get it right.

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  • Claireme100 3

    Tightness In my foot after bunionectomy surgery

    I had bunionectomy surgery 2weeks on Thursday & the past 2days am feeling like a tightness feeling like Just on top of my foot around were the bunion was???? It hurts when am standing up, but it never did it before, am Not sure if it's the bandages as they do feel tight!! Feels like something is

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  • rebecca31271 1

    Why do I keep getting stabbing pains 3 week after surgery

    I had surgery 3 weeks ago and it's been such a nightmare. I was allergic to codine so ended up on tramadol for the first 2 weeks and had crutches and a post op shoe but after 2 weeks they took my crutches off me and told to get a trainer on but to swollen so have kept my special shoe on. Can't

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  • joyce16553 3

    Walking after 6 weeks bunionectomy

    Hi Friends, For those of you who had only one foot done, I am wondering how you are feeling at 6 weeks. I have been walking for about 10 days in the aircast, as I had the surgery 6 weeks ago yesterday, but my foot is still sore and hurts, and I have severe sciatica in my good leg from sitting

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  • laura04277 1

    Bunion surgery

    I am a very active person and I am going to have foot surgery. I am trying to decide if I should have a Lapidus bunionectomy or Arthrodesis of the big toe joint? I also will be having an osteotomy for a large tear in my plantar plate. Any suggestions and or opinions would be greatly appreciated!

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  • fencette 2

    Severe pain after Scarf Akin Osteotomy

    Hi, I can not describe the immense pain I am in. Had surgery on 28th March and the ankle block wore off completely last evening at home. I have been taking 15mg Endone (Oxycodone) every 4 hours with paracetamol and having very little effect. The burning and throbbing is horrendous. Have others

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  • meg44612 2

    Bunion & 2 hammer toe surgery

    My pins were taken out a week ago but toes totally stiff and unable to put any normal shoes or trainers on yet Plus I can't remember the exercises the doc told me to stretch my toes. Anyone help or tell me when can walk almost normally again ?

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