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Hallux Valgus (Bunions)

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  • anner33 1

    Postoperative recovery concerns

    Hello everyone I had Hallux Valgus surgery on 10 July but still have no movement and almost no feeling in the big toe. Moreover, the toe appears to be misaligned with the other toes on the vertical axis. The physiotherapist said I should be able to walk without crutches by this stage. But I can...

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  • MaryGladys 2

    Bunion surgery - much more painful than I ever imagined

    Had Scarf osteotomy to remove bunion on right foot on Friday 2 March. Foot numb for almost 24 hours so not much pain until Saturday morning - then sheer agony! Ibuprofen & codeine alternated with paracetamol & codeine the most effective painkillers but you can only take so many in a day. Have...

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  • Ckh5941 1
  • Rainey123 2

    Bunion year on today!

    Today marks exactly one year since I had a double bunionectomy and all I can say is it has been such a success. I would advise anyone thinking of going through with this operation whether it would be for just one or both feet and as long as you have planned ahead for example help during and after,...

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  • marie19880 2

    Hammertoe Surgery - my experience and some helpful tips

    Hello I had Hammertoe surgery 4 weeks ago on both feet, 6 toes in total and I thought I would share my experience as I had so many questions and needed more information and "googled" obsessively to find out more - so here is my experience. Surgery Day I arrived at the hospital and was quickly...

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  • joyce16553 3

    Walking after 6 weeks bunionectomy

    Hi Friends, For those of you who had only one foot done, I am wondering how you are feeling at 6 weeks. I have been walking for about 10 days in the aircast, as I had the surgery 6 weeks ago yesterday, but my foot is still sore and hurts, and I have severe sciatica in my good leg from sitting around...

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  • Guest M

    Hallux rigidus (fusion)

    Help Can anyone advise me? I am due to have a bunion removed next month but because of arthritus in my big toe I am also having a 'fusion'. I would love to hear from anyone who has had this operation to know their experiences. Was it very painful - how long off work . what (if any) height...

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  • diagoro 2

    Bunion removal surgery and metal pins question

    I had a bunion removed on December 23, 2013. A slice of the big toe was removed (primarily the bunion) and two pins were inserted for stability. After two months I started to experience pain when walking, and can center it around the location of the pins. My podiatrist made the suggestion yesterday...

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  • MrsSAS 2

    Bunion Operation

    I hope this will help anybody having or thinking of having a bunion operation. I had my operation on my right foot 4 weeks ago. I had read so many horrific articles about how painful it is etc. etc. I can only speak for myself, I felt some pain for a couple of days which painkillers took care of. After...

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  • Vibeke2106 2

    Ankle problems after hallux valus/bunion op, anyone?

    I have trouble moving my ankle still now 4 weeks post op of hallux valug and one hammer toe. The nurse think it is the blocakde in the back of ankle for pain relief post opreration, but still i can only move my ankle manually, it seems 'the upper side' do not work and only the back is pulling....have...

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  • Terri66 3

    Removal of plate and screws

    Has anyone had their plate and screws removed from the big toe? After two and a half years and four ops I'm having them removed as they are too painful and making my foot swell, has anyone had problems after the removal of plate and screws? Thanks

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  • jksaunders 2
  • metoo71111 1

    Bunion surgery on right foot when you live alone?

    I would have to lie to my doctor and say I have someone to stay with me or he will not do the surgery. My only family is 1000 miles away. I would have to cover expenses for my father to come here. Then he might be able to stay a few days. Is it possible for me to take an Uber to the doctor post op care? ...

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  • len46291 2

    Mr Len lyons

    I am 73 and take warferin and am awaiting Date to have 2 bunions done at the same time.they will give me a general anaesthetic because of the warferin.They say they want to do them together to cut down the risk I have been reading lots of reports and frankly I am thinking of not doing it as most people...

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  • gilly96144 3

    Removal of Pin in Hammer Toe

    hi all.... sorry to ask so many questions but can i ask i have one pin in for hammer toe... it is due to be taken out on the 29th June, the doctor said it would be loose by then and just slip out... but somehow i am not feeling confident... is having a pin out ok xx thank you

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  • stephanie78787 1

    Fell on my foot 4 weeks po after having bunionectomy

    I am 4 weeks po today and just fell off my crutches onto my foot! Im mortified! I was instructed to wear my boot 24/7 and have been taking it off more and more because its bothering me. I came out of my bathroom and was trying to shut my closet door and somehow lost balance and i completely fell down....

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  • tracey2703 2

    Hallux Valgus & Hammer Toe Surgery Gone Wrong

    I may be in the minority as I have searched various sites and yet to find anyone with the problems I have On 28th August 2013 I had both feet operated on. The left foot bunion removed and big toe straightened (this foot wasn't causing problems but surgeon did it as a precaution) Right foot bunion...

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  • ahsandar10 2
  • jo penny 2

    Surgeon recommendations for bunion removal

    I have gotten to the point where I am going to have to do something about my bunion as it is now causing pain, even when I am resting. I have read some horror stories that have put me off. Can anyone recommend a good surgeon here in the UK. I have BUPA cover so can go private. I live in Northamptonshire...

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  • Rogerv 1



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  • maria19640 1

    After bunion op

    Hi I'm 4 weeks into my op I have been in no pain for since day 2 .walking better .I also want to drive coz it's driving me mad at home .I have friends and family that come and help everyday but it's not the same . Independents is what I need . But i have been told I can drive for 6 weeks...

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  • Hbaxter07 1

    Bunionectomy question

    Hey guys! I'm 5 weeks post op for a bunionectomy. I had my pin taken out last week, however my doctor said I couldn't get my foot wet until the hole completely closes from the pin being removed. Anyway, my question is my foot is extremely dry even between my toes. I still have a fresh scab where...

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  • heidi37022 2

    Screw removal after bunion surgery

    I had bunion surgery last September with 2 screws placed in  right foot. I have a bump appeared top of right foot that surgeon has confirmed is a screw that needs removing now.  I have surgery booked for beginning of April for left foot to have bunion removed and also to remove the screw from...

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  • robie82 2

    Hallux valgus (bunion) surgery in athletes

    I am a 30-year old professional football player. I have a large bunion on my left foot ( so large that I am forced to use split-size shoes). In my case, surgery seems to be the only solution. To what degree will my performance be affected by the operation? Suggestions and personal stories from athletes...

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  • mrs chatty 2

    Update on recovery

    Ive seen my surgeon now for the final check before im signed off but still very tender across the top of my foot and swollen. After another xray, which confirmed all ok thank goodness, I'm returning to see him in 8 weeks. It is not unusual to still be tender and swollen for up to 12 months. It's...

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  • morganbevington 1

    Bunion surgery

    I'm a 18 year old female that just had bunion surgery on the 20th of June during the year 2017 at 9:35am. Unfortunately, I had bunions on both of my feet. They were so painful to the point that on most days, I couldn't walk. I tried to avoid the surgery as long as I could but the pain was getting...

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  • morganbevington 1

    Bunion surgery

    I'm a 18 year old female that just had bunion surgery on the 20th of June during the year 2017 at 9:35am. Unfortunately, I had bunions on both of my feet. They were so painful to the point that on most days, I couldn't walk. I tried to avoid the surgery as long as I could but the pain was getting...

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  • allison30388 3

    I'm in the military; road to recovery after lapidus bunionectomy

    I had a lapidus bunionectomy March 10th. I have my third post op appt tomorrow morning where my doc will take xrays to ensure the screws in my foot haven't backed out and my bones have continued to heal. I was put in a big, black boot about a month ago now after being in a cast and splint for 6 weeks...

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  • nicole52408 1

    Bunion surgery

    hello I had bunion surgery on my left big toe and my second toe got a screw put in to correct my hammer toe... I had the surgery on Thursday today is only Tuesday I finished all my pain pills this morning. I miss  still having a burning feeling and throbbing on the top of my foot the pills help...

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  • sue95277 1

    After Bunion surgery

    I've had a bunion surgery a year ago and recently I get horrible nerve pain in foot by my third toe. My foot is swollen and I can not walk with out shoes because it feels like something poking the bottom of foot. Any suggestions?

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  • liz97656 2
  • edie23950 2
  • Pandoraparker 2

    Failed bunion surgery

    I had bunion surgery in Oct. I ended up in terrible pain after. Worse than the bunion ever was. First Dr. said get orthotics and dismissed me. Second Dr. told me one of the bones did not set right and had to do surgery again. The day came to walk again and I'm in even more pain then the first...

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  • carrbar 2

    Sharing experience of double bunion and hammer toe operation

    Day 3 post double bunion and hammer toe operation. Why not join a forum? Lying in bed, feet up, drugs doing their job, feeling relaxed. I first agreed to have bunion surgery in 1994 but injured my back prior to the operation and had to endure spinal surgery Managed to put it off due to family and work...

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  • sally54711 2

    After effects of fusion?

    Hi I've just seen a Surgeon who said the only option for my bunions is fusion.  However, this would mean that I had to wear absolutely flat shoes.  I wore shoes with about 1 inch heels to the consultation and was told that these would not be suitable - ever!  Is this really true? ...

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