3 more weeks

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3 more weeks until my ct scan. Hopefully the clots are gone and i can come off of Apixaban.

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    Hope it is good news. My doctor has told me I probably won't have a scan and will need to stay on Apixaban as they do not know the cause of the clots. Good luck.xx

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      They dont know why i got it either but my hematologist said the first time you get one the treatment is 6 months to a year. They think mine may have been caused by being in the hospital for 11 days and even thobi was not bed all the time i sat a lot. Plus my doc says im to youn to be on it forever right now. Im 35. How old are you?
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      Hi Samantha. Yes could be an age issue as I am 65 this year. Had blood tests today 7 months since diagnosed with clots in both lungs. Hoping results ok. xx
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      Hope all is well. Are you from the uk too?
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      Hi Samantha it's been exactly a year to the date since I collapsed at work with unprovoked massive P.E in both lungs , I was also told that it could be 6 month to a year on apixabhan , I'm still on them now and will probably be on them for life , I'm 36

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      Hi Samantha. Yes I live in Sussex. No phone call re blood tests so assume ok . Will check next Tuesday. We just have to take each day as it comes. I am lucky as I am retired. Must be very difficult if you have to work or have young children. Take care.😊

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      Why on for life? Your young do you have factor v or something
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      Yes i have a 14 year old and catch shoplifters for a living
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      They say because it was unprovoked they don't know what caused the clots so I have a 1 in 5 chance of getting them again if not on thinners . I had no symptoms no dvt or anything except a bad cough

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      Interesting because they are not 100 % on what caused mine but are gona take me off. I hope i dont get anoyher one.
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    I am 23 years old samantha and I have clot

    In my left lungs 3/03/17 They dont know whEre it comes from but i am so afraid. i need to take xarelto for 6 months.

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      Hi Jhona. I was diagnosed last August with bilateral clots and right ventricular strain. We have good days and bad days. Just do as much as you can and listen to your body. Slow everything down. I am on apixaban for life as mine was un provoked. Any problems just ask . This forum is a great help. x
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      I too had bilateral pes in november 2016 and scared the sh*t out of me. Your anxiety is normal. I too am on apixaban but i had my ct scan today. If on tuesday the results show mine are gone then i can come off of the apixaban. They dont know what caused mine. They suspect it was being in the hospital for 11 days. But unsure. I still have mild syptoms. But you will get better.
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      Thank You so much lizzie!

      How old r u if u don't mind me asking!

      Mine is a long Story. I went to the Hospital because i have severe pain in my tummy. And Then They decide that i need to stay for 1 to 2 days in the Hospital.

      After a few days They say it was a Gallen bladder and need to opperate afcoures

      I was afraid. But need to do Then i was crying and crying. But Then After the OP

      They say i don't have any Problem. Gallen is healthy in Short no Cutting or anything in my tummy. but when They wake me up after OP i vomit blood and I say i can't breath! Thats all i know They leave me in coma for 3 days Thats sucks i don't really understand!

      That time i'm Bit Fine i thought

      That i can go home with a healthy body! They say We found nothing in your tummy all is Fine. You can go home! After the (coma) Then i was happy its really horrible in coma! But Then After 2 days in house i cant breath don't know why?

      That time i feel high i feel like a paper that in Small blow i will fall down!

      So i think its normal because of the coma maybe! So 1 more Day i can't really breath its Hard and my heart bit so fast.

      I went to doctor and They make test.

      So They find positive lungs embolism!

      Why at my young Age?

      Before i went to the Hospital everythings Fine i only have pain in the tummy and now in lungs! Thats make me so sad!

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      Hi I am 65!. 😊 You are so young to have to go through all that. So frightening for you. I think treatment is a bit different in some countries. At least you have got the correct diagnosis now. When you say your tummy is painful does it feel like someone is sitting on you . That should go after a few months but the breathlessness will probably take longer. Take care you can always chat on here. xx

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      Hi samantha,

      Well Mine will look on Monday.

      First Check up! I hope bit better...

      Thanks i found positiv people here

      Please Chat here how was your CT

      Would love to hear that Your negativ.

      To bloodclot.

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      I am negative for bloodclots yayayayay
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      OMG.!!! I am thrilled for you. Thanks for sharing your wonderful news. xx 😍💐

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      Wow yehey Yehey! I am so happy for u!


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      So now... I went last Monday to doctor for the lungs Rontgen and everythings Fine!

      He say i go to Münster in june for the CT Then i will know how Small or big the bloodclots he adds that maybe its already gOne i hope so! Then i will stop with xarelto and Then New Check up for tummy They cant doit right now because it may causes Bleeding! And now im so worried!

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      Keep being positive. Good news so far. We are thinking of you. It is awful waiting for all these appointments. We keep wishing our lives away . It takes over. Try to make the most of the good days. I try to set myself small tasks that I know I should be able to achieve. Don't expect too much of yourself. Take care. 😍?💐

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      Thank You lizzie

      Maybe i'm just bring paranoid causes of

      My tummy in the left side because that was my First Problem. And I am just thinking to much About it After all what They do to me maybe They dont See it or or or! Omg because still now i feel the pain its mild but someTimes bit serious

      I am just thigking what was that Then

      Arena They really sure that They Check it?! Because They only Do CT in my tummy my asking is can CT See all whats Inside the body??

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