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Pulmonary Embolism

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  • bockko 2

    pulmonary embolism and flying

    hi everyone i was diagonised with pe on both lungs on the 15th of may 2017 i am now on rivaroxaban  15mg twice a day and 25mg of sildenafil 3 times a day i am due to fliy on a 9 hour flight on 11th of june 2017 now that iam aware of what i need to do i am willing to take my chances and fly but im

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  • elizabeth05322 1

    Pulmonary embolism

    I was diagnosed with 2 clots left lung 4 weeks ago.  Cannot get definitive answer from GP re exercise as in what is ok and what not. 

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  • debby01 3

    Clots in Period

    Hi all, Does anyone else get clots in the blood whilst on your period? Not a lovely discussion I know!

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  • samantha 60074 3
  • jhona63366 2

    Lung embolism

    Hi everyone! Did anyone who feel's like This, i am going to 3 months with XARELTO This june but This fast few days i feel This I am so sleepy Then when i think i fellasleep i just woke Up because of hard breathing! U know guys what i mean?! Do i need to consult the doctor?

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  • Windy8000 3

    Something new.

    Legs are hurting. I feel like I might have another clot going on. Don't understand how being on the xarelto but then again a friend got 2 leg clots and 2 separate PEs Today I tried to plant some flowers and had an awful time coughing and out of breath now I'm sitting here getting stabbed in the

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  • james85348 2

    Clot free

    Got a ct scan today and they said that the clot has gone. I'm guessing there is no scarring otherwise they would mention it I suppose the tight chest should go soon I'm guessing if the clot has gone

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  • Kytherra 1

    Slightly Elevated D-Dimer (Third Time)

    Hello everyone!  I'm very scared at the moment and would really appreciate your advice. I'm 25 years old and stopped birth control bbout 4 months ago after I went to the hospital complaining of chest pain with a high heart rate and shortness of breath. After testing my blood they told me that my

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  • joanne32649 2

    Oxygen levels

    I am less than a week in from multiple PEs in both lungs. My oxygen levels when I am sitting are around 95 but as soon as I do anything like walking around the house, stairs or treadmill by levels drop to 88. Should I be worried that it's dropping below 90. It comes back up to 95 within a couple of

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  • james85348 2

    Shortness of breath

    Anyone had shortness of breath getting worse ?? I'm 12 weeks in and it's I'm still getting it quite bad. I can run with no pain but it's the shortness of breath that is stopping me do anything. I'm sure the anxiety isn't helping. I spoke to my doctor he is giving me a ct scan and checking my lung

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  • samuels 5
  • rohit19405 2

    can it be ?? pulmonary embolism ??

    I had a leg injury in my foot took rest for some days cause that was deep later it was cured no pain it became hematoma like small lump on that wound but doesn't pain one day I felt strange electric shock like pain on my left chest which became very sharp like stabbing and suddenly released

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  • Mort1 2


    I had a DVT last October after a knee op and was taking warfarin until mud March. On Tuesday (May) this week after being admitted to A&E I was diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism. They say there are multiple clots but all are small. I'm now on rivaroxoaban. I still have chest and shoulder pain.

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  • HeyZeidy 3

    possible pulmonary embolism.... please help!!!!

    Let me give you guys a little background history and then my symptoms. I'm 21, been told I'm healthy. Have gotten a catscan done back in February for an elevated d dimer, came back negative. Went back to the hospital in May, d dimer was 100 over what's considered "normal" got another catscan done,...

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  • jamieleigh51118 2


    Hey all, I really hope everyone is doing well. I am a paranoid mess these day constantly thinking I'm having symptoms of another clot I'm always at the hospital or doctors. It doesn't help that I have major health anxiety. Am I the only one who is paranoid? I'm taking pain killers every day just

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  • lizzie70061 3
  • jamieleigh51118 2
  • samantha 60074 3


    Does anyone smoke? I do a little bit and im trying to break it because im afraid of getting another clot. But its hard.

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  • debby01 3
  • zara234 1

    High heart rate..previous pulmonary embolism

    Im only 23 and when i was 19 i had 2 large clots (one in each lung) and pnemonia. I had severe pain with it but after about a week and a half i felt fine. My question is, when i yawn or sneeze i still feel slight pain where it also randomly get chest pains and have a resting pulse of 97 bpm

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  • james85348 2
  • Keniki 2

    Multiple PE on both lungs-tips?!

    Hi, after a couple of weeks of what I considered to be GP sent me to hospital to be checked as he said my shortness of breath wasn't sitting right with him as I am on the combined oral contraceptive. So off I trotted for precautionary tests to rule out PE and so I could get stronger

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  • debby01 3

    Pulmonary Hypertension Diagnosis

    Hi Well have just come back form a couple of days of tests at Papworth and have been confirmed as having Chronic Thromboembolic Pulmonary Hypertension.  I need to have surgery to remove as much of the clots as possible and to hopefully then be able to return to a 'normal' life and able to enjoys

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  • julie39063 2

    A PE with no symptoms!!

    Got taken into hospital last Tues as I was very lethargic and couldn't get warm. I have had a knee operation 7 weeks ago which has gone wrong which is causing alot of pain and I'm on alot of meds. The medics sent off lots of bloods and a CT scan revealed a blood clot in my left lung! They said I

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  • lizzie70061 3

    Blood show

    Hi I am 9 months into recovery. Been feeling good for the last 2 weeks. 😍Yesterday I thought I could see some blood on toilet tissue. Then today I definitely have when wiping after weeing 😲. Any body else noticed this. I am on Apixaban.

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  • jamieleigh51118 2

    blood clotting test

    hi feel like im starting new discussions all the time im just looking for advice that i dont seem to be getting from my doctor. i has a bllod clotting test done a few weeks ago to see if my clexane injetions are helping to thin the blood the results where borderline? i have no idea what

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  • samantha 60074 3

    Baby asprin

    So i came off the apixaban and they said i could if i wanted to to take baby asprin but its giving me like an elecrtical feeling on the left side of my chest. Has anyone ever experienced this?

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  • kandace26163 2

    Back and chest pain normal post pe

    I have been experiencing upper back pain. The pain hurts worse when I breathe in. The pain is so bad, I have to lay down and try to get relief. Is this normal? Some days the pain is worse in between my shoulder blades other days it is on my left blade. Also I still have chest pain and it radiates

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  • beckie05049 1

    Shortness of breath normal?

    I've been on lovenox for 5 days. My breathing eased straight away but last night and today I'm struggling again and keep coughing up clear/white phlegm. I don't want to waste my time at ER if it's completely normal to have days like this.

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  • pauleyorks 2

    CT Scan

    Finally got the all clear from all tests conformed now on the original dvt and also the PE in each lung. Problem I have now is the CT scan picked up an 8mm left upper lobe sub-solid nodule. Has anyone else had this discovered after suffering PE's and is there a link between the two?

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  • kylie34529 2

    Rivaroxaban side effects

    Female, 40 - 49 years, Australasia, not pregnant    Symptoms: I am post 6 weeks bilateral TKR. I have a small cluster of PE's in my left lung, a risk that is associated with a TKR. To combat this problem, I have been taking Rivaroxaban 20mg in the morning. My period this time was extremely heavy (

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  • ann55375 5

    Change from warfarin to apixaban

    three years post pe and on for life I have made this change and there seems to be some alteration in dosages compared to that in leaflet with meds.  Anyone come across this?

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  • beth97413 3

    Pulmonary embolism advice please!

    Hi, I'm 22 and am in hospital with a PE about to be discharged. Have been in here over a week now. I'm wondering how long it took for others to recover from this? Like how long off work etc? I'm really scared about all of this! Thank you

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  • maggie93883 2

    More PE's

    I ha them two years ago and was on Riveroxoban for six months. I am not a text book case apparently but have been feeling unwell for three months finally go did a d dimer and it was 700, admitted there and then and am now on Apixoban for life. This is life changing and I hate it. Tried some

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  • james85348 2

    Shortness of breath

    Hello Lately my shortness of breath is getting worse I've Been on rivaroxaban for 7 weeks. Before it wasn't really noticeable but went to hospital 3 days ago they said it's normal ran tests and all came back good.i also have a lump in my throat well feels like one, just wanted to know if any one

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