Blood thinners (Xarelto) Side effects?

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2010 I had two clots in my calf. Three years later a massive PE

I was on warfarin for six months. I then had the massive PE. Went back on warfarin and just recently switched to Xarelto. Regardless of what blood thinners I was on, I always felt tired, fatigue and lack of motivation. I force myself to go to the gym twice a week. However, the next day I am completely exhausted. I guess this is just a side effect of the meds? Or, a side effect from the PE? (although completely gone). Or, both?

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    I felt awful on both Xarelto and Eliquis. Fatigue, aches and pains. It all went away when I got off of them. I tried Savaysa and felt quite a bit better. The coumadin was ok too, but the Xarelto and Eliquis had awful side effects (for me).

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    oh wow! I've been on Rivaoxiban for 4 years now and over the last 12 'months I've been feeling lethargic and joints aching. I thought it was the menopause or my other tablets as the dosage had been increased. Hadn't thought it could be my blood thinners as I'd been on them for so long. I was changed from Warfarin as it wasn't working. I'm on them for life now as had two episodes. One DVT with multiple PE & then about 10 years later multiple PE.

    My response doesn't really help you but thanks for posting and giving me a bit more idea about my tiredness

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    Could it be lung damage, I know I get out of breath with exercising and feel tired much quicker than I used to.

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      unfortunately i've put quite a lot of weight on since the start of the year too so i think its probably a combination. I've had my heart checked as that was standard after PE's and my heart wasn't damaged but haven't had lungs checked.

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    i was just switched from eliquis to xarelto because of my extreme fatigue. by 3pm i am

    done. my doctors all say the meds don't make you tired but i am not so sure. it has been three months since my PE and i feel worse.

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    i had my PE three months ago and was immediately placed on Eliquis. but my fatigue has worsened and last week was switched to xarelto. now a week later fatigue has not improved i think it is the neds but all of my doctors disagree. my am done by mud afternoon. and though i can walk a mile with no problem i am exhausted the next day.

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    I have been on Xarelto for five years - I do have fatigue and chronic pain that I didn't have before. The doctors just tell me to be more active and I'll feel better - not easy to do when you're so fatigued and then you feel much worse after exercise even into the following day. Even though the doctors say it's not from the medication, I'll really wondering now with the notes on this forum!!

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    I have just gone onto Xarelto after having a PE 6 weeks ago. I also have no energy and awful dizzyness. GP says it isn't because of Blood Thinners. Does anyone else have bad bouts of Dizzyness?

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      Polly, yes my exact issue.

      So after my PE, I was put Heperin in the hospital then switched to Eliquis. Ever since my discharge a month ago, I have severe dizziness, brain fog and vertigo along with pain/soreness in my neck. Generally all my doctors (pulminologist and caridiologist) have dismissed my symptoms and stated "they don't know anyone else that's had these problems on Eliquis".

      They're both willing to switch me to a different medication, but both also suggest I just stick with it and ride it out. The problem is, the dizziness is just getting worse.

      So what did you do?

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    I had acute multiple PE's 3 years ago. They gave me a 50-50 chance of making it to morning.

    I'm on Eliquis. (Which has some silly side affects). I had a complete lung test a few months after my stay in hospital. The test showed a 30% reduction in my lung capacity. Scar tissue. I'm always breathless. I also had dangerously low blood oxygen levels when I had the PEs. I'm also a chronic migraine sufferer. Have been for many many years.

    I was told to see a shrink. I did. He told me nothing but he did let me vent. That helped a lot.

    The combination of migraines, damage from the low oxygen, lots of medications and the PEs has changed my life. But I've discovered one thing. Sitting around doing nothing doesn't help. You have to be active. Force your self to be more active. Your body will tell you when to stop. Yes it sounds easy to say. But I sat around for a year moaning and groaning. I started to walk more. Walk the beach for a few kilometres every few days. Just be active. Yes there will be days when it's 3 steps forward on 2 back. But be positive.

    One last comment. Find a doctor or specialist who knows about PE's. I went to 3-4 who just brushed it off.

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