3 weeks of taking Pizotifen and terrible nightmares!

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I'm 3 weeks in and taking Pizotifen 1.5mg !!

The migraines have gone, though I still 'feel' a headache, or maybe I've had migraines so long that I feel numb??

I'm worried about the weight gain issue, and my appetite has grown vasly over just 3 weeks??

HOWEVER, My main concern is nightmares, I take the tablets as I go to sleep along with medication for allegies etc ! and about 3/4 hours later I'm woken with nightmares, and can't get back to sleep. Or maybe it's fear of waking to another nightmare !

I can't find anything about this in other posts ... Has anyone else had this problem?

Would be great to hear from other people?

Kaisse Xx

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    Hi, ive been on 1mg of pizotifen per day for 4 days and in that 4 days each night i have woke myself up either crying, or screaming! My dreams are not dark nightmares, there kinda weird, twisted versions of my actual life. very very strange! And for some reason i seem to be eating less..... which is not like me at all.
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    I have been taking 3mg for two weeks and am currently headache/migrain free....yeppi!

    But like you my appetite has increased dramatically, but I am trying so hard not to give into it...lol

    I have had a few nights where I have been woken up by dreams, which is unusual for me.

    How are you getting on now?

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    Pizotifen is actually an anti-histimine, as are most allergy tablets. I'd check with your doctor or pharmacist to check that it is ok to take these together. They may be interacted strangely and causing your nightmares
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    Yep, Ive had in increase in dream activity. I was having daily migraines and thank God that it has slowed them right down. I dont take any other medication now but I sleep alot deeper, and have bizarre dreams , and dreams within dreams that seem to go on for hours, that are very realistic.

    Personally it is a small price to pay for having a migrain free day, just thought Id let you know that its not a combination of medication, must be a side effect.

    All the best.

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    You say you are having DAILY Migraines.......is this possible ?? I have had daily headaches for over 3 yrs and have had every tablet and nerve block going and they still don't know what is causing them.

    The latest thing they are trying me on is Pizotifen. (not started taking it yet )

    I have a one sided headache that comes on at anytime of day and can last between 2 hours and all day and night................but I can usually take it off with a strong shot of caffeine..........but it will be back the next day . (I'm not caffeine dependent )

    Mine is a very deep dull headache .....not like they describe migraine at all.

    can migraine be daily and dull ????

    anyone have the same headaches??

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    i used to have migrains really bad at school and was put on pizotifen and was fine no problems. left school and stopped taking them. had odd migrain.

    but 6 years later.since starting a new job i was getting them often and they last for days, couldn see or breathe, untill i was sick and then i was fine within the hour. so i went back on pizotifen and after a month im havin nightmares now. and they last all night and im boiling. when i wake up im still soo hot. if im not screaming im shouting in really scared voice so my partner ses. should i carry on taking them lol

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    Hi there,

    I m suffering from daily headaches particular in the mornings. But every two / three months they become unbearable like today. I had to run to pharmacy to take extra supply of Pizotifen as my gp was closed. Two hours later after taking 1,5 mg it has gone.

    So they do work for me thank God

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    I have just returned from my Dr's ith a cript for this drug for migraine with Aura. Im on 1 x 500mg initially for a week then onto 2 x then week after 3. Im shitting it now having read all these blogs. _Point is are they getting rid of migraines. I really dont want the weight if they increase it sad
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    I took 1mg Pizotifen daily for ~3 months for a constant 'crushing' one-sided migraine that gradually faded away over this period. I have since stopped taking it (abruptly, no withdrawal experienced) and my migraine hasn't returned.

    When on Pizotifen I noticed some daytime sleepiness and a gradual (yet modest) increase in appetite (well actually, it wasn't as if I wanted to eat more, just that what I did eat didn't seem to fill my up as it should). However, one thing that I did notice immediately though was the drastic alteration of my dreaming.

    Generally my dreams are short, colourless garbled nonsense and are difficult to recall. Not so with Pizotifen! For the entire first week of taking it I was treated to dreams unlike any I've ever experienced before. Epic dreams; detailed and completely believable, furnished with plots and sub-plots involving complex locations with consistent elaborate features all of which I could recall near-perfectly on waking. It became something of a joke between me and my girlfriend (who was obliged to listen to my tales of adventure in exotic places) that if ever a drug was needed to cure writers-block Pizotifen and a good nap would be it!

    I never experienced any nightmares (and due to the duration and realism of dreaming on Pizotifen I’m glad I didn’t!) These dreams gradually faded over the first 7-10 days.

    In retrospect, if my migraine returned I wouldn’t hesitate to take Pizotifen again, it worked well for me.

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    i am so happy to find this post as i thought it was just me! i was put on 1.5 sanomigran pills for 1 month to help with my headaches and i am so glad that 1 month is now over! throughout the 30 days my sleep has been dreadful and my dreams were the main cause. they became so complex and twisted, unlike any i've ever experienced. i find myself unable to wake from them and when i eventually do, i don't want to sleep to find myself in a dream again. i too have experienced the dream within a dream situation and i feel trapped in myself wanting desperately to feel reality and this is not due to the viewing of 'inception'. i often waken with a racing heartbeat,sweats and a really bad headache which is why i so desperately want to finish my course as, yes it has lowered the frequency of headaches but the headaches i continue to have and these dreams i suffer from are too much! i find myself sleeping throughout the day as the effects of the drug isn't so strong.
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    I have been taking pizotifen for nearly a month and I have noticed that I am dreaming a lot more than I used to, couldn't describe them as all nightmares.

    To anyone taking tablets with antihistamine please don't take them as well as pizotifen as the pizotifen contains antihistamine and this will make you so very drowsy if you take both. I have had to take ceterizine hydychloride for years as I have an allergy all year round, since I have started taking pizotifen I haven't needed to take my other allergy tablets which is great.

    I'm really not sure if I am gaining weight with pizotifen as at the moment, my weight is going up and down on a daily basis. I don't seem to have an increased appetite and if I find I do I'll just snack on fruit or low fat yoghurts.

    I take my pizotifen at night and I am finding it difficult to get up in the mornings possibly as my sleep is interuppted by the dreams I'm having, I'm not sure.

    Strangely enough I took sanomigran ( pizotifen ) about 20 years ago for 3 months as I was having recurrent migraines and I'm sure that I didn't gain weight or feel any drowsiness and I think I just stopped them as quick as I started them with no withdrawal symptoms. I didn't have another migraine for 15 years which was wonderful.

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    [quote:f76a3a9e8e=\"Gemma2626262 \"]Hi, ive been on 1mg of pizotifen per day for 4 days and in that 4 days each night i have woke myself up either crying, or screaming! My dreams are not dark nightmares, there kinda weird, twisted versions of my actual life. very very strange! And for some reason i seem to be eating less..... which is not like me at all.[/quote:f76a3a9e8e]


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    i have suffered from headaches since oct 2009 but they eased off as i got put on antidepressents and i am a worrier. i since have come of the antidepressents and been on pizifen for 2 days and i feel numb and cry all time dont know if thats my age lol but i was on this just b4 xmas and i had wired dreams and mood changes but they said it wernt the pizifen what was causing it. i have had no weight gain or bad dreams this time as yet just feel tired and zombified and no energy

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    Similar experience so far....weird dreams, deep, deep sleep and a feeling of being detached from everything during the day. Am on my third week, at 0.5mg day. Have found my appetite increasing and moods swinging, being tetchy one minute and happy the next. I am sure the kids think that Mum is just being normal! The good thing is that the migraines have gone. Will there be an end to the constant snacking? Has anyone else worked through this, is it a stage or a permanent side effect? Would appreciate thoughts on this.

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    i have the same issue and it is physically draining me 😞 i have put on 1.5 stone since starting these though it was welcomed with only being 6 stone 3.

    i have horrific nightmares as soon as i feel my eyes being forcefully shut, i also struggle to force myself out of this and find once i finally can i then have to keep myself awake for up to an hour or i slip straight back into these.

    i have horrible migraines that give me blindness and paraliss of my right side so sometimes wonder if the nightmares are better than the pain i get.

    i do find that these nightmares are worde when my partner is not home as i have no real thing to hold to when i am trying to wake.

    i also get the feeling that someone is pressing on my and that my whole body is shaking like an electric bolt os going through me. gp not interested xxx

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