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HI all

Been reading these types of forums for awhile but this is my first post.

I'm 32 YO male with anxiety. A few weeks ago I started waking up with stiff legs and hands. It would feel better as the day progressed. However, I had a tingling/numbness from mid calf to ankle. Also my area between base of thumb and wrist seemed swollen (inside hands). My thumb reach has decreased (having a tough time using phone for email and text). Stated to freak out when muscles started to twitch and thought I had ALS. Went to neurologist and she said no.

I don't have a ton of pain. Mostly stifness. It seems to be concentrated in wrist and thumb. Legs still a little stiff too.

I guess I'm looking for answers, support, or what I should be asking doctors. I have an appt with a Rheumatologist in about 3 weeks. Arthritis in family but no RA.

Appreciate you reading my thread.

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    hello nick

    so sorry your having this pain, it doesnt sound like R/A as you dont mention general unwell feeling(malaise) or really swollen joints and pain. it doesnt mean you havent got it tho. Mine started 10 years ago and there is lots of different inflammation artritis other than R/A. They said i had reactive arthritis for years but now is R/A. If you have been refered to rheumy then then i

    at least you are on the right road. there is never a quick soloution to these things its a case of waiting to see what happens. Has the pain been so bad it is debilatating and the swelling been hot, red and excruciating? these are the 3 main characturistics of R./A. have you researched the other possibilities e.g psirirosis (sorry bout spelling) reactive, osteo, and just inflammatory symptons. hope it has helped but i  do hope you dont have this awful didease. good luck xx keep us informed of the outcome. i was only diagnosed after x rays, scan and full body bone scan but this has taken years xx


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      Thanks for the quick reply! I appreciate it.

      Yeah, no severe pain. Definitely stifness in fingers, wrist, toes.

      I'll keep you posted. Having anxiety is really tough as it exacerbates any symptoms I do have making it tough on my doc.

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    Stiffness sounds like RA, but it's early days yet and could be other things. Don't fret.

    Be patient and see your doctor and look up the questions you want to ask, write them down beforehand, and if possible take a friend with whom you've discussed it all into the consulting room with you and involve them.

    A third person can write stuff down, remind you of what you've forgotten and generally create space for you to collect your thoughts to ask the questions you want to ask.

    I was wondering... why were you 'reading these types of posts' if you did not have any illnesses?  Do you have other symptoms too?

    Your appointemnts will reveal much. Take care of yourself!

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      Thanks for tips. My wife has come with me to apps before but now that we have two kids that's tough.

      As for reading this stuff, I red a few anxiety forums.

      My achilles in both feet have been sore all day along with what I wold call shin splints . Anyone else have experience there?

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      It could be worth getting a baby sitter and having your wife with you. She already knows the details and problems you're going through so she couldn't be more perfect!

      I assume you're in the UK.... You don't know how many people come out of their first NHS consultation (for which they may have waited months in great pain) only to feel they hadn't asked what they really wanted to ask...

      The first consult is often an overwhelming experience, with lots of information bouncing about the consulting room like a pingpong ball, with  you having to answer a slew of questions and at the same time catch those balls as they fly by...

      So getting other familiy members to stand in with your kids would be well worth while for all in the long run...

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      Thanks for suggestion. I'm actually on the US. Stumbled on the forum when googling my symptoms. I'll probably take her along to my Rheumatologist appt. Found one that can get me in to see them in a it 3 weeks which I'll take. Took me awhile to get in to a neurologist.

      I had a lot of my symptoms written out before my last appt. The problem I'm having is that some docs are just chalking my symptoms up to my anxiety (which is possible but frustrating). I did feel the neurologist heard me out and gave me a thorough exam. Still end rrsult is anxiety. Just wish I had some peace of mind. It's hard not knowing.

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      Meditation really is the best for peace of mind.

      If you have trouble sitting still and silently at first, keep at it, it will slowly become easier.

      If it stays hard, try doing half an hour of vigorous physical activity, whatever your body can handle, right before sitting.

      Exhausting the body makes silent sitting much easier.

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    hello again nick

    i too suffer with tendonitis in achellies tendons and tendons generally. i had this way b4 was diagnosed tho. it can take years to get proper diagnosis so try to stay calm,it is very frustrating to not know. with me it was a very long process as mine started 10 years ago and was diagnosed with reactive   arthritis until 2 years ago when it affected my hands/wrists.feet and my well being. it has still taken 2 years, an ultrasound, many x rays and bloods and then i had a full body bone scan last year and then had this diagnosis and now on dmards, tried 3 of them but still active inflammation so waiting for anti tnfs next month. do do as much research as possible, you may have some symptons of other stuff. having the diagnosis doent change the disease im afraid. one thing i would say is, does the pain take your breath away? mine can be so bad co codamol, tramadol and morphine doesnt touch the pain, it is worse than childbirth. good luck mate x


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    I had the same symptons 4 years ago, my bad was that i didnt start to take serious precaution, now my wrist is swollen and i have to take prednisone everyday, i tried many types of medicines but none works like prednisone, i think it is because i started seeing doctor one year after i got the symptons, i suggest you to see the specialist on RA, and take the precautions steps, because if it is RA, our body could deform very quickly, that what happen to my left arm, i cant make it straight like normal people do
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