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Rheumatoid Arthritis

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  • stella2 M

    Free British Science Week event for RA patients on 13 March

    Hi everyone We've been contacted by the British Science Association to ask if we could let patients with RA know about a free event being held in Oxford on 13 March, which they are organising as part of British Science Week.  The event is in collaboration with the Nuffield Department of Orthopaedics,...

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  • Missleah 2

    How does a Rheumatologist determine which meds to prescribe?

    I was diagnosed with RA at the end of April.  Apparently my condition is relatively mild – I hope so!  My Rheumatologist initially put me on SALAZOPYRIN which I reacted badly too.  I am now 2 weeks in to taking METHOTREXATE (12mg weekly) a small dose and obviously this has not had time to take effect...

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  • tony35673 3

    Letting the disease take it's course.

    I have a particularly aggressive form of RA/PsA which has proven untreatable so far with none of the DMARDS nor the biologics having provided any relief. I've just been released from hospital after having my right superior and middle lung lobes removed due to cancer. The RA/PSA meds greatly increase...

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  • david00972 2

    New to this forum.

    I am a 74 year old male and until 4 weeks ago I was proud to say I have never had an illness nor been to a hospital or doctor because of poor health or injury.  Came back from a UK holiday with a nagging sore left shoulder, a few days later my left knee felt strange as if I had fallen, then my wrists...

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  • helen37142 2
  • Missleah 2

    My RA journey begins, advice needed?

    I was diagnosed with RA at the end of April.  Apparently my condition is relatively mild – I hope so!  My Rheumatologist initially put me on SALAZOPYRIN which I reacted badly too.  I am now 2 weeks in to taking METHOTREXATE (12mg weekly) a small dose and obviously this has not had time to take effect...

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  • Mrspiggy 2

    How long to get a diagnosis?

    Just wondered how long it can take to get a diagnosis? My daughter is seeing a consultant tomorrow, are there any tests we can expect tomorrow. Only asking as I am getting huge pressure from school for a diagnosis. Thanks

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  • drich 1

    Raised RF, slightly raised CRP, No CCP tests yet.

    hello. first thanks for this wonderful community.  My symptoms began back in April.  I had sore forearms on both arms.  This stayed and was not too bad in severity.  Next I noticed slight tingling/discomfort in my hands...mostly in my fingertips.  The next sign was a sore left calf muscle.  next I had...

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  • Mokki0703 1

    When to stop anakinra/kineret

    Hey.  My son is 16 years and have had systemic jia for a year. He has been fine on kineret, no pain - nothing. Now the doctors want to try to stop the mediciation. I am so worried that it is to soon. What if he get sick again and they can manage the sickness again - read that in a danish forum.  Anyone...

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  • kateyspink 2

    JIA - stopping Anakinra (Kineret in 1 week)

    I've been dealing with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis for 4 years now. I was tried on many different drugs including Methotrexate and Tocillizuamb however they did not work.  I started Anakinra daily injection (kineret) 2 years ago and I have had no problems, no pain, no side effects. However my doctor...

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  • jaydee456 2

    RA and blood problems

    I have had well maintained RA since 1988.aged 44. About 18 months ago my blood tests showed that I had a vey low neutrophyl  white cell count. I had loads of tests to rule out anything really serious..Eventually I was refered to a haematologist who also said I was anaemic. I had a ferratin infusion to...

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  • carol36376 3

    May I introduce myself please?

    54 years old, a keen keep fit bod who would run over ten to fifteen miles a week and think nothing of it. Raised money for Charity by running races and loved it. Six weeks ago, I ran a 10k race in under one hour Ten minutes and within days I was hospitalised with weird sudden swelling in my hands, then...

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  • martin31040 3

    Benepali blood tests.

    Hi all, just got some blood test results after a month on Benepali, CRP which is a measure of inflammation is down from 24 to 1.9 so that's good, but I've got see the GP and I've been told to take multivitamins with iron, any way I see what he says about what is going on.

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  • tony35673 3

    lung biopsy.

    I had a lung biopsy last week, apparently Doctors don't do this procedure, the local butcher does them.   The Butcher gave me some anesthetic, then jabbed my lung - I screamed, he jabbed my lung again - I screamed again, he made another jab and I screamed again, so he said 'hmmm, I'd better give you...

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  • Long John Silve 1

    Girlfriend with RA

    Hi guys, my girlfriend, (nearly) 4 years has RA in her knees and hips and I was wondering if anyone has advice or tips on how I can help her?  We are both 20 years old.  Cheers 

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  • blisssmile80 1
  • steelctygirl 3

    Weaning from Prednisone

    Hi all I've been on Prednisone for a year now & every time I tried to wean would have a flare up. Well after 5 weeks of weaning slowly I'm completely off. However I feel like I've been hit by a bus. Legs & shoulders ache, rain isn't helping I suppose. I'm also very emotional. I'm pretty sure it's the...

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  • catherine64111 2

    Benepali side effects

    Hello fellow sufferers          I 've just started Benepali injections. After 2 doses I'm feeling 'light headed' as if I'm drunk and also have been getting 'Tension headaches nausea and low a do pain. Is this 'par for the course' ? Has anyone else suffered these symptoms and are they likely to improve...

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  • jessica94999 1

    Rituximab anxiety

    Hi I am due to have my first infusion of Rituximab and am really anxious because of the risk of fatality that comes with it, has anyone else felt anxious about going on it. Also does anyone have any experience of the infusion and how you feel after it and whether I'll be ok to drive as i am going on...

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  • lorraine74484 2

    A gimps of what normal once was before RA

    A week ago I had some surgery on me knee for a cartilage deteriation and bone marrow edema,, caused by my RA. The surgery went very well. For the past year I have been struggling with the joint pain from my RA and have been on methotrexate, paqunil, Sulfasalizine. Meloxicam and folic acid and I just...

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  • tracy92060 2

    Recent diagnosed with RA

    After the past 2 years of having pain that moved from joint to joint I decided I was either crazy or something was seriously wrong with me, so I went to my GP and he suggested we did blood work but he thought it was just in my head and that I need to take a break from working so hard and relax more....

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  • sonya78375 3

    Sunburn and Methotrexate

    Hi, I have been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and have just started on methotrexate.  The packet says protect yourself from sunshine - just wondering if anyone has experience of effects of sun when you are on methotrexate?  I understand that if it works then I could be on it for years and years,...

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  • dona57561 1

    Feet Problems

    Hello, I have had joint problems with RA and OA. In the past fews year my feet have been a real problem. I have just has CT scan and results and have huge problem in joints in right foot with involves torso-metatarsal joints 2,3 and 4 and 1st toe joint. Im to have an injection study then a plan will...

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  • Pn247 2

    Newly diagnosia, need help

    I took a ra bloodwork and the result was rf=31, esr=60. My doctor refered me to a specialist. She examined all my joints, since I had no pain or any swells, she said everthing is normal, but still took some blood for test. Last week, she called me back and said the results are positive. She offered an...

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  • ashlee361512 1

    Inflectra Side Effects, What's normal what's not?

    Hello, I had my first treatment of Inflectra on Saturday. By Monday I had a horrible sore throat that by Thursday hasn't gone away. Drs are saying it's just side effects but I can hardly bear it. Did anyone else experience this? What are some side effects you felt after Infusion?

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  • never-ready 2

    humira side effect???

    Can anyone advise me. I have finally started the biolodgical humira after trial and error of all the usual dmards. I had my first injection 2 weeks ago but for the last 7 days my gums, teeth and one side of my face is giving me terrible pain. My teeth even feel loose. After reading the side effects (...

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  • trixietyme 2

    The Methotrexate and Diclofenac was a Horrible Mistake

    I posted previously about my husband's experience with a general practitioner that saw his high RF factor, and simply prescribed Methotrexate and Diclofenac without any follow up at all. He suffered 7 weeks on those drugs, and finally was able to get into a Rheumatologist this week!  The Rheumy was actually...

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  • lorraine74484 2

    Has anyone experienced Bone Marrow Edema with RA

    Over the past few months I have been having a lot of pain in my knee. My x-rays looked fine but the MRI results show bone marrow edema. My orthopaedic doctor gave the results of the MRI, but wasn't willing to talk optiosn over the phone. He said he would like to go over the MRI together and talk then...

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  • martin31040 3

    Itchy Rash, Enbrel, Benepali.

    Hi all, I seem to be getting an itchy rash on both arms, anyone using Enbrel or Benepali "Etanercept" and getting a itchy rash, Urticaria type thing, I'll go and see GP and see what he thinks.

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  • morffede27 1
  • tyler68928 1
  • kirsty32448 3
  • deborah78257 2
  • mitsaki 1

    Is it RA or FB?

    Hello everyone, I have pain in my fingers especially in the joints about a month. My hands are not swollen neither red. my doctor said maybe it is stress cause i have anxiety disorder. I m waiting the results of blood. does anyone had something like this,is it FB cause i have pain and in other parts...

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  • linda23834 3

    Eye problems

    Hi, I've got R.A. And on Benepali injections. I went to the Optician this week for an eye check. I was immediately referred to the Hospital for the eye clinic. After a scan, I was told I had Macular Degeneration. It's early stages and at the moment dosnt need treatment. I have to monitor my eyes and...

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