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is there anyone my age had tkr or have knowledge?

i have srtgritis but suffer from infammation, rheumatoid and osteo so have many affected joints.

my right knee is wrecked and after 25 years of jumpimg from medication to physio etc im now booked in for right tkr.

how does ths affect my age compared to normal 50+?

any other complications or anything easier?

im 6"3 and weight 115kgs, im on a major diet as also getting married, had my thumb joint fusef today but feeling positive, any stories would be apreciated


Big J

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    Hello I am angel. I am a few years older than you. I had a partial in December 2014 and it failed. So I had to have a convention/revision to full in March of 2015

    I did fine. It's a long recovery. Takes up to year to get filling like new knee. As I am 4 months. You will ecprinace pain. But won't be like the pain you had before.

    I also had issues with docs and Meds. And arthritis and joint issues. So when your in recovery it will be a lot different.

    Just be patient. Ice elevate rest take Meds on time. Don't do it if it hurts. Don't let no one hurt you.

    Also it's your recovery. Take your time. Every person heals faster or progresses. We can't compare us to others.

    If you have any questions fill free to ask. This is awesome sight.

    Congrats. Best reguards Angel

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    I'm 36 and had a right TKR 21 weeks ago. I'd had a fall as a student and cracked my knee. It didn't heal properly and I developed osteoarthritis. My knee crumbled away to a point where everyone who saw it said it was the worst they'd seen and it no longer looked like a knee. Anyway finally had it done in Feb. Due to the damage (I also had a large cyst which had left a large hole) I had a bespoke prosthesis as a normal one wouldn't fit. My leg also needed scaffolding in it through my shin to hold the weight.

    What I'm trying to say is I'm probably not your best comparison. My leg was in a bad way.

    I had 2 surgeries in 3 days due to complications. I am having further surgery in 2 weeks time as my leg is not straight enough. That's purely because my leg was bent for so long, my muscles are damaged.

    I won't lie, I've been told pain is worse when younger because muscles are stronger so more damage is done when operating. Also in the UK it's almost impossible to get this operation when under 50. I had to fight for it and by then the damage was severe.

    However, I would say I had a huge amount of determination to get up and do physio so I could get my life back (I'm not saying that's an age thing though).

    I have been down at times but everyone has. I just think the need for a normal life so job, social life, gym etc all push me on.

    Even though I need further surgery, I've been building the muscles up in my leg and they're stronger than ever. Younger muscles can build up quicker and stronger (so I'm told). Also scars apparently fade quicker (not sure on that but most of mine is already faint now). My knee is more stable than it's ever been. It's just more painful than it should be as it's still bent at 30 degrees.

    I try to use my age as an advantage and stay as active as I can. I work from home most days as I can't drive the 60 mile round trip to work. It means I can still exercise regularly. I've been so focused on everything though that I've even been promoted based on the work I've done whilst off. How crazy is that? I feel like it's almost been a blessing now. Only a few more weeks and I'll be on the way to the finishing line.

    Focus on your wedding and it will push you along. There will be the 'why me' days but I'm guessing you've had them already when out with friends or family and feeling twice your age like I do.

    It's actually nice to hear from someone younger, there are a few on here (although I think you've taken my crown now...that's my luck, can't even have that 😂).

    Good luck xx

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      Sounds like you have been through the mill too, it is promising that your still young and you seem so positive.

      Today I got my left thumb operated on removing a joint so I feel positive for now that things are happening but I'm working as hard as my knee allows and some to get muscles around knee as strong as possible.

      Where are you about ?

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      I do try to stay positive. I'm determined to get my life back. I am now able to see past the discomfort and remember how bad I was before surgery. A wheelchair was my only option without the operation. I have a lot to be grateful for.

      I am in Cheshire, England.

      Well done to you for being so positive immediately after another surgery x

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    I was 37 when I had my first joint replacement done, and 42 by the time I had 5 total joints done. It is tough at the beginning, not going to lie, but now I don't know it's not my knee.

    i also think shoulders are harder than knees to.

    good luck stay as fit as you can. At 6'3" I don't think you are overweight.

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      Hey how many knees did you have done? Mine has been a mess.
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      I had left hip at 37 left shoulder at 38 right shoulder at 39 right hip at 40 and right knee at 42... I've now had revisions in all joints except my knee,..it's now 16 years old and going okay. 

      Total now is 14 joints.

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      Wow I've not had hips. But knee is real bad... And I think I'm going have to get 2nd revision on knee. Cause it's been so much pain and trouble. It's making my back hurt. And hips hurt when I walk. So.... Just a huge nightmare..
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    Hi Big J.  I'm 49 and just had TKR but not with all the problems you and others have had,  Do everything friends on here advise as they are all tried and tested and you find this site a great support 

    I saw my consultant yesterday and one thing he did say is that younger people are quite often not as happy with their replacement as older people are, because they believe it should work as well as it did when they were younger and they want to do much more with it.

    Very next of luck to you.

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    I am surprised you are having TKR so young. They do not like doing you too young. I had TKR 3 years ago when I was 61. I had to really push to have it and they would not have done it any earlier

    Having siad that the consultant did say afterwards that the knee was very bad and certainy needed replacing.

    It has been successful for me.

    Take care and keep in touch

    Sarah xx

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      i have been desperate for something for a long time already, my surgeon told me this year i have the right knee of a 70 year old!!!
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    That's actually a very old fashioned saying, that  you are too young. 

    Most decent surgeons will give you a new joint if it warrants one and your life is negatively impacted because of it,

    on the hip replacement group we have a 12 year old  quite a few early 20's but the majority would be between 30/40 years old.


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    hi danie from south africa had a rtkr 12 weeks post op and are doing l tkr in january all of us is difrent like finger prints lol i thought the first 4 weeks was hell and what i did was a mistake now 12 weeks i can walk with out crutches for twenty paces allthough my left knee is still i call it broken it feels like it, Feel safe in your mind that you will get better do your meds every time do some ph dont let it hurt you ice ice and more ice, i cant wait for my next one lol with a bit of anxiety regards dane and believe it will get better


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    this week i had the IP joint in my left thumb removed and fused, i have major pain today, can only imagine how bad the knee is going to be

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