32M, urge to go to the toilet 20-30 times a - ruining my life! Please help

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Hi team,

I came across this website and Im impressed by the gratious advice offered to people in need.

I thought I would ask for help.

I am a 32M, non smoker, relatively healthy weight, drink alcohol once a week, no ongoing medication.

I have the urge to go to the toilet around 20-30 times a night! Probably more if I dont fall asleep.

I try to get to sleep around 11pm, and before I actually fall asleep i go to the toilet about 10 times. Somehow I fall asleep, then get up around 4am needing to go to the toilet.

Then the nightmare begins! I am for about another 2-3 hours frequently going to the toilet. I have an urge, I go to urinate and have to force something out for temporary relief. A few drops come out (Sometimes more If I have been holding out longer) then I go back to bed and within a 1 minute or two I have the urge again!

Finally I usually fall asleep between and 6-7 then get up at 7.30 to go to work.

I thought it might be mental so i try and focus on something else but the urge is always there and keeps me awake.

I have been down for sometime now after a breakup though. Stress relating to my job and lack of exercise due to hip surgery 2 months. Could this be contributing to it or is it a physical thing?

I wake up tired, im exhausted, im moody, zero motivation, im depressed and not sure how much longer I can live my life this way.

I saw a gp who checked my prostate and said it felt normal. I had blood tests done and they found nothing. Ive had scans on my bladder, kidney and prostate and have an appt with an urologist in a days time.

My life is ruined by this condition.

Has anyone heard or been through something similair and managed to treat this wretched condition?

What type of questions should I ask my urologist and how should know if he is a good one?

Any type of guidance would be appreciated.

Thanks for listening 

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    Hi Basil,

    I have every sympathy for you. It really does ruin people's lives. Have you had a bladder infection ruled out? I expect you will have. Your Urologist may look down the root of it being neurological. Your GP/Urologist can prescribe you with different meds to take away the urgency. Also you will find it helpful to contact the COB UK foundation. They are amazing. They aim to reassure you as well as offer practical help and advice. Sorry I can't be more helpful but do ask your urologist if it could be anything to do with your hip injury.

    Good luck and don't give up!! You will get the right help in the end. ūüėÄ

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    Wow, your doing very well to keep your job going, hope your able to get a sleep in the evening, if only for an hour or two it will help.  You dont mention if youve pain with it or in passing urine, which is usual if bacterial, but not always the case if intersticial cystitus, many do have pain in urethra, bladder, back with ic, but not always for some frequency alone. Intersticial cystitus cant be diagnosed by scan, only by cytascope where urologist can look at bladder wall and if they see inflammation, often taking a biopsy at same time, under anascetic, only a l5min job. Often those with i.c. are given amitriptylene, used as a nerve end calmer due to inflammation, they do also reduce urine output and can help with sleep, suprised your gp hasnt let you try them. They have been used as anti depressant, but in higher doses, for nerve end calming it only takes a low dose, l0mg nightly, worth trying to help you get some sleep and reduce the iritation aggrevation that going frequently increases, vicious circle.

    Could be something different to ic, but l was also referred to c.o.b group for advice info, theyve a site and mb. Problems like your having with frequency can make whatever emotional or social probs your having much worse to deal with, an aggrevated urethra or bladder  can cause emotional affect on their own.  Hope you get help soon, l,m sure the urologist will help you.  

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      After 6 months on Amitriptylene, I broke out in eruptive cherry angiomas in the BILLIONS OR TRILLIONS. I got skin excoriations and dry patches. Dry mouth, my life was a wreck until I got off the amitriptylene. I still have big angiomas on my legs and arms, but the little ones have faded.
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      Sounds like you had a really dramatic reaction to them, talk about unlucky, l think its quite rare to react in such a way, but were all different, lve had bad reactions with some meds, lst was penicillian, hives, swelling, and passing out, one or two other anti bs, and danol was like poison to me, but only had dry mouth with amitrip, though docs did start me on too high a dose, hangover with it, urologists say small dose is enough to help, so l take lo or 5 if needed when ic aggrevated. if settled dont bother with them. Good for you that youve now found a med thats helping you so well with symptoms, after what you were feeling before taking it, shows others that there is light at the end of the tunnel.  
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      Hi Lynne,

      I have deliberately not researched side effects of new miracle bladder drug, Myrbetriq, because I don't want to panic over any new problems that this drug may cause! For now, if I take it at 9:00 am, it lasts until 7:00 or 8:00. Then scalding hot bath gives 30 minutes of relief then if it's too painful again, 5 mg Oxy tablet. What a way to live. Well, time to watch the caucus circus show.

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    Hi there,

    I was just like you. I didn't think I could last one more day. Then my urologist gave me a drug once daily called Myrbetriq (Mirabegron) extended release tablets 25 mg. It's a miracle!!!! Bladder pain gone for 3/4 of the day. At night when it wears off I take Oxycodone to sleep. This will help you until you get to a better urologist who will do more tests and figure it out. My urologist is Stephen Hightower, Head of Urology at Long Beach Memorial (Long Beach, CA). It's all about getting the right specialist.

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    I think you need to see a Specialist....I found this off of Google...Hopefully the Urologist may be able to help you...you said you have an appointment with one...Keep us informed, Basil83
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    Hi Guys,

    Thanks for you replies.

    Update : Saw the urologist who advised the scans were clear.

    Prostate at normal size, nothing seemed to be wrong with the bladder. However when I had the scan I had to empty the bladder and it took two be two attempts to completely empty it which he found a little strange for a young male.

    So, he prescribed a round of antibiotics and I am currently towards the end of the 2 week dose. Currently no change, I went to sleep about 11pm last night, woke up at 2:30am busting and had the urge to pee for about 3 hours and could not get back to sleep!

    So the next step is to try medication and he prescrbied Ditropan.

    I will start that today - What do you guys think?

    What if this mental thing......Im just not sure.

    So it an infection, enlarged prostate...what could it be?!

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      Hi did you have a cystascope, which is best way to see problems with bladder.   l had scope a few month back, it showed l,d pocket things on bladder wall, which will retain urine, but l,d also a narrow urethra, again will cause some retention and frequency, theyve offered to dilate it, stretching it, l,m going hourly on ave, l get up once or twice night, but not to your extent, could be different reasons, if youve not had one your best pushing for scope doing, best wishes.
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