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Urinary Symptoms and Problems

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  • PetalP 2

    Painful Burning Sensation In Urethra - No Uti Or Std - Female

    I am a 21 year old female in the UK, and I have been suffering with a painful burning sensation which I believe to be coming from my urethra since September 2014. The pain comes and goes throughout the day, and it will be at its most intense after having urinated, and after sex. At its worst I struggle...

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  • masha17 3

    Urine output 4l per day! Help.

    Hi, I've been posting on this forum for the past 3 days trying to make some sense of the problems I have (PCOS? Hashimoto Thyridism). This one concerns the urinary tract (or maybe it's connected  to the endocrine, adrenal glands etc.): How normal or abnormal it is to have a 4 l urine output per day?...

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  • susan556 6

    alternatives for Uretheral UTI

    Reallly feeling so very uncortable to say the least, im taking antibiotics trimethoprim 22mg, says take 2 a day for 3 days, this is day 2 so only one day left and its showing no signs of going at all.  Been drinking loads of water, tried the bicarb of soda remedy and also taking urvi ursa herb but not...

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  • terri-ann28375 2

    Urinary Retention, help!

    Hi, I've been diagnosed with urinary retention and am undergoing urodynamics studies in the morning.  I will be seeing a urologist in a couple of weeks. I've been told that it could be due to medication I take for other health conditions and due to the nature of those conditions they can't change the...

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  • Magic Orange 1

    29 and I cant stop peeing

    Hi all, I'm hoping you can help me regain control of my bladder.  Compared to what I have read so far on the forum I know I am not a severe case, and have only been affected for 3 weeks, however if there are answers I would like some. (never thought I'd say this but I'd love to go back to work) I'm...

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  • ebo35781 1

    Difficulty in urination and itches in my penis

    I have difficulty in urination but im only 22years ..sometimesi feel like urinating but it takes some time b4 it comes out and i urinates frequently...i also experience itches in my penis sometimes but not always and its making my penis small

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  • mannknee 2

    Has anyone experienced blood in semen ? I'm scared

    Hey there people my name is Manny 22 years old & I've had sexual intercourse with the same partner for almost 4 years and we get checked every month. I usually finish off on her chest. So I notice the color of my semen. But tonight as I ejaculated and finished unnoticed pinkish blood a lot mixed...

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  • Campaigner8 2

    Sediment In My Urine - Male

    I noticed about a month ago that there was a small amount of white sediment and a few oily looking specks in my urine. It seemed more prevalent first thing in the morning. I can't be certain of that as it may show up better in urine that is a deeper hue of yellow upon waking. Otherwise, my urine seems...

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  • dennis47445 3
  • lizzie67 5

    I've lost the urge to urinate!

    Hello I really do not have a clue in what is going on. For a week now I do not have the urge to urinate but if I sit on the toilet, I am able to! i went to A&E and they did bloods and a urine sample and everything was ok. My GP thinks it may be a weird side effect from taking Buspar,which I have...

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  • holly14921 2

    burning urethra no uti

    had a burning urethra no uti for years now painful to wee aswell seen two specialists and had lots of tests they cant find anything taken amitrptline and oestrogen cream for urethra but still not luck have to drink loads of water but doesnt always help with pain anyone else have these symptoms???

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  • murnaloo 2

    Fibroids causing bladder pressure?

    I've had pressure on my bladder for years now. I've been through all of the urological tests and they are always normal. A scan revealed large fibroids that made my uterus = to an 18-week pregnancy. One doctor said a fibroid was causing my urethra to kink, which led to urinary retention. I had uterine...

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  • louise73742 2

    Blood in urine but no infection and health anxiety

    A couple of years ago, I was treated for what I thought was a urine infection.  However, no bacteria were ever found in the urine samples although there were traces of blood and leukocytes.  This went on for a few months.  The only thing that seemed to help was nitrofurantoin which I had to stop due...

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  • roy37937 1


     i am trying to find out how much it would cost to have a catheter from the bladder fitted  privately

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  • sebby95 1

    Bladder infection/irritation after intercourse

    Hey everybody.  So me and my girlfriend recently started having sex. It was her first time, not mine.  The first 2 times, she didn't have any issues. We didn't overdo it, left a few days in between (I was on vacation) and there were no problems.  Afterwards however, she started experiencing pain when...

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  • angela841 2

    Hyperactive bladder!

    Ive had an overactive bladder for years and have had all sorts of tests and tried loads of medications for it but nothing seems to make any difference. I've visited the continence nurses and had scans, kept diaries and so on. I have had about four different mes from the doctor and tried that Urostemol...

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  • pammied 2

    Urine smell

    Hi Wondering if anybody can help. Last two days have noticed a nasty smell of vomit when I pass urine particularly overnight And first thing in the morning. Urine is also darker first thing in the morning. Have experienced stronger smelling urine first thing but this is horrible. I do not have temperature...

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  • ellysha87290 1

    There's bllod when I urinate, what should I do?

    I just finished having my period but my there's still blood when I urinate. Its been 5 days. I thought it was normal because in the past, i urinate with blood when i have my period. But this is a bit weird because it hasn't stop.

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  • vibhor023 2

    Three months of lower back, pelvic pain and urgency to urinate

    Hi guys, It has been three months. My all the tests, ultrasounds, plain CT scan all are normal. But I still have the this flank, lower back and pelvic pain , urgency to urinate since three months along with fatigue. Vit d3 tablets is also going on. Can anyone help me here please. Thanks, Vibhor...

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  • brianna306 2
  • Bluberripenguin 2

    Went to doc and all he said was maybe it's OAB

    Doc says everything is fine and it's probably just over active bladder. But I got results of pee test and it doesn't read like nothing. Clusters Reactive Clusters of urothelial with reactive changes are noted. Rare red blood cells, crystals and mild acute inflamitory cells are present. Anyone have...

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  • jadene1959 2

    Sharp shooting pain in urethra

    I have been suffering from sharp shooting pains in my urethra it feels like someone is sucking the urine out with a syringe it is very painful and strange feeling

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  • jessie85413 1

    I've drank 54oz today and can't really urinate, HELP

    I am a 29yr female, I've been diagnosed with interstitial cystitis and OAB. I've had a partial hysterectomy 2 yrs ago. I haven't had insurance in almost 2 years, so no medications. Yesterday I noticed an almost unbearable need to pee but I could only get out a few dribbles. The urgency hasn't decreased...

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  • vibhor023 2
  • Jaffatinx 2

    I've had pressure on my bladder for 14 months, help?!

    In July 2013 I had cystitis for three weeks, the hospital gave me 7 days of trimethoprim and sent me home. After finishing the course, the burning etc had gone but I still felt a slight pressure making me feel like I needed to urinate all the time. This feeling stayed with me day and night for three...

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  • johnthompson 3

    Burning Bladder but not when peeing.

    Hi all, I have been on the Prostate forum for a couple of months as i have an enlarged Prostate and people there have been fantastically helpful . Last week though i developed what i thought was a UTI that i got a very severe burning where the bladder is.Got so bad had to seek medical advice and say...

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  • norman79772 2

    Allopurinol unexplained bladder pain

    Hi all, i would like to share something with you that might be of interest. ​Here goes, i will try and be clear. I went to my GP in 2013 for pain in my penile area. I was diagnosed with prostatitis so was put on a long course of high dosage cipro antibiotitics. Things did not get much better. I had private...

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  • robert29203 2

    Bladder cancer symptoms ?

    I am 22 years old I have had frequent urination and urgency for about a month, my lower back has recently been hurting, no blood in urine that I know of , there is just pressure on my bladder area and lower stomach area if pressed down urge to go pee is worse l, I've been tested for STD AND UTI AND CULTURE...

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  • james68516 2

    Stones, or infection?

    Hi About 2 months ago I started getting a dull ache in my back. Not painfull, but just a niggle. Thinking it was Kidney stones again (had them 5 years ago, and passed them myself), I started taking these natural remedy tablets from Rio health. They're supposed to help you pass stones. They got very...

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  • amber42187 2

    Extreme Pain when urination before period.

    Every month before my monthly cycle I get this sharp burning pain when peeing. It seems to last a week or a bit longer. Its enough pain to make you tear up and add pressure. I've talked to doctors about it and they always take a urination sample and say there's no infection. I've had ovarian cysts in...

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  • maggie00900 2

    Pain after urination, not a UTI or STI

    Hi, I'm a 20 year old woman with no other health problems. My issues first started when I was about 8 years old when there was blood in my urine and it hurt to go. I had a kidney infection which was treated and since then and the age of 16 I've had 2 or 3 UTI's which antibiotics have treated. When...

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  • kay70454 1

    Bladder pain

    For the passed 4 months I have been experiencing uti and bladder pain.  In the beginning I had re occuring uti's (ecoli) and they were successfully treated with antibiotics.  My urologist now has me on a long term low dose antibiotic because of the frequent uti's.  My problem is for the past few months...

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  • jjjj57989 4


    Lowering your salt intake could mean fewer trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night, a new study suggests. Most people over age 60, and many even younger, wake up to pee one or more times a night. This is called nocturia. This interruption of sleep can lead to problems such as stress, irritability...

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  • hawk52 1

    BPH, UTI and persistent urge to move bowels.

    Suffering from above for 3 months. Doctors have been treating for UTI but it keeps coming back. Whenever there is any stool accumulation the urge to move bowels is urgent and almost continuous - every 5 - 10 mins, day and night. After an enema  it subsides for a day or two then returns with a vengeance....

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  • tom2017 2

    Bethanechol Failing?

    In April of 2016 I had the green Light Laser operation for Benign Prostate Enlargement.  The operation was a success but the urine still did not flow. (much)  It seems I had another problem. The bladdrer muscles were not doing their job.  I was instructed in how to self cath and that's what I did for...

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