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Urinary Symptoms and Problems

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  • Bluberripenguin 2

    Went to doc and all he said was maybe it's OAB

    Doc says everything is fine and it's probably just over active bladder. But I got results of pee test and it doesn't read like nothing. Clusters Reactive Clusters of urothelial with reactive changes are noted. Rare red blood cells, crystals and mild acute inflamitory cells are present. Anyone

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  • sebby95 1

    Bladder infection/irritation after intercourse

    Hey everybody.  So me and my girlfriend recently started having sex. It was her first time, not mine.  The first 2 times, she didn't have any issues. We didn't overdo it, left a few days in between (I was on vacation) and there were no problems.  Afterwards however, she started experiencing pain

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  • Jaffatinx 2

    I've had pressure on my bladder for 14 months, help?!

    In July 2013 I had cystitis for three weeks, the hospital gave me 7 days of trimethoprim and sent me home. After finishing the course, the burning etc had gone but I still felt a slight pressure making me feel like I needed to urinate all the time. This feeling stayed with me day and night for

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  • johnthompson 3

    Burning Bladder but not when peeing.

    Hi all, I have been on the Prostate forum for a couple of months as i have an enlarged Prostate and people there have been fantastically helpful . Last week though i developed what i thought was a UTI that i got a very severe burning where the bladder so bad had to seek medical advice and

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  • vibhor023 2
  • norman79772 2

    Allopurinol unexplained bladder pain

    Hi all, i would like to share something with you that might be of interest. ​Here goes, i will try and be clear. I went to my GP in 2013 for pain in my penile area. I was diagnosed with prostatitis so was put on a long course of high dosage cipro antibiotitics. Things did not get much better. I had

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  • robert29203 2

    Bladder cancer symptoms ?

    I am 22 years old I have had frequent urination and urgency for about a month, my lower back has recently been hurting, no blood in urine that I know of , there is just pressure on my bladder area and lower stomach area if pressed down urge to go pee is worse l, I've been tested for STD AND UTI AND

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  • james68516 2

    Stones, or infection?

    Hi About 2 months ago I started getting a dull ache in my back. Not painfull, but just a niggle. Thinking it was Kidney stones again (had them 5 years ago, and passed them myself), I started taking these natural remedy tablets from Rio health. They're supposed to help you pass stones. They got

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  • amber42187 2

    Extreme Pain when urination before period.

    Every month before my monthly cycle I get this sharp burning pain when peeing. It seems to last a week or a bit longer. Its enough pain to make you tear up and add pressure. I've talked to doctors about it and they always take a urination sample and say there's no infection. I've had ovarian cysts

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  • maggie00900 2

    Pain after urination, not a UTI or STI

    Hi, I'm a 20 year old woman with no other health problems. My issues first started when I was about 8 years old when there was blood in my urine and it hurt to go. I had a kidney infection which was treated and since then and the age of 16 I've had 2 or 3 UTI's which antibiotics have treated.

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  • kay70454 1

    Bladder pain

    For the passed 4 months I have been experiencing uti and bladder pain.  In the beginning I had re occuring uti's (ecoli) and they were successfully treated with antibiotics.  My urologist now has me on a long term low dose antibiotic because of the frequent uti's.  My problem is for the past few

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  • jjjj57989 4


    Lowering your salt intake could mean fewer trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night, a new study suggests. Most people over age 60, and many even younger, wake up to pee one or more times a night. This is called nocturia. This interruption of sleep can lead to problems such as stress,

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  • hawk52 1

    BPH, UTI and persistent urge to move bowels.

    Suffering from above for 3 months. Doctors have been treating for UTI but it keeps coming back. Whenever there is any stool accumulation the urge to move bowels is urgent and almost continuous - every 5 - 10 mins, day and night. After an enema  it subsides for a day or two then returns with a

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  • brianna306 2
  • tom2017 2

    Bethanechol Failing?

    In April of 2016 I had the green Light Laser operation for Benign Prostate Enlargement.  The operation was a success but the urine still did not flow. (much)  It seems I had another problem. The bladdrer muscles were not doing their job.  I was instructed in how to self cath and that's what I did

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  • ashleigh87804 2

    feeling helpless!

    i really hope someone has a similar situation to myself, i feel so lost and helpless.  i am a 26 year old female, with constant urges to go to the toilet all the time, especially at night in bed. it wakes me up and when i go hardly anything comes out. this began around two years ago in australia.

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  • louise73742 2

    Blood in urine but no infection and health anxiety

    A couple of years ago, I was treated for what I thought was a urine infection.  However, no bacteria were ever found in the urine samples although there were traces of blood and leukocytes.  This went on for a few months.  The only thing that seemed to help was nitrofurantoin which I had to stop

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  • lindsey 80643 2

    Cause of blood and protein in urine?

    Just had a routine physical and had a flashing blood test and urinalysis done. I barely squeezed out enough pee, but I did. Now the urinalysis came back with trace amounts of blood and protein. I have no symptoms of any UTI, and I have had them in the past, so this is kindness of unsettling to

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  • PetalP 2

    Painful Burning Sensation In Urethra - No Uti Or Std - Female

    I am a 21 year old female in the UK, and I have been suffering with a painful burning sensation which I believe to be coming from my urethra since September 2014. The pain comes and goes throughout the day, and it will be at its most intense after having urinated, and after sex. At its worst I

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  • ellie87469 1
  • peter56790 1
  • holly14921 2

    burning urethra no uti

    had a burning urethra no uti for years now painful to wee aswell seen two specialists and had lots of tests they cant find anything taken amitrptline and oestrogen cream for urethra but still not luck have to drink loads of water but doesnt always help with pain anyone else have these symptoms???

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  • kawai94072 2

    Not able to pee

    Every since I had Botox injection back in the end of October 2016, I still have not being able to pee on my own. I can only pee out with the use of a catheter. This is good in a way knowing my Urine comes out completely , but at the same time it's very frustrating not being able to per on my own

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  • Barb18 2

    Bladder trouble help

    had bladder troubles for ages now but since my hysterectomy 2 years ago it's got worse constant wanting to wee no infection but very painful it's ruining my life. On tablets for my condition but nothing seems to help can anyone suggest anything I can try. Going on holiday soon and don't want it to

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  • rachel90529 2

    bladder infection

    Hi everyone. So last few days I was feeling unwell. I had some dizziness at times and weakness and just really tired. Yesterday I was feeling so sick and I have pain in my lower abdomen and around my back. Lets say very achy. And feeling nauseous. Went to out of hours doctor. Before I went I did

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  • Ivan77 1

    Urinary issues, constant urge to go and difficultly going.

    I'm in desperate need. For about 2 months now I've been having this issue of having to urinate very frequently, sometimes every 30 minutes, and on top of that it is very difficult for me to urinate, as in starting the stream and keeping it going. I'm 40 yrs old and had a similar issue about 11

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  • S-R-J 2

    Urine problems with no infection

    I started having classic water infection symptoms around the 22nd of September. Very frequent need to go, and very urgent need to go. Dark orange colour (think Sainsburys bag) with a slight odour. I was on holiday at the time so obviously couldn't visit a doctor. Around the 1st of October, the

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  • lynn41704 3


    My first MSU was reported as contaminated and had to be repeated. My second test showed no infection but there were white blood cells present which is not the first time. I am due to have a cystoscooy on Monday but I want to cancel it because I think white blood cells in my urine without infection

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  • daniel35855 2
  • audigem 2

    Urostomy 12 weeks ago and still got lots of vile discharge?!

    Hi all, I had my full bladder removal with partial urethra removal on 9th January this year due to having severe ic and my bladder was just riddled with ulcers so had to come out. I had a spc in at the time as my bladder was paralyzed from having Botox injections into it a year before. I also have

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  • emma76343 2

    Bladder spasms

    Hi everyone, I've been suffering with what I can only describe as bladder spasms for many years now but have been too embarrassed to see a doctor. They don't occur very often and so don't affect my life but when they do I can't stand up straight. They've worsened as I've got older in terms of how

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  • tara10173 2

    Ecoli, Yeast, Urethral burning

    Hi Everyone! I'm at my wits end! Back before May 2017 I had chronic yeast infections. OBGYN gave me Diflucan. Thought went away. Come September diagnosed resistant Ecoli. Last almost 7 months. Just cleared up last Friday. However severe amounts of yeast in my urine and high glucose levels in urine.

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  • Forestflower 3

    What the hell is this??

    So, if someone would ask me "are you allergic to anything" I'd say pure orange. The reason for this? Well.. when I was a little girl, I had pure orange juice a maximum of 20 times before I completely cut it out due to the consequences! After drinking or eating orange I would get a horrible stinging

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  • Manny13840 2

    Blood in urine

    In December it was shown in my urine test that i had Occult Blood (2+) and rbc count of 5-9 so doctor had me do the retests which I did last week and it showed again occult blood but it went down occult blood (1+) and also rbc went down 2-7 and no mucus present which was in Decembers test. Also the

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  • annalee58641 2

    I have been diagnosed with a bladder infection

    i have had a bladder infection for a few weeks now and am wondering what is the best thing to do. the doctor told me i might have a bladder stone and has made an appointment for me to go to the hospital. does anyone know if a bladder stone is the cause of the infection is if it is a separate condition?

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