39 year old male having digestive issues

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I have has anxiety for several weeks now. It all started a moth ago. First my bowel changed on me and I had some constipation and bloating, now I'm gassy and have burping, belching, a minor stomach cramp which has calmed down a bit. Yesterday when I ate it felt like my food was in my throat, took a minute to go down. I have an appointment to have a endoscopy and a colonoscopy done. Anyone have anyadvice

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    That sounds like heartburn to me or IBS. Try taking Antacids or pepto bismol. Stomach cramps coming From the upper middle abdomen? How often do you feel crampy? 
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      Yeah I have suffered from heart burn for years now and before this scare happened I was feeling a wave of burning sensation in my stomach, followed by the bowel issues. Yes stomach cramps almost like hunger pains even when I need to empty a bowel. It has gone down a bit but I burp a lot now and gassy at times.
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      I suffer from severe bloating and i burp a lot, But recently i had a buffet at restaurant  with fatty and oily food, for next 3 weeks i'm burping almost 100 times per meal. But  the sooner you fix the issue is better for you as you already suffering for a year.Don't go by PPI route of taking antacids. Only diet  and life style changes is going to fix this long term and the sooner is good for you. My problem initially started with lot of acid reflux before 10 years with endoscopy diagnosis as gastritis ,took lot of PPI was under control, but if i eat in restaurant then it bring me down for a day or 2. But i started getting pain after 3 years on right side where hida scan showed my gallbladder is not working and then after few years i got gallstones,again this is my fault as i had lot of resturant food went i felt better.Do hida and ultrasound too to rule out any gallbladder issues.I'm 37 year old.Though i have gallstones my biggest worry is bloating and burping, been like this since 5 years now.

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      I see, thank you. I don't have that bloating like you. In the beginning I had it like twice but that was all. I took gas x which helped a bit. I was also constipated for a few days so I took laxative. It helped out. Just a few days ago I had a lot of belching and gas. Now for the past 2 days I have been burping, even though I have not eaten anything. Also feels like food is in my throat but I think it may be air.

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    Sounds more like IBS than heartburn if your bowel habits have changed and you have abdominal pain.
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      Yeah I have been researching and researching trying to find something that will rule out stomach cancer. Maybe I am making it worse by worring too much. I have had 6 types of blood work done and plus a stool sample which all came out negative. I don't know if all that is enough to rule out anything that might be dangerous.

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      Don’t do any research because Dr Google is too general and doesn’t take account of individual cases.   It will only lead to massive anxiety and panic.  Only your doctor can diagnose you by ruling things in or out with tests.  Everyone is different with the number of tests your doctor thinks it will take to diagnose you. I had a negative ultrasound, urine test, celiac test and stool test.  My diagnosis was IBS.  Some people ask for many tests if they are panicking.

      One doctor wanted to redo all my tests because no one knew the answer.  My final doctor said this was unnecessary because my symptoms were the same for three and a half months with no worsening or new symptoms.  I accepted this and my panic cleared up and my IBS got better.

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    Hey, I have been diagnosed with GERD and eosinophilic esophagitis - a mouthful I know. Probably as part of food intolerance. I have had exactly (!) your symptoms. For over a year and a half now. They got a lot better when I started staying away from alcohol and some nuts I was allergic to. But I still have issues sometimes.

    I'm 35, well-trained and never been sick before btw. Iäm allergic with some asthma tho, and that is apparently common...

    Hope you'll get some clarity after your appointment!

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