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Hi there just wanted to post my story and also ask a few questions regarding recovery.

I am a 39yr old mother of two children who also is very healthy active, I have a horse I ride & compete, I do Zumba and I run around after my children on their ponies so my feet work hard! I have had bunions and taylors bunions on both feet since I was a teenager, I blame genetics, being flat footed but also having large size 9's I admit to cramming my feet into tight shoes all those years ago, these days thanks to Next I have no problem getting shoes to fit.  The bunion on the right foot is half the size and doesn’t hurt, the bunion on the left foot was very painful, swollen, red and sore, shoes rubbed on it.  Both feet have taylors bunions which don’t hurt but just make shoe fitting hard as they really stick out, they feel like hard bone when I walk bare foot and I have also caught them when walking past something which really hurts!  I have ugly feet but they work hard for me poor things.


So decided a year ago when I started getting shooting pain in the left bunion that I needed to get it sorted. I am lucky to have private healthcare so went to see the consultant who said yes the left foot needs doing.  That was May 2015 and I booked to have the op done Feb 29th 2016 so to miss out on as little horse riding as possible plus to be ready for my children’s pony club camp in Aug!  My life evolves around the horses you know!! 

The op.....well spent all morning having my last horse ride!  Hospital for 4.30pm, operation at 6.30pm. I had a local, got told I was brave.....yes I was, but it wasn’t by choice, I didn’t know there was a choice!  My lovely surgeon gave me a number of injections in my foot, yes they stung and one did hurt but it was ok.  Slightly scary seeing the actual theatre but was distracted trying to remember the make of the theatre pendant as instructed by mu husband who sells them.....I think that was the last thing he said to me and the last thing I said to him was if it all goes wrong and I die please make sure you take the kids to pony club!!   So the op itself was fine, I could feel tugging and pulling but no pain and I would go ahead and have a local again over a general as at least I didn’t have to worry about never waking up again!  Op took an hour and then I was wheeled out, I felt great and I was on a high it was all over.  Had a MacDonald’s on way home and straight to bed thinking how brave I was and how I now didn’t feel guilty buying the new bare minerals foundation a few days early as I did truly deserve a reward for being so brave!  My dad has since pointed out that he is far braver as he had cataract op awake three times!! He doesn’t have three eyes by the way!!!

Early hours of the morning.........ouch!  Painful, I couldn’t stay still in bed, woke my husband up around a thousand times telling him I was about to die, I even cried.  Ended up watching The Voice on my mobile phone with earphones to take my mind of it.  I think my biggest mistake wasn’t doing up on medication straight after op!!! This is something you should definitely do!!!  I was on Cocodamol and paracetamol and it didn’t do it for me and the co-codamol made me sick.  I text surgeon that morning and he suggested Tramadol.  They helped but made me very drowsy which made it very difficult to watch the daytime trash to which is as I said TRASH!  Another tip, start recording on sky programs you want to watch, I highly recommend Dr Dee Alaskan Vet!  She airlifted a horse!!  I couldn’t be bothered to read or do anything other than stare at a to.  First 2/3 of days I stayed in bed, then I ventured downstairs all the way to the sofa.  Fortunately I didn’t need to go to the toilet very often as yes your foot does throb when not elevated. It is very hard to get comfy, I had loads of pillows and you need them for your back as well as your poor leg or legs!! 

I was naughty and on the Saturday so 5 days post op went to the farm to watch my kids ride and my crutch slipped on mud, put foot down and that hurt.  It went down flat so hoping it didn’t do any damage.  I also went for lunch in town the following day as mothering Sunday, was a long way on crutches and in hindsight I probably should of just stayed at home but I was so desperate for some fresh air.  I did end up with sore points in lower back from staying in same position on bed and sofa, and I ended up with a bad neck and shoulders.  By the beginning of week two I did feel sorry for myself and just to add to my sorrowfulness the time of the month appeared too!  No prob as I had Tramadol to take!  I ended up getting my husband to take me for a massage which did help and I came out feeling not quite so broken just drowsy from the Tramadol!

So week two I saw my lovely surgeon who took the stitches out and said at end of that week so 2 weeks and 4 days I could start to ween myself of crutches putting weight through heel ( I didn’t dare tell him I had already hobbling around crutch free walking sideways and that I had managed three baths in those two weeks.......in my defense I am super strong and able to heave myself out of the bath.....I strongly say do not do this, I was ok but it was still a major risk and if I had off fell I could of undone everything the surgeon did) and more encouraging to start to wear a trainer!!  Well that hasn’t happened yet! Its three weeks and 2 days now and I can't wear a trainer, too tight and I can't bare it, I want my poor newly shaped fat foot to be comfy.  My velcro post op shoe which I was dreading is now my best friend and the only thing I can wear basically, I find teaming it with legwarmers helps and it also makes my other foot look tiny! I was also told to start massaging gently my foot especially over the scars to minimalise them and move the big and little toe around, I’m a bit scared to do this as its only three weeks and everything I read on google seems to say don’t touch foot!!! Other exercises are to spread my toes (funny this is actually a party trick of mine!), go gently up onto balls of feet and down (this I do very gingerly holding onto a chair and I feel slight stingy pins and needles at beginning) and some other exercises which I can’t remember!!!!!  I need to text him again to ask what the other ones were!!! So foot is healing really well and my scars aren’t so bad really, I bought bio oil and keep pouring that on.  I feel frustrated that I can only walk the pace of a snail but then I remind myself its only three weeks yesterday and to be proud to be walking at all!

WOuld I do it again.............well I would rather answer that when I am fully recovered back to riding and Zumbering but at the mo yes I would BUT only if the bunion actually hurt which mine did, that is why at this point I won’t be bothering with the right even though I now have miss matching feet!

Tips -

1. Take pain medication as soon op over.  

2. Make sure you have lots of pillows for leg and also for back.

3. I had to keep my foot sticking out of bed at night as duvet to heavy but it got cold and ached so I had to put a light blanket over it which really helped and it stopped hurting so much.  I had read about a bed cradle that lifts the covers up, I wish I had gone and bought one as even now three weeks on I would use it at night. 

4. Record something interested to watch.

5. Write down instructions from Surgeon re post op exercises

6. Dont rush going out.

My questions are to all of you who are weeks ahead of me and ideally sporty!  How long was it before you could walk normally?  I’m no runner but when was it that you felt you could do an aerobics class such as Zumba?  How far did you walk at three weeks?  I still get a little aching in bunion joint is this normal?  I can’t flex it that far but its only 3 weeks is that normal?  I know it’s my surgeon I should be asking but I like to speak to people who have been through op themselves!

Many thanks for reading this and please ask me as many questions as you like!

Rachael! XXX

I went back to my office job two weeks after, it was ok but i have just been feeling really tired.  I think maybe my 1000mph life meant i had to be energetic at all times where as now i just laze around as much as possible to rest my foot, its hard work doing nothing!!


So here i am 3weeks post op. 

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    I am post op 6 weeks and 1 day and counting!! I am 68 years old but ditto, obsessive walker, lawn bowler and bridge player. I have thrown tantrums, cried and been difficult. I hate having no fresh air and not getting out AND having to rely on other people! Bandage off foot this Thursday. I can't wait. Holiday will be booked on Thursday afternoon before I am on duty to look after first grand child 11 April (one day a week!). Probably expecting too much to think I will dance out of hospital and be walking (with ease!!!?)  

    Everyone is different. I have walked on crutches 1 1/2 miles today, with a lunch break one way and a coffee break in the other direction! It can be done... Bathing is impossible but about once a week as I can't stand it any longer I do somersaults in the bath haha. I have spent time doing jigsaws, playing online bridge, suduko, crosswords and hardly any TV. I am thankful for good friends...and oh yes the husband, who could not cope to begin with so I went to stay with my daughter for 4 nights only to come home to a reformed husband thereafter.

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    Hi I am 9 weeks post op for Taylors bunion and 4th and 5th toe

    straightening. I am active 52 yr post woman. Wearing men's 7

    and half trainer when I am normally a 6. Still can't walk far at all

    and can only take small stiff steps. Was told recovery would be

    6 to 8 weeks and told my employer this. Now in position where

    I have to go back to gp for third sick note. Seems like people

    are given very different recovery periods by their surgeons.

    Mine was grossly underestimated. It feels like the swelling will

    never go down and at this point I am frightened that I will not

    ever be fit for my employment again.

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      Hi Pauline thanks for replying. I think we all recover at different rates and also we all have something different done to our feet so that will affect recovery. I had 1st & 5th metatarsal broken& realigned but no tendons were cut so I think that's why my recovery is going well plus I have to get on with it as have two young children. I think that whilst at present you feel recovery for you is slow look back at how you were a week,two weeks etc ago. I know I get frustrated & a week ago There was no way I could take my children out for a few hrs. I still can't walk long distances but each day I get stronger so stay strong & trust your body, it's doing its best to get well for you! smile
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      Hi rmp. I must admit I did have a giggle at your blog, I too made a tent to keep the duvet off the poor toes. Yes we all seem to recover differently, I just wish they had not put 6 to 8 weeks in my head, then I wouldn't be feeling so disjointed sitting here at vweek 10 with a boss wondering when the heck I am going back. You are right, I have been starting to look back instead of forward. I am getting stronger even though my walking is very poor I am able to stay on my feet a bit longer and to a bit more for myself. I just had a meeting with my boss today and he can see that I am in no fit state to be back yet. Thanks for your support and well wishes 👍
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      Hi Paula, how is your little toe doing after taylors bunion being removed? I am worried my little toe is going inwards again though if straightens out when I stand. I'm sure I read that the fifth metatarsal takes the longest to heal? Rachael x
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      Hi Rachael. The fifth toe is fine, minimal swelling and seems to be where it should be. The joint will not bend by itself or by hand so that is a bit of a worry. My main problem is stiffness across the top of the foot. Also because the 4th toe was cut across(instead of laterally like the 5 the toe) the drainage canals have been severed and so the toe is constantly swollen and has been since day one. The surgeon said the joint will move when ready but he said that 5 weeks ago and I am still awaiting movement x
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    I'm 43.  Having surgery in 2 weeks on right foot only.  I also have a larger bunion on the left foot which does hurt, but not nearly as bad as my right foot.  I'm sure that will change after I don't have the pain in my right.  Anyway, my doctor said only about 1-2 weeks off of work.  Reading all of this, I'm not so sure.  I have an office job and I'm otherwise an active person.  What has been everyone's experience with being able to work post op?
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      Hi there, good luck with op. I say having gone through the op myself on only my left foot that if your bunion causes you pain & discomfort then have the op. If it doesn't but just doesn't look nice then leave alone.

      I went back to work after two weeks I work in an office, my surgeon said to take 4 weeks off. I think I went back too early and three weeks off would have been better but it's so boring at home. So I am just over 4weeks now & today I managed to wear my own already stretched trainers today & have been on my feet all day with my kids. I can walk better in trainers with just a slight limp because I can't flex my foot but walk very flat. I feel my recovery is quick & I am lucky. However I am very conscious of doing too much. My foot is still swollen & I can't flex if but its only 4 weeks. Most are still in a Velcro boot for 6weeks!! Elevate & ice.....I need to listen to my own advice!!!

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      Good advice below from rmp8800. You really need plenty of elevation, ice and rest. Everyone is different, I am 10 weeks vdown the line right foot bunion and 2 toes straightened. Has been very frustrating after being told 6 to 8 week recovery. Good luck with your op. If you overestimate your recovery time you can always go back to work early, the problems occur when you give an estimate and go way over of as in my case.
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    Well Helloo

    i read every single word! I can only say ditto. I am post op 7 weeks and 4 days. Things I craved for apart from walking was fresh air. I had a general private but on NHS. It was suggested otherwise he said he would have to put a tourniquet on and as I had only seen these done in "Westerns" I went along with his suggestion. 

    Today I can tell you progress is one foot forward one foot back, so to speak! I "walk" every day unaided. I did do 1 mile about a week ago and had to rest the next day. I have had to start wearing my husband's trainers size 44 (I am a 42). Yes they are big but I was in agony in mine. I saw my consultant

     yesterday. He said I didn't need physio as everything is moving better than most. I am a gym bunny (yes at 68 with levels modifying as I get older). It oils the cogs and makes me feel amazing. I take no pills for arthritis. I have been doing floor exercises and yesterday increased to Pilates core positions. I was quire exhausted! I have just devised my own toe exercises of spreading them, pointing them, scrunching them (affected foot not nearly as good). I weight bear on this foot. I am not ready for tiptoe yet but that I am doing holding on. Any more can you suggest?

    i am leading a six mile rambler walk early July so I have to be fit. 

    Shoes? Well my consultant yesterday said bespoke orthotics too early as foot will change (it's swollen after walking but when I get up in the morning it's only slightly swollen). He suggested buying Vasyli medium density orthotics as I can throw these away when foot changes. There was so much choice but I just ordered online and they arrive Tuesday. I can't buy new shoes without the orthotics as I now appear to have a flat foot. He said it would help my body which is aching with it overcompensating for the slightly irregular gait I have. No matter how I tell myself I must walk properly with every step you do wince a little with every full movement of that foot. I am normally a speed walker and my head is sometimes ruling my ability. I drove the car yesterday for the first time and that has exercised the ball of the foot! I am ready. 

    7 weeks and 4 days post op and counting the days I can buy new shoes! 

    I will have to go to Hotters sad or go into London to Sanders in Piccadilly or Mephisto extra wide. I have put on weight too sad 

    We go on holiday in 16 days time!!!!

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    Wow Rachael I have size 9 feet too  and have had my left foot bunion and Hammer toe straightening. I have returned to get my dressing changed today 2 weeks post op today. Its been re dressed and I have been advised to start heel walking then to progress to flat foot walking. Im due back in 4 weeks to get the k wire removed then I can hopefully get a trainer on! My foot didnt look swolllen today and bruising wasn't too bad. I just hope I will fit it in my trainer. How boring is recovery exhaustng!
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    Hello rmp880 I am 5 weeks ahead of you! It hurts to walk but it's worse for my whole body if I limp a little. I started to take paracetamol just before bed as my body was aching. I am not a pill popper so I stopped the pills and started floor exercises about a week ago; a combination of Pilates and general stretching. I am pleased to say they made a big difference. During the past week I have walked about a mile on average. On 2 occasions I realised that my regular trainer even with undone laces was not enough and I was in agony. For the past 5 days I have been wearing my husband' strainers size 44 with laces adjusted accordingly and thick walking socks on. Today I bought clotting trainer liners to wear under the woolly socks. Painful walking still but doing it. Another tweak has been wearing one of my daughter's orthotics; bingo better and slightly less pain (still in husband's trainers). I am testing them walking out to supper at friends tonight. Tomorrow on the advice of my consultant my Vasylil off the shelf orthotics will arrive. He told me my foot will change so it's too early for to get bespoke ones where they X-ray the foot and make to measure. Tomorrow I start back with my Pilates class. I think I will stay at the back close to the wall for support and to hide!

    8 weeks post op tomorrow...

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