4 1/2 weeks post op tkr struggling with bend.

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Hi had my left the on 13 April..can just about get bend to 90° but stings like crazy. Feels like muscle attached to something and I am trying to pull it away. Still also swollen and stiff. Got next physio spot on 25 May

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    Tracy, I had mine two days before you, omg why did no one tell the truth about the pain level of this op?!!!

    Its still very early days I've been told!  Yes it will sting like crazy, probably is the muscle re attaching itself, if you think your whole leg has been cut in half and rejoined together with new surfaces, it's no wonder it hurts.  I didn't appreciate this till after the op.  I'm still very swollen, even my toes are! Plus very stiff, especially after sitting down or sleeping. 90 deg is hard to get, but I'm improving day by day.  Keep exercising, regards

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      If you knew the pain levels beforehand no one would have it done, glad you're improving and being so positive, good on you 😀
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    Early days, you will get there.

    This is totally normal, it's a huge operation, you will keep improving, don't worry.

    I've had both knees done, believe me it's something everyone goes through.

    Don't expect too much of yourself at this stage.

    90% is great!

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    Hi Tracy (and lucie)

    I had my op on 18 April, so very close to yours. I agree, no one indicated in any way how bad this would be.....who writes all that calm and measured stuff you read on even reputable sites on the Internet?!?

    Like you, I have a lot of pain, swelling and stiffness, although so far possibly the worst thing has been the inability to sleep.....which of course affects everything else.

    i was discharged from hospital with a bend of approx 85. It's way less than that now, maybe 70 if I force it. I have a research physio calling later in the week, and then an actual physio session on 24th, which I've arranged privately. I'm trying desperately to improve things but all I want to do is sleep. I don't think my body has anywhere near recovered from the shock and trauma of the op yet....

    all the best to you xx


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      Hi, yes all 3 near each other, I feel so bad as I'm having really good sleeps! Previous to this I'd been on long term amitriptyline which helps sleep plus to a small degree pain. I'm still on this but have cut down from 45mg to 35 nightly. I've also cut down my painkillers so I'm feeling pretty good with my recovery. Mind you I tackled the stairs this morning and just tested one stair with my bad leg leading, oooo, wait a while before I do that again!!  Tomorrow I'm getting my husband to take me to town, I'm seriously missing the shops!  Only going to one, where you can park outside, but getting excited! 

      But im still sleepy during the day, especially after lunch, so I guess the op takes more out of you than you expect. Best wishes to you both xx


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    Tracy,  you are very early in recovery.  Stinging is nerve pain...they have to grow back.  I found this early that actually rubbing my leg helped a lot. Swollen and stiff is very normal...and will be the norm for quite some time.  My swelling would go away only at night or when resting and elevating.  But then there's the stiffness....very normal.  I am 14 weeks po and still stiff every morning and after I sit for a bit.  The stiffness is worse when you are swollen too.  90 is a great bend....keep doing what you are doing.  How is your straight???


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      Hi Pam. Straight isn't perfect but once swelling has gone down I think it will be better. I had right PKR last October which went really well and I thought that the recovery from TKR would be just as easy. By 6 weeks on PKR I was walking normally, up and down stairs, no limp and about 120° bend so this recovery is a massive shock and I know that I do too much as I always have a project on the go and things to do. I'm only 51 so use to rushing around.
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      Tracy, so now you can attest to every surgery is different...so every healing is different.  Sounds like the 1 St one your recovery went great.  And yes, no rushing....you have to heal properly....no going back.  Tracy I am 55.  


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    4and 1/2 weeks is still early in the rehab- you are doing well! Have you been told to masage the scar site and knee cap? I did it twice a day to prevent scar tissue from ataching to my kneecap. Give yourself time, ice, rest and do your exercise. You still have six weeks or so ofheavy recovery and then the healing seems to go quickly,
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      Hi judy smile

      Six weeks....if I thought the 'heavy lifting' would be done by then, I'd feel a bit better, I think. Reminder to self, though.....don't get over-optimistic!!

      Re massage, I asked our practice nurse last week about this, and she said, "No, being NHS we don't recommend anything. Just leave it alone and it'll be fine". Think this is a bit of institutional caution, though. I'm going to try BioOil smile 

      All the best smile

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