4 weeks post op 2nd TKR still no bend in the knee

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Hi I had my 2nd tkr on 5th March 2018 so nearly 4 weeks ago.   My knee is still extremely swollen, it feels like there is a tourniquet round my thigh and I have virtually no bend at all in the knee.  I am walking around and mobile but I cannot bend the knee enough to get into a car.  So I’ve been virtually house bound since I was discharged from hospital 3 weeks ago.   I am doing all the exercises my physio has set me but the swelling is severe .  This time on my first tkr I could at least get into a taxi and go visit friends.   Any tips on how to reduce swelling are welcome.   I’m getting worried that it will stay like this.   As I live alone it’s beginning to get me down as I’m getting lonely.  I make a point of getting up and walking round my house every 30 minutes and do my exercises 5 times a day.  Plus I walk my dog to the bottom of the st and back 3 times a day.  Any one else experienced similar?  Btw happy Easter 🐣 xxx

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    I am 5 week post-op from TKR. In the first 2 weeks after surgery I had way too much swelling. I saw the doctor about it, and he told me to ice and elevate more. He also toId me to walk less, till the swelling came down a bit. I didn't even start PT till the 3rd week. I always had good ROM. But PT was much easier after some swelling came away. The knee is still big, but it functions. Still rough when walking.

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    My thoughts are you are doing to much!Doing your exercises are good and walking around the house but walking your dog up and down the street will certainly add extra swelling.The body needs rest to heal.Good luck to you I am 7 weeks post op.and still have swelling when I overdue it
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    Hi, I had severe swelling as many of us probably have. I did all I was supposed to but my leg was twice the size of the other and was red raw.  I went to see my GP and he prescribed me a course of antibiotics as he said it was an infection. It did the trick and got rid of it but saw my consultant last week and he said it would of been severe inflammation not infection. I would suggest you see the GP even just to put your mind at rest

    Good luck with your recovery and remember we all recover differently 😊

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    Boy, this makes me rethinking my second TKR.  I’ve heard it’s easier HA!  The left is clicking and bone on bone tho I wanted synvisc shots to get me thru the Dummer and Fall. OR should I just bite the bullet?  We have big plans for the Fall and I’d be worried about recovery   Ackkkk timing is everything. 

    You’re doing too much walking. Relax. Take good care of yourself. 

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    Happy Easter to you Kerrie and God Bless.  I am 8 weeks out and stil swollen and not much bend at all.  so done with this whole TKR.  Wish I had not had mine done.


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    Hi Kerry 

    up untill last week I felt the same as Martha ,wished I had never had it done ,but I'm now 4 moths post op and 2 weeks ago I had a manipulation because I couldn't get the bend ,I'm only now this week feeling a lot better but I'm still iceing and resting it's a long road this tkr and such a rollercoaster,

    do you think you could be doing to much at the moment ?

    I had lots of swelling and I'm sure that's why I could never get the bend but I just think you have to give it time and try to not get to down about it ,because it won't always be like this 

    good luck x

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      Hi Debbie,

      I'm 12 weeks post TKR, I had a manipulation last Tuesday, the pain has been un bearable, I'm waiting a call from the hospital as I'm concerned about the pain swelling and how hot my knee is today, did you get this after, I was hoping once having the manipulation I would be on the road to being normal, but it seems to be another setback. X

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      I had to be manipulated at 10-12 weeks too. After that my therapy went easier but I had a lot of heat on my knee too. It’s not an easy operation!!  Patience.  I’m facing my left knee which just started to wake me up at night. Painful. Take care. I hope for better days for you. 
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    Kerrie you are not resting between exercising. I am 3 wks out and so swollen but had to go to pt. After that I couldn't bend knee and it was so swollen. I rested, elevated and iced my knee for two days. The only exercise I got was walking around my house every few hours. The difference had been amazing. The swelling has gone down so much. Concentrate on getting that swelling down. Ice every hour while your knee is elevated. God bless you. Don't get discouraged.

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    Yes, ice and elevate after exercises and other activities.  My surgeon gave me an elastic tube stocking to wear.  My whole leg was black, blue and swollen for at least two months.  Once bandage was off, my PT instructor put strips of athletic tape on the remaining swollen knee and ankle,  The swelling did not affect my bending.  I did wear an ice pack on my knee many hours during the day.  My knee replacement was last April, one year ago.  I am still working on a better bend but have no pain issues.  I still ice after exercise.
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      Still working on your bend after a year?  Oh my!  I must have gotten a good knee. That’s another point. Make sure you know the make and model of your knee. Some have been recalled in The past. 
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      My bend is about 120.  It was better than that but I had other complications to tend to so I regressed a bit.  My surgeon gave me an updated version of his own that is supposed to last for 30 years.  Since I am almost 80, it will do for now.
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    Hi everyone thanks for all your response and for sharing your experience.   The one thing you all say is I need to rest and ice more so I’m going to take your advice and do that.   I must be doing to much and trying to push it because today I am completely wiped out.  After my morning shower I just put clean pyjamas on and am having a duvet day .   Happy Easter everyone and thank you again 🐣 xxx

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      Happy Easter!

      Lying on your back flat with your leg elevated...knee above heart....this is a proper elevation...

      Are you taking anti inflammatories?

      Are you icing....around six times a day....(pretty much all the time you are not doing exercises)

      Don't try and walk lots.... at this stage.

      Are you using a support, crutch or stick when you walk?

      You must be exhausted!

      Rest will help your body heal too!

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