4 weeks since stopping Mirtazapine need help

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Hello group, I have been following this forum for a few days, in desperate need for some support or ideas of what is happening.  It has been 4 weeks since I stopped 7.5mg of Mirtazapine after being on it for 12 months.  I feel sick all the time, the tension in my back is so powerful that i get tremors and nerves and just running wild.  So many docs and pharmacies say it should be out of my system and its just the anxiety coming back, although I get that, it doesn't feel the same I firmly believe I am going to the withdrawals how long can I expect this to go for, I have read some people say it can go for months, I just do not want to go back on these again or any other Antidepressants as they are evil. Hope someone can respond.

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    Hi G

    Oh dear, yes I agree youu are in withdrawal / discontinuation syndrome and it can be horrific, poor you ... did your doc' tell you to jump off Mirt at 7.5 mg ??  Thats way way too high a dose to expect your CNS to cope with.  Its NOT agabout "getting it out of your system" - if only that could happen within a few weeks we'd all be pretty good trying to stop this medication.

    Its about your brain and neurotransmitter readjusting that causes all the symptoms and the only way way to avoid this is to do a slow taper, I did that over a long period and touuch wood, so far so good.  

    Sadly many folk are still on this forum with symptoms like yours months after stopping abruptly, there isn't a remedy to stop the anx', sickness, insomnia apart from taking Benzo's, anti sickness, maybe sleeping pills (UGH !!).

    I think it depends how well you feel you are coping; my best advice would be to updose tonight to the last dose you were comfortable with ~ the sooner the better because sometimes if left for a longer period of time it is harder to stabilise.  You can then have your peace of mind back and do a slow taper ... much safer, especially if like most yo have a busy life, work schedule, kids etc.

    Click on my name here and follow the links for a full informed choice.

    Be kind to yourself and take care.

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      Hello Calmer thank you for replying it is reassuring that I am not imagining this, I don't understand why the doctors don't believe you are withdrawing is this because they don't know or is it because it hasn't been researched enough. The symptoms that all the other people have on this topic are very similar to my own. However to answer your question yes I was instructed to stop at 7.5mg as it was what they use to taper off patients anyway, so I did plus I had several ecg's due to heart palpatations.  I don't want to go back on it to taper off, I do have some valium if desperate will take if need.  Is there anything else that I can do to help. I finally had a full nights sleep and as soon as I woke up all the tremors and sick feeling came through like a storm.  I was even feeling positive how wonderful it was to have a good sleep and planning out my day and then bam! instant pain and sickness. 

      Is there any indication on how long this would last for, I understand everyone is different but please is there a ball park?

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      I just don't think doctors have the training or know the correct advice about the necessary slow tapering (10%) to enable brains neutrons to restructure slowly.

      Sleep is key to get you through, glad you had one good night anyway, I'm done tapering now & have bad nights also, I've tried occasional nights with Phenergen one before sleep & one 3/4 am if I wake & unable to get back.

      Other symptoms treat accirdingly, something from the doc for nausea, Imodium for tum. The anxiety is hard, comes in waves maybe as does all the WD, morning worst, ride with it, benzo's ... I'm sure will help, no need for me to tell you they're addictive but sometimes necessary.

      Not sure there is a ball park figure, some say it improves after a month, better to ask those who cold turkey, maybe start a new thread on here?

      Hope it improves soon, take care x

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      thanks you Calmer, take care of yourself too x
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      HI Calmer. Thank you for your insight. I too have been taken straight off mirtazapine, ( been on it for 6 years ) and straight onto Lexapro. I though the horrible symptoms were the Lexapro kicking in but am now wondering if it's still the Mirt withdrawal. I was so bad the other night I thought I was going to have to call an ambulance. So I was about to try Zoloft instead but am wondering now if I should keep going on the Lexapro if it's withdrawal that's causing it. My head feels like it gets jolted and I yawn a lot. I feel dazed and not with it at all. I certinly couldn't drive or anything. I get this terrible prickling on my upper arms neck and head which also causes my neck to go stiff. My stomach is terrible too and now feel nauseous as well. Am taking a sleeping tab at night otherwise I'd be in even worse mess. Sigh!! G

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      Speak to your doctor about those withdrawal symptoms, I don't know if you can take the two AD's together whilst tapering Mirt, i wonder if ti might be best to reinstate Mirt (which will propbably relieve all those symtpms) and then slow taper off Mirt whislt taking Lexapro - doctors !!!  

      Also check with drugs interaction site, like Drugs   .   com to see what you can find.

      Hope you feel well again soon, nightmare to just quit Mirt x

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      Thanks heaps Calmer.

      The Pharmacist questioned the Doc as they were worried about it but the Doc said he knew what he was doing. He obviously doesn't suffer from panic attacks etc. He said the Lexapro would kick in ( it actually takes 4-6 weeks) and take over from the Mirt. I can see why he wanted me off the Mirt because it wasn't working as well and if he upped the dose, I would put on more weight. I had been put on Mirt by another Doc because it is the kindest on your stomach and I had an ulcer from the antidepressant I was on. It made a huge different at the time but the weight issue was hard. Thank you. I will do as you suggest and check things out. So glad I found this forum as Doc's tell you nothing and wonder why your struggling. I feel for everyone on here and hope I never have to go thru anything like the last few weeks again. Once again. Thank you for taking time to help. G

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    Agreed with calmer. That's too high of a dose to jump from especially after 12 months of use.

    If you notice some improvements (frequency, severity) since your first symptoms appeared then id try to handle it and ride out the discontinuation monster. However, if getting worse then reinstate at last dose while your CNS can still catch up. stabilize (no symptoms) then start your taper slowly. It may take a few months altogether but it'll be better than what you're going through now.

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      Thank you for your advice Cheryl I really want to try this without going back on them even to taper off, I have some valium to use in an emergency. I thought I had improved a bit then came crashing down again, the itchy hands too are just incredible.
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      So what about the feeling of burning hot although you have not temp, prickly skin, night sweats and feeling that your organs are all swollen. This is crazy I had 2 good nights sleep then I went backwards again the sensations are so bad right  now.  Please reassure me my CNS is trying to fix itself!!!
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    progress is never a straight line. Expect some switchbacks. I'm sending you a personal message with a resource link that may help you understand what is happening to your system.

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