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  • portugalthecam 2

    Bad idea to use Mirtazapine as a sleep aid?

    Hello, I have recently been trying to re-stabalize myself on 40mg Citalopram, which I was taking and doing well on for almost 10 years. Since messing with my dosage, I have experienced insomnia, seemingly from dosage increase/decrease side effects. I am just over a month back at 40mg Citalopram, but...

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  • rob03933 4

    Cold Turkey Success?

    I've posted here before and I've really tried weaning off many times with no success at all and can't get lower than 18 mg without having severe dry eyes, swallowing issues, feeling like I have a fever at different times in the day and I get tired easily. My sleep is in and out all night and I'm groggy...

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  • helenj289 2

    Mirtazapine withdrawal timeline - help!

    Hi, just wondering if anyone can give me some guidance of what to expect during withdrawal from Mirtazapine. I have been taking 15 mg for about 8 months then tapered to 7.5 for a month and 3.75 for another month. I stopped taking it completely 3 weeks ago. Mirtazapine has helped me with sleep and anxiety...

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  • kirsty12709 3

    Coming off Mirt!

    Hi, I'm tapering off Mirt and haven't read many (if any) positive stories of anyone doing this. I've successfully come down from 30mg to 15 (30 really didn't suit me) I'm now on 10mg. Am lowering the dose by half each time over two weeks. Can anyone share SUCCESS stories to keep me positive please?!!...

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  • DitchDoctor 2

    Mirtazepine Withdrawal

    Withdrawal symptoms, severity and length of time depend on the dosage, the length of time on the medication and the individual. Speaking as a health care professional and someone's who's titrated successfully off Mirtazepine I suggest the following: Get in the mindset right now that you will get through...

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  • ann55375 5

    Mirtazapine for agitated anxiety

    was given two years ago. Hasnt done much for my anxiety which was the real problem. Now decided to lower dose.  Have gone from 15 to 7.5 to 3.75 using cutter. Now trying to lower.  Sleep very erratic and feel strange, as if i am not so doped.  Dr gave me valium 2 years ago, I take 5mg night and try to...

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  • Damocles 2

    Started mirtazapine.

    Hi all i have just started taking mirtazapine at 30mg and the following day I felt awful I didn't want to move my legs felt depleted but I'm not sure if that was just from the heat of the day recently. My head has been very unmotivated which I hoped this medicine would help. All in all I've felt very...

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  • Campaigner8 2
  • Sparkle9876 2

    Antidepressants making me worse

    Been on 5 different types of antidepressant since February currently on mirtazapine 15mg and phenagan 50mg for sleep.i was on venlafaxine for 10 days and didn't sleep for more than couple hours, now I can sleepp but the anxiety and depression is so bad, Before I went on meds I was functioning. Now I'm...

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  • pleasemakeit 2

    Mirtazapine Withdrawal Tinnitus

    Hi, After 2 months of Mirtazapine I asked the Doctor to come off. I tapered down to quarter of tablet. A few days after stopping I got Tinnitus noise at the back of my head and left ear which went on for 3 days. Rang doctors and he said go back on it. The noise went away which is not much use as I am...

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  • rachael42781 2

    Mirtazapine withdrawal, how long does it last?

    Hi, Just looking for some reassurance/support. I was on mirtazapine for about 6months. I went up to 45mg and decided to taper down as I felt they were making me worse and the weight gain was nasty. I felt fab tapering down and generally, its been better than I anticipated however, I'm approaching the...

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  • andy46832 2
  • Uptonogood 2

    Taking Mirtazapine and Escitalopram together

    Hi I have been taking 20 mg Escitalopram for about 18 months. It has been very effective in helping with depression, I cannot dispute that what so ever. Since taking it though, I've a lot of dizziness and even passing out. the trouble is, we don't know if it is a side effect or something else, but lots...

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  • OnALateNight 2

    Quitting Mirtazapine 7.5mg cold turkey

    I've been taking mirtazapine as a sleep aid for 4.5 years. I took 15mg for the first 3 years and 7.5mg for the remainder. I decided 4 days ago to quit cold turkey, as I'm hoping to have less brain fog if I'm not taking any meds. I thought I would post my progress here: Day 1: slept 4 hours. No side...

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  • gavin 52682 2
  • shaz6098 4

    Orodispersible tablets

    Hi everyone, I saw my gp yesterday and whilst I am still on 45mg mirt, he has changed the tablets to orodispersible to tablets (because they are slightly cheaper). Just wondered if anyone has tried them? Are they different to the tablets? Have you noticed any change? Thank you in advance Shaz

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  • henrich 05890 2

    15mg for 1 week after 4 weeks on 7,5mg, no improvements in mood

    I'be been on mirtazapine 7,5 mg for 4 weeks struggling with all side effects: next day sedation, sleepeness, blurry vision, strange dreams, then increase a doze to 15 mg. It is been 1 week, and some side effects, including next deay sedation alsmost went away, but no improvements in mood. Actually, I...

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  • chinney 3

    dosage of mirtazapine.

    Hi, I started taking mirtazapine 15mg  2 months ago, I found it very hard to wake myself up the morning, so I have reduced the dose to 7.5, i dont feel too lethargic now, i dont know wether it is safe to do that. A few years ago i was on mirtazapine for depression ( stopped 4 years ago) i was consuming...

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  • sue93029 1
  • Cathycat 3
  • david28533 5

    Losing Weight Coming Off Mirtazapine

    Has anyone else had a problem with weight loss when stopping Mirtazapine? I don't have an appetite, and feel sick at the stomach, and have lost 10 pounds. I am beginning to worry that it may be something else going on.

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  • liz36314 1

    coming off mirtazapine 15 mg

    Hi I am wanting advise on the best way to come off of mirtazapine 15mg. I have been on them for 6-8 months and i have been worse on them that before I started taking them. I know all about the withdrawal etc I just want advise on weather to lower the dosage or go cold turkey. I am prepared for the worst...

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  • nate28172 2
  • card123 1


    Hi ​I've been on citatlopram for many years, but after a bad depressive episode, my GP changed meds suddenly to 15mg Mitrazapine. ​I'm not well mentally, and i've very short and irritable with everyone (that's not like me at all). ​Anyway, the worse part it the weakness in my legs, and feeling faint....

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  • David5678 2

    Tapering off Mirtazapine - My Experience

    Hi all, This wll be a brief record of my experience coming off Mirtazapine. Writing it down might help me stay focused on my goal and I'll try and answer any questions for others along the way. I've been on 15mg of Mirtazapine for 15 months now. For the first 9 months it worked wonders for me. Instantly...

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  • gavin 52682 2

    No sleep with mirtazapine

    Hi Advice needed I was taking 15mg at night 15mg in the morning It stopped working last week for my insomnia I am now on 3.75mg of zoplicone to get me to sleep Anyone else had this? What's the solution? Any other dual meds they I could ask for alongside the mirt? Help neded

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  • Normal-again 2

    Long term mirtazapine stopped working

    I have been taking mirtazapine at 60mg per day for over 10 years now - I know that's a whopping big dose but due to chronic treatment resistant depression it was the only dose that actually worked. For over 8 years it worked brilliantly - lifted my depression, eased my anxiety and most importantly, enabled...

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  • Murv01 2

    Really bad withdrawals

    Hi has anybody any good ideas on how to come of mirt, I've managed to get down to 18.5 from 30 and feel nasty , this is the 3rd time I've tried to come off this drug. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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  • Mspanda 2
  • gavin 52682 2

    Mirtazapine not sleeping

    Hi Been on mirtazapine for 2months 15 in the morning 15 at night Been doing this as I couldn't sleep on 30 at night Few days ago I stopped sleeping on my usual 15 at night. Had this happened to anyone else? Any suggestions? Thanks

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  • anthony57342 2

    Three weeks in, your experiences?

    So, I'm three weeks in to 15mg, and pretty meh. What was happening for you guys at three weeks? I'm interested to know how you felt, side effects, your mood, and how things changed after three weeks and onwards. Ant x

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  • kerry198726 2
  • Guest M

    Mirtazapine withdrawal

    Hey everyone, I've been on Mirtazapine 30mg since Feb his year but I've had alot of problems with. Ear infections, burning mouth syndrome etc. so my Psychiatrist think's I should come of it. He told me to cut down to 15mg and only take them for a week and then just stop. So I finally stopped taking...

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  • linda8183 1
  • Notthatginger 3

    Coming off Mirtazipine

    Since being on mirtazipine I've gained 10kg! I'm currently on a dosage of 45mg at night. From tonight 17/05/17 I'm going to take half (22.5mg) for the next week. Then half again (11.25) for a week. Then go cold turkey. My doctors are not helpful and I've been asking to come off mirtazipine for 2...

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