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  • linzi04886 2

    17 days off mirtazipine

    Hi I have been off mirt for 17 days now and still feeling really poorly was great the first 4 days then bam insomnia can't eat feel very groggy no energy nausea and very weak occasionally dizzy racing thoughts very anxious anyone know how long this will last my last dose was 15mg every other night

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  • glyn56386 2

    Mirtazapine making me worse. Fried brains feeling.

    I'm quitting Mirtazapine 45mg.  I've decided to suddenly stop (not recommended) . I'm aware that you can always feel worse than you can imagine despite saying ' I couldn't feel any worse' if that makes sense. mentally ill is bad, mentally ill and chemically ill may prove fatal.? Confused and scared

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  • Jingyd36 2

    Could this be withdrawal?

    Can anyone relate, could this be withdrawal? I started withdrawing 3 weeks ago and I've gone from 15mg to 14mg in that time. The last 2 days I've felt so weak especially in my legs, a heavy agitated nausea in my stomach and woozy wobbly head so I feel almost dizzy walking. I keep panicking walking

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  • korneliabr48356 2
  • Cobble 1

    I'm probably way too sensitive to Mirt? (+ intense night hunger)

    Hello! Adjusting doses between 3.75 to 30 mg didn't seem to give me any mayor adverse reactions, but going from 3.75 to 0 makes my life to a living hell for a Some time ago I regularly took 15 mg which I then tapered down to 0. After the initial complete terror I felt like crap for a few

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  • rachael42781 2

    Mirtazapine withdrawal, how long does it last?

    Hi, Just looking for some reassurance/support. I was on mirtazapine for about 6months. I went up to 45mg and decided to taper down as I felt they were making me worse and the weight gain was nasty. I felt fab tapering down and generally, its been better than I anticipated however, I'm approaching

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  • gavin 52682 2


    Help needed I am on my third week at 30mg. Started on 15mg for 2 weeks before that. Doesn't seem to be helping with my depression at all My doctor has suggested upping to 45mg trying fluoxetine (Prozac) alongside Anyone here on 45? Any thoughts/ advice welcomed

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  • Murv01 2

    5 htp ?

    Hi I've recently tapered off mirtazapine 15 mg been off them for nearly 2 weeks now , I've started struggling with head fog extream tiredness and headaches , I'm guessing this is withdrawls , I've been told that 5 htp capsules can help , has anyone used this at all ???

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  • kerry-ann1987 2

    mirtazapine 15mg for anxiety depression

    Been put on mirtazpine 15mg, I have no trouble sleeping but I've suffered since a teenager with anxiety. It's got bad a the min I wake up and step out of bed and all symptoms appear bad headaches going into my neck back pain, I have inflammation in my left chest wall which is painful also a lot of

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  • Lainylou 2


    Hi guys, I've been taking 15mg of Mirtazepine for 5 months now. I recently spoke with my GP in regards to going to 30mg but I don't always feel I need to up the dose. She suggested that I could one night take 30mg then the next 15mg then 30mg etc. Has anyone ever done this? Is it a wise idea? Or is

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  • rebecca76002 2

    Mirtazapine instead of ssris

    I have tried 3 different ssris for anxiety and depression including sertraline citalopram and fluxotine. They all have me horrendous side effecrs and crazy thoughts jitters and the doctor thinks I'm not suitable for ssris . I've been prescribed mertazapine 15mg had anyone found these helpful that

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  • Guest M

    Mirtazapine withdrawal

    Hey everyone, I've been on Mirtazapine 30mg since Feb his year but I've had alot of problems with. Ear infections, burning mouth syndrome etc. so my Psychiatrist think's I should come of it. He told me to cut down to 15mg and only take them for a week and then just stop. So I finally stopped

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  • korneliabr48356 2

    3 weeks on Mirza, still having anxiety.

    3 weeks on mirta, 30mg, but I had anxiety of and on today, but mornings are the worst. Please someone encourage me . Is it still to see early to see positive changes? ? Positive thing is that I have an appetite, which I didn't have before, I just wish the meds would help with the anxiety.

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  • Notthatginger 2

    Coming off Mirtazipine

    Since being on mirtazipine I've gained 10kg! I'm currently on a dosage of 45mg at night. From tonight 17/05/17 I'm going to take half (22.5mg) for the next week. Then half again (11.25) for a week. Then go cold turkey. My doctors are not helpful and I've been asking to come off mirtazipine for

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  • sheron67167 1
  • brandon27573 1
  • 2006Rachel 2

    Coming off Mirtazapine cold turkey

    Hi all, Just wanted to give some positives.  I decided to stop taking Mirtazapine 45mg on Saturday due to some really bad thoughts and thinking that I just cant carry on like I was.  Anyway I feel great, normal again and like my brain is my own again and I know that coming off this drug is a bit

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  • ann55375 5


    have been on this a while and find I wake an hour after taking it.  Used to give a good sleep.  Dont know whats wrong, depression not lifted though.

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  • g04199 2

    Stopped taking Mirtazapine Cold Turkey

    Hello, help please, I have mentioned in another post regarding feeling so unwell, stomach cramps, back pain, tremors, itchy hands, burning inside feeling, massive sweats yet cold,  the works after stopping mirtazapine, I stopped at 7.5mg now 5 weeks ago anyone else going throught his hell, or is it

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  • Guest M

    Mirtazapine Withdrawal- the key to success

    In a month I will have come off mirtazapine completely and for some of that time I have been able to work and do my job pretty darn well. I went on mirtazipine for anxiety and it did not work and I put on 1 stone in weight was drowsy all the time and generally doped out. In some ways it was

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  • Mspanda 2

    Been on Mirtazapine for 3 weeks now and spaced out.

    Hi I wonder if anyone else is struggling with similar meds as me? I am already on Seroxat 40mg morning and quetiapene 600mg at night for bipolar and bpd. Due to problems with worsening anxiety and depression I was put on Mirtazapine 15mg three weeks ago and I am struggling with the side effects.

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  • hypnos 1

    Does the drowsiness go away?

    Been on mirtazapine 15mg before bed and the drowsiness is unbelievable - was advised to go home as so sleepy, also feeling quite fuzzy and slow. Just wondered did people find the drowsiness goes away after a while / gets better? Thanks

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  • episkopi 1

    mitazapin the alternative treatment

    for all those trying to come off this drug i was on the max of 45mg came down to 30 then 15 now cutting 15 in half there is an alternative although expensive and uk doctors have to be presuaded to issue its called venaflaxin its a life saver and can vouch for it as an antideppresant If you are

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  • tyler99619 2

    Mirtazapine cold turkey from 45mg

    Okay so I have been on mirtazapine 45 mg for about 2 years now. Don't get me wrong this done the job for me I was sleeping every night and panic attacks and anxiety had impoved so much. But I have been going to the gym 5 times a week and eating so healthy but still gaining weight I used to be a

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  • korneliabr48356 2

    On mirta 30 mg for 2 weeks, still have ups and downs.

    Hello, I could use some encouragement. I took mirta 15 mg for a week, and than doc increased dose to 30. I'm on the 30 mg for 2 weeks now. Felt a bit better yesterday, (tough sleeping is still a problem), but today I feel the morning depression pretty strong. HOW long until I start feeling better

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  • pamela51740 3


    My doctor has prescribed me trazodone because I rang him up yesterday said I was trying to get off mirtazapine and couldn't sleep I also said i stopped my 10mg citalopram the other day but gave in and had one because of flu like side effects and it's my birthday tomorrow so don't want to feel like poo!...

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  • Staz 3

    Forced Mirt withdrawal

    Hi, My shrink wanted me to come down from 15mg to 7.5mg of mirt to start a low dose prozac. The prozac is only at 4mg per day for the last two weeks but on Friday I dropped the mirt as instructed. I'm now on day 6 of the lower mirt dose and suffering aches and pains but mainly anxiety. I've been on

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  • gavin 52682 2

    Mirtazapine- alcohol

    Just a quick thought Does anyone on here drink alcohol while taking mirt? I am not a big drinker and haven't touched a drop in the 6 weeks I have been taking mirt but I just wondered?

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  • 2006Rachel 2

    Taking mirtazapine 30mg every 4 days

    Anyone take mirtazapine with gaps between doses? I know cpn is gonna give me hell but I feel the best I have for months with only taking mirt every 4 days. I'm on venlafaxine too which I take every day. Unfortunately mirt completely numbs me but at least I don't get the hopeless despair now I just

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  • lit53944 3

    Quitting Mirtazapine (Insomnia Help) Read if you're struggling.

    I have been on mirtazapine for just over a year on all doses 15 to 45mg constantly upping then lowering the dose. I have tried to quit multiple times due to the weight gain and haven't been able to cope with the insomnia. I can go days without sleep but get severely paranoid and delusional so it's

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  • andy46832 2

    Down to 0.17mg but getting harder and harder

    Hi all, I have been trying to come off mirtazapine for over a year now, since march 2016. It has been extremely difficult but slowly and surely I have been getting closer and closer. I have tried to stop about 3 times but always with disastrous results. All of which means, that I have had to reduce

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  • rob03933 4

    Anyone else like me?

    Seems like everyone else gets down to 7.5 mg or less before they have problems but I get them a couple days after going to 15 mg. I've gotten dry eyes, bad head pressure, popping ears, my neck cracks constantly, sweat more and my sleep gets markedly worse. All this makes the days hard to get

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  • eleanor27267 2

    I have swollen ankles...

    Hi I increased my dose to 1/2 of 15mg this been on 1/4 since march 24.  I would get swollen ankles if we were in a hot climate, I do not over do it with wondered if anyone out there has had this problem. Actually I'm feeling much better since the small have

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  • Sparkle9876 1

    Antidepressants making me worse

    Been on 5 different types of antidepressant since February currently on mirtazapine 15mg and phenagan 50mg for sleep.i was on venlafaxine for 10 days and didn't sleep for more than couple hours, now I can sleepp but the anxiety and depression is so bad, Before I went on meds I was functioning. Now I'

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  • sarah78504 2
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