Mirtazapine withdrawal -weight gain/loss!

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I posted on another thread but thought might be useful to start another discussion -apologies for repeating myself...

Decided to withdraw from Mirt - 7days ago - having been in them for around 8 months -  dropped from 30-15mg straight away Doctors idea - tried to taper - just got frustrated and impatient-so came off them all together .

Over 8 months I’d gone from 13st11 to a whopping 16st -I tried eating healthily exercising nothing changed - insatiable appetite - constantly grazing in the fridge - cramming food - not like me at all- weight just climbed

I’ve been off Mirt now for6 days - of course I’m not expecting to get away with out side effects from cold turkey withdrawal -BUT I have to report I’ve had none so far - I feel fresher than I’ve felt in years - I don’t dread the day anymore which is so strange the fog has almost gone .

The vivid dreams have gone  too - were amazing initially but as the months wore on - became exhausting -but now coming off them -I’m still sleeping well and I’m so thankful for that .

Importantly - as this was itself adding to the downward spiral and fog - I’ve dropped 7lbs in weight.

I started taking Magnesium  and vitamin B the day I stopped -  1 per day -

advice from others on this forum and the health shop

Im only giving my experience here we are all different  I know others have had a terrible time withdrawing- but I just wanted to share a positive story - good luck to anyone thinking of or going through the same process I’m here if anyone wants to talk or pm me . 

Maybe the Mirtdid it’s job - I still don’t know -maybe I’ll never know - i do know my character and life changed for the worse - it affected my family too - as a result of going on them and I’ll personally never use the drug again . Looking forward now again for the first time in years x

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    Hi Rob 

    I have only just started mirtazipine I had driression and insomnia my problem is on going probably causing insomnia so I am was hoping Mirt would help me sleep but I took one and didn’t sleep the next night I did sleep s bit . I had lost a lot of weight do gaining a bit would be  ok . 

    My depression has changed my whole personality I am in five weeks going to Florida with my son and grandchildren 

    But I am doubting if I can go as the Mirt is just kicking in and feel so tired in mornings I am upset to think I may not be able to cope with the holiday which the year before when I was ok I was the one who booked it no problem then , 

    As I only just started mirtazipine was just wondering how it affected your sleep I oniy started it as being sleep deprived was awful . 

    Reading other reports wondering if this is s mistake to start them 😗

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      Hi Karen I really feel for you! How long have you been taken them? What dosage /mg are you on? The tiredness really got to me - probably the only thing they did do to me was slow me down make me tired and lethargic and knock me out at night time- we are all different - but if I’d had my time all over again I’d go back to the gp and say absolutely no thanks - look at alternatives - read the posts here - hardly anyone has anything good to say about this drug - I hope you can get everything sorted - try not to worry I’m certain you will find a positive way forward x
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    I have been on mirtazapine for 15 months. Over the course of that time I gained 32 pounds [2.2 stone] so last month I decided to change my diet around and add exercise. I have lost five pounds in a month. 

    I am currently weaning and going slow. 1mg a week for 15 weeks and if I notice WD my doc said to take it slower. I was up to 22.5 mg at one point and am now down to 13mg with minimal withdrawals. I am hoping that the clean eating and exercise will help stabilize things a bit, but I will be monitoring how I’m feeling closely I also need to remind myself that before I took mirt my anxiety was the worst it’s ever been, so it’s possible for it to creep back without medication. 

    Thank you for sharing your experience, I’m sorry it wasn’t a good one for you. Here’s to hoping there’s light at the end of the tunnel! 

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    Im the same i was on 45mg for around 6 months weaning off them because of the weight gain im the same as you were lucky ive been feeling fine i just hope the withdrawels arent still too come ive reduced to 30mg for a month now x
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    I'm on mirt for 1 month, started on 7.5 for 1 week then 15 mg for 3 weeks. 1st couple of days hardly could stay awake and hungry like crazy. but that was just for 2 days. I felt better but not great for 2 weeks but after that its hell. Now i hear ringing in my ears but the doc says its not related. Take 15 mg with half a ambien at bedtime and sleep is good. Have energy during the day and get lots done but my mood is awful. lost 5 lbs and today I'm not hungry at all. I want to get off it but I'm terrified. I have an appointment with the psych in a week, I'll ask her to help me get off and hopefully I will find a way to sleep.

    oh.. I used to take naps during the days.. they were restful and energized me. After trying 2 other antide. over the past 7 months, within that time I can't nap. How I wish I could go back to waking too early and taking naps with some evening blues. Now I'm nearly a basket case, no personality and can't enjoy anything, not even spending time with my kids. Maybe someone will find this useful.

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    Hi Rob

    I had been on 45mg Mirtazapine per day for over 10 years as it was great for helping my diagnosed generalized anxiety disorder. I decided to stop now due to always being tired and mainly the weight gain, so I wanted to see if I get some weight loss by stopping. I am a 54 year old male, my weight is about 13 stone, and I am 6'1 tall. I don't look over weight but the belly fat is just too annoying and does not help when breathing while sitting down. So I thought enough is enough and no diets had worked due to powerful cravings for cake, sweets and junk.

    I felt good and ready to stop the Mirtazapine ie I felt ready! I looked into it and read other peoples experiences and I got to be honest it scared the life out of me from what I was reading with regards to Mirtazapine withdrawal. My advice DON'T! As it will only put the unnecessary fear into you Yes of course everyone is different, but go by how you feel and not by how others feel as you know your own body feelings!

    I went for the tapering off method but the method was mine that I think has worked for me well fingers crossed.

    This is what I done if you can call it tapering:

    January 30th 2019

    I dropped the dose from 45mg to 30mg. This gave me stomach upset diarrhea that lasted 24 hours then all was good, Could not sleep and also vivid dreams but also more energy lasted only about 3 days the sleep problems that is.

    February 23rd 2019

    I dropped the dose from 30mg down to 22.5mg per day. My sleep was normal but I did notice a bit of anxiety and internal tremors but I knew what the cause was so I just enjoyed the ride so to speak and within a few days the tremors stopped but still had some anxiety and to be honest I have anxiety anyway which Ive just got used to over the years. I also had a feeling of being proud of myself for coming off Mirtazapine.

    March 4th 2019

    I dropped from 22.5mg down to 7.5mg per day. I had a moment of anxiety and detachment so I took half of dose of 5mg Diazepam and I was fine. Things generally improved....

    March 15th and 16th 2019 I took NO Mirtazapine and felt great well normal.

    March 17th 2019 Stopped completely and the date of writing this is the 23rd March 2019 and I feel fine slightly anxious but I am anyway but its manageable because I feel uplifted being able to stop Mirtazapine. Yes still early days but the withdrawals did not seem as bad as people have written which is why I said earlier go by your own accounts / feelings and not what others have experienced. Just follow and listen to your own body as your the expert of your feelings. For me using Mirtazapine for well over 10 years on highest dose 45mg per day' I don't think Ive done to bad coming off!

    My last comment is my belly fat is feeling softer so I guess its a sign of starting to loose the weight 😃

    Yay HAPPY DAYS with a dose of Anxiety lol.

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    Billy.. Thanks for that detailed response. It should be easier for me since I;m only at 15 mg. I guess being still depressed will create some difficulty for me though..

    thanks so much

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